Website Operator Claims Adoption Imposter Is ‘Methodical, Manipulative, And Just Cruel’

100 thoughts on Website Operator Claims Adoption Imposter Is ‘Methodical, Manipulative, And Just Cruel’

  1. Dark web they need to use the dark web and make her pay since there's some talented hackers who can easily find her information.

  2. All you leftwing progressives create these monsters and now you wonder why the world is full of these apprentice cat ladies.
    This pathetic little girl is only 10 years away from 50 years of solitude with as many cats by her side.
    We need to start celebrating men and fathers and getting back in to the natural order of life.
    God teaches Jesus .who in turn teaches man ,to women ,to child.
    Follow this and life and the world will be a wonderful place to live.

  3. She's been doing this for years on their website and no precautions were ever taken before ? Isn't there any security on it ? No records to prove she was fooling adopting parents ? I mean this kind of websites are a big deal, we're talking about important life altering things here, so how come they didn't have better ways to deal with her ?

    (genuine questions btw)

  4. This is a horrible monster, can’t she be sued for their mental anguish? She is hurting people, there has to be something these poor folks can do.

  5. What an evil human gabby is, she clearly has been playing the victim her whole life because she knows she isn't enough to fulfill anyone on her own. She will always need her lies to get attention and to keep anyone around. She's a right off of a human.

  6. NEVER ADOPT A CHILD WHO ADMITS THEY ARE BEING MADE TO PUT THE BABY UP FOR ADOPTION! I say that as someone who is adopted. Too many future issues & big possibility of not going through with the adoption after giving birth. Cause remember, until that baby is born & legally yours, they can always change their minds.

  7. This Gabby needs to be locked up. She's sick, very very sick. No need for her on the streets. Then to behave like Dr.phil is doing something incorrect? What a gross monster.

  8. I think we need to watch her and take away her first born, so she can feel what she’s doing to other people.

  9. 1. There are diseases of the body.
    2. There are illnesses of the mind.
    3. And then there are people who are simply malicious, destructive, & cruel.

    The dichotomy here is that being on Dr. Phil’s show is like hitting the lottery for pathological attention-seekers like Gabby – who definitely falls into category 3. I don’t think there’s much evidence that malignant, sociopathic characters can be “helped.” Such individuals should be isolated from society.

    I can about the well-being of the innocent people Gabby’s ensnared over the years. There really ought to be laws which address criminal-types who misrepresent themselves to the point of really harming others. If they can be diagnosed as & proven to sociopaths, then isolate them away from society. The real question, imo, is not “How do we ‘help’ them?”, but “Why are there so many of them in our country?”

  10. This is why I'm afraid of adopting a baby. If not being able to conceive of a child of your own isn't hard enough.

  11. Well to be the devils advocate, she is teaching these want to be parents a Valuable Lesson about online interactivity and the Internet in general….. its a cess pool, you cant trust anything, do your due diligence.

  12. Nowadays…. with whatsapp or skype… you can ask someone to talk face to face to confirm they are who they are…. if they refuse then you know that they are hiding something…???
    I find it hard to understand how people can still be cat fished when this type of verification is freely available and can be done in seconds…???

  13. Send Gabby a link for her to touch. Then when she clicks the link, it'll pin point her location. Then arrest that psycho.

  14. This is awful. I'm infertile, my only option for being a mother would be adoption. A schemer like this is disgusting, only made worse that she's not doing this for money, it's just because she doesn't think anyone's going to catch her. What a sick little demon.

  15. These poor people on both ends some women/familys have no option but to adopt and it's a lengthy process to even get the green light let alone be chosen by an expectant mother so have this crazy person get a family Hope's up is beyond I hope this crazy person gets the help they need

  16. You know what I would have done? Have the Oklahoma City Sheriffs Department waiting backstage to slap the cuffs on her. That should scare the pants off of her.

  17. This woman's behaviour towards Dr Phils staff is disgusting her farther needs to sort her out , but what she has done to these people is unbelievable she is the most disgusting piece of rubbish I've ever seen

  18. Gabby is simply a HORRIBLE person. She’s not doing this for money, she’s just doing this to make people suffer. She has no excuse and she deserves to go to prison or an insane asylum. She’s the most sociopathic person I’ve ever seen on this show.

  19. Can’t they have her arrested for harassment?? Seriously she needs to be stopped before she takes this a step further and actually physically hurts someone. I say physically because she’s already emotionally hurting people. It takes a really evil person to do what she does.

  20. You know what would be awesome? If the dr Phil YouTube team would link all other clips in order in the description box that go along with each video. It would save us so much time. I have to just scroll and scroll to find the videos I haven’t watched and if I see videos in my recommend then I cannot watch them because I know I won’t find all the other clips that go along with it unless I go to dr Phil’s channel and then scroll down in videos to find what I want to watch.

  21. I'm so tired of seeing these fake pregnancies and adoption scams. It's disgusting. Have they not watched Dr. Phil?? You WILL get caught.

  22. I hope someone lets them adopt instead of aborting. So many couples like these want a baby and can't have them so please let them adopt

  23. This is EXACTLY why adoptions should go back to closed adoptions. I was adopted at two weeks old, and my adoption was CLOSED. I am so thankful. I see my adoptive parents as my natural parents, and I have no desire to find my natural parents. Never have. This idea nowadays that all adoptions should be open adoptions is absolutely ridiculous. We pursued adoption eight years ago, but we were told time and time again that we HAD to consent to open adoption or they would not work with us. Totally ridiculous. The adoption agencies that keep pushing open adoptions are going to find out that the old ways of doing things are so much better. Many prospective adoptive parents are being hurt in the process of open adoption, not to mention the fact that the children who have been adopted should only have to identify ONE set of parents as their "real" parent.

  24. It doesn't sound like she's doing this for financial reasons, that's twisted enough, but it seems like she does this for enjoyment. Dr. Phil better call for some back up on this nut.

  25. Oo feck me can't have children this is why me tell me friends who post make sure only friends can see you or don't post your children or anything about you if you keep it open for everyone else to see so very sori and so sad

  26. I just don't understand *why*. This is a lot of work… Its constant work for weeks on end for nothing out of it? FOR 8 YEARS!? She doesn't get any money? Why does she do this?

  27. I was adopted as a child. My biological mother was borderline abusive and I was taken by the state at 9 weeks old. You should never ever manipulate a family who can’t have kids into thinking that you are giving them your child. That is just wrong on so many levels

  28. Gabby should use her talent toward something more productive and less evil, she does have skills but she uses em badly

  29. for gods sake! anyone who puts up ultrasounds of any child, or pregnancy test results should be regarded with the greatest suspicion.

  30. Make sure these people who are claiming these stories are telling the truth I recognize these people and the other ones b4 this they are lying and trying to cause me n my family grief because I found out that they are trying to steal my inheritance

  31. Im sorry but a website called “adoption for my” does not sound legitimate. The first thing on the screen says “talk to families directly”. Lol she gives these “INteNsE BaCkStOrIeS” and fake ultrasounds… im sorry but anyone dumb enough to go through a website like this and just believe someone with no clear evidence or doctors papers to make this legitimate or go through a lawyer is purely an idiot. And also the acting is terrible, when theyre both pretending to be working and on the phone lol

  32. Ok well maybe after watching this clip. I will say that she a crazy actress and needs to be arrested. (I commented about being unsure on another clip. Lol)

  33. Hope she rots in jail. If you ever see this Gabby, just know you're a burden on every person in your life and you have no one that likes you 🙂 we all hope you rot 💖

  34. Gabby isn’t sorry or remorseful. She laughs at these people she’s hurt and think it’s a game. Honestly wish she’s get locked up but karma will get her. She probably can’t go out in public now without having to keep eyes in the back of her head. She’s a disgusting excuse of a human

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