When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Say “I Love You” Back ft. Anthony Padilla

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When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Say “I Love You” Back ft. Anthony Padilla

When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Say “I Love You” Back ft. Anthony Padilla

If I had a pimple for every subscriber I have, my face would look exactly like this. (Shows Face) (Intro Plays) (Horse Neigh) (Subtitles credit: Sufi Suf Vlogs) What up everyone? It’s ya girl Superwoman and we out here living in the 21st Century fam, which means dating rules have changed. I no longer have to wait for a guy to ask me out or make the first move. Nah! And straight up, I like to be bold and direct right from the get-go, just like “Yo, you, me, first date. Tell me your dreams. Tell me your flaws. Sign this prenup.” What? Dude, listen, okay? There ain’t no demonetization here. Having said that, I-I just almost fell, having said that I don’t mind being the first one to say those three special words. Here’s my passcode Just kidding! Nah. That’s way too serious. I don’t we do in that type of ish but those three words I love you. Whatever those are chill. I can say those, but what if the person doesn’t say it back? Heyyy? Hmm. I just want to say that I love you. Thank you. Whatever yo. No biggie right I’ll just do this. (Cries in bathtub) (Puts cake in her mouth) (Says “Killed Me” in Hindi) That was hindi or as you white people like to call it Indian. No stress dawg Here’s four ways to deal with the situation: Number one play pretend aka pretend like the whole thing never even happened. Hey Lilly should we talk about what happened last night? What’re you talking about? About what you said? I don’t know what you’re referring to. When you said… I love you. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Oh my god. No. Did you think that I said I love you? I mean yeah, you were looking right at me, and you uh pointed. No! No I didn’t say I love you. I said I love blue as in Blue Ivy as in Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter. Yeah, I’m obsessed you know I just love how she’s so… self-aware. She’s like six years old — So self-aware. Love? What? Who? Wha– no no no. No, I said hue as in Jackman yeah, and I said Drew has is Barrymore I said Rue as in RIP. Yo, Hunger Games can’t hurt you now, baby girl. Number two: Devalue, love yeah Pshhh Pshhhh Pshhhhh Maybe yes, maybe I did say I love you. So, who cares. You ain’t no big thing. You know why because I say that ish to everyone so really the joke’s on you Sucker! I have a large cheese pizza. Thanks Love you All right lady totes fixed. Just drop the deuce in there myself double check. Great! Love you. Really?! Hello No, that’s okay. Oh really, you know what, no, it’s fine. Yeah, thanks. Anyways. Okay. Love you. Bye Who was that? Oh that, oh, it was just some dude named Patrick that was trying to sell me antivirus software. Yeah, all they needed was my Social Security Number and my credit card information. Isn’t that sweet? Love that guy. Yeah Number three: $#!% Someone who just went through the emotional torment, you have the right to censor love okay, that’s right You can’t say you love me back well guess what ain’t nobody loving anything within 10 miles of me home, skillet. (Lipsyncing Song) (Plays really loud horn) Why?! Hey, well check this out. Love will come and when (Plays loud horn again) It comes Are you sure we shouldn’t talk about it? There’s nothing to talk about. Are you sure– There’s really nothing to talk about. I-I really think we should– Here you go love. (And again) Mmm. I swear to god, if you so much as even text a heart emoji to someone. I’m gonna turn your iPhone X into an iPod Nano, huh? Number four: Turn it into a bromance. It sucks when someone you romantically love doesn’t say they love you back Yeah, but you in friendship Love is a lot more light and not so serious right? (YES) So if you ever experience the situation the key is just to turn the romance into a bromance, just like yo whatever. It’s casual it’s chill. We’re just boys hanging out. Yo, I’m not hurt whatever you want me to send you my location. Let me drop a pin where I am right now in the friend zone No one’s heart is broken here. What’s up bro What are you doing? So listen, you know thing I said the other night, what I meant was I love you like a brother, a brother I sleep with and kiss two or three times a week, you feel me? Sure. So you gotta have back up, how much shotguns ice cream? Oh my god you are… Okay, just the whole thing. Hey, I’m Patrick, I tried to steal your identity on the phone the other day, I just want to say I love you too. Awwww…… I’m gonna call the cops now. Cool. Cool, thanks really nice Patrick, love that guy. Worst case, you just date Patrick. Yo wait, stop, shut up. Hold on you like this video give it a thumbs up like actually do it! (Or I will hack you on Fortnite) It’s free my last video right over there Second vlog channel featuring my adorable dog is right there click that. Make sure you subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday. LillySingh.com for all your merch. One love superwoman that is a wrap and Zoop

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  1. Thanks to Anthony for playing my boyfriend… again… Make sure to go show Anthony's channel some love and give this video a big thumbs up. xoxo

  2. 0:02 if u had a pimple for every subscriber u have… You'd legit have acne💯

    That's an understatement ☺️


  4. Honestly I hate it when other race people go “Indian” when there are literally more that 20 languages in India

  5. It’s true that we get upset and annoyed but… sometimesss people don’t say it, but they show it through caring about you and showing affection.. not using words- just saying (learn that lesson a while ago .-.)

  6. Yo, what do you mean “Anthony” played your boyfriend. I think you should give the credit to the person it’s owed to. Daniel Howell, that’s who that is, isn’t it?

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