Top 3 Websites for FREE High Quality 3d Models

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Top 3 Websites for FREE High Quality 3d Models

Top 3 Websites for FREE High Quality 3d Models

Hi again! I have received a lot of questions about where
you can find free high quality 3d models In this video I will show you 3 websites that
you can download high quality free 3d models Let’s go to the video Number 3
3dsky I often use 3dsky for my 3d projects. You
will get very detailed high-quality models on 3dsky. This website is really good for
3ds max users. On the home page, you will see a lot of categories.
For example, I just click on the sofa here you get pro models this is of course not free.
So for free model click on the free button here… you can downloads only 3 models in one day. But if you have pro account you can download more than 3 free models in a day Let’s get to the Number 2
Dimensiva Dimensiva also has a lot of high-quality 3d
models. There are not so many free models here but the 3d models are really of high
quality. I also use this website for my youtube channel tutorials and another 3d projects. Finally Number 1 Model + Model Although it is not a very well known website, the model + model is among my favorites. There are few free models here but pro models are really awesome. I really often use this
website for my projects… Do you agree with my list? Is there another website you know that’s better? Let me know
in the comment section below. Like the video if you find it useful, stay inspired guys,
and I will see you nex time…

17 thoughts on Top 3 Websites for FREE High Quality 3d Models

  1. thanks!! your videos are very cool but they almost all about visualization. It will be nice to see some video tutorials about modeling) i think the perfect thing that when on your final render you have all object made by yourself not only merging. I think it is rather easy to create box simple camera and light and merge 100500 objects into it and push render))) the same thing abount creation material from zero… but anyway keep doing your blog its cool. p.s. post productuin in PS is cool too.

  2. Hey thanks man for this request answer and by d way good job and if it's possible to start next level of 3dsmax with particle and fume effect how to start and use with basics so it will be verry great and one more favoure I'm from india in our country any house we build make 3d cut view but I'll never try cut view of any models in max so make cut view video if it's possible as tutorial to how to add lights and settings

  3. haha türkmüş lan
    saygılar efendim

    Oner oncer saygılar bir şey sorcaktım
    can i use these models for free in my videos or in my apps which i will make money with those

  4. Great Video! Check also for free 3d high quality models. We download a lot of 3d models there. Very useful for high quality visualization.

  5. Great video content 👍🏻. We download our photorealistic 3d models at 👌🏻👍🏻

  6. Thank you 😀 I thought it was pointless to search… you proved otherwise. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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