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Useless Fellow | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Useless Fellow | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘To be notified of all Wirally updates,
do hit the bell icon.’ Useless fellow! Idiot!
You are fit for nothing! What’s the matter? Why do you always yell at him?
– You know what your son did? What did he do? Booze? Or did he lose his phone?
– He did all of that back in college. You’re right. He did every stupid thing
one can do. What new did he do now? Mom..
– Son, let me deal this. – Cool! He doesn’t know the importance of the job I got him.
– Why? Did you quit your job? – Why would I, mom? You hear that?
– I got fired. Get out of my house!
Return back only after landing yourself a job. If you come back without a job, I’ll skin you alive!
– How will he survive in the world outside? You’re the reason he became so hopeless.
– But it is you who says I’ve gone on you. I wish you had gone on me.
I landed myself a job at the age of 25. Mom, don’t worry, I’ll land a job by evening. Wait and watch.
– That’s the spirit, son. No one gave you job despite trying for one for 5 years
and now you say you’ll get one by evening? Useless idiot! Get out of my sight.
– Yeah, whatever. Dad, you always call me a useless fellow. What does it mean?
– What a dumbo. A guy who spends time on useless stuff
is called a useless fellow. If anyone asks me to give an example I’ll tell him about you. Now get out of here!
– I shouldn’t have asked him this. See you, mom. How will I land a job by evening?
I shouldn’t have challenged my dad. I’ll first call Kiran. Kiran, where are you?
– At home. – I need to meet you. Why? Any problem?
– My dad kicked me out. – Is it? Come over then. Your dad kicked you out? You must’ve done something stupid.
– Please, don’t say that. Anyone who ever met you will say that.
– Screw this! – What did you do by the way? I lost my job.
– What! You got that job just a few days ago. That’s why my dad is pissed too.
– How did you get fired?- It is a long story. So? You’re jobless now.
You’ve all the time in the world to say it. Ma’am, you called for me?
– What is this? – A love letter. And to whom?
– To you. – But why? Please, make up your mind soon, so that
I can start making arrangements for our wedding. Wedding? What nonsense!
And you call this a love letter? Who begs in a love letter?
How will your dad be at peace if I fall for you? My dad always says I’m useless.
If I marry you, even I’ll become a manager, so.. So, I should fall for you just for that?
– Yes, ma’am. Please, ma’am! I love you! Managers don’t fall for their employees.
– Don’t managers ever get married? Don’t managers have husbands? You think you’re some Ravi Teja to say those filmy lines?
– Yes, ma’am. – Shoot! His name is infact Ravi Teja. Anyways, I’ll never fall for you.
– If you don’t I’ll quit from this job. You think you can threaten me?
You are fired. Get out! You idiot! Who threatens a manager with resignation?
– Well, I thought she fell for me. Which idiot helped you get that job in the first place?
– Who else but my dad? You looked for a job for 5 years, but with no success.
My friend is the CEO of this company. I’ll speak with him and get you a job. Do well atleast here.
– Yes, dad. The CEO has called for you. I’ll call you back. Hi, bro!
– Hi! How are you? – I’m good. Sit down. What brings you here, bro?
– I thought you could get my son a job here. What did you study?
– I just studied the Swathi Magazine from cover to cover. He meant he did his B.Tech
from Swathi Engineering college. Which was your stream?
– Computer Science. – And why did you opt for it? Because my friend Shobhan
told me girls are cute in computer science. ‘Useless idiot!
– My bad! Please cover for me.’ Well, my son too is very sensitive like a girl.
So, he opted for it. What was your percentage?
– My breathalyser percents are always over 140. ‘Useless fellow.’
– 140%? Isn’t it for a hundred? ‘You idiot! He is asking you
about your B.Tech’s percentage your drunkard.’ ‘I’m sorry again.
Please, cover for me again.’ Well, he still has a few backlogs.
– I see. How many? About 4? – No, about 14. Show me your marks list. No one will give you a job with such pathetic scores.
But I will as you are my friend’s son. Work hard. – Thank you so much.
– Don’t be so formal. Ask your son to meet manager Shilpa tomorrow.
– I surely will! ‘Useless fellow!’
– I’m sorry, sir. Let’s go, dad. No wonder your dad kicked you out.
– Come on, bro! Your dad helped you land a job
and you screwed up. Please, help me find a job by evening.
If not, my dad won’t let me home. I’ll ask a friend of mine if she can hire you.
– Tell her I’ve work experience. Experience? How much?
– 45 days! – 45 days come under training. Whatever. Please, call her.
– I’ll see what I can do. Ma’am, please! Please, love me back.
I’m unable to tolerate my dad’s remarks anymore. Please! Why is he here?
– He is my friend who needs a job. – This guy? What is the matter, bro?
– You proposed to her? – Yes. Why didn’t you tell me before?
– I was. It is you didn’t pay any heed. So, did you ask her to hire me?
– I didn’t want to get slapped again. Go to hell. Yes! I got a job! Why are you smiling? I told you not to come home
without landing a job. Why are you back? I landed a job.
– Lovely! – What job did you land? The job of a waiter.
– A waiter? He got fired from a software job
and now took up a job which involves, cleaning, clearing,
do dishes and serving food. Don’t look down upon any job.
A job is a job. You wanted a job, I got one. Useless fellow!
– Why take up this job, son? Stay at home instead. Forget it, mom. It’ll take dad
sometime to come to terms with it. Hey, useless fellow, you can stay at my place.
– Don’t call me that. I landed a job. Job? What job?
– The job of a waiter. – What! Get out of here!
Why? Isn’t waiting the tables a job too? If you liked this video,
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