Web design tutorial: The mobile viewport | lynda.com

5 thoughts on Web design tutorial: The mobile viewport | lynda.com

  1. excellent course, and the author is awesome, he also authored many other courses like web design fundamentals, that really helped me, thanks guys!

  2. at 2:00 minutes in the video he starts to use animated sketches. Are these hand drawn or is this an animation program ? The sketch simulation is cool. I am curious if this is done by hand or some kind of program that is stylized this way.

  3. Presenter is awesome – lynda.com put this up as a teaser/trailer.
    Register/pay to their site and you have access to this and LOADS more content (from this and other presenters on a huge range of subjects) for as long as you subscribe.

    I'm not associated with lynda.com in any way – I just like what they do that I've seen.

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