World Wide Web Turns 25: Inteview with inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee

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World Wide Web Turns 25: Inteview with inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee

World Wide Web Turns 25: Inteview with inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Well, it was 1989, and the internet already
existed in that you could send email, but there was no websites. So there was the HTTP.
There was no HTML. There was no space of things you could click through. And it began because
I was frustrated it didn’t exist. I imagined a system where you just click from one to
another and that was so compelling that I decided I wanted to build it. I’m proud of
the spirit of collaboration which was the last 25 years. You know, it wasn’t just me.
I had the idea. I invented this, and then in fact it was taken up by all kinds of people
all over the world. I’d get email from somebody saying, “Hey Tim. I’ve built up a web server
with a dinosaur exhibit on it.” or “Hey, I’ve got an art exhibit.” And these people, I didn’t
know them. And they all collaborate together and we have the World Wide Web consortium
where people come. They all try to make the technology better. They try to get a better
basis for designing really cool websites. That spirit of international collaboration
has been absolutely awesome for the last 25 years. If you actually think the power you
have when you have a web browser, compared to the power of somebody who doesn’t. If you’re
starting a company, you want to start a company in New York, and you just think of the name
of a company and you search for it on the web, and if the name’s already been pulled
off, eh you try for another one. You’re in an African village, and you don’t have a web
browser. You can’t do that.You can start a company, and then until later you realise
somebody’s done it somewhere else. There’s lots, lots of little things you do to do with
health, to do with just keeping a family together, so the difference in power that somebody’s
got on the internet compared to somebody who hasn’t is now huge. Also really important
for democracy. If you are not connected to the internet, how is your voice going to be
heard? How are you going to make sure that the values you think are being represented
by all the governments out there? That’s 25 years. We need to think about the next 25
years, make sure that we establish the principles that the web’s being based on. Principles
of openness, principles of privacy, principles of not being censored for example.

15 thoughts on World Wide Web Turns 25: Inteview with inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee

  1. 1914 – WWI
    1939 – WWII
    1989 – WWW

    20th century in a nutshell.Β  Happy birthday, Web.Β  With kudos to Memex and the other precursors.

  2. i alone nvented the www. and tim lee is a fraud.
    the memo was from my lecture to u.s. congressional technology staff on april 20 1988.
    tim lee you neve had an invention of any kind.
    your ted talk prooves that.

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    beleive me now?

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    Layers after Lee eye ayeRaS :)))

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  5. My favourite websites and and this man Tim made it possible to help disadvantage people thank you.

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