Wix Workshop Part 1: Make a Website with Wix 4-18-2018

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Wix Workshop Part 1: Make a Website with Wix 4-18-2018

Wix Workshop Part 1:  Make a Website with Wix 4-18-2018

Should be good now. Thanks for bearing
with me, again. All right, so tons of different features. You
don’t need to be a designer to make your site look good. And we also have hundreds
of templates that you can use for designing your site. So these are
designed by our design team based in Tel Aviv. We have about 80 designers making these
templates. New ones come out all the time. So you can really come out with a website
in just a couple of hours. Just stick with a template and add your own images
and text and things like that. And then in terms of features. If you need a blog or a store. If you want to show video, maybe of events that you’ve
run in the past. Whatever you need you can extend your site. And all of
those features are free and included with your Wix site. So you don’t need to
pay extra for anything unless you want to sell something from your site. Or if
you want to have your own domain name, you’ll probably want to upgrade. But it’s totally free to make a site and publish it. Try out, you know, different features,
different templates on your own without having to pay anything. And I’m just going to take
you through a few of the features quickly. And then we’ll get into
designing the site. [No sound – speaker paused briefly] So for photos. You can upload your own photos,
your own logo, things like that, when you’re building your site. We also have
image galleries, a lot of features make your photos look great. You can even
edit them right within Wix. You can sell products with your logo printed on
them. Or if you’re running a special event you can quickly get, you know, mugs printed that say, “Best Librarian.” Whatever you want. So it’s a really nice feature, too.
Again, showcase videos, as I mentioned. If you have events and you want to showcase
the videos. Perhaps you run webinars and you want an easy way to host them on
your site, you can do that. … Um … You can also sell things online, maybe
not so relevant to you, but it’s good to know. There’s no commission on that,
although that would require a paid plan. You can blog. This is a really nice way
to keep your site up to date. And you can update new content. Maybe you want to
write about different books that are coming out or different things that are happening at
the library. Or maybe you’re advising someone else on how to start their
blog. And what’s really easy to do is having a blog on a website even
allows for different members to be able to log in and post their own blog post.
And there’s a lot of features there, too. I recommend checking that out, as well.
And you can even have people book appointments, classes and events online
right through your website. So if you wanted to have a one on one appointment.
If you wanted to host a class. You can have people sign up online. You can
manage those registrations. Send out emails about the events and things like
that. And again all of this included. Here’s more about our email marketing.
And in the session next week I’ll dive more into some of the features for
building an email list. And, you know, like making newsletters and things like that.
We also have an app for managing your site on your mobile device. And through
that, totally for free, you can send social posts. That could be helpful. Sometimes
it’s hard when you’re running a business or working, you know, a busy schedule. And
you maybe aren’t a graphic designer, to design posts for social media. So
this is kind of a free way to get some templates. Type in your text and post
straight to your social media channel. Also something I’ll talk about in the
next webinar is search engine optimization. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with that. Okay. To be clear what it is, is helping
Google to find your website. So when someone searches for, you know, your library’s
location, your website will be the first one to come up in Google.
And so we have a wizard that makes it really easy to do that. A
step-by-step guide that tells you exactly what you need to do to get your
site to rank in Google. And I’ll explain that more in the next webinar.
But this just gives you a little background so you know it’s there and
you don’t have to worry about that. You actually have an integration with
Google where in one click when you publish your site, Google … gets them to
Google and then they know to rank it. So you don’t have to worry about being signed
on Google if you make a website with Wix. Um if there’s, if you have any questions
about any of that, feel free to put it in the chat, otherwise I’ll keep going.
And so I want to talk a little bit about how to approach making a website. So
a lot of people think when they’re making a website. Just go right
ahead and make a Wix account. Dive into a template. Um, start moving things
around. And then that’s great, it’s a great way to get to know Wix as a product. But I
recommend when you’re really sitting down and starting to make a website.
Having a little bit of a process. So I’m just gonna take a couple of minutes to
highlight how you should approach making a website. And then I’ll go dive into the
Wix editor and show you how you can make it a reality. So the first thing that you are going to want to do when you’re making a website is
define your goals. So why are we making the website? What do you want visitors to do on that site? And how can visitors accomplish those goals? And
so this is really important because you don’t want to just make a website that
looks pretty and isn’t really useful to the person that you want to be looking
at it. And so if you’re talking about making a website for a library some
things that people might want to do on the site is find the library’s location. They might
want to find out about library events or services. They might want to browse the library’s catalog. They might want to be inspired
to read a new book. Or more to connect with the local community. So you want to
identify what those goals are. And then when you’re making the site you can look
for features and design elements that are going to help users accomplish what they’re trying to accomplish on your website. The next thing, once you defined your goals, you want to gather up all of your content.
So the easiest way to make a site is to have all of your images and text and
event descriptions. All those things in advance so you know when you’re
designing your site, what you need it’s designed for and designed around. And so
some of the things that you might want to collect are your logo, any text
about your library, or if someone is making a different kind of website any
other text about the business. You would probably also want to include some
external links. And so you want to have all of those ready to go. Once you have your
goals set. You’ve got your content all together. And you’ll want to make your
sitemap. And so this is a library website example. And basically what this is, is a way
of organizing your content onto pages or sections so when you’re designing your
site. So you might want to start with an about page, services and then have some
pages nested under that. Events and library catalog. So just one example if you’re
making a website you might have many more pages than this. And it’s really helpful
to get an idea of how you want to organize them in advance. And so making a
site map is a good way to start. And you can get really creative with all this
sketching out on paper, some ideas of how you want to organize the content on each
page. You don’t have to do that but if you’re creatively inclined it can be
really helpful as well. So enough about how to approach making your site.
Now let’s get inspired. I’m going to show you some library websites.
And we’ll look at some elements of websites. And that way when we get into Wix,
I’ll explain how you can create those using the Wix editor. [No sound – switching to live internet] All right so here’s a really great site for the Ann Arbor District Library. And so you can see it’s
really bold. Black and white layout. They feature their news and events
over here. They have this kind of slider of different events that are happening.
They’ve highlighted some important pages here. Their location and hours, services, an
event calendar. And so, you know, you want to look at different sites for both what
the different features and pages are that might be relevant to you. And also what
you like about the layout and the style. So I’ll just tab through some different
pages. This is the Seattle Public Library. Kind of a different layout with these boxes here.
Again featured events, a link to an event calendar. This one features a full
width image here which you can also do with Wix. So that when you resize your
screen, the image will shrink and grow to the size of your browser. Which means
you’re looking at the website on a tablet or something like that it’ll work.
So something important to keep in mind. Again this is that calendar that seems to be
really popular with library websites. New York Public Library,
kind of a similar thing here. I’ll just show you a few more. This one’s a totally
different look, really bold and colorful. So something to think about when you’re
making your site if you want to do this kind of block layout. There’s buttons here,
navigation menu on the top, when you scroll the header stays still and doesn’t move with the
site. I’ll show you how to do that in Wix also. Here’s another site, again
with a slider. The hours and location really readily available. I’ll just show
you one more before we get started diving into Wix. So again in that last slider lots
of different categories, the type of content, some drop-down menus, things like that. So now
that we’ve got all of our inspiration together, we can start designing our site
with Wix. So if you don’t already have a Wix account. Um, it’s just totally free to
sign up, as I mentioned. You can make as many websites as you want either as drafts or you
can even publish them. The URL would be “wixsite.com/yourusername.” And so I
recommend just diving in and playing around with your free account before
you even publish. Um so I’m already signed in. And once you’ve
signed in to Wix you’re gonna get to this screen. And it
asks quite simply, “What kind of website do you want to create?” Um, and so I’ll
tell you right now there aren’t any library templates specifically. We have some book
stores, you have a book blog template. So for now I’m gonna touch, “Other.” It doesn’t
really matter what you select here. There are two different options when you’re using
Wix. There’s ADI which is “Automated Design Intelligence” lets you answer
a few simple questions and it builds a site for you. Probably not so great for a
library website. But if you’re advising people on how to make their own website,
and some other settings. It can be really helpful for small businesses who just need a
really simple website that looks great. They just want to copy and paste their
content right in there. So ADI is great for that. But I recommend starting
with the Wix Editor. So to do that you just choose a template then we can browse
different templates. You can preview any template that you like, just click view
and you can see what it looks like. You can also preview what it would look like on a
mobile device which is really helpful. You can see that the menu looks a little
bit different. And so I’m just going to close this and go back to the templates
page. So I’m going to go ahead and I’m actually choose a music template just to
showcase that no matter what kind of template you choose, you can change
absolutely everything about it. So you can change the text, the images, the layout,
whatever you want. Just a suggestion. You can even start with a blank template over
here which just gives you a blank slate and you can just add elements and
features, text and images just one at a time. And really make it your own. But if
you’re not a designer just look through all the different templates. See what
fits your personality or your brand for the library. That kind of image that
you have and go from there. So I’m going to start off with this music website. I
like it because it’s pretty simple so I can show you a lot of different features on it. And in case you didn’t see that, when you
hover over any template you can either view or edit it. So I just went ahead and
clicked “Edit” on this one. And so here you are. This is the Wix editor. This is where
all the magic happens when you’re making a website. I like to call it the canvas.
You know, you’re an artist so this is where you put all of the elements of design and all of
your features. So you’ll notice they’re these dashed lines on the page. And so
everything above this dashed line at the top is your header. And so things that
are in this section and you’ll see when I hover over it, it says header. So
anything that’s in this section it’s going to show up on every page of your
website. So it’s really useful for things like a navigation menu which we have
over here, social media icons over here. Sometimes these can also go in the
footer, instead. So I’m actually gonna drag those down there. And the footer works the same
way as the header anything in that section is going to show up on any page.
You can see how easy it is to just drag and drop elements wherever you want them.
So I’m just gonna drag that here and I’m going to drag this little copyright notice right over
here. But you can edit it with the year or your own library name or whatever the
business name is for whatever website you’re creating. So the next thing that I
want to show you is take a little tour of some of the features. Um, so up here on
this menu you have all the different menus for different things you can do on
your site. Or add to your site. So the first one is
“Menus and pages.” This is where would navigate between different pages on your
site. So if you wanted to look at your “About” page you can just click on the
menu up here, this is how you would be able to move it around. If you want to actually
navigate to a different page, you do that over here. So we’ll go back to the home page.
You can also, notice that if you rearrange pages in here, you’ll see that they change in the
navigation menu automatically. And you can also nest pages under one another.
Just like that. And then I’m gonna “X” out of here. And I want to preview this site. So when you click “preview.” I’m going to go back
home. And now you’ll see when I hover over “navigation menu,” you have some
nested pages here. Um so this is really great if you’re building a site with a
lot of pages, which you probably will be. Alright, so the next thing I want to
highlight is the “background menu.” I’ll show you how to change the background in
a few minutes. But you can change the background to color image, video, whatever you
like. You can do it on a per page basis or apply it to all the pages at once
with this button down here. This is the “Add menu.” So this is where you can add
everything to your site. So where every template comes with themes, text. And
actually all the different elements have themed versions of them. So you know that
the design will be consistent throughout if you’re using a template. You can also
choose from all different kinds of styles down here. And when you add one to
the site you can just click on it, double click to change the text … … oops library. You can highlight it and in this menu you
can change the font to whatever you like. Oops, I don’t know why it’s all caps, there you go. You can choose the font size, you can
change the color. So it’s really versatile and really user friendly. And you can
even add special effects like a drop shadow, things like that. So I’m going to
delete that and I’m actually going to go ahead and move some of elements that are
already on the page. I’m just gonna drag this up here. I’m going to type “Wix Library.”
And then I’m gonna double click on this one. I’m just gonna change it to
Indiana. So I’ll drag that up there. So already we’ve changed what this website
is. We’ve added the title. And so now I’m going to go ahead and change this image
to something relevant to library. But first now that I have this text box edited I can
make the text box a little smaller since the text is shorter now. So I’m gonna go
ahead and click on the image. You’ll notice any image you click on has
contextual menu options up here with little floating buttons that let you do
a whole host of different things. But so what I want to do right now is change
this image. So I’m going to go and you can upload your own images, whatever you
want from your computer. You can even pull in images from social media.
Or if you have a Dropbox or Google Drive. I’m gonna choose a free image from Wix.
They have a huge stock library of images that you can use. They can make the web
design process a little faster. Because you don’t need to hire a professional
photographer to take images for your site. You can just pull from what we have. So I’m going to
search for a library. So I’m just going to go ahead, if you hover over the
magnifying glass you can see a bigger image of each of the thumbnails that are
here. I’m going to go ahead and choose to use “Teens & library.” And just click “choose
image.” So now that’s added to the page. And so once you have an image here, you
have a lot of different options. You can go into settings. You can make your image
link to something if you want. You can change the design. Let’s say
that you wanted to make it round or a frame or something like that. I’m gonna
stick with no frame for now. We even have different effects that you
can add. So you don’t need to use Photoshop or anything like that if you wanted to make
your image black and white for example. Um, another cool fact with Wix. Almost
any element can be animated. And some of them are a little extreme.
But others are more subtle. So you might want to play around with it just to add
something a little special to your site. Um and so the next thing that I want to do.
So we’ve changed the homepage a little bit. Starting to look more like a library
website. So I’m going to go ahead and save. And so what this does is that it saves
a draft in your account. But I’m going to call it “Library site.” I’m gonna click
Save and continue. So now we have a draft saved and you can
go back to this at any point. If you leave you can always go back and edit and it will be saved. The next thing I’m going to do is preview so you can get a feel for what it’s
gonna look like without those gridlines. So now you can see the site here and
I’ll go back to the editor. Um so and if you have any questions as I’m going
along, feel free to put them in the chat. All right. So I’ve decided that I
actually want to get rid of this image. It’s really easy. Just hit delete. Done. Really
simple. And instead I’m going to add a background image. So I’m gonna go over
here to the background image menu. I’m going to choose image. I’m going to go to
“Free from Wix” and then search for books. And I’m gonna choose this one. And then I’m gonna just
gonna click change background. And you can see now how to say it has a totally
different look and feel to it. And that was really simple. And in just
a couple of minutes the site looks totally different. Looks like a library site. I’m
really getting somewhere. Um the next thing that I’m gonna want to do is change the header
so that it’s a little easier to read these menu options. So I’m just gonna click on
this area in the dash lines. I’m going to click on the
paintbrush. Um and right now it’s no color so I’m going to scroll down and just going to
take a solid color. Then I’m gonna go to “customize the design.” So you can do
this with most elements within Wix. You can really customize them to look
exactly how you want. So I’m going to change the headers so both the middle
part and the outside part are white. And this way it’ll really stand out and you
can read these text items even though it’s over the image background. And the
other thing that I’m going to do is under “settings” I’m gonna click “freeze
header.” What this will do is when you scroll on the site. I’m just gonna go down here
and make the page a little longer, so you can really get a feel. If you just click
on this handle so you can adjust the page height. And I’m gonna preview the site.
Now when you scroll that menu is gonna stick right there. So go back to the menu.
I’m just gonna move these things down a little bit so you got a better idea. And so
you can see the website’s really coming along. It’s starting to look like a
library site. Alright. So the next thing that we’re gonna do is I’m gonna add
some pages here. Um so I’m just gonna delete the ones that are here.
Really simple, just click on the three dots. I’m gonna delete all of these pages. Another really great feature is you can design
one page. Have it the way that you really like it. And then you can duplicate it. It’s a good way to avoid having to redesign every
page, if you get a format that you like. Alright. So almost done here … And now I’m gonna add an events page. You do that by just clicking “add page” right here, you type in what you want to call it. And that’s done. Um, another thing that you
can do and you’ll notice it automatically adds right to that
navigation menu. Another thing that you can do is link to an external source. So
let’s say that you wanted to link to the library’s collection. You can do that
here, I’m sorry the library catalog. You could put in any web address here. I don’t have
one. So for now I’m just gonna link to … Um, let’s see. Well, I’ll just put it in a random link,
I’ll just link it to Google. You can choose if you want to open it in a
new window or the same window. I’ll just click done. I’m gonna name it catalog. And
that’s a really easy way to add an external link to your header. I’ll just change
this so it’s not all capital. Alright. So I hope everybody is following. So the next thing that I want to show
you is how to edit your social media icons. They went down to the bottom over
here. And so I mentioned that you can add these anywhere on the page that you want.
So you might want to add these, um to float on the page. So I already made it so when
you scroll and we preview, the header stays still. I’m going to go back to the editor. I’m going
to make it so that these social links are gonna stay on the side of the page.
Um and so you’ll get this alert message. Um, so anything that you put outside of these
grid lines on either side of the page, might not be seen on mobile devices.
There’s a trick to get around that. And I’ll show you how to do that. So you can go
right into layout. I’m just gonna change it to a vertical layout here for these
social links. And now I’m liking the way that this looks. So I’m just gonna right
click on it or control click on a Mac. And I’m gonna click “Pin to Screen” and
I’m gonna set the position right on the side of the screen. And I’m gonna offset
it about, let’s say 45 pixels. So now when you scroll. I’ll preview this site again.
And you’ll see that those are gonna stay stuck there on the side.
So whatever other content you may add to the page they’re gonna stay there. So
people can always access your social media channels. Um you also want to be
sure to go in there and set the social links. And a way that you can do this
is um, just click that “social links icon.” Um, in here and you can delete any icons
that aren’t relevant to you by just hovering over, clicking the trash can. So
I’m thinking maybe Facebook, YouTube and Instagram might be relevant ones for you.
Let’s say you also wanted to add a Twitter icon. You can go ahead up here to
add icon. You can even upload your own. So if you wanted a short link to another
free service that the library provides. Or to the collection. You can even upload
your own image and have a link to whatever you want. I’m gonna go ahead and
look for a Twitter icon. So you can scroll through this list. Um, just click on it it.
You could also search for it up here. Then you have a wide variety
of icon styles for every platform. So consider the design that you’re looking
for. I’m just gonna go ahead and choose this one. And I’m gonna add it. And you want to make
sure that you link it to your personal Twitter page so that it doesn’t just
link to nothing or the Wix page by default. And then I’m gonna click done.
Alright. So now we have our website. Got a nice-looking homepage. We have our social media
links connected. So now I want to add a button. So I added this events page. So
someone can access that from the navigation menu. You want to add a button
over here so that someone can quickly get the event. So the way to do that is
by clicking on this “Add menu” right over here. And I’m going to go down to button.
So as I mentioned the “Add menu” is where you add all of your elements. So your text, your
images, gallery. Vector art which is great if you want to add some icons in the
site. Um, shapes. You know, if you wanted to have some kind of a
special arrow, horizontal divider. That’s all in here. Um, interactive elements
like slideshows. And a lot of those inspiration sites we looked at, a lot of
them have slideshows on the home page. So this is where you would do that. I’m going to
add a button. But just to go through some more. You can also add
boxes which are great for adding sections of content to your page. Um
strips which are sections of your site that come pre-designed, all in one. Um and
they stretch to the full width of the page. There’s a lot of different ones in
here that you can add. Um video, as I mentioned, their video gallery. You can
also add a video that you posted on YouTube or somewhere else.
Music with audio players. Social media icons if you wanted to choose some
different ones. Contact form which also includes a map. A “Get subscribers box.” Have
people sign up for your newsletter. Um contact form as I’ve mentioned.
Also if you wanted to promote an event you could drag one of these elements
onto your page. Menus so there’s some different styles if you don’t like the
one that comes on your template or starting from scratch. Um lots of
different ways that you can present information. Lightboxes. These are pop ups
that would promote information. You can have lightboxes to welcome people to
your site or even to have people subscribe. And what’s great about these is you can
have them timed. So if someone’s on your site for maybe two minutes then maybe
something can pop up. Or else you can have them click a button that says
subscribe and then have this pop-up where they can enter their email address.
This is where you can add a blog. A store, et cetera. So the sky is really the limit.
There’s a lot of features here. So as I’ve mentioned, I’m gonna go ahead and add a button.
I’m just gonna go ahead and choose this one.
Just drag it on to the screen and that goes for any of those elements in the add
menu. I’m gonna change the text to “Upcoming events.” And then I’m gonna link
it to our events page. So any element can be linked to a
different page. Um, you can also link it to an anchor link. Which is a scrolled
down section of the page. So the way that that would work is you would add a
marker somewhere on your page. And when you click on it the page would scroll down
to wherever that marker is. As I mentioned before you can link to an
external web address, an email address. You can even upload a document. So let’s
say you have a brochure or PDF that you want people to be able to download. You
can link a button to that really easily. So I’m going to go to a page. I’m going to link to our
events page. And then I’m gonna click done. So as I mentioned with any element, you
have these different menu options up here. So I’m gonna look at the design of this element. So if
you have a lot of different options. A lot of pre-designed options for if
you’re not so confident in your own design abilities, you know that these
will look great. You can stick with the themed buttons make sure that you’re
being consistent with the template that you chose. Or you can customize the
design. So I’m just going to go ahead and change this text to something else.
I’m going to go with this font here. I’m going to make the font a little bit
bigger. And so you have a lot of different options here. You can change
the color, borders, corners. You can even add a shadow. I’m going to
do that, too. Alright. Um, so our site is coming along, let me
know if you have any questions. [sneeze] Excuse me, I have a little cold that I’m getting over,
here. Alright. So we’ve come pretty far. Now, as we preview our site, this is gonna
link to our events page. And then we don’t have anything on our events page,
yet. And I’m going to show you how you can add events to your site. And then in
the seminar that we’re gonna have a week from now I’ll go more into organizing
and managing your events. But for now I’ll just show you how to add the basics
to your site. So I want to change the background. I
really only want this background to be on the main page. So on this page I’m
just gonna make it a plain color. I’m just gonna keep it white. Um, in this way
any elements that we add to the page will be easier to read and see. So I’m going to
go ahead and I’m gonna go to the app market here. And so, while you can add most things
from this add menu. It’s a little bit difficult, you know, to put everything in
one space. There’s a lot here already. And so for more advanced features we don’t
limit you at all. Um, and you can go to the app market and add apps that are created
both by Wix and by third parties. Um and there’s a huge variety here. On this site you can browse
through. You can even embed HTML if you have something really custom that you
want to incorporate. Um, there’s a lot of tools for analytics, for contact forms
and different things beyond what Wix provides you. I’m gonna go ahead and add
the Wix events app. I’m just gonna search for it. Comes up right here. And
I’ll just select it. Try that again. I’m just gonna click add to site. So this
comes up with a really nicely designed event widget. And this is a great
predesigned way to showcase some of the events that are coming up at your
library. And so if you could just click on “Manage events” here. This is where
you’d put in all of your information. And then we’ll get into all the details here
because there’s a lot of flexibility. But just so that you know, that’s how you
would manage that and upload your event descriptions and photos and
customize all of that. You can also stretch this widget, stretch to full widths. Just
click on that with this toggle over here. And now whatever screen size someone is
looking at your site on … these three event widgets are gonna stretch to fill the whole screen. And when you’re actually using your real event. If you
have more events than three or less events than three, you can change the layout. Um
right now, this is just prestyled copy, you know. Images
that come with the widgets. You can get a feel for what it’ll look like before you
add your own things. So next, I’m going to delete this. And I’m going to show you some other
layouts for adding your upcoming events. So if you go to the add menu and if you
go down into contacts. So I mentioned this before. This is
where you have a bunch of different events widgets. Um, so I’m going to go
ahead and add this nice list form. This looks like we’re disconnected from the internet …
all right let’s keep going. Seems to be okay. So this is another event layout.
And it’s a really good way … I recommend maybe putting this on your webpage, I mean – I’m
sorry, on your homepage to really showcase with coming up next. And so here
we go. We’ve really easily created an events page. We have a home page. We’ve
linked to an external catalog. So the site’s really coming along. Um, and so
I just want to show one more thing before we wrap up here. And then I’ll
show you how you would upgrade your site. Or publish it for free, if you don’t want to
upgrade. So just one more thing that’s really important that I want to
highlight and that’s the mobile editor. So you always want to make the last
thing that you do before you publish your site, to edit the mobile view. Um,
it’s really important because people will uh … there’s a little explainer
here for the first time when you go to do this. I’m just gonna skip this for now
just so I can show you. Um and so it’s really important to do this because sometimes
things show up in weird places. So for example upcoming events button is up
here in the header. So I just want to drag it down. Usually Wix does a better job of aligning your content. In this case, didn’t do such a good job.
So I just wanna go ahead and rearrange my elements. And anything that you change on
the mobile view of your site is not going to affect the desktop view of your
site. And so that’s really important to note because you can change the text size
or even hide an element. And then it will still be there on the main desktop
version of your site. So for now I’m just gonna leave it like this. Obviously your
website would have more content on it. This is pretty simple but at least it’s
working okay for now. So now I’m gonna go back to the desktop view. All right. So we’ve
covered a lot. So we’ve covered how to navigate between pages and your menu
over here. We’ve talked about linking to an external site. Adding more pages,
deleting them and nesting them. So we’ve talked about changing your background.
Adding different elements. Adding apps for third-party extensions. We’ve got a
button here. So we’ve done a lot. Keep in mind that you can be really free to
experiment. Because anything that you do you can always just undo really easily.
And you have unlimited undo. So you can do a lot of stuff and
if you hate it, you can always go back. Wix also will auto save your site as you go.
Whenever you manually click on the save button, it saves the copy so that you can go back to your site history and edit it again. So if you go up here over to site, again you also have the save/preview options.
But you also have your site history so don’t worry about making any mistakes. You
can always go back in time and revert to an earlier version of your site. This is
also where you can get found on Google and access some other different options
that you can peruse on your own. Not vital for when you’re first starting to play
around with Wix and make your site. Another thing I wanted to highlight is Wix
code. So if you do know how to code you can add advanced interactions using
Javascript. This is where you would do that. For most people, not necessary
to be able to code at all. As I showed you, you can add all these advanced
features that are built right in. And you don’t need to know how to do that. Help –
so anytime that you’re lost, we have a robust help and support directory. So
everything from videos to articles. So whatever you need, you can find it. And
even specific elements usually have a little question mark help icon, too, if
you get stuck. And then this is where you would upgrade your site. So I’m not going
to do that now, I’m just going to show you how to publish a free site. So over
in this right corner click “publish.” This site is now live on the web.
Any one of you can go to this URL here. I’m gonna click “view site.” Um, and that’s
it. It’s published. It’s a real website. It’s not a great
website but it works. You can, you know, go to the events page, go back home, access social
media over here. But that is live. Is anyone going to find this website?
Probably not, because we haven’t optimized it for search engines and
submitted it to Google. And there’s no content on here
for Google to read and find, anyway. So unless someone has this
URL, probably not gonna find the site. However, if you do go through, add the
content, submit it to Google. Then to the [?] will likely be able to find the site
even as a free site and you know find your information, And again, if you give
people this URL, put it on your website, we’ll be able to find your site and it’s live
and a real website. So a couple things about free websites. Everything works
fine. You won’t be able to sell anything on your site but probably not super
relevant for you. It will have this banner ad up here. But other than that it
looks just like a normal website. And so if you upgrade, you can get rid of this banner ad.
And you can change the domain name to whatever you want, like your library.com.
Or for a business your business name.com. All right, so that’s pretty much it, that I
want to show you here. I’m just gonna really quickly show you another site
that I designed, you know, in just a few minutes using WIX. You can see on this
homepage I have a fully stretched image. You’ve got a menu here with
relevant points for my Wix Library. Different pages, a button here, very similar. I’ve
highlighted some events. I just added boxes and grouping together elements on the
page. I’m going to add an about events widget here. Highlight some upcoming things here.
I’ve added a map and down here in the footer I’ve added the library hours, and
address, which is obviously a fake address. Uh, so you can really do a lot with this
tool. Really blank canvas. Sky’s the limit for making your website.
And I think that’s it. If you would like to ask any questions, I can dive in and answer. Looks like Stacey, we’ve got one from
Carolyn on the chat box. Are you able to see that? Oh yeah, “So will there be a link
to the screen shots?” So I can … I’m not sure how the best place for this …
to go would be, but I can send a PDF after my presentation and
put the links in there, so that might be helpful for you. Okay, so you can send it
to me, to Paula, and then I can send it out to everybody, as well, after we get
the recording, as well. Okay … … perfect. [No sound, waiting for questions] Um, “Is there a way for users to search the site, or see a site map?” Um, yes.
So I’m gonna go back into the editor here. So there are different apps that
are more related to site maps and things like that. But to add a search, you can go into the app market. And just type “search” and
there are few different site search options in here. And I recommend …
most of them are third-party um, created. So you might want to look
around and see what the features are. A lot of them are free or premium. Um, I’m just
going to go ahead and choose this one. Um, and you can see, we’ve got a little
search bar that you can put right in here. Um, now it’s on the header. So now anyone, if you
go to preview, anyone can just type in here and search your site. Um, and so there’s
no content really on the site yet so it’s just giving some examples.
But it would, you know, search your site and find any relevant
pages and show them here. Um, any other questions? I have a question, this is Paula. Um, for the third-party extensions and the apps are …
do they, do you guys go through and approve people? How well do they work, you know, how … are you seeing what I’m trying to ask? Yeah. Do they work well with each other … yeah that’s a great question … on your site? Yeah, so all of the apps that are in the app market have to be approved. It won’t break your site. They’re all secure. Every single one of
them is vetted by Wix. Um … some of them are older than others. So some of them might
have like more modern design or things like that. So it’s worth looking through.
Um, and like I mentioned, they all have different, you know, features and free and
premium features. So it’s worth, you know, playing around with them. Some of them that
are even third-party apps have partnerships that when you buy premium
updates, like ‘Site Booster,” for example, is included when you upgrade to certain
premium plans. Um so, so yeah we work really closely with all the vendors who are
creating the apps. And of course we also have the Wix app in here. And so I
believe if you scroll down here, you know ,you can do all the ones that are made by Wix,
specifically. Like “Forum” and “Chat” and things like that. And you know that those
will be the most up to date and you know will constantly be updated. So
while the other ones are all secure, these are the ones that Wix is
actually working on. Okay great thanks. Looks like we’ve got another question
from Kelly. The upgrade, “So are we gonna talk about the upgrade options in the
next webinar?” I can actually talk about them today. I’m just gonna go on Upgrade
and go to compare plans. So these are the different plans that you can use. Most
people will go with this unlimited plan. Um, it gives the best value. Really
affordable, $14 a month and it’s frequently 50% off sales. We also have,
you know, a lesser plan on the combo plan. Which I would say is the minimum plan
that you should do because it removes that Wix banner ad. And you can
connect your domain. So I’d say either one of these plans would be a good way to go.
Uh, so how does this work with their last … the question … something about connecting,
what’s provided by the state. Um, so yeah you have to link to the external
database it doesn’t integrate directly. Yeah … With the, with the ConnectIN
state you have to use WordPress so it’s not connected to Wix. I was just hoping
to show another option that’s, that people might use. Okay, I think we’ve got
three minutes left and I’m probably going to have to wrap it up, at this
point. We could always, if I can send you. Stacey, is it okay if I send out your email if
they have other questions or they could … send it to me to send to you? …Yeah, definitely. Okay.
Yeah, you can reach out to me at [email protected] and I’ll be happy to answer
any more questions that you have. Okay, I guess we have one other question at the end … “When you make the
heading … I have it on the picture, how do you blend it into the background and not
have a white background, for instance?” Um … Or maybe that’s something … I can actually
copy the chat and we can send questions back to Stacey and she could answer. Yeah.
I could get the answers for you. I’m not a 100 % sure how to explain that. That maybe we can take that offline and
I’ll answer that later. Okay, well this is Paula, again. And I’m going to say thank you
very much for being with us today and also to Stacey. Again make sure, if you
can. If you want to sign up for next week’s webinar. I’m gonna go,
er share, the LEU form. [No sound – archived LEU documentation information found here – https://continuinged.isl.in.gov/certification/policies-on-leus/] So again like I said I’ll copy the chat and I will get your questions
answered, shortly. Thanks everyone. Yeah and I’ll just add really quickly, the
next time we’ll dive more into the … um … Oh, can you hear me? Yes. I’ll just add you can … we’ll go over the events
option. The, you know, connecting with different external sites,
search engine optimization and email marketing. So tune in for that and
I look forward to seeing you again. All right. Thanks everyone. Bye bye!

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