“Wrap My Hijab” Rapper Mona Haydar Talks Sexism, Misogyny, and Religion on the Internet | ELLE

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“Wrap My Hijab” Rapper Mona Haydar Talks Sexism, Misogyny, and Religion on the Internet | ELLE

“Wrap My Hijab” Rapper Mona Haydar Talks Sexism, Misogyny, and Religion on the Internet | ELLE

Hi. My name is Mona Haydar. Or, if you’re not anglicizing my name, Mona
Haydar. I grew up in Flint, Michigan, and you might
know me from my music video, “Wrap My Hijab,” or “Hijabi.” You
might not know me, if you’re a white supremacist, because you probably don’t like people like
me. I love being a woman on the Internet, because
I love representing almost 2 billion people as if we’re a monolithic group. And they especially love being reduced to
a pregnant, rapper chaplain. [“Wrap My Hijab” plays] I’ll always be loved by my fans, until I wear
something that they think is ugly, or too covered up, or too revealing. Then, they’ll spend all their extra time trying
to convince everybody why I’m a possessed demon woman, trying to take everybody to hell
with me. I will never need a therapist, because everyone
is always willing to let me know if my actions and behaviors on social media are a cry for
help… like changing my hijab style. I love being a woman on the Internet, because
dudes are always willing to let me know when I’m being reverse-toxic patriarchal misogynist. I especially love it when dudes send me messages
asking me if I’m married. And then, if I don’t respond, start
threatening my life. And then, when I do respond, they ask me if
I’m happy in my marriage and let me know how they can make me happy. [“Dog” featuring Jackie Cruz plays] I especially loved being a pregnant woman
on the Internet. Especially when I got comments from people
like, “Is that safe? Should she be doing that?” Or like, “She shouldn’t be rubbing her belly
like that. It’s too suggestive. It’s too sexual.” Like, dude, how do you think I got pregnant
to begin with? I really loved being a postpartum woman on
the Internet, especially when people would ask me, “When are you gonna have your baby?” And I’d already had my baby. I love being a woman on the Internet, because,
like when people will post a video, and then everybody gets really excited about how deep
and dope the lyrics are… But that’s never happened to me, because in
my comments, all I ever see is, “Go back to Trashcanistan you goat f_____.” I love being a woman on the Internet, especially
when people are like, “Hey, where are you from?” And I’m like, “Flint, Michigan.” And they’re like, “No, where are you from
from? You’re so exotic.” And I’m like, “Syria.” And then, I’m like, “So where are you from?” And they’re like, “North Carolina.” And I’m like, “Wow, so you’re Cherokee?!”

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  1. LOL, she is awesome. I never heard of her but I am going to look her up now and check out some of her videos. She reminds me of my sister funny and beautiful.

  2. I'm a direct descendant of the Chinese ethnic. Please also include my identity as the generalised group who doesn't like you
    Thank you!

  3. As a feminist knowing how incredibly sexist and misogynistic the hijab is I cannot support the hijab. This is a very hypocritical video

  4. Y'all​ hatin bc you think you know everything about Islam. Ain't nobody perfect, but one thing is for sure this girl is fire. You must not be as tough as you say if your scared of a girl in a scarf lmao

  5. Mona Haydar Is a Syrian, American, Muslim, woman, mother, chaplain, activist… and rapper. Read more about her in this exclusive interview on ELLE.com: https://www.elle.com/culture/music/a24112253/mona-haydar-new-album-barbarican-interview/

  6. Lol a feminist and muslim hahaha yea dont u know your own prophet oppresses woman and is a sex addict and gives no fucks to woman and a racist too calling black people raisin heads lmao and thats who u follow? Fuck people r spastics

  7. Ignore the haters sis😙😙😙😙😙you are amazing. because of you is started wearing hajib i always thought it was ugly but you made it seems like its the beautiful things in world

  8. what the fu** you piece of sh.. are you doing?…you and your hijab are better to go fu**ing back to your country…I am seeing the day when you should wear hijab in new york or Los Angeles … be aware of these Zombies

  9. Savage!!! She's cool and i love her style!
    Ok she's my role model from now on! She's strong. She stands up for herself! Yas girl👏👏

  10. Listen sister please please I beg you not to wear hijab when you rapping because you are insulting Muslim women's please please you insulting islam you are good women don't let ibleas control you please by the name of Allah please let don't let ibleas control 😥😥💔

  11. Sister please because of people bad people with bad mind who has againsted you behalf of them I say sorry to you but because of some people you are insulting all Muslims and our prophet and islam that's not good from you sister please please be a friend of Allah azzwajal not ibleass I beg you sister as Muslim brother please please be a good Muslim sister

  12. Haha 😂😂
    Back off haters✋🚫
    At least girls that wear hijab got moral value
    It's something that idiotic fools lack of😊😊
    Enough said🙏
    Women has a right to speak freely😇😇

  13. Yea… how many of those were western men massaging you those things? I've got an inbox full too with those kind of questions. 80% is from one specific group.

  14. Mrs.Hadar i absolutely love you i love you for being you,i love you for loving God,i love you because your yourself fuck anybody that has absurd ignorant shit to say….i know that's a bit rude to say fuck em but fuck em!!!!! YOUR AMAZING!!!!!!

  15. I love thz song nd ur style m from saudia jaddah live in pakistan my number 03051558786 i have songs for u plz call

  16. You dirty piece of shit so called muslim but you rap and move like a retard you filthy pig, you can't do this kind of things in islam

  17. That hijab is not gonna support her in the end when she dies. Just putting on your hijab does not mean you are muslim.

  18. من تشبه بقوم فهو منهم}
    „Wer immer ein Volk nachahmt, gehört zu ihnen.” (Abu Dawud, 4031; als sahih von Al-‘Iraqi in ‚Takhriij Ihya’ ‘Uluum ad-Diin‘ (1/342) und von Al-Albaani in ‚Irwaa’ al-Ghaliil

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