YouTube 101: Customizing Your Homepage

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YouTube 101: Customizing Your Homepage

YouTube 101: Customizing Your Homepage

[children laughing, shouting] woman: Please enter
your starting point. Please enter
your destination point. Calculating route. man:
A customized YouTube homepage is an important way to find out
what’s hot on YouTube and find videos
that are relevant to you. Here, you can personalize
your homepage to help you discover the content
you find most interesting. [ding ding]
woman: Turn right and login
to your YouTube Account. [ding ding]
Turn left at the Add/Remove Modules Page. man: Homepage Modules
help you find popular new videos from partners and channels
you’re subscribed to, Recommendations from YouTube based on your most
Recent Activity, and ones your friends have Favorited, Rated,
and Commented on. [ding ding]
woman: You just ran over a squirrel. Act like it never happened and go straight
for more information. man: You can also display
Videos Being Watched at this moment, Popular Videos
and Spotlight Videos, which are timely or thematic
videos programmed by YouTube. There’s Insight Maps
and Charts which show data
about your videos. And you can view videos
uploaded by people around you. [ding ding]
woman: I am so proud of you. Go straight
for more information. man:
Since you’re signed in, you can add and remove
all these cool modules that you want
for your homepage. Check the boxes
next to the modules you’d like and click to save
your changes. Or you can select The Feed to combine all modules
of interest in one single list
on this page. [ding ding] woman: No, do not
pick up that hitchhiker. Edit your Homepage’s
Appearance. man: Click edit on the
top right corner of the module to adjust how the module
displays itself. To change each module’s
position on the page, click the up/down arrow keys
or the little “x” to remove it. You can always
add it back later. [ding ding]
woman: You have arrived at your destination–
a customized YouTube homepage, personalized to show you
the videos you like best. No need for a return journey. [children laughing, shouting]

46 thoughts on YouTube 101: Customizing Your Homepage

  1. Guess what. I dont even know what the fuck my channel is anymore. Ugh, this is so confusing. Why do you even need to change it? We didnt get tired of it, the old layout made sense! Stoping trying to be buisness savy when you apparently dont even know what youtube users like or want.

  2. It's an ignorant set-up. They show the last comment of every 'replied to' comment. To understand what was being said, you have to 'show' every comment, unnest the whole thing to read it in order. Once you are done with that and move on down to other comments, you have to re-read the comments you just unnested, out of order. I hope somebody got a gd feather in their hat for that colossal mistake. I am actually looking for a new site. Has anyone tried Daily Motion? What else is out there?

  3. No On Screen Notifications of New Messages, Comments, Replies is the worst thing ever about the new layout.

    Why the hell is the inbox hidden away in a drop down menu?

    This is killing the youtube community, and making it harder to for users to follow discussion.

    If someone sends you a text message, you get a notification on your phone's screen…

    You don't have to ****ing go into a hidden menu to see it. Get it sorted youtube.

  4. at 6:47 my time I had the option to delete videos from my subscription page. it made me so happy, later I go back to youtube to find the option was once again stripped from me. you gave me hope and then ripped it away leaving me with nothing but despair and anger. why would you do this? why is every update less user friendly? why is there no way to truly contact any of you?

  5. Does anybody know how to set the homepage default to show "everything" from uploads as opposed to only "highlights"?

  6. I can't remove video's of a channel I am no longer subscribed for on my homepage.
    Even after clearing my youtube history google still knows which channels I used to be subscribed for. It's kind of creepy. Youtube keeps removing usefull functions and adds stupid functions (turning on subtitles automatically for instance).

  7. I don't know what the deal is, but I'm REALLY annoyed with this new homepage layout. I have over 100 subscriptions. I don't want to have to sift through their damn comments to get to the new uploads! I can't believe somebody actually thought this was a good idea!

  8. I know, right? I only see what the hell they liked, or commented on ect… For me to find a damn upload I have to search through the page..

  9. I've got the same problem. One of the people I'm subscribed to is very active and likes and comments galore. Its a pain in the ass trying to find new uploads that draw me to youtube to begin with.

    You know one thing that I don't get? My home page on my desktop is this new crap that I can't stand but the home page on my laptop is the old style that I want back. WTF! I want the old home page back…

  10. Is there a plain Help page for YouTube?
    Does an uploader have the ability to delete comments on their own vids? If so, how would they do it?

  11. It won't let me pick the video I want to play on my channel like it used to. Now I don't even see an option anywhere to change it,

  12. My thoughts exactly. I cleared my browser cache and cookies this morning and now my homepage is covered in peoples' likes and comments and recommendations from youtube. Did you manage to fix your homepage in the end?

  13. I guess my nasty message prompted someone. after a couple of days it all came back. seriously, login and just start watching vids and it should propagate again.

  14. I can't change this new layout. It insists on recommending videos I am not interested. Time to switch to Daily Motion

  15. R.i.p youtube hell now i can't read my messages or even comment on video's i got to use my freaking ps3 to have the post button show up hell youtube is even slower on my ps3 now 

  16. Apparently this is my account. I am sorry control it now because these are def not my friends. Change the pic and set it is o your email, plz.

  17. (lol) first video you can see at 0:26 is Hitler gets angry with pilots fo… By flight188 and another one is Greenscreen Grandmas.

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