What Horrific Things Can Be Found on The Dark Web?

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What Horrific Things Can Be Found on The Dark Web?

What Horrific Things Can Be Found on The Dark Web?

Imagine the world wide web as an iceberg. Most of what you use is the part above the
water, the part of the Internet you use normally. But there’s a part you don’t normally
see, what lurks beneath the water. Today we’ll look at the darkest parts of
the dark web, in this episode of the Infographics Show, 11 Scary Things Found on The Dark Web. 11. Mail Order Drugs
We’ll start with something that isn’t too scary, but it’s still quite surprising
how many people use the dark web to buy their drugs. According to the Global Drug Survey 2018 a
quarter of British drug users shop for their “gear” on the dark web. The deliveries usually come by post and buyers
seek good ratings and reviews before they take the risk of sending money. The founder of the survey told The Independent
newspaper that with all those irksome CCTV cameras in the UK the dark web and mail delivery
was hitting an all time high. Recent arrests include a guy from Wales who
was mailing the dangerous drug Fentanyl all over the world. “They look for convenience, product range,
quality vendor ratings,” said the researcher. He also said that most of the dark web drugs
buyers were young. This might not shock some of our wayward viewers,
but what’s coming is worse. 10. Human Products
Ok, let’s get strange. Like fashion? How about products like belts made out of
human flesh. We found someone writing on Quora who said
he is very familiar with the dark web, and said that some of these sites selling human
products, “have a complete loyal customer base.” We found a screenshot of the website Humanleather.co.uk
with this text, “All products are carefully hand-crafted by experienced master craftsmen,
with years of experience in handling the finest leather known – human leather.” According to one writer a pair of human shoes
will set you back $14,000. You can read threads about this on Reddit. Some say it’s fake, but as we haven’t
made an order we just don’t know. 9. Hitmen for hire
Some skeptics write that this is a hoax; that you can’t really hire a killer off the dark
web. Ok, so the hitman site Besa Mafia did turn
out to be a joke, but Fortune published a story in 2015 citing research by security
firm Trend Micro. It turned out that for $45,000 you could get
someone taken care of. For $180,000 it could be someone well known
to the public. Apparently, you could also get someone beaten
or crippled. That’s what’s advertised anyway. The problem in checking if this is authentic
of course is paying for a hit and seeing what happens or trying to stop it happening once
you find out it’s real. Many people are skeptical regarding hitman
sites being real, but we wouldn’t like to put it to the test. 8. Human organs and body parts
Some sites on the dark web will tell you they sell human organs. Again, we can’t tell you if this is true
or not. Gizmodo wrote an article in 2012, with prices
of what organs and body parts on the black market would cost- a pair of eyeballs was
said to be $1,525, a heart $119,000, a hand $385 and a kidney $262,000. Illegal organ trafficking certainly does exist,
so you might think the dark web would be a good place to open a store. The World Health Organization wrote that each
year thousands of organs are bought on the black market, with most of the money going
to middlemen, not to those who sold their organs. The Big Think tells us these organs usually
come from the poorest reaches of the world and end up in the richest parts of the world. According to Popular Science, a man on Craiglist
tried to sell his kidney for $100,000 and he received plenty of offers until his post
was taken down. So, do we think organs are available on the
dark web? Well, it’s conceivable. 7. Cannibal Forums
According to those who know the dark web there are forums where people who have a taste for
human flesh congregate and talk about their unusual predisposition. Some media reports that there was a website
called Cannibal Café, but that’s now closed down. This is where people looking to be eaten or
wanting to eat someone would meet, a kind of personals forum for slaughterers and those
willing to be slaughtered. “There were stories, artwork and users seeking
advice on the best to way to cook someone,” says one writer who apparently had visited
the site. He said that frozen human meat was even for
sale. It’s not hard to believe if you’ve heard
the story of Armin Meiwes, the German guy who filmed the killing, dissection, and his
own consumption of another man who had agreed to be eaten. That happened in 2001, but it’s likely this
kind of thing has happened without the story ever hitting the media. 6. Dead Babies
Apparently, there’s a website dedicated to sharing photos of still-born children. Now this can be taken in different ways. The Telegraph reported in 2015 that a charity
was helping parents with the grieving process by photographing their still-born child. Why someone would go to the dark web to see
someone else’s dead baby might just be for help, curiosity, or something far more repugnant. 5. Last Words
Hearing the last words before someone dies can be a saddening thing. There are sites on the dark web apparently
committed to finding such recordings, but to be frank it’s not the darkest thing in
the world seeing as it’s easy to find the last words of pilots online, before their
plane hits the ground, a mountain, or just goes up in flames. According to one website there are places
on the dark web where you can hear much more than black box recordings regarding the last
words someone said though. 4. Pedophilia web forums
What’s perhaps so surprising about this is that it seems a lot of people are into
it. There’s a thread on Reddit where one guy
discusses his time on the dark web, saying he started off just looking at sites selling
drugs, guns, fake IDs, etc., but morbid curiosity drove him deeper in. There he found a website called “**********” He
said he found threads on a forum with titles such as “Toddler”, “4yrs+”, “10yrs+”, “Jail
bate”. He said Toddler had over 50,000 posts. A Cracked writer tells of his time in the
Dark Web, saying there’s something called “Hard Candy”, which he said was a kind
of Wikipedia for child pornographers. In 2018 the BBC reported about a man sentenced
to 32 years, this“sadistic pedophile” shared abuse tips on the dark web and had
137 charges against him, including numerous charges of rape. 3. Animal Abuse
Anyone with a heart who has seen one of those clips that circulate on the web such as puppies
being crushed underfoot, or cats being burned alive will likely have that image in their
minds forever. Thankfully, it’s not something we see often. But apparently on the dark web people go looking
for this kind of stuff and they don’t have to look too hard. On one site on the dark web called Cruel Onion
Wiki people would (reports say it’s closed now) post images and videos of the torture
and killing of animals. It was very much real, with Motherboard writing
in 2014, “A site called Cruel Onion Wiki collates links to videos of women killing
and torturing animals, usually in a sexualized fashion.” Motherboard writes that cats, dogs, bats,
rabbits, hamsters, geese, turtles, monkeys, pheasants, would be “crushed, sat on, or
suffocated, often by fully or semi-nude women.” An editor watched some of the videos to check
the authenticity and left saying he felt horrified. 2. The Human Experiment
Is this a hoax? According to numerous sources the dark web
has a website run by doctors or pseudo doctors that perform unethical procedures on unwilling
patients, usually people off the streets. The tagline on the website reads, “Not all
humans are equal, for some of them were born superior to others.” Experiments include pain tolerance, starvation,
vivisection, drug trials, transfusions, as well as experiments on babies and pregnant
women, and more. “The bodies of the dead are dissected and
then disposed of in dumpsters of meat shops where their bodies will not be found,” it
says on the site. The sites itself definitely exists, or existed,
but the actual experiments may not. We hope not. Motherboard writes that it likely doesn’t
exist, but certainly there are a few places on the dark web where you can find humans
being tortured- but you can also find that on the bright web, the one we use every day. 1. Hurtcore and Snuff
There are rumors of things called “Red Rooms”, a kind of pay per view live streaming of people
being tortured or even murdered. These might be urban legends, however, Australian
Peter Scully was arrested for making films where children were tortured. His film company was called “No Limits Fun”,
and the most infamous film was called “Daisy’s Destruction”. Metro describes this sick movie: “‘Daisy’s
Destruction’ showed the baby girl being tied upside down by her feet, sexually assaulted
and beaten by Scully and a masked woman.” Scully charged people on the dark web $10,000
to watch it. Although the child in the film did not get
killed, police found human remains on one of this man’s properties. Scully has been sentenced to life in prison
for rape and sexual assault and now faces more charges of torture, abuse against children
and murder. So, do snuff films exist? Snopes says no. Most who have investigated them say no. We must remember that people being killed
on camera is certainly a thing, but the films were not made for commercial purposes. To this day it seems there is no evidence
of snuff movies, but Hurtcore certainly exists and we think it’s about as low as you can
go into the darkest part of the Internet. Do you agree? What has your experience been with the dark
web? Can you confirm anything we’ve discussed
today? Is there worse? Tell us in the comments, and as always, please
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