What Makes Good Web Design

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What Makes Good Web Design

What Makes Good Web Design

Hi, everybody. [we’re] going to be talking about some things that that often get left out in design classes and mainly What makes good web design a lot of this you may have covered in your first class? But probably not to the extent that you need to this is something needs to be brought [out] probably every class and because things change Styles change what people think is good and what people think is bad varies from year to year so let’s take a look at a few websites and talk about the design [and] a look at them and What makes them a good design? [the] first thing I’m going to do I’m going to go to probably one of the most simple, but used Websites out there and as you can [see] there’s not a lot on here. You don’t get overloaded with information [they] keep it pretty simple. It’s got a couple functions. It’s got one main [goal] That all the customers use and there’s a reason they use it and they just make it very natural something that’s easy to go in and Use without having reading instructions. You don’t have to look at a long time. You don’t have to think [about] it too much It’s just a very simple website, and there’s nothing wrong simple actually though is probably one of the hardest things to do right Because you’ve got less room for error and mistakes you can you can cover a lot of things with Flashy [think] flashy animations? colors backgrounds pictures things like that, but Pretty [much] simple that’s not so easy [one] thing I want you to notice up here at the top They have about eight well really seven but they have eight links these are main things that you might use besides the main function of the website and This is a good design idea that keeping the number of options between probably five and seven is most commonly the rule for For doing websites you want really one main goal on the site and then from there you break it up So here we have our search function that they’re going to use and then we have some other options They can choose to go into later So you know if I’m looking at images? It’s going to take me there and I’m going to have you know a few more images from there I’m not going to be going into many options that people get infused, but as I go deeper it can get more complicated So generally your first site your first page your first design We’re going to keep it pretty simple And then as we go deeper into these they can become more complicated with more information and more choices because the people are invested [and] interested in what they’re going into and they they don’t care if they if they have a little extra content on there they want that that’s what they’re looking for so that’s that’s kind of a good design [another] one I want to look at it’s simple, but it’s not really a great website as far as what we’re talking about This is a web designer and looking at his site can you tell what what he’s doing pretty [much] we know that he lives maybe in Buffalo and There’s some weather you know going on. Okay? I get that and I really Kind of confused what the rest of it is it looks like [a] blog it really doesn’t tell me. There’s no [information] We’ve got a little [bit] about the guy on the side here and kind of a freaky picture if this is a self-promotion site, and he spent a lot of time on this they see I’ve got a kind of and It [lied] I say it’s cruddy, but it’s it’s it’s not a very attractive one to anybody that who doesn’t know him, so When you’re creating sites, you know not necessarily This is a bad one for him in his use but if you’re doing it for a company Or you’re doing it for e-Commerce or things make sure you’ve got a purpose And it’s really obvious and easy to find out something like that. We’re going to look at another one This is another person kind of promoting and having their stuff, and I’ve got some design features. They’ve kept a pretty simple here We got the five main links on the side he’s got a little motion animation nothing too much as you moves back and Forth his head changes positions, so Not a bad thing to kind of get your idea And then if you read through here you get kind of an idea what he does and as you go in you’re going to find out more detail and about the site, so Not not a bad thing Gets gets what needs to be done and tells people and this is a little more of a business instead [of] a personal one So we’re lucky that somebody that’s trying to divert provide services and they replicate The same Links and they have consistency throughout the site [so] that’s a great thing as far as as Design you want to keep the same kind of color palettes you want to have the similar look and feel to it You can move the navigation from the left and put it up on the top and that’s fine But you want to look like they all belong together [alright], let’s go look at another one. This is kind of a so-so site. This is a local club using Using wordpress [to] deliver their pages, and it gets a little overwhelming. [there’s] quite a bit of stuff shoved on the front here [but] most people they come in and they’ve got a main splash section they see with their [there] are links [there] [is] some extra [information] down below That it’s kind of a it’s an okay. It’s a so-so site, and if you go into any of these You can come into it, and this is another example of where the page keeps the same look but changes a little bit drop that big header and now you’ll notice it’s just the Navigation on the left and that’s more simple information Main links at the top a little explanation and keeping the same graphic so a page that’s [alright] But it’s not it’s not amazing [alright], let’s go look at one that you may recognize as far as a site [that] you you may have gone to and this one USa today has a ton of information on here [it’s] a little little tough to digest [at] all But generally when somebody comes to a site in this nature they have a very specific purpose They want to see lots of news and stories and things like that, so it’s okay to have more content But they have it broken up in chunks. They have the main categories on the top They always have a way to get back to the main page Your top stories at the top and then they break it down into those sections that we had at the top so it’s a little Easier to chunk each little spot and digest and they really don’t give you tons they give you a few items But if you go in here, and you go to the life section, [you’re] going to find out more More in depth, so they’re expanding just like we were talking [about] before All right, now let’s look at something else that may have gone a little too far this is a company selling Hawaii products, and I am Pretty much confused on what and where everything is it looks like they put everything they have on the front page [they’ve] got so much information that it is quite difficult to To really navigate around you can kind of tell we’ve got some some main Areas over here if we’re going to go look at coffee or different things like that, but even when we get in here There’s so much on this page. That is just an overload Maybe if you were familiar with it, or you were looking for something specific you might put up with it but in general this might be more than any of us once, so It can be overwhelming some things that they do have that. I think every website should have are some main links at the bottom [they’ve] got their contact information. They’ve got about shipping the storefront currency converters Terms and conditions and all that but then they have some of these things that are popping up and taking over You really get to be annoying so when you’re designing site make sure that some of the things you add Are impeding your customers ability to buy things and probably the most Important thing I’ve ever seen is the contact information And this is probably their best page as far [as] where they’re located the weather information like that Addresses names numbers telephone I can find out [information] from them That’s the one things. I think everybody really needs when they’re designing a good website [let’s] look at one that I’m going to say probably looks like somebody in their very first year made this but this is actually the yale university school of art and It it is simpler There’s not as much stuff there but they’ve got this big Christmas background and these faded colors and just chunks and blocks and It’s not a real polish site so if I was looking to go to this school And it’s a school of art this may not be something that I want to check out and then they’ve got enough Options here on the side that it gets to be a little more than what we probably want so Looking at those we’ve kind of looked at some things that are good some things that are bad Simple websites are some of the hardest to do [the] more complicated ones like this one Are really awesome. They’re easy to follow To a point, but it also takes a lot of time to go in and view these So some of these sites they got to have a real purpose and here We’re kind of looking at you know something hard to get your ideas and it’s really examples of flash [this] might be something that I would expect from that you know art school or something like that and Because it’s so interesting. There’s so much stuff going on [I] may be more interested to wait for some of these things to load and so as you get the Designing and and you know you can put these little fun things you say well. There’s a gate well I know that’s something I want to click [on] and then magically I get transported into this little land and it really becomes part of the show the nice thing about this design is they also have the skip at the bottom and So if you don’t want to watch all this video you can skip [it] every time or you can watch their little animations and flash, and it’s a really cool design, so Each website has its own purpose has different things that’s going to do And I think it’s worth [checking] out. So have some fun think about design think about what you like what you don’t like what’s out there, and And we’ll see where you guys go from here

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  1. You're just talking!! Please plan what you're going to say next time. You might cut your video down to 6 minutes or so.

  2. Maybe I'm strange, but I don't think Facebook's user interface is well designed. It splits up functions in too many ways and often I have to hunt around to find what I want to do.

    Anyway, there can hardly be any debate that the best user interface on the entire internet is the one at zombo.com — anything is possible there.

  3. Not strange at all. I have been saying that for years. Its just a cluster fuck of features. If someone who is brand new to the site tries to use it they don't fully understand where to go to use the features it has to offer. Facebook is a very poorly organized website. Why else would they keep changing it. Even they know it sucks lol.

  4. This video contains excellent information and guidance. May I use it as a teaching resource for my students? Thanks again for this enlightening video!

  5. I ended up finding an AMAZING web design company after I had tried time and time again to create a professional website for my business without getting the results I wanted. I owe all my recent success to the company New Web Design! I recommend them to every person who could some assistance with web design, marketing or print. I've had disappointments in the web design world before but they swayed me 🙂 They're honest go-getters with great delivery. Google New Web Design…
    Good Luck!
    Deborah D

  6. A good web design is one that should consider SEO and how it'll impact the business as a whole. Using web designs that are flashbased which cannot be crawled by search engines can cause tons of trouble for the business owner.

  7. Nice notes for choosing a good web design! Keeping it simple and yet, maintaining one main goal of why the customers are using it to be able to serve its purpose. It’s not about being colorful and/or artistic but the usefulness of the content itself, things to be reminded and be guided of.

  8. I guess it’s good to just keep things simple, consistent, well defined on what you are trying to express, and don't make it cluttered. The Hawaiian page is the funniest.

  9. Clean and Simple is the new way…. helping clients get to the basis of the information they need from the website is most important.

  10. Yes I also agree that good web design mixed with awesome content is great for keep your audience coming back for more!

  11. When you put together your own business, you have to think of competition as a given, regardless of the industry you’re in. This is especially true of setting up your new business on the Web, since going online is the norm these days. And there, the competition is considerably more cut-throat

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