Types of Contacts In Your Phone

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Types of Contacts In Your Phone

Types of Contacts In Your Phone

– Yeah, I broke into your
phone, and I know what’s up. (galloping) What up everyone? It’s your girl Superwoman, and the other day I was scrolling
through my phone, right? And at least 30 times,
I was like, “who this?”. Because, straight up,
there’s some names in there that I’ve never even encountered, let alone people I’m friends with. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Maggie. Who the hell? I have literally never
met someone named Maggie. I have no clue who this is. And I’m convinced some
of the names in here — Damn. You know, straight up, I’m convinced some of the contacts in my phone are like example contacts that came with the phone. Like, hello, here’s your new iPhone with a U2 album and an example contact, and that goddamn stocks app
that you’re never gonna use. What’s that, sorry? Headphone jack? No we got rid of that. Doi-elf. Here’s the thing though, right? How you’re saved as a
contact in someones phone says a lot about your
relationship with them. There’s level’s to this ish. Number one, the anti-contact. Most, oh my god, it’s so hot I’m sweating. (growls) Now most the time you get someone’s number because you wanna stay in
communication with them but some contacts are the exact opposite. You have their number in your phone so you can block them from your life. Everyone has at least one of
these contacts in their phone. (phone rings) And ignore. (phone rings) Not today. (phone rings) He’ll get over it. I was like no I’m an
independent woman, ya know? (phone rings) Nah, I’m past that. Just kidding I’ll see you later. Number two, the reminder. Straight up, I have like
200 contacts in my phone, and I probably know the last
name of about 12 of them. That’s because I don’t save full names. Okay, that last name field, that’s not for your actual last name. What the F do I look like, your doctor? Nah, it’s an empty field for me to insert whatever helps me remember who you are and how the hell I know you. And I know what you’re thinking, Lily, there’s a company field where you can put this information. No, I don’t care. If you’re my neighbor, you know what your name is in my phone? Adam Neighbor, that’s your name. That’s your family history. I will change your ancestory like that. Kelly Babysitter. Joel Security Guard. Mark Weed Guy. For my garden, obviously, calm down. Cool guy though, always
super chill and relaxed. And I will never change these names. – Sent. Did you get it. – Yep, thanks. – Is my name in your
phone as Mark Weed Guy? That was seven years
ago, I’m a lawyer now. – So? – We’re friends now. – I can’t change it. – Put my real last name in. – No I won’t be able to find you then. – I guess I’ll just change it
when you let your guard down. – Yeah well I never let my guard down. (clears throat) – Have a brownie. – Yum. Thanks. Oh, so good. Is that cinnamon? A little something to it. I don’t care if I marry Adam Neighbor. Adam Neighbor is gonna be
Adam Neighbor for life, okay? People still have me in
their phone as Lily Uni brow. It is what it is. You can’t change history. There is a place called Bangkok. Stop complaining. Number three, code names. If you really mean a lot to me your name will not be in my phone. But rather you will be saved by some adorable hilarious pet name. If you’re saved as Jessica in my phone we’re just acquaintances, okay? But if you’re saved as
Ratchet Queen of the North we besties. And the more emojis, the better. (phone ringing) – I can’t find it, is it still ringing? I hear it. – Oh, found it. Hoe Bag Supreme? (laughs) I am so flattered – Eh, Hoe Bag Supreme. (hip hop music) – Hey, over here. (phone ringing) – Hey, baby, what you wearing. – And I just feel like
I have the right level of professionalism for this position. (phone ringing) I’m so sorry. Just one second. Mom, mom I’ll call you
back, I’ll call you back. As I was saying, professionalism. Number four, old schoolers. Now back in the day, before Fidget Spinners and before people were
offended by everything we used to have these
things called house phones and even though today,
everyone uses cell phones I still have contacts saved
in my phone as Nosh Iphone, Kevin Blackberry. Brian Home. And if you’re real ancient,
you probably even got — (phone rings) He’ll call me back in one to three hours. As soon as he gets to a pay phone. Let’s go play Atari. Number five, thing one and thing two. You know what I never do. Have a boyfriend. Shut up zoomed in Lily. Okay, no, you know what I never do. Get views. I will smack you. When people text me their new number I will never delete the old one. Is that just me? They’ll just be saved as Kevin one, Kevin two, Kevin Old, Kevin New. Why, you ask? Because it is literally rocket science to change someones number. I feel like it is a
universally known truth that it is easier to
just make a new contact. Am I the only lazy one. Please comment below and let me know. This can’t just be me. It can’t just be me. It’s not just — (mutters) Or like if people have multiple phones for different areas of the world like Jessica America, Jessica Europe, like goddamn it hoe, buy a travel plan. I don’t want to text an Atlas every time I have to get in contact with you although it doesn’t matter how many times, or which number I call, Jessica, because you never answer the phone. (phone rings) Ew, no thanks. – It’s literally so hot
I’m sweating buckets. If you like this video
give it a big thumbs up. Comment below and let me know, do you got these contacts in your phone. Don’t lie, eh, you dotie. Check out my last video right over there. You can check my vlogs and my second channel right over there. Subscribe because I make new videos every Monday and Thursday. One love Superwoman. That is a wrap. And zoop I knocked my glasses off my face.

100 thoughts on Types of Contacts In Your Phone

  1. Weird girl from YouTube lol I died from laughter ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. No Lilly u r not the only one…..

    Even i save as Lilly 1, Lilly 2 etc.


  3. Lily: Headphone jack
    Me: Headphone jack….Earphone Jack…

    Also me: EARPHONE JACK FROM MY HERO ACADEMIA! im sorry. I'll stop…

  4. Do people seriously put there friends pictures as there contact picture? My friends are all Be more chill characters lol

  5. When the call sound came on I wasnโ€™t looking at the screen and I thought someone was calling me lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. Omg my friend got a new phone and number and i made a new contact saying ' Sophie new' and only deleted the old contact 9 months after!๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Okay… I just clicked on this video, out of like HEAPS from my reccommended and then she says Maggie. MAGGIE. That's my NAME! I'm SCAREd >.<

  8. My best friend forever is in my contacts as โ€œGodโ€ and one time she texts me โ€œWhat is your moms name again?โ€ And I flipped out forgetting her name was god

  9. I know everyone in my contacts and have them saved with their last name and I know everyone in my Facebook friendlist. I actually care about people and have my life sorted.

  10. 5:08 once I lost my phone and called my best friend from like 6 different numbers, he still has them all saved under my name and has to ask me "which one is your real number". And I can't blame him.

  11. GIRL. The one with "number 1 & number 2" is SOOOOOO relatable๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  12. The thing one and thing two is so true. I have a friend who is constantly changing numbers, so i have about 5 contacts under her name. Haha

  13. I do the the last name thing too! All my friend are known as bob friend. I have some ex friends who I have saved as bob ex friend. I have their real names not bob but I would like the let them have their privacy.

  14. I definitely know what you mean by having sooo many contacts, and I agree with the example you said, especially the reminders cause for example, Jordi it's a very popular name in Catalonia, and I have a lot of Jordis as contacts, without reminders I wouldn't be able to know which one to choose. Also, sometimes I have the same person repeated at least five times, cause if different e-mail accounts I have in my phone. That's a nightmare!!

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