Worst Bartenders EVER (Compilation) ? Bar Rescue

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Worst Bartenders EVER (Compilation) ? Bar Rescue

Worst Bartenders EVER (Compilation) ? Bar Rescue

(cheering) – Someone get her
out of the bar. (whistles) (shouting) – Hey! (beep) you, and (beep) you too! (whooping) (shouting) – Are you (beep) kidding me? – There’s Shawna,
drinking behind the bar. She’s one of your bartenders. – Okay. – And smoking a
cigarette behind the bar. It’s against health code. There’s no smoking allowed. Right, Tony? It’s not even debatable. A cigarette, holding over the beer glass! I don’t give a (beep) if the customers
are allowed to smoke in that room. The employees are not. – That’s right. – That’s totally inappropriate. (whooping) So guys. We got two locals
in the members list. Eric and Brandy will
do recon for us. I’m dying to see what
happens here tonight. – I’m in the mood
for a dirty martini. (glass clinking) (chattering) (beep) – This place is a joke. – Just keep on… (laughs) – You don’t need no rapport to make someone
buzzed and happy. You make ’em a good drink. – In a pint glass,
Tony. You see that? – It’s huge. – So either there’s an obscene
amount of liquor in that, or it’s olive juice. One of the two. – She’s putting her hands! Oh, and she’s been smoking… Oh, handling money… – Can you do it without the ice? Just switch it to another glass. – You don’t want ice? – No. – Whenever I order a martini, I expect it to be up unless I requested
to be on the rocks. – So she just dumped
that all into a glass… – Do you want your olives? – Yeah, I’ll dig it
out. That’s cool. – Now the customer
has to reach in, and get that olive out. That’s just lazy. Ooh… – The martini is crap. – Oh, she doesn’t like it. – I would’ve walked out by now. – Anything else you guys want, that’s not normal? – Ugh… She’s just
angry and pissed. Look at her face. – Shawna! Shawna! – She’s done for the night. – Can we get two kamikaze shots? – She’s really ignoring
the customer right now. – I’ll make it. You
stay on over here. – Liz jumped in. She’s not making the kamikazes. (crowd clamoring) – Did she just flip someone off? – Yes she did! – Look at them!
They’re in shock! – Ooh, you can’t come in! You’re obviously not… No. You can’t come in. – I can’t come in?
‘Cause I’m not a member? – Yeah… – What’s your name? – Shawna. – I’m John. Nice to meet you. – Oh my God! You’re…! – You’re not gonna
shake my hand? – No, you’re like
the big Jolly… – Can you find my hand? (laughs) You’ve had a little
to drink tonight, huh? – Just a little bit. – How much? – A lot. (shouting) – So look at this place, guys. – Come on girls! (whooping) (speaking faintly) – You guys are having
some fun tonight, huh? (laughing) – It looks more
like a strip club than anything else. – I thought we were
gonna do a shot? – There’s JJ. – Hands up, pants down! – There’s Tammy. – Yes! This is Tam-Tam! – Wow. – I’ve never worked in a bar where you were allowed to drink. – It’s completely illegal. – Hey, who wants a shot? – They’re violating nudity laws. They’re drinking behind the bar, which is illegal. – Right. – This is a disaster. – I was very, very
thrown by all the nudity. It was way too much for me, on a random Tuesday to see. – What is Tiffany
doing right now? – I don’t know what
I’m supposed to do. – I’m not sure she knows
how to deal with it. Have you seen them charge
anyone for a drink tonight? No wonder they’re
losing so much money. – Are you okay? – Oh yeah. I’m absolutely okay. – Look at how drunk she is. – Free show! Free show! Free show! – Oh… Look at this. (beeps) (beeps) – Where are we? (mumbles) – The beer is terrible, and now we’re… – Oh my God! She’s
coming this way! She’s coming this way! – Oh, God. – Hey, I think you’re
absolutely gorgeous. – Oh, thank you. – I would love to
make out with you. – No, please. – Welcome. – Hi. – How you guys doing? – Good how are you? – Good. Are you excited? About mic night! – Do you guys have a… like a beer list by
chance, or something? – We do not. – I’ll take an IPA. – Do you have any stouts? – One. – Thank you. This is not mine. (speaks faintly) I guess. (laughs) – How about the foam? Look at this. – Wow. – No head on that beer at all. – Right there is where
half of their beer cost is. – So that was probably
40% of that beer, easy. – Mm-hmm. I have concerns about what we refer to
as a beer clean glass because you can tell by the way that it was poured and
the lack of standing head, that there is some residue from somewhere
inside that glass. – I had a beer that was old. The characteristics of an IPA would be the hops
would be there, and they weren’t there. So that means the beer’s old. They’ve fallen off. – Okay, so what is
she making there? That’s a Brewed Mary, right? Bloody Mary mix. Little hot sauce. Beer. – Little spice. Little
beer. Little Bloody Mary. – That pour was so clogged, she had to screw
it off the bottle. (exclaiming) Oh, no! The chunks! It was so thick it wouldn’t even go
through the pour. And then she had to squeeze… – If it is that chunky, then there must be
something wrong with it. And, the fact that
you would see that as you’re putting it in a drink, and still serve that drink, speaks to standards. – Unbelievable right? – According to recon last night, you guys were only
serving bottled beer? We can’t have that. So tonight, we’re gonna introduce draft beer into your stress test. The great people at
A Head For Profits were kind enough to redo
your beer lines for us. So I’m gonna teach you guys how to pour a draft beer. – Excellent. – You wanna start with
a beer clean glass. You’re gonna start
at a 45 degree angle. Open the tap in
one fluid motion. If you pause in the middle, you’re gonna create
a burp, or a bubble. Once it gets about
2/3 of the way straighten it up. See the lovely effervescence coming up from the bottom? So, who feels confident
in their beer pouring? Wow. We’ll start with… Lexi. Come on down! Show me how to pour a beer. – You take your beer
clean glass here. With proper sanitation
and drying techniques. It’s gonna go at
a 45 degree angle. (crickets chirping) – Check. (crickets chirping) JD may go broke if it takes you this long to pour a (beep) beer, though. You got it, you
got it, you got it. (exclaims) – Make it stop! – Turn it off! – Turn it back. – Well, you forgot to
tell us how turn it off. – Yeah, you didn’t go… (mumbles) You didn’t go through that. – What the (beep)? Turning off the tap handle. If they don’t do that, JD’s money’s gonna go
right down the drain.

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  1. The only reason I go to a bar is to get wasted. Not to have a drink and worry about how beautiful it is but to get shit faced wasted.

  2. I don't want to ever own a bar in my life but if I did and I caught an employee drinking on the job, they would be fired IMMEDIATELY!

  3. The best job for a lonely, middle aged woman who is also an alcoholic is being a bartender at the only bar in town that accepts you showing your body parts. IE : Tam Tam

    Good lord

  4. The only beer that froths up is Peroni. Sometimes Carling will have a head but if you don’t tilt properly it’s not going to have a head

  5. As a bartender currently looking for a job, it infuriates me knowing that there are ppl this incompetent that have work. ?‍♂️

  6. Were exactly is this place were the bartender put her (;;) in your face??? Il never go there seriously!!!! A disgrace haha ?.

  7. Damn she couldn’t even pour simple glass of beer ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  8. How does she not know how to turn off the tap? She pulled the tap to turn it on, and to turn it off all she has to do is the opposite of what she did which is to push the tap.

  9. Imagine Jon Taffer and Gordon Ramsey taking over a bar and grill. The amount of yelling and insults would be off the charts.

  10. Why can't this channel also add what episodes these are from to watch on their website? I always have to do so much digging, so annoying!

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