Work From Home Simple Arbitrage 100% Free Little Effort

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Work From Home Simple Arbitrage 100% Free Little Effort

Work From Home Simple Arbitrage 100% Free Little Effort

welcome back to the channel guys in
today’s video in this video I’m going to show you how to make money online using
a simple arbitrage method it’s all 100% free and it’ll work required
alright so stick around we’re going to get started on that right now all righty guys welcome back to the
video in today’s video this simple method that I’m going to show you what
we call arbitrage and which by the way what is arbitrage right arbitrage is
just the simple meaning of it is just buy low and sell it high it’s just that
simple okay it’s a simple method it takes one time to set this up and then
from that point on there’s no work involved on your part and you can make
money online quite a bit as you go ok alright so first of all my name is Kevin
Weiner with Kevin – laner calm and if it’s your first time in my videos or
you’ve been here before and you have not yet subscribed yet don’t forget to reach
down there sometime during this video and hit the subscribe button and don’t
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we do fairly regularly here ok alright so let’s go ahead and get started on
this video here today kind of anxious to show this to you it’s pretty easy to set
up and get going ok alright so first of all we’re going to do is come over here
to a website called SEO clerk SEO clerks you see it up here in the address bar it
says SEO clerk Tom W SEO clerk com alright and then what we’re going to do
here is in here we’re going to type in the search engine up here logo alright
press Enter and it should hear the moment load up
some logo design things now you see there’s a few people here that are
selling logo design when they’ll design logos for businesses and stationery and
so on and so forth and if you notice some of these are selling logo design
here like this one here design and creative professional logo for only $4
ok and then some for five or some one for $20 here and for three and three and
five as you look down through here you see these love
design people here that are doing design is fairly low priced so this is going to
be the site that you’re going to be purchasing from okay remember I said the
arbitrage is buy low and sell high right alright so you can use any one of these
as you want for the so for the obvious reason is you want to buy the cheapest
one that you can and so on when you get your order here so for the other side of
this what you’re going to do is come to a site which we’ve all familiar with –
it’s called right see it up here in the address bar WWF Iver same
thing here at fibre you’re going to type in logo design and then press enter and
it brings up logo designers here on Fiverr
okay now what you’re going to do here at fiber this is where you can see where
the people are sellable ogo designed for a little bit higher than they were on
SEO Klerk some of them here on SEO is a little bit higher – but for the most
part on Fiverr it’s a little bit higher here’s some in 155 145 30 and so on 2015
here’s one for 750 and 30 so on fiber what you’re going to do is you’re going
to sign it now what it’s definitely – guys this is all this is all 100% free
like I said can can be done anywhere in the world just have a computer and
internet access and you can do this from anywhere in the world but on the fiber
or what you’re going to do is you’re going to create a gig on Fiverr of logo
design okay so you come up here and you can click become a seller or you know
it’s free to join on any of these both these sites that and costly thing join
but on Fiverr you’re going to click become a seller alright and then you’ll
set up become a seller and you’ll set up to set up your gig you can join with
Facebook or Google or you can set up a local account right there
on Fiverr okay so when you set up your gig you can you’re going to set up a
logo design gig alright and you can come to SEO clerks and sort of for example
here’s one for four dollars here if you click on that you can take and copy when
you set up your gig on Fiverr you can copy some of the information from these
other designers on SEO clerks and sort of just tweak it a little bit to what
you want it to be for yourself and then bring that over and then set that as
your gig on Fiverr and then you’ll charge on Fiverr for example you can
charge $30 45 15 20 whatever you want on your gig on Fiverr and you can start
your start at low and like most of these people on a fiber do and they probably
do also on SEO clerks too but they have basic gig starts at 15 then they have a
standard or they’ll do 2 logo concepts with JPEG files PNG source files
unlimited revisions for 50 and then their premium package is $100 for 3 logo
concepts stationary designs high quality mock-up and social media kit so you can
offer different standards step up or standard procedures offers in this where
you can charge a little bit more money but your basic package sent it around 15
or 20 or 30 dollars whatever you want create your gig here on fiber and then
when somebody orders from your gig on Fiverr somebody orders a logo design
they will give you the sort of a mock-up or idea of a type of design that they
want for you to work with right and then all you’re going to do is take that
design information that your customer gives you and you’re going to come back
over here to SEO clerks and you’re going to hire one of these designers for like
four or four dollars one for three dollars as you scroll down you can find
a $3 hire one of these guys for $3 to create that logo with your information
that your customer gave you and then once they create that that design and
that logo and they give that back to you you just simply come back to fiber and
give that information and that logo design that that customer or that person
created on SEO clerks you just give that back to your customer on Fiverr and you
get paid the difference so for example if you had your gig set up at like $30
here and you sold it you bought a $3 or a $5 gig that means
you meant let’s say if you bought a $5 gig to do them do the work on SEO clerk
you make the difference so you’d make $25 off of that deal so you can actually
theoretically make as much money as you want doing doing it like that that’s
simple arbitrage you buy low on SEO clerks and sell it high or higher on
Fiverr after you setup your gig now if you’ll notice on on fiber here there’s
quite a few people here that do these logo designs if you look up here you see
where I’m highlighting myths that’s 68 thousand seven and thirty-eight people
so like a like I’ve showed in other videos also how would you get yours to
rank up high quick well you would click on one of these ones that are up on the
first page here for example when you create your gig and you set up your your
graphic here and in so on and talk about your gig and so on and so forth
you’ve come to one of these other sellers and you just scroll down to the
bottom of their page of their gig right clear through the comments
and you see the related tags right here you just copy these tags that they’re
using on theirs and use the same tags in the same order on your cake and that
will help to rank your gig up higher in fiber and also on Google because this is
a Google search engine optimized fiber is in fact let’s just see let’s come
over here I want to see how much traffic fiber gets right and we can also see the
same thing for SEO clerks so if I load up fiber and I click on my similar web
extension up here which you can get for free and put it on Google Chrome and if
we look here on fiber which it shows fiber up here too at the top if you look
fiber gets it monthly visits of 36 million almost 37 million people per
month that’s a lot of traffic folks that is a lot of traffic now let’s check out
SEO clerks and see what kind of traffic they get so se Clerk dot-com load that
up in Chrome and then we check our similar web on it see SEO clerk SEO
clerk gets about six hundred and twenty three thousand visitors per month about
three quarters of a million people per month so that’s a pretty high traffic
website – so you see that you can set up your gig on Fiverr for your logo design
gig right get it get an order bring it over to SEO clerks fulfill the order for
cheaper bring your results back to your customer on Fiverr and get paid
get paid the difference what you paid on SEO clerks and make money that way and
you haven’t done anything work all you haven’t done any work at all you set
this gig up one time with no other work involved all you’re doing is just being
the arbitrage middleman in between SEO clerks and fiber so you see you can make
a lot of money like that well guys that’s what I wanted to share with you
today don’t forget to reach down there and hit that subscribe button and click
the bell and give me a big thumbs up if you got some value out of this video
that’s pretty simple method here to make money online from home for free and not
much effort alrighty well guys click the link down
there where you see it says mentor with Kemp calm down there in the description
check out my number one rated business there and see what all you get involved
with that in sign up there for the low price of $7 and get started today and
get into the business challenge and take 15 steps to grow your affiliate
marketing business starting today and at the end of the 15 days you can have your
first sale in that up as well okay alrighty guys well I’m going to let you
go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next exciting
video all right you guys take care

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