Welcome to Wix Part I: Introduction

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Welcome to Wix Part I: Introduction

Welcome to Wix Part I: Introduction

Hello, everyone. David A. Cox here with Tech Talk America,
and today it is my pleasure to announce to all of you that I’m about to begin offering
a series of video tutorials all about how to build your own website. Now, we’re going to be using a technology
called Wix, which I fell in love with a few months ago, have spent a lot of time using,
and I really have to say it is an amazing technology for everyday people. You do not need to know how to code or do
anything like that in this class. Instead of offering one class that goes through
everything, which would inevitably be many, many hours long, we’re going to do a bunch
of short video tutorials. If you’d like to follow them, you can find
all of them on the Tech Talk America YouTube page. Look for the playlist called Wix Tutorials. I wanted to start with an introduction because
I wanted to share with all of you the reason why I wanted to do this. Over the years after working with thousands
of people, literally from all over the globe, one of the things I have seen happen time
and time again is this very odd relationship between the small business owners and their
webmaster. Because many times when a small business has
someone who creates a website for them, they don’t actually work for them, they’re
contracted out. Too many times I have seen this exact same
scenario play out, where the relationship starts off fine. The website looks fine. But over time maybe the web designer gets
sloppy with communication, they move on to other projects, whatever the reason is. But it ultimately leaves the small business
owner not really knowing what to do with their website. The point of this entire series that I’m
about to begin offering, it’s not really so much about web design. I want to teach you empowerment. I want to teach you all at home how to take
back the reigns for your business. Or if you’re looking to start a business
and you just really didn’t know how to do it, this is going to save you a lot of money. I’d like to have a very open relationship
with all of you, so I just want to explain how this works. I did decide to become an affiliate of Wix. If you decide to join me on this journey,
the one thing that I request is if you would please consider using my link, which you’ll
see in the description of this video when you initially go to sign up. Same price had you found it on your own. It’s just that I get a small commission
which helps allowing me to keep doing these videos. I hope to see you there and encourage you
if you have questions, over the course of these series of videos, please, please feel
free to leave comments in the section below. I’m going to be scanning it periodically
looking for ideas for new little videos to do and hopefully, we’ll put together quite
a full playlist for all of you to enjoy. Thanks for watching and I hope to see you
soon. Take care everyone. Bye bye.

33 thoughts on Welcome to Wix Part I: Introduction

  1. Thanks David. One of the clubs I'm involved in has a website but it could do with a bit of an overhaul by ourselves. Ears have pricked up!

  2. Thanks David. Nice of you to guide and help small businesses!
    Could you tell me if there are any free hosting services (already have the site but the host changed with new one not wanting to host such a small site)? I own the domain name. It’s very small and only for my Autistic son to show his black and white drawings. Almost no traffic (10 visits a year). Thanks!

  3. Every time I hear the word Wix I cringe in mutant agony having to save friends who have small businesses from the fate they chose. I would say its worth creating a business, communication and marketing plan then choose a solution that is right for what you want to achieve – some hosting companies are just as bad as Wix so its worth finding one that you can work with, with great support, and with the budget you have (inc for short and long term needs).

  4. Got a Wix account/website a few years ago and played around a little, but have not done much with it since. Maybe your videos will give me a much needed push in the right direction!

  5. The link don't seem to work, will the same link work on iPad ? It does not open wix any further than the welcome page or is it just me

  6. Wow this is timely. I want to combine my 3 websites into one for where I'm at now. Thank you. I have a number of photo galleries and would like to turn my website into a combo blog as I'm also a TY content creator.

  7. Hi David, thanks for doing this, and I'm hoping you can help me. I have a stagnate website. The designer went and got married and going to give me a grandbaby soon, and I need to learn how to manage my website myself. Is taking this course going to allow me to use my current website and teach me how to update and change things? TIA for your reply.

  8. Hello, David — The link you provided for Wix took me to a Six tutorial by another author. What link do I want to use to take me to Six under yourAffiliate account?
    Thank you,
    Mick Sittig

  9. David great decision I love wix and I would like to know how to use it for ecommerce stores if your are planning to do something that! I love wix

  10. David great decision I love wix and I would like to know how to use it for ecommerce stores if your are planning to do something that! I love wix

  11. David I have been on WIX and love it but how would I convert to using your link when i have already logged in under my name? Thank you because I would love to help you in this journey:)

  12. Yay, David! Just what our group has been waiting for! I play in a non – profit amateur orchestra and we are finding our concert audience numbers are declining. With your help we can build an effective website to bring them back again.

  13. Hi we love your videos. Nice work. We would like to get some advise from u & is there any chance we can contact you privately pls. Email or another way of contact pls. Thanks

  14. Small business owner here. You touted Weebly some years ago, then WordPress now Wix. Which is better for a small biz. owner? Suggestions?

  15. Love your tutorials. Never sure when you recorded one so not sure if I am looking at the most recent. Can a date be added in the description?
    Thanks for the lessons!

  16. Geeeeez any one tried Weebly? Check it out!!! We have several sites with them as .coms
    and have been very happy.
    We are also thinking about returning to GoDaddy
    Perhaps much more Control.

  17. Looking forward to this big time. My previous attempts at website design was….pretty good, but terribly time-consuming. I'd rather spend that time developing my business. Thank you, again, sir for elucidating the process. 🙂

  18. Hii..I have created a personal page (website) using wix..I have my own domain..the thing that I am curious to ask is even though I have my domain but when I use it I see my personal page but in the top, it shows.."The site was created using wix.com..create your own website using wix.com...Is there any relevant way to disable that message..thanks in advance

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