Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

100 thoughts on Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

  1. I admire your gift to share… What an awesome thing to be a part of. I've been watching survivor shows for a while. It's a beautiful world, isn't it? Grand Luck to ya.


  3. I enjoyed watching this, great building skills…but two years alone in the wilderness… it's snowing and there's a bell pepper for dinner?? A supermarket is obviously close by

  4. A 16 x 16 would of been better ( for my needs) more leg room if for retirement kitchen dining 8ft and a relaxing area ( living area )8ft . Also would of done Metal siding roof ( also my preference). t my Hell of a of a job on his own Good for you. Have you considered Solar Panel's? Propane tanks for cooking???A separate enclosed housing for both on the back of the cabin??As a woman I would want back up. (My preference) A covered walkway to the Sauna /bathhouse/ Outhouse. Rain, Shine Or storm you can do what you have to without inconvenience (My preference) Just found this video and my wheels are spinning awesome job

  5. I think he had a lot of help, like electricity and someone to film him and buy his steak, anyway I think the dog is the hero

  6. Way to go Shawn with a million subs, keep up the great video's . We love them all. Don't forget to stay real. R.C.

  7. Wow, im 5mins into this and i have goodebumps. And whats more, no incessant chit chat, music is appropriate and at the correct level. All round good egg. 👍🏻👍🏻😁. Thats what men should be doing. I wish i lived in Canada, i could just turn my back on the world there. Too much nonsense in the world now. Only tap tree's sap in the spring time. Tree's can be tapped anytime but if the tree is to be considered then spring is best as the summer season to come allows better healing and less chance of fungus getting directly into the sapwood and heartwood. If needs must though right. It also occurred to me that it was spring time when you tapped the tree. The following footage actually shows the river in spate ( Scottish for a risen river ).

  8. Great video. This guy knows what he is doing & I guarantee if he was on the show alone he would out last everyone

  9. I loved watching your video you are creative and an example Good luck in your adventure Greetings From Uruguay Crack

  10. Did you have to buy the land, over here in the Uk im not sure even in the woodlands ive looked at buying that I would be allowed to setup like you have done but something ive researched a lot and would love to do, seems the rules and laws in the uk seem tp prohibit buying woodland and building anything on it unless get permissions which is difficult…

  11. Hi,

    First of all this is awesome. Would you mind saying at least how much did it cost to you in order to begin this life style ?

  12. I love your Golden! My special girl just passed away at the end of July, had her for 13 years. Love watching how laid back she is to all the building

  13. Двери ненадёжны. В лесу надо такие что б никто не мог открыть или взломать кроме хазяина

  14. Truly outstanding diary of your achievements to date, the modern day Richard Proenneke, many thanks for sharing this inspirational journey. All the best from Wales UK.

  15. genuine question. where do you access the internet, charge your camera edit your videos and upload them? do you also have a home in the city or do you just use public wifi when you return to the city or at friends/family houses?

  16. Many intresting comments from lost souls trapped in their slavery to a bs system of tax slaves yearning to get back to nature, The way we were and are supposed to live. I really admire this guys skills courage and determination to embrace his freedom and free his spirit

  17. Awesome..maybe someday I'll face some like that ..but my Wife will help me with all stuffs …Congratulations buddy..!!!

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