Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows

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Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows

Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows

Please note the disclaimer. Cartoon Network was my absolute favorite channel to watch growing up. I mean, sometimes the cartoons were B-Grade, and pretty forgettable. But occasionally, we got those creative, timeless cartoons. These are the cartoons I find myself rewatching, even to this day. And often, they still bring me a laugh and a smile. So today, I’d like to take a look back at the last 23 years of Cartoon Network shows and list what I personally consider… The “Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows of all Time.” We’ll be look at both the old Cartoon Network, and the new Cartoon Network. Or, CN as they call it today. Number 10… “Courage the Cowardly Dog” Looking back at them now, many of these Cartoon Cartoons have… Not aged well since I first saw them when I was 8. “Courage,” however, felt like stepping back into a refreshing breeze. It’s just as fast paced, quirky, creepy, and funny as when I first watched it. Watching “Courage” when I was 8 was one of the 1st times I remember feeling… genuinely disturbed while watching a cartoon. “Courage” left me laughing, but it also had a way of leaving me feeling *very* unsettled. Computer: How to get rid of evil Shadows – 1. Pleasant Conversation. Strider: There was a real sense of atmosphere to these settings. The colours were this strange contrast of bleak, yet alien. It really added to the sense of mystery in the show. The basic premise is that Courage is, well, a dog! That lives out in the middle of nowhere with his two elderly owners. But there is some major bad mojo, or curses, or aliens, or something going on in this house because… “Courage” can make “The Twilight Zone” look tame! I put “Courage” on the list because when I look back at all the Cartoon Cartoons… This one left a remarkable impact on me. Some of my strongest memories of Cartoon Network tend to be the creepy shots and scenes from this show. And I appreciate that it wasn’t following just some standard cartoon formula. It didn’t care if it was different. It didn’t care if it was creepy or weird. I mean, the show rarely did happy endings! That’s like a necessity for cartoons! Muriel: Oh! There’s Eustace, with my slipper! (Courage screams until the episode closes.) Strider: Either way, this was a classic show from the early Cartoon Cartoon Era. And I’d recommend giving it a look if you haven’t already. AND for Number 9… “Powerpuff Girls” Whenever I think [of] Cartoon Cartoons, the first thing that pops into my head is “Powerpuff Girls.” I dare say it even encouraged some of the Adult Swim cartoon creators. I was a cartoon where I was often wondering… “Who is this appealing to?” The sappy moments feel like they appeal to younger girls… Blossom: Let’s play Duck Duck Goose! But the frequent, creepy imagery that just comes out of nowhere seems like it’s more appealing to… Demented teens? The majority of characters had so much personality and colour. Particularly the villains. Jeebus, I will never forget some of these villains. Blossom: Uh… We were wondering… Him: How I stay so fit? Well, now you know! Strider: Mojo Jojo… You could do a freaking show on Mojo Jojo alone! Mojo: One egg left!? For a nutricious breakfast… TWO eggs is the minimum requirement! And I have but one… Which is one shy of two! And it is twoo~ that I neeeed! Cuuurses! Strider: In fact, he’s often been Cartoon Network’s host for shows. Then there Him [yes, he’s called that], The Amoeba Boys, that… Banjo-playing hillbilly [known as Fuzzy Lumpkins] — The Mayor of town! Hell, even the Narrator is overflowing with character! Narrator: But the girls couldn’t *bear* to tell ya the *naked* truth! (Laughs clumsily) So once again… Strider: Oddly enough though… Everyone has character except for the three main heroes. Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Maybe the writers intended to do this, but… I often just found myself waiting for Mojo Jojo or The Professor to come back on screen. To be honest, most of the time I found myself rooting for Mojo Jojo to win! There was even an awesome conclusion to the series where… Mojo Jojo actually wins! And it turns out, he saves the world! Before getting bored and blowing it up again. “Powerpuff Girls” is the cartoon that began the Cartoon Cartoon onslaught. If you haven’t at least seen that final episode before, it’s called “Powerpuff Girls Rule!” I recommend you rent the DVD, and check it out! It’s definitely worth at least one watch! Mojo: (Steaming mad) CUR–no. Y’know what? That’s it. I’m done. Number 8… “The Amazing World of Gumball” Some of the modern Cartoon Network shows we’ve got now really do feel like a product of the times. I just can’t help but feel their pandering to a young teen demographic half the time. But some of the shows just… Do their own thing! Being innovative, and not caring whether their ticking the boxes for their demographic. “The Amazing World of Gumball” is just one of those shows. I’m probably way too old to be in the age group for this one… But this show always just brims with so much charm and personality! The dialogue and characters just have a real charm to them– that I just never felt in a lot of other modern Cartoon Network shows. Even the animation is like nothing I’ve never seen before in cartoons. The show’s animation is just this melting pot of every style you can think of. I really like how they’ll often combine live action backgrounds with CG characters. Or even stop-motion footage over top! But somehow, they manage to make all of these animation styles meld together perfectly. The most well-known episode is probably the second episode, “The DVD.” It’s a good example out how the show always has a simple premise… But creates really fun adventures from something as trivial as… Breaking a rental DVD! (One doing acapella)
Darwin(?): Aliigators on a Train! Darwin pretending to me a man: Oh no! There’s alligators on this train! (One does acapella outro for its end credits) Larry: (Tired of the events) This had better be a joke. Gumball: Aw man! What gave it away? Larry: Dude, it’s 5 seconds long and every name in the credits is one of you two. Strider: I know I’m way too old for this one… But the characters, premise, and animation still make me laugh all the time. This is a show I definitely recommend to younger viewers! And older viewers! And chances are, I’ll be checking out a few more episodes too! Aaand for number 7… “Teen Titans” [original version] There was a time when Cartoon Network realized its current audience was growing up… So, I guess to appeal to the now teenage demographic, they made *TOONAMI*! “Teen Titans” was what lead this Toonami cartoon era. “Teen Titans” was what started that funny animation style that used anime-esque– yet still very Western style animation. And I never felt like these shows were trying to rip off anime style. I felt like they were paying homage to the anime we loved growing up! Introducing that hint of brilliance that Japan-imation has brought to our Western world in our own cartoons. The animators grew up with anime. And like many of us, they’re inspired by it. Though, perhaps, maybe some things should’ve stayed in Japan. Why would you bring tentacles!? “Teen Titans” itself has very memorable, pleasant characters. It really doesn’t fit the general Cartoon Network mold… As it will sometimes dedicate an entire episode to character development. Don’t get me wrong, it can be really cheesy and corny. But it feels like it’s done intentionally. It does feel like it’s trying to appeal to teenager… But they created something unique and timeless in the process. Probably the episode I remember best is [Season 1] Episode 6, “Nevermore.” Where Beast Boy and Cyborg get sucked into Raven’s mind. Where we get a surprisingly in depth look into Raven’s inner psyche. And they become better friends for it. Honestly, I was glad to grow up along-side cartoon shows like this. “Teen Titans” got nominated for THREE animation awards! And I think it deserved all three! We got way more emotional depth out of “Teen Titans” than… *OTHER* shows that will not be mentioned. If you can find it, I recommend checking it out! [Subber’s note: Mild jump-scare appearing for easily startled viewers. And for number six… “Samurai Jack” This is one of the best examples of CG done well that I’ve ever seen! That animation doesn’t just look choppy and ultra pixel-y. Hell, half the time it looks more Water Colours than it does CG. This show was designed from the bottom up to be completely off the wall, and completely different! To be honest, I only watched this show once when I was a kid. But *damn*, 12 years later and I remember exactly the jokes that were used! Jack: Yes, yes. I will find it. Do not worry. Aku: You sure? Jack: No, no. Don’t worry. I remember now. Aku: I can give you a ride if you… Jack: (Frustrated) I will find it! Strider: In a time where Cartoon Network shows were often B+’s at best… “Samurai Jack”stood out as a classic indie cartoon! The entire first episode is done with little to no vocals, yet it managed to tell the entire childhood story of Jack. Then out of nowhere, Jack is suddenly thrown THOUSANDS of years into the future! And it turns out… He’s a time travelling samurai. Well, that went insane very quickly. The art style is somewhere between minimalist and anime. It really shows that sometimes, you don’t need over-complicated tapestries. Sometimes, simple is better. And everything that they need to convey can be seen with this minimal animation. If only for the constant bombardment of new, colourful settings… funny jokes, and amazing action scenes! I definitely recommend you give this show a look! Aand for number 5… “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Many people probably know this, but Mark Hamill hasn’t just disappeared for… 40 years(?), since “Return of the Jedi.” He’s actually been voice acting in brilliant cartoons like this one. And just look at a scene like this! Menacing guy: Down to only one! *I* created a legacy so resillient… that, now, you come before me! Strider: Maybe it’s just me… but a scene like that feels way more like it belongs in the “Star Wars” universe than some of the garbage we got — in Episodes I-III. These CG cartoons are set in the three years between “Episode II: Attack of the Clones” — and “Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.” Ironically, they’re *vastly* more interesting! With far more likeable, interesting, and believable characters. “The Clone Wars” is another of those cartoons that just demonstrates how seriously the Western world can take its cartoons. The voice acting is dramatic. The animation is crisp! And the setting isn’t just some throw-away “Star Wars” cash-in game. “The Clone Wars” truly does feel like it belongs in the “Star Wars” universe. And that’s not an easy feat to achieve! Even for George Lucas, interestingly enough. It’s really fast-paced, and it gave us one of the few good things we got from episodes I-III. Crisp, high stakes, epic action scenes. But, decent acting and story are also included. And since it’s done in CG, there’s no constant Green Screening done to ruin the atmosphere. I, personally, think this is where “Star Wars” CG belongs. They *say* that George Lucas co-directed this show… But it fortunately feels like he had absolutely nothing to do with this show. It may not look as expensive as episodes I-III… But I really think this is definitely a case of substance over flash. With a resurgence of “Star Wars” thanks to good ol’ Disney, I hope this show gets more attention. It’s smartly written, it looks amazing… And it sends me back to that “Star Wars” universe every time I watch it! *And* for number 4… “Rick and Morty” Technically, “Rick and Morty” is Adult Swim, but, personally, I think it’s the absolute best of Adult Swim. Besides, Adult Swim *IS* Cartoon Network, it’s just later at night. But I have already talked about it in previous videos, so I’ll keep it brief. Adult Swim has had *a lot* of bad cartoons over the years. And I mean a lot. In fact, my absolute worst cartoons list has 3 titles that spawned from it! But “Rick and Morty” was the exception! As I mentioned before, this show is exceptionally creative! And at times, thought provoking. I like its chaotic, unsettling themes. And I really like the main characters. And so far, I don’t think they’ve given us a single bad episode. This show is just a rush! I reccomend you watch “Rick and Morty” at least once. If only to witness its insanity. Number 3… “Johnny Bravo” This is a show I grew up with. And probably the only show on this list that I’ve watched on and off for over a decade. Regardless of what age I was at, whether I was a child, a teen, or an adult… “Johnny Bravo” has *always* made me laugh! And it made me laugh *a lot*! As you probably already know, Johnny is a 20-something egotistical super-star wannabe. Girl: Are you the blond, macho, egotistical, swaggering, self-loving super-star wannabe? What makes “Johnny Bravo” such a great show isn’t just the settings… It’s purely the main character! Johnny Bravo is often used by Cartoon Network even to this day! Because he is another one of those wonderful characters that you can put anywhere! And the humor comes from this personality reacting to wherever he’s put! My favorite episode is probably “Karma Krisis.” Where Johnny tears up a chain letter, and in the process, absolutely everything that could hurt him… *RAINS DOWN ON HIM!* And I mean everything! Baseballs… Storm clouds… Cars… Motorbikes… Elephants… Cows! HOUSES! Woman: Hey look, girls! It’s Johnny Bravo! Get hiiim!!! (Comically exaggerated beat-down) There is something endlessly entertaining about Johnny being continually put through misfortune. Funnily enough, I’ve never looked at who made these episodes. Lemme tak a look… WAIT! WHAT!? Seth MacFarlane wrote this show!? Brian: Yeep, with a Capital-C. Seth MacFarlane helped write the classic “Johnny Bravo”!? Johnny: That’s right! Strider: Y’know what? GOOD FOR HIM! While I don’t like all of Seth’s new stuff… This is one piece of writing that he had his hands on that I truly enjoyed. Sadly, my season 3 and 4, the show had lost a lot of its magic. Those first two seasons were classics! I’d say go watch “Johnny Bravo,” but I reckon you probably already have. Johnny: Who’s that handsome guy? Hello, 911 emergency, there’s a handsome guy in my house! Oh, heh, wait a second, cancel that. It’s only me. *And* for number two… “Adventure Time” Where to start with “Adventure Time”? The creativity… The vast, bizarre world… The characters! The depth of those characters as the series went on! The mystery of their world! The questions! I will say the characters start off a little cliche… But the further the series has gone on… The more these characters have gone from teen pandering cliches, to fascinating characters who we — want to learn more about! When I watch this show, I feel like I’m returning to an immersive alternate reality. And there’s always these constent questions as I’m watching. What could what I just saw mean? Is that important? Why is The Lich hiding in every single episode as a snail? The only drawback as the series has gone on… characters would often talk about some important plot-point… And I’ve have no idea what they’re talking about… I mean, I missed… two episodes(?) And the main villain, The Lich, has gone from an inter-dimensional horror of unimaginable powers to… A 7 year-old school boy under the care of an 80 year-old elephant! But those are just nitpicks. The vast, different settings, the character depth, and creativity are continually astounding! We’ll have an episode set in Candy Land, the Moon, Mars, an alternate dimension… HELL! N-no, literally, Hell [as in the place]. One episode was set in Hell. Finn: What is that? Jake: I think it’s like Sentient Blood Mist. Finn: Cool. Strider: By the later seasons, it can take some time to get your head around everything. But I cannot recommend this show enough! It’s one of my absolute favorite cartoons! And what I consider the number 1 *best* Cartoon Network show of all time is… “Steven Universe” (Sarcastically) Big surprise, huh? Out of all the Cartoon Network shows over the years, this is the show I always come back to, time and again! It gives me a sense of human warmth that just *always* puts me at ease! “Steven Universe” is a world I always enjoy immersing myself in. Just enjoying the warmth of these *wonderful* characters! And despite the kindness and warmth this show has, I never felt like it was pandering — or talking down to anyone. *Not once!* And I think that’s part of what makes “Steven Universe” such a perfect show! It’s always done its own thing. Not caring what other shows are doing. And all the way through it’s managed to be a highly sophisticated, yet simple cartoon! This is the show that somehow continues to melt my heart over, and over, in every new episode! It’s the only cartoon that regularly makes me shed a tear. The songs are brilliant, the settings are brilliant, the colours are wonderful! The characters are relateable, and they’re likable! Each song on the show is just a beautiful work of art! The main theme alone has this gentleness to it that can bring a tear to my eye! “Steven Universe” is the show that just allowed me to see the world in a slightly gentler light. And honestly, I don’t care what the rest of the fanbase is like, I just *ADORE* this show! I don’t go into this show to analyze, I go into this show to feel my heart-strings pulled. To feel the energy of thrill, and beauty! I’m sorry if I’ve gushed a bit, but this is what this show does to me! To me, there’s very few cartoons that come even close to this show! I’m really glad I was introduced to it by commenters, and I thank you for that! It’s one of the few shows I can claim has enriched my heart! For these reasons and more, “Steven Universe” is my absolute favorite Cartoon Network show! And y’know what!? This came out in 2014! If that shows us anything, it shows that our cartoons aren’t getting worse! It shows that our cartoons are getting better! I mean, we’re regularly given amazing cartoons like “Adventure Time,” “Rick and Morty,” and “Steven Universe.” Given that Cartoon Network started with shows like “Cow and Chicken” and “I.M. Weasel” … They have come a *really* long way! Do you think I missed a particular cartoon? Let me know in the comments! As always, thanks for watching! And I’ll see you next time! Subtitled by Jadrek Myers. Commissioned by Phantom Strider!

100 thoughts on Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows

  1. My top 5
    4.samurai jack
    3.Grim and billy and mandy
    2.ed edd and eddie
    1tom and jerry
    Honourable mention
    Steven universe

  2. CN's 2018:
    CN: I still have good shows, like Clarence or Adventure Time!
    Christina Miller: I'm gonna end these shows' whole run.

  3. Here’s my top ones

    10: Courage the Cowardly dog
    9: We Bare Bears
    8: Teen Titans Go (plz don’t kill me 🙁
    7: Total Dramrama
    6: Dexter's lab
    5: Sheep in the big city
    4: Billy and Mandy
    3: Powerpuff Girls (1998)
    2: The Amazing World of Gumball
    1: Powerpuff Girls Z (might’ve not heard of but really good)
    0: Adventure Time
    -1: Peppa Pig

    Peppa what are you doing on my list?

  4. My top ten
    10. Ok Ko lets be heroes
    9. Regular show
    8 gumball
    7. Over the garden wall
    6 powerpuff girls original
    5. Ben ten original
    4. Teen titans original
    3 we bare bears
    2. Adventure time
    1. Steven universe

  5. My top 10:
    10. Courage The Cowardly Dog
    9. Adventure Time
    8. Fosters Home
    7. Teen Titans
    6. Johnny Bravo
    5. The Amazing World Of Gumball
    4. Ben 10: Original
    3.Samuri Jack
    2. Steven Universe
    Honorable mention
    OK KO: Let's be heroes!
    1. Powerpuff Girls 1998-2005

  6. The best
    5. Dexters Lab
    4. The Power Puff Girls 1998
    3. Cow & Chicken
    2. Adventure Time
    1. Ed Edd n Eddy
    The Worst
    5. Regular Show
    4. Jonny Test
    3. Clarence
    2. Tenn Titans Go
    1. Gumball

  7. I knew gumball will be on the list it was not on the worst Cartoon Networks cartoons/show


  8. My top 10 CN shows

    10. Cow and Chicken
    9. Sym Bionic Titan
    8. Generator Rex
    7. Thundercats 2011
    6. Powerpuff Girls
    5. Dexter's Lab
    4. Samurai Jack
    3. Teen Titans
    2. Steven Universe
    1. Codename Kids Next Door

  9. My top 5 favorite
    1. Camp Lazlo
    2. Samurai Jack
    3. Foster home for imaginary friends
    4. Regular show
    5. Titan Sim Bionic

  10. Top 10 best Cartoon Network shows
    10 camp Lazlo
    9 fosters home for imaginary friends
    8 dexters lab
    7 the amazing world of gumball
    6 uncle grandpa the final season
    5 we bare bears
    4 the power puff girls
    3 Ed edd n eddy
    2 the grim adventures of billy and Mandy
    1 Steven universe

  11. I think they should make a second Cartoon Network channel for all the classics like Dexter's Laboratory Johnny Bravo and Courage the Cowardly Dog. The first channel can air the new stuff and we can still watch all our favorites from the past.

  12. my top 10 favorite CN shows:

    10) powerpuff girls

    9)Craig of the creek

    8)OK KO let's be heroes

    7)Steven universe

    6)Adventure Time

    5)Courage the cowardly dog

    4)Samurai Jack

    3)Looney Tunes

    2)The amazing world of gumball

    1)Ben 10 (Classic-Omniverse)

  13. i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee steven universe

  14. My top five favorite shows
    1. Powerpuff girls
    2.ed edd n eddy
    3.hi hi puffy Ami yumi
    4.whatever happened to robot jones
    5.steven universe

  15. OG Powerpuff Girls
    Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
    Johnny Test
    My Gym Partner’s a Monkey
    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
    Ben 10:Omniverse
    Ben 10 Alien Force
    OG Ben 10
    Totally Spies!
    Adventure Time
    Regular Show
    Cow and Chicken
    Courage the Cowardly Dog
    Steven Universe
    Codename: KND
    OG Teen Titans
    Samurai Jack
    Ed,Edd n Eddy
    Johnny Bravo
    What’s New, Scooby-Doo?
    Dexter’s Lab

    Are my fav CN Shows ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Cartoons

    #1 Courage the Cowardly Dog
    #2 Codename: Kids Next Door
    #3 Chowder
    #4 Dexter's Laboratory
    #5 Grim Adventures of Grim and Mandy
    #6 Johnny Bravo
    #7 Teen Titans
    #8 Ed Edd & Eddy
    #9 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
    #10 Summer Camp Island

  17. To me, Adventure Time and Gumball are equals. I love Gumball because it is creative and is a huge retro game tribute. You can tell why I, and everyone who loves Adventure Time loves Adventure Time.

  18. My top 10 CN shows:
    10. KND Kids next door
    9. The amazing world of Gumball
    8. Johnny Bravo
    7. Regular Show
    6. Dexter's Laboratory
    5. The grim adventures of Billy and Mandy
    4. Courage, the cowardly dog
    3. Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi
    2. The Powerpuff Girls
    1. Ed, Edd n Eddy

  19. Top 10 Best Cartoon Network Shows

    #1 Samurai Jack
    #2 Cow and Chicken
    #3 Teen Titans
    #4 Codename:Kids Next Door
    #5 Courage the Cowardly Dog
    #6 Ed Edd and Eddy
    #7 Powerpuff Girls
    #8 Johnny Bravo
    #9 Summer Camp Island
    #10 Fosters Home for Imaginay Friends

  20. My top 3
    3 : amazing world of gumball
    2 : adventure time
    1 : powerpuff girls

    Now :
    5 :adventure time
    4 : amazing world of gumball
    3 : regular show
    2 : powerpuff girls
    1 : steven universe , steven universe future , steven universe movie

  21. Why did you just say girl Disney Disney ruined the Star Wars franchise and Disney apparently are offencive agenda pushers just like how Jar Jar Binks aches almost single-handedly room is always franchised Disney also did the same thing that's the Disney

  22. I thought the power puff girl had personality, blossom was the level headed thinker, buttercup was the angry fighter and bubbles was the young acting kind one

  23. Cartoon Network once did have good shows like Transformers Energon Transformers Cybertron Max steel Ben 10 alien Force Ben 10 ultimate alien Ben 10 Omniverse the 2003 Teen Titans Samurai Jack Young Justice

  24. 1.Samurai jack
    2.Regular show
    3.justice leauge/JLU
    4.Steven universe
    5.Teen titans (original)
    6.Adventure time
    7.Ben 10 (original)
    8.Ed Edd Eddy
    9.amizing world of gumball
    10.johnny bravo

  25. OG Powerpuff Girls
    Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy
    Johnny Test
    My Gym Partner’s a Monkey
    Ben 10 Ultimate Alien
    Ben 10:Omniverse
    Ben 10 Alien Force
    OG Ben 10
    Totally Spies!
    Adventure Time
    Regular Show
    Cow and Chicken
    Courage the Cowardly Dog
    Steven Universe
    Codename: KND
    OG Teen Titans
    Samurai Jack
    Ed,Edd n Eddy
    Johnny Bravo
    What’s New, Scooby-Doo?
    Dexter’s Lab

    Are my fav CN Shows ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. In 2009, The Mr Men Show was the best show ever because the show was a sketch program and it was so funny.
    The show has 32 characters and they're based on the Roger Hargreaves series Mr. Men & Little Miss.
    Who remember the character Mr. Stubborn?
    His catchphrase is CHEAP!
    I watched every episode on my phone and some sketches made me laugh.

  27. I never really watched Cartoon Network much as a kid (except for powerpuff girls because it was on netflix) but in August 2019 I binged Steven Universe because Strider gave it so much praise and dear lord this cartoon is amazing. It’s now my favorite cartoon of all time! Thank you PhantomStrider!!!!! 😁

  28. Steven universe, fr. Grim adventures of billy and Mandy, regular show, fosters home of imaginary friends, camp lazlo, my gym parents of a monkey and johnny test all better. Come on my guy

  29. I don’t fault anyone who picks Steven Universe over Adventure Time, but AT will always be my favorite. Never seen a show do so much with world building and character development.

  30. My favorite Cartoon Network shows are
    1: What’s New Scooby-Doo?
    2: Teen Titans
    3: Regular Show
    4: The Amazing World Of Gumball
    5: Ed Edd n’ Eddy

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