Will Alexis’ Insecurities Ruin Her Engagement? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Will Alexis’ Insecurities Ruin Her Engagement? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Will Alexis’ Insecurities Ruin Her Engagement? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Why don’t you
tell me how you met? DANLEY: We met at the DMV. We went on a few dates
before he asks me, you know, do you want to be my girlfriend? Mind you, this is
my first boyfriend that I ever had in my life. Due to my insecurities,
I kind of ran him away. Tell me what you
mean by insecurities. I’ll call him,
like, 200 times. TRACY: Mm. And I’ll sit
there and just call. Why are you not
answering your phone? Where you at? Is that an issue
between the two of you? Because I got women sitting
on this couch who go through a phone, and, like, there’s–
ALEXIS: Right, I’ve been there. – She has all my passwords–
– I’d be like, oh, so I was– DANLEY: –on my phone. –gonna hit you up,
do you wanna respond or you want me to respond? OK. ALEXIS: I just, you know,
wake up, say my prayers, get ready for work, and you
know, get a coffee or a tea, sit at my desk, and go
through the social medias. DANLEY: [LAUGHS] – And you guys are OK with this?
– Um– – I mean, I had a–
– I don’t have nothing to hide. It’s almost like she’s been
waiting to find something. But there’s literally
been nothing. All right, so let’s
get into these families. Alexis, you start by
telling me who’s coming from your side of the family. Mm-hmm. My mother Venitta’s coming,
my grandmother Mary’s coming, and my uncle Shannon are coming. Grandma is the one who saw
that the cultural differences, it does make a difference. It makes a big difference. He’s from, you know– Haiti. –Haitian descent. They expect a woman to
behave differently, I think. You think so? Oh, yeah. I definitely know it. My grandmother feels
Danley’s not equally good for me spiritually. My grandma has been a pastor
ever since I was a little girl. Him being of the
Catholic tradition, it’s a little different, because
they don’t say their prayers every day like I do. I’m Haitian. It’s a different type
of culture, you know. It’s a work in progress. My mother, she’s coming
because she doesn’t think me and Danley are really mature
enough to get married. My uncle is more, is he a
man that could be a provider? TRACY: Mm-hmm. They don’t dislike him. They just don’t feel
like he’s right for me. All right, Danley, why don’t
you tell me who’s coming? DANLEY: I have my
cousin Tiffany, my good friend
Raynelle, and I also have my best friend Shanile. I’m excited to
see my boy Danley. TIFFANY: I just feel like both
are just in over their heads. DANLEY: My best friend Shanile
wants me to, you know, be– I think, like him, honestly. Like, single and just
playing the field. My friend Raynelle, she kind
of doesn’t trust Alexis. Tiffany’s issue is, she
wants to be with somebody that’s, you know, Haitian, or
at least open to the Haitian culture. She feels like Alexis is, you
know, like a little bratty. TRACY: Really?
– I was– TRACY: You don’t
want to celebrate and know him like this? I mean, I do, if like,
you know, if my family, they’re more like,
uh, you don’t unhh. I don’t know what that means.
they’re more like– DANLEY: Just see it? –they’re not
with the culture. TRACY: OK.
– So it’s like– TRACY: So your family’s
not with the culture. So it feels like, if you
get with the culture, maybe you’re betraying
your family somehow. Or maybe– I sometimes feel
like I hold my own self back by listening to other people.
TRACY: OK. Mm-hmm. TRACY: Good to know.

44 thoughts on Will Alexis’ Insecurities Ruin Her Engagement? | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Just do it! Noone can do it for U! If it does work…Be happy, if it doesn't, at least U both tried.
    I fell in true love at 16…
    OMG, I wish I had followed my heart AND my head, and worked it out…I spent 40+ years trying to get over the pain and guilt of not trying.
    Yes, U both are going to make mistakes, but ALWAYS AND ALWAYS FORGIVE and move pass it…In order for it to last…
    Forgive and move past it❣️ 💕

  2. I often think if more couples went through therapy sessions like this that incorporated their families & friends their marriages would be more successful.

  3. This is sad, especially because she's SO beautiful. I pray she finds healing and joy and I pray the same for him. If it's meant to be, it will be, regardless.

  4. Black people need to stop misinterpreting the Bible.  Grandmother doesn't understand that all religions developed from Catholicism.  In the Catholic church, marriage is taken more serious than in Christian churches where adultery and divorce occurs more often.  Catholic churches don't tolerate adultery nor 2nd nor 3rd marriages.  Biblically, couples are married until death as stated in their vows.

  5. She needs Therapy before they do anything….Thats a Huge…..Deal….. all that phone calling 200 times that's insane…Even worse….he's treating it like it's normal enabling her…that's a problem. It'll get worse and he's going to be miserable …Shes already miserable within herself…..

  6. I’m watching this now and sadly she’s very evil towards her man IMO. He needs to GET OUT AS FAST AS HE CAN!🤦🏽‍♂️

  7. O wow! She's wrong about the Catholic bit. That he doesn't say his prayers everyday is something with him not with all Catholics.

  8. Don’t do it. She’s way too young for you if she’s never been a relationship before. Emotional maturity in dealing with things together is very important and I don’t sense that.

  9. She’s the type of person who would watch while you’re sleeping – creepy crazy 😜 – boy run 🏃‍♂️ away looks do fade you need substance

  10. You guys are missing the point….she feels that she is better than him in all areas,especially in the area of faith. THAT is the source of her insecurities and want if control. Alot of Black Christian women have this superiority complex when it comes to men who worship God differently. The "equally yoked" statement is the most idiotic statement a black woman can utter.

  11. A undivided home it will be with different spiritual backgrounds or beliefs they would not be on one Accord that is rough I think he just needs to move on and find someone else and she needs to seek some type of therapy help and deal with her wounds first..

  12. They're not with the culture, but do you Afro American have a culture? Iam just asking🤷🏿‍♀️😏😏😏😏

  13. Wait I'm confused. So is the issue with him being Haitian or being Catholic? She just keeps using the word culture.

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