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– (nerd) Huh? My name is– what? My name is–
– (Ian) SHUT UP!!! (house music) – So, who’s party is this? – You remember that one dude
from that thing last month? – Uh, what one dude? – That one dude that tried to fit
a ton of hot dogs in his mouth? – (Ian) Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Uh… what’s his name again? – Goddamn it, you don’t know it either? – No. Do you ? (sighs) – Play it cool, okay? – H-Hey, guys! – Hey, dude! – Yeah, dude, thanks for having
us over at this thing, dude. – Yeah, cool, cool. Hey, I’ll be back in a second.
Then we can catch up. – Sure, dude. – All right. – You got it, dude. – All right. (laughter) (sighs) – We’re gonna look like
straight-up douche bags if that guy comes back
and we don’t remember his name. – Dude, we’ll just check Facebook. – Oh, yeah. – (Ian) Nope, nope.
– (Anthony) No. – (Ian) Boom! Got him. – (Anthony) That’s him for sure.
– Uh, he’s not tagged. Okay, what kind of shady asshole
doesn’t tag himself in photos? – Wha-ha? Was that you? – Yeah. Y-Yeah, so what? – How many weiners was that? – That’s not important right now. Seven. – Oh my god! Did they touch the back of your throat?
How did you not gag? – Betcha can’t guess how many
weiners I can fit in my mouth. Give you a hint. It’s eight. – My god! – Eight! (imitates gagging) – (Ian, sarcastically) Oh, look at me!
I can put eight weiners in my mouth! Bet he’s got a douchey name like Carter. Or–
– Chaz! – Taz!
– Magnum. Oh, that was it!
That’s like a half yes. – So what words sound like Magnum? – Uh, mmm… Maaaag. – Meeerham! – Mmmmorgan. – MOON RAMMER! – Okay, that’s definitely not a real name. – You don’t know.
Moon Rammer could be a real name. – No. – Yeah, look: MOON RAMMER! – WHAT?! What do you want? – Hey, chill out, Moon Rammer. – No, man! I’ve had the worst week. – I’m sorry. – Mm, yeah? – What? – It’s a birthday card.
His name’s obviously written inside it. – Oh, yeah. You’re smart. Uh, nope. This one’s just addressed to “my loving son”. – “Dear grandson, these are the last words I’ll write to you from my death bed.” Useless. – Dude, he’s right there! We are f*cked! – Are we? – Look up, kids. Hey, guys, how’s the party treating ya? – Hey, dude! Uh, so I would like you to meet
my new friend that just showed up. – Hey! – Yeah, so he’s got these name tags that he brought with them
so we could all write our names on it and learn each other’s names. Like his name is “E-wan”. – “You-in”. – That’s how you spell Ewin? – Yes, of course it’s how you spell Ewin.
How do you spell it? – I don’t know. U-N?
That’s how it sounds. U-N? That’s “un”.
You spelled “un”. – Ewin. – Anyway, I got these name tags. How about you write your name on it
’cause I don’t know your name ’cause I just got here. – What the f*ck are you guys doing? – Okay, look dude… We gotta come clean
with you about something. – You see, dude, the thing is we just– – Hey! Can you stop saying my name
every time you talk to me? I get it. “Dude” is an uncommon name. – Wait… Nice score, dude. – Sure, dude! (Ian & Anthony) Dude! – Dude! You got it, dude. – Dude! – Dude! – Dude. – Nice mag, dude. (Ian & Anthony) Dude. – Dude. – Dude! – DUDE! – Dude. – Dude! – Moon Rammer. – (Moon Rammer) JESUS, WHAT?! – Uh, yeah, we totally knew that. – Yeah, we were just messing with you. – (Ian laughs) Yeah. – Jokes. – Whatever. See ya later… guys. – Wait, that piece of sh*t
doesn’t even know our names! – (Anthony) Hey, guys, thanks for watching. If you liked the video, make sure to click the biggest yellow button to subscribe. Smosh: The Movie is out now, so click the video
on the right to download it. – (Ian) Is it weird to say
the closer this guy gets to my butt hole, the better it feels? – (Ian) Click the video on the left
to check out bloopers and… this. (ominous music) – (Ian) And click the video on the right
to check out our new Every [Blank] Ever: Every [Cat] Ever. – (cat) Why can’t I get it?! My paws were right on it! AARGH! – (Anthony) And if you’re on
a fancy little touch screen device, go ahead and click the links
for all those things that we just mentioned down
in the description below. [captioned by www.facebook.com/subtitleyoutube]

100 thoughts on WHO IS THAT GUY?!

  1. Fun Fact:
    In Phillipines the word EWAN actually means " I don't know " in Tagalog.
    And what a coincidence they DON'T KNOW the name of that dude.
    Like fellow Filipinos for the EWAN!

  2. I have a question if he didn't tag himself in the photo how did you find his Facebook if you don't know his name

  3. Moonrammer?
    Out of all the names

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