Top 5 Code Editors for Web Developers in 2019

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Top 5 Code Editors for Web Developers in 2019

Top 5 Code Editors for Web Developers in 2019

if you are looking for a nice code
editor this video might be able to help you in this video we are going to talk
about the five most popular code editors in 2019 and there are key features let’s
check it out Atom is an open source project started by github which is now
owned by Microsoft it is a highly customizable editor
featuring multiple panes autocomplete lots of themes an add-on package with
built-in package manager it also has a unique feature like teletype that let
people work on the same file at the same time the major problem of Atom is
performance its slows takes a while to open and even crash when opening a large
file introduced in 2015 we as code has quickly become one of the best and most
popular editor VScode is also based on electron framework like atom but it’s
quite faster and more responsive it’s easy to use just install and it’s ready
to go for almost anything it features intellisense and autocomplete built-in git support lots of great extensions and highly customizable options sublime
used to be the king of code editor in the past before the atom and VScode
existed still sublime is one of the best and
most popular editor today it features excellent user experiences split editing
layout quick projects disturb free full screen mode super fast performance
and more the only catch is it’s not free you will occasionally get a reminder
pop-up to buy the full version for $80 price notepad++ is a very simple
yet effective editor it’s plain and simple but get the jobs done it doesn’t
have to sophisticate options like others but their speed and performance are
unmatched that’s why notepad++ is
exceptionally good at making a quick and small changes like configuration and
batch files perhaps that’s the reason why it still remain one of the most
popular editor today bracket is one of the most popular editor supported by
Adobe it features minimalist design and unique
features for web development for example bracket inline editor that you make
change to CSS associated with HTML directly without having to switch the
file the live preview is also a powerful unique feature that auto update and
preview your code change on a browser immediately also when you put a cursor
on your code if you highlight the element on browser for you so that’s all for this video hope you
enjoy the list if you love this video don’t forget to like or subscribe to
stay tuned with us for more thanks for watching and see you next time bye

37 thoughts on Top 5 Code Editors for Web Developers in 2019

  1. My favourite is Brackets so easy to use and have many extensions. Secondly, it is commercial, WebStorm so advanced level but have some specials like auto save and shows web browsers on code screen so you can easily run your pages.
    1- Brackets
    2- WebStorm
    3- Atom
    4- Sublime Text
    5- Notepad++

    I don't use Visual Studio Code but it's on the first three of my list.

  2. Hi red stapler … would you please please help me out to code with esp8266 module to make IOT projects with html…

  3. You forgot to mention the downside of brackets, every update use to brake one or more plugin, I have all of them installed used to specific tasks when I'm programming

  4. I've been using Dreamweaver for years and recently started using VS Code and I am sticking with VS Code.

  5. hello all. I have a problem with brackets. I have logo on the background and even if i change themes of brackets the logo still stay. Code its not clear with this bracket logo on the background so maybe some one know how to fix it ? Thanks a lot.

  6. I think Brackets is the best, has so many options, extensions, and really easy to use. I don't know why you would pay for a code editor like sublime

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