”You must’ve been Asian In Your Previous Life” ((LEVEL UP))

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”You must’ve been Asian In Your Previous Life” ((LEVEL UP))

”You must’ve been Asian In Your Previous Life” ((LEVEL UP))

((THAI)) Hello ((THAI))Hello today ((THAI)) Very good ((THAI)) Actually, I have never been to Thailand ((THAI)) Not yet ((THAI)) Not yet, but I want to go to Thailand ((THAI)) No ((THAI)) I learn other languages in my home ((THAI)) But just a little bit ((THAI)) Oh yea? ((THAI)) You speak any other languages? hahahahahahaha! ((THAI)) Thanks a lot ((THAI)) Good night ((MANDARIN)) Are you guys both Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) Are you guys Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) We’re what? ((MANDARIN)) Are you guys both Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I’m not Chinese ((MANDARIN)) She’s Taiwanese ((MANDARIN)) She’s Taiwanese, what about you? ((MANDARIN)) I am Cambodian ((MANDARIN)) Oh, you are Cambodian? ((MANDARIN)) How come you can speak Mandarin? ((MANDARIN)) I can speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) How come you can speak it? ((MANDARIN)) Oh, how come I can speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Because I’ve studied it for a long time already ((MANDARIN)) Where did you learn Mandarin? ((MANDARIN)) I’m self-taught ((MANDARIN)) Slef-taught!!? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) You’re smart ((MANDARIN)) Smart? ((TAIWANESE)) Did you eat? ((TAIWANESE)) I can’t speak Taiwanese ((TAIWANESE)) I can’t speak Taiwanese ((MANDARIN)) Very little ((TAIWANESE)) What did you say? ((MANDARIN)) Say that again ((TAIWANESE)) What? ((MANDARIN)) What did I say? ((TAIWANESE)) I can’t speak Taiwanese ((TAIWANESE)) I can’t speak Taiwanese, but…. ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin, yes… ((MANDARIN)) Tape recordings…. ((MANDARIN)) Also..I watch…. ((MANDARIN)) Movies ((MANDARIN)) A long time ago ((MANDARIN)) Yes, here in America ((MANDARIN)) Like me. Listening to music and watching movies ((CAMBODIAN)) Do you speak Cambodian? ((CAMBODIAN)) Do you speak Cambodian ((CAMBODIAN)) I can speak a little bit of Cambodian ((MANDARIN)) He can speak Cambodian too ((MANDARIN)) Because I like to learn a lot of other languages ((MANDARIN)) Nonsense.. ((MANDARIN)) I can speak Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese… ((CANTONESE)) I can speak Cantonese as well ((CANTONESE)) You also speak Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) A little bit ((CANTONESE)) A little bit? ((CANTONESE)) OK, we can use Cantonese to chat a little bit ((CANTONESE)) That’s fine ((CANTONESE)) Where did you learn Mandarin and Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)) Me? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) Where? ((CANTONESE)) Where did you learn these? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)) I just asked you where you learned these languages ((CANTONESE)) here ((CANTONESE)) Oh, here? ((CANTONESE)) School? ((CANTONESE)) Oh, this place! ((CANTONESE)) I understand ((CANTONESE)) I listen to music ((CANTONESE)) Speaking with customers ((MANDARIN)) Because I’ve gone crazy ((MANDARIN)) Right! ((MANDARIN)) I’m crazy ((MANDARIN)) Yes, I’m a local. I’m originally from Akron, Ohio, but… ((COLUMBUS)) I’ve already lived in Columbus for about 15 years ((MANDARIN)) That’s very good ((MANDARIN)) Oh yea? ((MANDARIN)) We have all kinds of Chinese people there ((MANDARIN)) We have all kinds of Taiwanese and Chinese people there ((MANDARIN)) A lot ((MANDARIN)) Speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Why? ((MANDARIN)) You came here just to look around? ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) My reason for coming here s to practice other languages ((MANDARIN)) I started learning this language 3 months ago so…. ((MANDARIN)) You seem to have a customer ((MANDARIN)) Don’t worry about him ((MANDARIN)) Then what if he’s a thief? (MANDARIN)) What else can you speak? ((MANDARIN)) Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese….a little Cambodian ((MANDARIN)) Vietnamese, Somali… ((MANDARIN)) East Africa ((MANDARIN)) A little Arabic ((ARABIC)) Darling ((MANDARIN)) What else… ((MANDARIN)) Swedish ((MANDARIN)) I forgot….so many languages ((MANDARIN)) I don’t know how to say it in Mandarin, but it’s spoken in Kenya ((MANDARIN)) More than 10 ((MANDARIN)) There’s still a lot ((MANDARIN)) There’s still a lot more?! ((MANDARIN)) The levels aren’t the same ((MANDARIN)) Some I can speak a lot of then there’s some that I speak very little of ((MANDARIN)) So maybe a total of 50 ((MANDARIN)) Once in a while ((MANDARIN)) Once in a while? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t live here in this city ((MANDARIN)) Columbus is more…how do you say it… ((MANDARIN)) More people that come from a lot of different countries ((MANDARIN)) And speaking with people like this ((MANDARIN)) This is the best method ((MANDARIN)) I agree ((MANDARIN)) How long have you been living here in America for? ((MANDARIN)) No wonder you speak English very well ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) You forgot? ((MANDARIN)) You forgot words? ((MANDARIN)) Idioms ((MANDARIN)) Are you still in contact with your family? ((MANDARIN)) They didn’t come here? ((MANDARIN)) What do you do? ((MANDARIN)) But why did you decide to come to America? ((MANDARIN)) Why did yo say that? ((MANDARIN)) I’ve been to Korea, Taiwan and Japan ((MANDARIN)) A long time ago ((MANDARIN)) I’m 35 ((MANDARIN)) I have a plathora of books ((MANDARIN)) Maybe, this is my hobby ((MANDARIN)) When you have a hobby, you will spend so much time… ((MANDARIN)) As a result, your skills will become stronger and stronger ((MANDARIN)) For example, I’ll give you an example ((MANDARIN)) Interesting ((MANDARIN)) I’m a private teacher ((MANDARIN)) What do you teach? ((MANDARIN)) Chinese,Japanese.. ((MANDARIN)) You teach Americans Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I have a few students now.. ((MANDARIN)) One of them is from Italy ((MANDARIN)) And the other student is from Hong Kong ((MANDARIN)) Traditional and Simplified ((MANDARIN)) Really? ((MANDARIN)) I don’t write that much these days so I’m forgetting more and more ((MANDARIN)) Lend you m brain… ((MANDARIN)) I also have Youtube ((MANDARIN)) When you have tine, you go there and watch my videos ((MANDARIN)) Let me see you write in Chinese ((MANDARIN)) My identification? lol ((MANDARIN)) That name on the pepper box ((MANDARIN)) Do you want to see my I.D.? ((MANDARIN)) That’s my I.D. ((MANDARIN)) Handsome or not? ((MANDARIN) When I saw her at first, I knew she was from S.E. Asia ((MANDARIN)) I look like I’m from where? ((MANDARIN)) China or…. ((MANDARIN)) Don’t start the politics ((MANDARIN)) She was scared ((MANDARIN)) Private teacher? You teach English? ((MANDARIN)) All kinds of languages…Chinese, Japanese.. ((MANDARIN)) He teaches Americans Chinese ((MANDARIN)) Not just Americans, but also…. ((MANDARIN)) He’s rich ((MANDARIN)) No, I’m not ((MANDARIN)) Maybe in the future I will become a rich person ((MANDARIN)) Go to Taiwan and marry a woman ((MANDARIN)) A few times ((MANDARIN)) It’s quite rare ((MANDARIN)) 100% ((MANDARIN)) I swear to the skies ((MANDARIN)) I’m a small dog if I lie to you ((MANDARIN)) I’m a bastard if I lie to you ((MANDARIN)) You’re asking me if I know that, of course I know! ((MANDARIN)) It’s like the wood is so useless that it can no longer be cut ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN))That describes… ((MANDARIN)) Is that scolding someone or something? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Useless ((MANDARIN)) It’s your mothertongue ((MANDARIN)) It’s your mother tongue…you’d better be speaking it better than me ((MANDARIN)) Awesome ((THAI)) You can speak Thai? ((THAI)) I can speak Thai, but just a little bit ((THAI)) Nice to meet you ((HINDI)) Hi ((HINDI)) Hi ((HINDI)) How are you today? ((HINDI)) I’m good, how are you? ((HINDI)) I’m also good ((HINDI)) Where did you learn Hindi from? ((HINDI)) I learned by myself ((HINDI))But just a little bit ((HINDI)) Because I think that Hindi……

100 thoughts on ”You must’ve been Asian In Your Previous Life” ((LEVEL UP))

  1. 35:10 What she was explaining is that Xommunist Mainland China destroyed the history and traditions of China to the Chinese as Xommunist North Korea did to North Koreans.

  2. Idk why but I be dying laughing when he talking cuz he sounds like he be saying my nigga in the middle of the conversation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Where did the subtitles go towards the end around the 35 minute mark when the 3rd lady walked in?? It just stopped after that point…

  4. come to New York, come live in Queens. We have every language you want in little self segregated neighbourhoods. we got obscure languages like Judeo-Tajik (bucharian) i'm not as talented as you but heres the list of languages I know (levels vary of course)

    (read and write, but can't speak) French
    Hebrew (modern)
    Hebrew Biblical (Yemenite Pronunciation)
    Talmudic Aramaic/Syriac (Yemenite pronunciation. close to western Syriac)
    FusHa (classical Arabic)
    Yiddish (Hungarian Accent, but can do lithuanian also)

    Chinese (mandarin)
    Darija (North African Arabic)
    French (can already understand written and can write, but I have difficulty with the phonemes)

  5. btw that ladies English is very articulate, I can tell she thinks in English now. when a person switches the language they think in, even if it wasn't their birth language it's always more fluent than the other languages.

  6. LOLLL HER FACE AT 19:26 WHEN YOU SAY YOU WRITE BOTH LMAOOOOOOO @laoshu505000 you are an inspiration man. Im learning Mandarin and French right now, born and raised in Florida. <3

  7. She was getting on my nerves. Suspicious, jealous , rude, insecure. She didn't like that you didn't fit in the box she put you in. She only spoke to you while she looked for ways to bring you down to her level in her mind. So she could say to herself ' I knew he wasn't that impressive'. Such a weird reaction in general in that store.

  8. εΈˆε‚…θ€ιΌ 
    δ½ δΈΊδ»€δΉˆζ²‘ζœ‰ζ”Ύε­—εΉ•ζ‰€δ»₯ζˆ‘δ»¬ε―δ»₯ζ›΄ε₯½εœ°η†θ§£δ½ θ―΄θ―

  9. Love watching your video's. I'm trying to learn Filipino so I can speak with my Grandma, Instead of my her trying to speak English

  10. The combodian lady said, I think u r born in a wrong country πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ tats the most funny part

  11. Why did you have to drop the n bomb at 30:18 tho? Lol I forgot what it means in China but it sounds the same.

  12. I love you Moses, keep speaking All the languages and pop these peoples minds with disbelief. Can you teach me? LOL,,stay focused my brother and Lil brother too.πŸ’ž

  13. I did ok with French and Spanish in high school in the β€˜70’s, then some Tagalog while in the Navy from β€˜78-β€˜82, but it’s nearly all gone now because I had nobody to practice with.

  14. Everyone has a gift or talent that others marvel. You just need to try different things and sense which direction you are pulled the strongest.

  15. The laughter is contagious !Β  Pure joy to watch !Β  it is very late. I must go to bed so I can get up bright and early for work. It is 2 AM. I must rise & shine at 6AM. I don't wont to stop watching ; but I must. Great stuff !

  16. You and that lady had such good chemistry, it's like y'all knew each other for years. Nice convo πŸ‘

  17. 43:43 "Parr-rah-hah-hooh". (reading i am) Is a more formal and impressive way of saying "Reading"
    "Parr-dah" is informal. Casual. If your in a library reading, You would say "Meh kithaahb pardah" (Me book reading)
    If you left the library for a break and someone asked you what you were doing up there, you would say "Meh kithaahb Paar-rah-hah-hooh (Past tense)
    In that store the appropriate response would have been "Meh kithaahb seh Paar-rahah-hooh" (Me book from reading/learning)

  18. Yeah imagine the surprise for those who stand next to this dude talking shit lmao sweat brinks once they hear "the fuck did you say" in different languages

  19. Honestly, it's easy to learn a language. You need I'll say 3 months of studies to get the grammar, how the language works etc then just learn some pre made sentence, and "add lips" that makes it more natural. "Really?" " No way!" πŸ™‚

  20. 44:04 ''He learned by himself'' and then the camera points to them standing like: bruh we know, we experienced the same shit for 44 minutes before you came in xD

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