Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America

100 thoughts on Tucker: Something ominous is happening to men in America

  1. Keep eating that GMO, pesticides, fungicides, flouride, chlorine, aspartame, and dont forget to take your testosterone destroying cholesterol drugs from your drug dealing 'doctor'

  2. Oh balls welp looks like our species is at its carrying compact not by environmental limitations but from our own stupidity

  3. Feminisme is poison. That's why our society is dying. That's what happens when your using slow poison, it slowly dies before they realise what kills them.

  4. So when boys grow up in a single mother situation, there's no male influence to help them develop properly.

    There you go…

  5. Men use to be providers, no longer needed since women are well capable.

    No need for women to piggyback anymore. They can earn their own pay checks.

    Hence, men don't have a traditional role anymore…

  6. Leaders are not telling us because they don’t like the answer. And now the new insult is 5G which the Trump can’t wait to inflict on everybody in America. There is no vaccine given that has been tested for reproductive, genetic mutations and etc. it’s pretty obvious the reason they don’t test is because they wouldn’t like the results they got. So instead there’s a disclaimer. Tucker is never gonna talk about vaccines and neither is anybody else. And no one’s gonna talk about how our food is genetically engineered now. There is no such thing as organic anymore, just crappy and less crappy. Has anyone thought about what having a laptop with a microwave slot antenna on our children’s genitals for hours on end for years on in is doing to our children? Hell no, because Apple is our savior. That’s right the folks that sold their first computer for $666 and 66 cents to just flaunt their master in our face. The elites are laughing at people like Tucker because Tucker thinks that something is not being done about this. Well here’s how it works something is being done very intentionally it’s called nothing is being done, nothing is being allowed to be done and anybody who questions it is going to be called a nut job. And by the way anybody who can’t look up in the sky and see the obvious affects of Geo engineering and yes that includes the actual Chem trails that spread out into Chem clouds is truly in denial. There is an agenda and it’s working perfectly. Everything is dying including people now. I live on a farm I see countless examples of how things are dying and dwindling. It is tragic. The reason why people can’t wrap their minds around this it’s not because they’ve been miss educated which they have but because this Is a spiritual war going on between good and evil and there are many people who are literally serving evil.

  7. And the trans gender dude shows up and just identifies as a woman to demand rights and protections meant for biological women.

  8. Emasculate men for long enough, and they will withdraw and go into their mental “man cave”. This started long ago. And they keep amping up the criticisms and man-hate rhetoric. Is it any wonder? I mean, really?

  9. tucker is right whether or not men need women and visa versa.isn't that's why GOD created woman for man?of course.SEE?

  10. The people who hit ‘dislike’ likely did it in the first minute without bothering to watch the whole video

  11. We will see how well the feminists and their cultist followers fare when the vanguard that built their society no longer cares about them. We're checking out.

  12. The industries I've worked in demand 12 to 16 hours a day of work, and some weekends. I don't want to work that much, so I avoid those jobs. But then you end up with part-time, or temporary work, for which I quit. Also, pay for these jobs is horrible.

  13. What is happening to MEN?

    A goodly portion of the wrong side named the limp left, are turning into communist Democrat transvestites.

  14. Us federal government is corrupt, evil, decieving, manipulative, hateful, careless, war creators, life destroyers, money hungry pieces of garbage. Best country in the world lol that's the greatest lie ever.

  15. Agenda 2030 (Agenda 21). Poison the food supply with sterilizing pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, estrogen rich plants & fluoride; inject children with toxin-rich vaccines. Indoctrinate students into the LGBT lie.

  16. I guess im the last real man left in America. Real men don't blame little girls for their faults. Real men accept responsibility and work to improve them selves physically and mentally. If any women out here need to be satisfied by a real man because their cuckold can't call me.

  17. Sperm counts down and testosterone down its the flooding of the environment with oestrogen (pee entering the water cycle)…ban the pill… It's not just destroying masculinity in humans but also in the animal and fish world…

  18. The problem is that majority of men are forced to be castrated (circumcision) and vaccinated (by who knows what’s in it estrogen for all that matters) by the age of 10 and by then they have no balls.

  19. Increase of evil. Main attack to the head of the house. Typically diabolic attack. Head falls off then so the body fallows **Destruction of families. **. Look and praise the lord while u have the time!! His the only whey out!

  20. Testosterone levels are dropping because no matter what you do you can't remove oestrogen when treating sewerage and it makes its way into the water supply. This is why fertility levels are declining world wide and men themselves are becoming more emotional and making decisions based on emotions instead of rational thought. Traditionally mens aggressive behaviour would be toned down by their female counterparts that dynamic now no longer exists as woman who want to be equal seem to think they have to embrace the worst part of male behaviour instead of elevating men to a higher standard of behaviour. I don't know what the outcome will be but at the moment mens value on woman and children (which we are genetically programmed to protect) no longer seems to exist. Its very disturbing.

  21. Quit taking these fda approved medications…all this crap is dangerous…the latest one is zantac it had been pulled off shelves because it causes cancers of all kinds!

  22. Men are the oppressed these days we just dont cry about it…have you seen how the system and society is set up?…our system legally and socially is so one sided for women it is shocking but men are the oppressors?…bs.

  23. Newsflash- the source of all these problems start in the home. Bad or clueless parents produce bad kids, whether boys or girls. Maybe girls now have an edge in society and are more empowered with more support. Female is the more politically correct gender and have higher status in our culturally depraved American society, but boys can still turn into great men if both parents are smart, take responsibility, and do the hard work. Step one- get him out of his room doing video games and social media half the day, which slowly turns him into a lazy, apathetic, unmotivated liability for you in later years. Do not accept poor or average grades either. Parents get your butts in gear!

  24. God's biblical natural order is being destroyed and eliminated. Christ over man. Christ in man. Man over woman. Woman over children. When this order is disrupted, things will not work.

  25. The most persecuted people in the world are middle aged white males. Soy is a big part of the low testosterone issues etc

  26. The saddest thing is that few people seem to care. When I discuss these issues, some men even dismiss this as unimportant.

  27. Men are being trafficked by the criminal & family courts, they are not talking about this truth.
    Men are stripped of their children,put in debt and used to collect tax dollars.
    Your local court house gets $2 for every dollar they charge parents in child support. Men are the protectors and being targeted to create this problem.

  28. Something sure is happening, they quit making men after the Vietnam War socialist leftist Dirtbag teachers indoctrinating our kids while we're busy trying to raise them and paying the bills, perfect example of not trusting the Socialist scumbag and there ulterior motives, never trust your children especially to urine-soaked Dope smoking child molesting teachers, who support the Socialist Democratic Party

  29. In Clown World, aka, academia, we are indeed told that women are oppressed. It’s such a fantastic lie, that they have to work around the clock to perpetuate this lie.

  30. No actually I think the democratic socialist movement is starting to fall apart in turn turning man more violent because of mixed views that they grew up with, plus the conservative optimism and the constant need for progress also ruins people in the sense that arrogance comes into play and nothing is to be thankful for. When I say man I mean men and woman as a whole. We won’t be seeing a better world in 10 to 20 years we’ll just be seeing more suicides and more violence because of the “hard work” people go through, suffering is what makes a person and without it a person develops and ego and an entitled mind as it is right now most have it.

  31. My first ex wife passed away this year at 57. I as well am 57.
    I have drank almost everyday since 16. She had poor health and was a nonsmoker and nondrinker. I still work six days a week evan with a bad back and a bum left knee. I cannot jog or ride a bicycle but can damb sure get up in the morn at 6 am to make the shop to get paid to make cash payouts to my second ex and our children. Our youngest at UCO on a scholorship.
    I served in the 80s and am an alpha male. The other day i asked a young person here in midtown oklahoma city if was a boy or a girl. It said it had not made up its mind yet. My four girls and two boys are normal adults. Thats right-NORMAL. NOT FAGS OR BABY KILLERS. god bless america

  32. you can't have a warrior country with weak men. We have to stop the direct attack on males, or perish…..

  33. Whatever they feed us, put into the air, water and food and cloud our brains with is finally taking its toll. We were warned for years before all this became reality what was going to happen and now we have what is here today and that's how some wanted it. Wake up men of America. This isn't a black or white thing either, it's a man thing. The pussification of the American male and you guys know what I am talking about. Your grandfathers never put up with all the bs we see today, so why are you? Don't do anything stupid. Doing things smart is an opportunity we come across every day you just need to learn to recognize them. Learn from your elders. Listen to them and and then make your decisions because knowledge is not just born in us it is learned by us and should be passed on man to man. Hope you guys understand.

  34. Not long ago @7:30 a.m. I was at a coffee shop in my way to work. The line was very long and suddenly I realized I was the ONLY male in this group. Instantly I thought about previous years ( mature white male here) and the situation was completely opposite. More men than women! You are correct- a balance is needed here and a course correction as well.

  35. Femanisim and divorce is a disease for men. Women do not need men around except for sperm to have babies. They have dildos and good jobs. They can get laid anytime even the ugly ones. They are turning to lesbianism in droves.Single parenthood is evil it destroys humans. But guess what no one cares. Thank you Tucker.

  36. Men have been degraded, despised, hated, and blamed for all the worlds problems since birth for the last 2 generations. It's no wonder we're checking out of society, relationships, education, the workplace. Etc. If the tribe does not embrace its' boys, the boys will burn the village down just to feel some warmth. This video was from a year ago, and it's even more relevant today.

  37. It's in fast food ! Testosterone levels I have to believe that's it !
    They are trying to control the population and putting something in the food something all men all people do !

  38. He said half of the American men are on pain meds.if that's true that shows you a big part of the problem.the sackler family

  39. The Soy boys and girls.
    Being 63
    When I Was working, I had to Accept being Screamed at, Swore at demeaned and put down on the jobs for a job which was a Lot Less then what I had done in the Last 33/ 35 years. All Union and Company Approved! Very disgusted at this! For I loved to Work do a very good job and can' t get/ find work!

  40. I wanna open a mens only gym franchise, that promotes power lifting, and has Buddhist meditation classes. I think we need programs that are exclusively for us. We also need a men’s sanctuary from abusive women.

  41. I'm 22 year old male and to be honest man he's right I'm lazy depressed it's like I'm under a heavy rock and can't move my parents left me with my grandparents when I was young been living with them since I know I'm a disappointment but can't get out from under the rock

  42. I grew up in a family that was entirely hostile to men. My adoptive mother, a boy-hating pedophile, and my adoptive father, a self-loathing, macho-hyper-dependent pedophile's mainstay support system, conspired to crush me – EXACTLY the way feminist men and feminist women conspire to ANNIHILATE all men and all masculinity in The United States of America.

  43. Stop say there are far more shootings then ever. That is wrong.

    Chicago, New York. Are the worst back in the days.
    And why you keep saying that. Because of social media. So stop saying it.
    Just like Assualt Riffle.
    No such thing.

  44. A lot of this can be explain by understanding that men despite appearances need more affection then women and simply aren't getting it due to more women are in the workforce and away from their counterpart. But this can be substituted with a good 🐕. They will always be joyful to see you and always want to be petted. And praying is also a great substitute. Problems Solved.

  45. Not all women are feminists. I discussed this “toxic masculinity” subject with my daughter’s. Perhaps it’s because we are conservative Christians, but I have told them the head of the house is the man, and you are married for life, so you need to think carefully about who you marry. Unfortunately 3 of the 4 them have failed marriages, 2 with children. We truly have a serious social problem here in the US. In general women today have unrealistic expectations, they want a man to provide and protect, yet they emasculate their husband with extreme criticism because he cannot be this fairytale image they expected.

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