Wikipedia editing basics: Talk pages

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Wikipedia editing basics: Talk pages

Wikipedia editing basics: Talk pages

This screencast is about communicating with other Wikipedia editors using talk pages. It covers what talk pages are for, how to use them effectively, and some of the conventions and etiquette to follow when using them. Talk pages are the main way editors communicate with each other on Wikipedia. Every page on Wikipedia, whether an article or a WikiProject or a userpage or something else, has a corresponding talk page, which you can get to by clicking the Talk tab. The talk page for an article is where editors discuss proposed changes, editing disagreements, and other topics related to improving the article. Other kinds of talk pages are for discussing Wikipedia’s policies and processes and the like. User talk pages are for communicating with individual editors. When you leave a message on someone’s user talk page, they will get a notification about the message the next time they are on Wikipedia. To post a new message on a talk page, you can click the “New section” tab, and then add your message and a headline for the new section. At the end of your message, you should sign it. Adding four tildes in the edit window will add a signature when you save it, with your username and a timestamp showing when you left the message. You can respond to someone else’s comments by posting beneath them within the same section. Wikipedia discussions use indentation to created threaded discussions: each subsequent reply has a different level of indentation. The wiki markup for indentation is to start a line with one or more colons. Each colon creates another level of indentation, so replies should begin with one more colon than the previous comment. The keys to effective talk page discussions on Wikipedia are to be civil and address the article or topic at hand rather than making it personal, and to assume good faith on the part of other editors. Even if you think someone is doing something wrong or silly, they almost always have the same goal you do: to make Wikipedia better. And don’t forget to sign your posts and leave an edit summary each time you add to a discussion. The easiest way to keep up with discussion you want to watch is to put the page on your watchlist. There are several other ways of following talk page activity; check out “Wikipedia:Syndication” for details. Happy editing!

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  1. Very helpful, thank you! I must admit, as a newcomer to editing it's a bit hard to see through these technical conventions but then again I suppose it's required and it becomes second nature.

  2. This screencast is also available on Wikimedia Commons, here: under the license CC BY-SA (attribution: Sage Ross).

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  4. Lol the talk page is wear everyone goes to argue about things like corn and just end up not coming to an agreement.

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