Top 10 Disturbing Discoveries On The Deep Web

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Top 10 Disturbing Discoveries On The Deep Web

Top 10 Disturbing Discoveries On The Deep Web

10. Dark Web Poison Software programmer Mohammed Ali was found
guilty in 2015 of attempting to possess a chemical weapon purchased on the dark web. After watching hit TV series Breaking Bad,
Ali was inspired to buy 500mg of risin powder for $500, enough to kill 1,400 people. Unfortunately for him, the person he was buying
from was an undercover FBI agent whom he was negotiating with for several months before
going ahead with his illegal purchase. Also in 2015, a 16-year-old boy attempted
to take his life after buying the poison Abrin on the dark web, which is 30 times more toxic
than risin. 9. Child Abuse More than 80% of Internet traffic on the dark
web is child abuse material. In 2015, 33-year-old child porn admin Shannon
McCoole was jailed for 35 years for sexually abusing 7 children as young as 18 months old. The website he ran was used by at least 1,000
pedophiles around the world, which McCoole coached on how to commit child abuse. The website required members to share child
porn images at least once a month or would be kicked out of the group. More than 50,000 images of child pornography
were found on McCoole’s computer when police raided his home in Australia. 8. The Zombie Knife Metropolitan police say knife crime is up
18% in London thanks to the dark web. There have been increased sales of a lethal
weapon referred to as the ‘zombie knife’ which has multiple sharp edges, designed to
maximize damage. The knife has a 17-inch blade and is advertised
online as an ‘apocalypse head decapitator zombie killer sword’. There have been no reported deaths by the
zombie knife but police say gangs are now favoring this weapon due to its low cost and
threatening image. Other popular sales are the stealth knife
card, a small stainless steel knife that can be quickly folded from a credit card to a
deadly weapon, which costs only $15. 7. The Amazon of Drug Dealing Silk Road was the biggest drug selling website
on the dark web, referenced as ‘The Amazon of drug dealing.’ The site featured an array of drugs, including
‘party packages’ of cocaine, MDMA, cannabis and mephedrone. 1/2g of Cocaine sold for around
$1,313 [5.44 bit coins] and each purchase was expertly hidden to pass security checks. In 2015, the founder of the illegal website,
Ross Ulbricht, was arrested on seven charges, including drug trafficking, computer hacking
and money laundering. The site also offered the sale of counterfeit
bills, fake passports, driving licenses, stolen credit card information which take around
21 days to arrive. They also offer the service of hit men, providing a one stop shop for
all things illegal. 6. Assassination Market On dark web site Unfriendly Solutions, hitmen
are available for hire for $20,000. A similar site, Hitman Network offers a team
of three contract killers for hire, but draw the line at murdering anyone under 16 or major
politicians. Whilst the Assassination Market is a crowd
funding service that lets anyone anonymously contribute bitcoins towards a bounty on the
head of any government official. The owner of the site says that he intends
to destroy “all governments, everywhere” by assassinating so many government officials
that nobody will ever want to run for office again. 5. Bit Coin Scams Bit coin is the digital currency used on the
dark web. 1 bitcoin is currently equivalent to around 239 US Dollars. Users can buy bitcoin’s
through a dark-web marketplace but bitcoin cash machines are now appearing across the
world as the currency becomes more common. In 2015, the administrators of a dark-web
marketplace disappeared with over $12 million worth of bitcoin in an ‘exit scam’ against
its users. Unsurprisingly, there are around 153 fake
sites on the dark web that either take bitcoin’s in exchange for no goods, or take information
and drain accounts of their bitcoin’s. Ransomeware is also common on the dark web.
Once downloaded it encrypts the files of its victim until they pay a large sum of money,
usually bitcoin. This happened to Massachusetts police in 2013. 4. Black Market Reloaded Black Market Reloaded was one of the biggest
gun selling websites on the dark web. The Silk Road of gun sales was run by 33-year-old
tech entrepreneur Adam Bunger who now faces charges for illegally selling and shipping
guns around the world. He was noted to sell stolen credit cards,
fake IDs, marijuana, mushrooms and stolen identities as well as a plethora of guns from
sniper rifles to handguns. 19-year-old student Liam Lyburd was found
guilty of planning mass murder after buying a number of weapons on the dark web including
guns, bullets and pipe bombs, describing the process “like buying a bar of chocolate”. The US government believes that ISIS and other
potential terrorists use the dark web to recruit fighters, transfer bitcoins and plan world
attacks. 3. Crush Porn Crush porn involves sexy women in high heels
talking dirty to small animals such as rabbits, puppies and kittens before crushing them to
death for the sexual gratification of their viewers. There are around 103 crush porn videos on
the dark web and for a fee of $400, clients could e-mail the website’s admin, dictating
the animals, the act and even the model’s clothing for them to act out on video. Videos found by detectives showed women squishing
live fish with their high heels, using scissors to cut off the heads of live chickens, decapitating
goats and videos of live rats being stapled to a board. At least two women have been prosecuted for
performing in these illegal videos. 2. Welcome to ‘Hell’ Dark web forum ‘Hell’ was responsible
for the leak of data from infidelity site Adult Friend Finder in 2015. Data included
users names, email addresses, sexual preferences and fetishes. ‘Hell’ has since been closed
down due to a suspected admin arrest. Also in 2015, 9.7 gigabytes of data from online
infidelity dating site Ashley Madison revealed around 32 million users who had signed up
to cheat on their partners. At least two suicides have been linked to
the leak of this private information, including Texas police chief Michael Gorhum. 1. Game of Terror Sad Satan, considered to be the scariest video
game ever, was posted on the dark web with no explanation to who made made it or what
it’s for. The game forces players to walk through a
constantly changing maze of lights and shadows, occasionally coming across static images and
horrific sounds of children screaming. The music and images in the game have led
players to believe it was created as to showcase the horrors of child abuse, due to the feature
of notorious pedophile Jimmy Saville who abused 63 people at Stoke Mandeville Hospital during
his career. Whilst gamers such as PewDiePie have suggested
that the game is just a publicity stunt for a gaming company, other players have suggested
that Sad Satan is more of a snuff movie than a game, featuring real child porn.

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  1. Half a gram of cocaine for 1300 dollars ??
    Stop bullshitting no one would buy that shit.
    Half a gram costs mostly 40 or 50 dollars wtf are you even talking about where the fuck did you get that information lol

  2. Half a gram of cocain 1300.00 $$ god damnnnnn that shit had better blow your heart out your chest for that price.
    What does the zombie knife have to do with this video??? You can get all kinds of zombie weapons on the regular web

  3. Over $1,300 for half a gram of cocaine? I think you need to do your research better, because that's actually about $40 on the street.

  4. It's sad how people don't know the difference between deep and dark web. The deep web is anything you can't use from google. Gmail is the deep web because it requires a password.

  5. I'm crying on the inside, those poor animals who the freak does that? I want them to be chained under a spiked hydraulic press and crushed to death like they did to those animals.

  6. How tf you list "knives" between pedophiles and animals abuse? I got a kitchen full of knives that shit is not scary at all

  7. The animal one is fucked up and I hope the people who like it or do it die a slow, painful death in medieval torture devices while getting eaten alive by maggots then go to fucking hell where they can fucking waste away.

  8. Don't let this distract you from the fact that Skip Bayless doesn't think it's Tom Brady's fault they lost the Super Bowl.

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    You need to use a good VPN that keeps NO LOGS, fast performance, preferably accepts bitcoin as payment, has a kill switch for DNS leaks, and is compatible with TOR.

  10. I don't get it little children are hurt , and abused and killed and I swear people car more about animals being killed. Children grow up to be adults with so many issues, they can hurt themselves or take it out on others all innocence lost. Were is empathy. It's truly sad

  11. my friend once went on the dark web, and tried to buy cocaine for a party. She found out the coke was laced with something, and left a bad review for the seller. Her laptop was hacked the next week and it showed a murder happening live. They seriously said her name and said “this is because of you.” So yeah, I don’t recommend going on the dark web bc that shits scary

  12. It's not illegal to go on the dark/deep web. Just some of the stuff (most) of the stuff on there. 😉 80% is cp. ;(

  13. Video: Crush porn

    Me: oh sweet relief something normal, bet this is gonna be about two people having crushes on each other 😏

    Video: crush porn is where woman wear high heels and talk sexually and dirty before crushing small animals to death

    Me: 😳😳😳 oh my…Lord help us…

  14. Right when I saw, Adult Friend Finder. My heart StoPPed- LMAO– Totally doesnt go to delete account

  15. I'm very sorry to edgelords on the surface web for all I've said. You're clearly not as horrific as these people. At least edgelords on the surface web don't deserve to be hanged.

  16. Who in the fuck would pay that much for a half a gram of coke? I used to pay around $60 for a half back when I did drugs.

  17. Deep web is hell representation, u should watching these before go to hell, only a pure kind human can go to heaven

  18. That average 8 hours you’re able to spend on the normal internet is equivalent to being able to spend only 1 hour on the Dark Web. Believe that.

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