Wikipedia | It’s a great feeling

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Wikipedia | It’s a great feeling

Wikipedia | It’s a great feeling

Err, no, I don’t have superpowers. At all. No. You can totally do it. I pushed the button, and saved the text, Wooooo! It was… exciting. You just changed Wikipedia, you just added your own contribution to Wikipedia. I read an article in the “Guardian” about this online encyclopedia which everybody can contribute to and I said, “Wow!” “Maybe I can contribute as well!” I edited the first time and I think I got addicted to it. I don’t get paid anything I just do it for, you know, something to do in my free time, that’s it. You may start doing it for an idea, because you believe in it, but you end up with friends, you end up with lovers, you end up with wonderful discussions, you end up with new ideas, you end up with new books you’re gonna write… You’re not writing the article alone. You write a piece, and somebody else goes like: “Hey, I have more!” and together you can create articles that are pages long, which you can’t by yourself. Then you have success. You always see, “Ok, what I’ve done was successful.” and this is wonderful. This is great, because, editing is a great feeling. Everytime you do it. I have to say, when I read about wikipedia, I decided “This is maybe where I would fit in” And I did.

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  1. Mostly good experiences…

    But I always hate that feeling when some arsehole admin comes along and endlessly, and blindly criticises you for, say, tagging a page for deletion. They bitch about it loads, but in the end, the damn thing get deleted.

    Four times has this happened to me; but only once were their claims correct without their "investigations" being faulty.

    The English Wikipedia should follow the French and German examples… don't have so many administrators, they just mess shit up.

  2. @TommyD758 : I think there could be much, much more for sharing user produced contents ;)… also Homeworks… but there still much to do… for example.. in Wikipedia you just browse contents… hundrends and thousend of contents… but you can't browse what people threads through users in social networks… 'cause it's not embedded yet ;)… I think there could be much more to do 😉

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