Will You Help Me End Violence?

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Will You Help Me End Violence?

Will You Help Me End Violence?

Alright so here’s the deal. I’m not blowing anything up No one is robbing me and I’m not making slime but please still watch this video Whaddup everyone it’s your girl Superwoman and in case you don’t know this My name is actually Lilly Singh. Hey and last year I had the honor of being named a UNICEF global goodwill ambassador In fact, I was the first ambassador ever from the digital space. Yay me but this isn’t about me This is about action. As an ambassador I’ve been thinking of ways to help better the lives of people across the world because I Recognize that there’s a lot of people that don’t have the privileges you and I have when it comes to health, safety Education and opportunity and I’m happy to announce my first initiative as an ambassador. Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this? I’ve been to India many times with my family. Whaddup mother land! But on my recent field visit with UNICEF something caught my eye. I noticed that regardless of people’s financial situation Almost everyone had a cell phone and on that cell phone almost everyone watched YouTube apparently cell phones are cheaper than other basic necessities in India. The more you know! India is an amazing country that is thriving in so many sectors But I learned that one of the biggest issues is their population is so large 1.3 billion people and so sometimes it’s hard to communicate information and laws to the masses for example I learned there’s a hotline that anywhere in India can call 24 hours 7 days a week for free if they’re Experiencing any type of violence but a lot of people especially a lot of kids don’t know about it not cool not cool So I figured if so many people watched YouTube on their cell phones And there’s this piece of important information that needs to be distributed Why not run a public service announcement as an ad on YouTube in India, holy lightbulb, so I was like yo, what about this cool idea and UNICEF said well I don’t think we have that type of connection with YouTube and I said, you know what? I think I might know someone that does So I am thrilled to announce that the following pre-roll ad will launch and start running in India starting today check it out Wait, this is important. Don’t click skip.Hey, it’s Lily singh here Did you know that you can help end violence abuse and sexual harassment against yourself and others? That’s right You can be a superhero right here in India If you see or hear something you think is wrong call 1098 toll-free from any phone service, it’s free You’ll be able to help any young person in need of care and protection. It doesn’t matter what time it is Someone will answer your call and keep the information you share confidential People are waiting to help 24/7 Also The PSA will have subtitles in the major languages of India and they will display According to the language that the viewer has the preferences set at The Technology. My hope is these PSAs will encourage more calls to this hotline and as a result protect more kids who are facing violence in India but that’s not all. These PSA pre-roll ads are gonna reach a lot of people that’s without a doubt but teamwork makes the dream work Which is why I’m asking for your help as well as part of this campaign I am launching a set of social graphics like this one that tell people about this amazing hot line in India I want you to help me spread the word about this free hotline that could save lives The links to the graphics are down below in the description. I posted them on my Twitter on my Instagram Please repost. Spread the word tell as many people as you can because even if you don’t know people who live in India You could be the person that post something and someone else hears about it and they post it and then that person Heard another person post and then down the line Someone in India sees it because the chain reaction you started and they call the hotline real talk The only sentence that matters here is that there is someone getting abused harassed sexually assaulted that could use this Information and they could find it out From something you started it’s time to end violence for every child and this is just the first initiative I thought of I can’t wait to work on even more in even more countries on that note if you have any suggestions about causes Organizations even issues. I might not be aware of Please comment below give me your ideas on how we can help people around the world I will personally be going through the comments and having discussions with you And if you’re willing, please take the time to share this video. I’m gonna turn the ads off So it’s very easy to watch. I want people to know that this this is what humanity is about humanity can be positive It’s not about all the horrible things you read about people on the internet this helping people This is humanity because straight up no one is successful If the people on your team are struggling and humanity is the most important team you have so we’re in this together Let’s change the world. So until next time one love superwoman, that is a wrap and Zoop

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  1. I am afraid I can't really help even tho I want to…. I am just a kid from Erurope and India is so far away… I don't know anyone there… I am sorry…

  2. So your telling me her 13 million subscribers are nowhere to be found when she's talikg about a serious problem🤔😔

  3. I know im a bit late to the vid but what if in poor countries or places with little medical help the government held a free class to give basic knowledge about how to treat injuries and sicknesses

  4. It would be better if the ad is in regional languages( Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc).
    It would be understood by more people.

  5. It’s sad that this video has less than one million views. Considering all your other comedy skits and videos always has one million… I understand this is a comedy channel, but I thought people would at least stop to see what’s up.

  6. What if that call would be able all around the world in every country? Like there would be people in Serbia, England, Germany and in every country in the whole world! I think it would lower the suicide rates, and make people happier because when people have problems sometimes they just want to be heard and not like get a solution. It's weird but it's also true.

  7. Staying in a society like this in india i saw;Sometimes victims deny for help n this causes ur plan to backfire…
    if u report for someone they will totally deny about what they are suffering from and they themselves don't go for any action..
    They straight up call it destiny of life…

  8. I think a way to help spread it around is by making T-Shirts, hoodies, etc. Any clothing ideas, because people are always saying stuff like…
    1)" I love your shirt where did you get it?"
    2) "What does your shirt mean?"
    3) Maybe they won't say anything and think… " I'm gonna look that up and see what it is about."

  9. Hello! This is a great initiative. When I looked at the non-video ad you showed, though, I realized that, if it hadn't been explained to me before, I wouldn't have been able to understand when I was supposed to call the hotline. It would almost seem as if it were an ad for a therapy session, not a hotline for collecting information on and stopping abuse. Perhaps you could put something underneath that says something along the lines of "Drop us a tip" or "Report abuse on sight"

  10. shared on facebook…shared with my friends…awesome Lilly…my heart goes out to all those people who need timely help…let us join hands and do the needful…My family joins your mission:)…
    God bless you Lilly for such super ideas…super actions…superwoman! 🙂

  11. Also, don’t you speak some Indian? So can’t you do the commercial in Indian too? (For the people that speak that type of Indian)

  12. Hi I'm about to be in 8th and my elementary that I got promoted from still works with UNICEF today and gives out fit bits and u can raise enough steps to earn food packages for kids around the world that are under privileged and UNICEF IS AWESOME FOR THAT , LOVE u LILY 🙂

  13. Lilly thank u for saving a 100 a 1000 and millions of people of India and I’m a Indian to thanks for save everyone family in India **im crying**

  14. LILLY! This is amazing! But i have to ask….is it possible that you could do something for Puerto Rico? (whatup motherland) The island is in major debt to the point that 43.5 % of Puerto Rico’s residents are living in poverty. (WAIT! BEFORE YOU SAY THAT THEY SHOULD GO OUT AND VOTE FOR THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT , LEGALLY THEY CAN NOT. EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE CITIZENS) my point is that Puertoricans are becoming more and more suicidal. This happened even before Hurricane Maria, but now everything is worse. To add more fuel to the fire..violence is surging. It’s hard for news to spread to the island. So please consider this idea..

  15. "helping people across the world" says the one that bashes conservatives and christians. and yes, india is screwed.

  16. Dear Lilly, I'm having a school fair and I'm making a stool about this and I'll try to get more and more people to help

  17. To 431 dislikes …. shame! I love you Lilly and thank u for trying to make the world a better place. U truly are a superwoman

  18. Heyy Lilly!! I am from India and I watch youtube on a daily basis!! But I have not seen this PSA ever!! If you could look into this!! This is the only way i could reach out to you!! Look into it!!

  19. I spend so much time on the Internet. Can't believe that I didn't know this. This is amazing…hopefully. Thanks Lily.

  20. I am 12 but i am doing the thing that a lot of older people dont do . And for helping people you dont have to be rich .

  21. I am from Bangladesh and in Bangladesh its hard to go on road for us the teens . It is like not esey for adalts even . Because of our problem with road safety . A lot of drivers dont have license . And we the school students protested and got killed by the police . So can we talk about it ?????

  22. One uprising issue here in India or maybe worldwide is Mental torture. Coersing someone to do something….that they don't want to do. For eg- deciding your child's career path and if they don't want to do it. Threaten them with statements like- we will break all of our relations with you or I'll eat poison or stuff like that. It is unbearable. What I think can be done here is- awareness and proper counseling of such people.
    Rest…you are the most creative person that I idiolise. I hope you you pay attention to this.
    Lot's of love for you Lilly! ❤️❤️❤️

  23. end violence and bias that SJWs are causing agianst white people?
    plus the repeated bashing of the Christian community along with the anti America comments that you say?
    yea we really need to be protected from SJWs like you

  24. From someone who’s from India—
    I have family in India. I go to India almost every year to visit them. This includes kids.
    But I also know people who don’t have phones. I’m sure I’m not the only one who notices that poverty has hit India hard.
    I’m sure it’s even been on the news. Girls are sold by their parents to people who don’t want good. Sold.
    And so many people have bad intentions that the younger ones in my family aren’t even allowed to dress in anyway that shows too much skin.
    I’m thankful for my loving family and that we don’t have any problems ourselves. But that doesn’t mean no one does.
    I hope you read this Lilly.
    I know this isn’t exactly a call to action, but it should be known. I know you can figure this out.
    Anyone else—we all have the power to help. We just have to use it.

  25. Maybe try to help rebuild some of the houses from hurricane Maria because there are still people that are dealing with no light and other stuff. #savetheworld

  26. It is time for us to unite as a world,and not just a country. I think we should have Lilly Singh as the president of the world!!.

  27. I have the greatest respect and have shared this to my popjam, a child's social media site. Your amazing Lilly!

  28. Girl, your hair and makeup are on fleek. Like I can't believe it, and can you teach me. I love you so much keep spreading positivity.

  29. Ur so right I live in Yemen we barely have any food but we are thankful for what we have and the food donations thank u guys very much

  30. Lily I love who nice and sweet you are! I am proud to say I watch you ! Lily take it to the next level and do the same thing for the while world because I know someone who isn't Indian but gets abused so please help Lily!

    And the most common issue is depression in kids and parents don't support kids dream and parents could get the reason of kids depression so Lily please help because I don't want this thing to spread and happen to every kid

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