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Tondy Meets Mario’s Family | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Tondy Meets Mario’s Family | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! Hello! [LAUGHS] Good to see you. How you doing? It smells so good in here. Ooh, she held on. – She hugging him?
– Yes. For what? I don’t know. It was a deep embrace. No, she better keep
her hands to herself. Don’t touch my boy. Hey! Hey. This is the lovely Tandy. – Tandy.
– This is my daughter Ayana? Hi, Ayana.
AYANA: Hey. [INAUDIBLE] He wasn’t lying; you is big. [LAUGHTER] – That’s my cousin, Jaclyn.
– Hi! – Nice to meet you.
– Excuse me. Pleasure to meet you.
– And there’s my mother. Hi! She writes you back? [INAUDIBLE] I like your hair. You look gorgeous, all of you. Thank you. When it comes to
mamas and their sons, nobody is ever good
enough for the son. [LAUGHS] So you know, I
definitely want to impress her. You like my boy? Let me get you some wine. Yes, I do. So you looking for a husband? I’m really looking
for companionship. [INAUDIBLE] I’m looking for it. I want to get
married eventually. – Good.
– OK. Have you ever been
married before? Never been married. You know how women,
you know, say “yes” just to say they’re married? I just don’t do that? So you’re not a “yes” girl. No, no. Are you submissive? [MUSIC PLAYING] Tandy can’t even put the
imprint in the seat, my mom and my cousin just went
in with the questions. I let it go on for
a minute because I just wanted to see how Tandy
would handle it under pressure. Submissive in some ways. Like, for example? Mm, [LAUGHS] Hurry up now, have some more
wine, this is interesting. You know what? This is how I feel
about “submissive.” I think each person should
submit to each other. Oh, lord. No, that ain’t
what the Bible says. No. So how would you be
submissive to Mario? How would I be
submissive to him? Mm-hmm. Let him be the leader. And– Oh, you’re very touchy, I see. Very. I can’t help myself. He likes it, though. Really? Mm-hmm. [LAUGHS] Yeah look at this man. I am touchy! I would be doing a
lot more touching if y’all weren’t
sitting at this table. How would you really
describe his personality? He’s laid back,
very observant. You know, he takes him a little
minute, gotta feel you out. Ask my family,
am I controlling? Yes, is he controlling? He controls his
life, his home. So I wouldn’t use the term
controlling to describe him, but I would say that he’s
very firm, direct, and blunt. Have you seen that
dark side of him? [MUSIC PLAYING] When he getting mean, and,
you know, he be yelling? Uh-oh. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah, I’m all ears now. You never noticed
a selfish side? I’m hearing the “selfish”
word thrown around. Now, that’s not hard to believe
because Mario is an only child. I mean, there’s a few things
going through my head, but I definitely
want to hear him out. Mario, I need to see
what she’s talking about. Can you elaborate more on that? Well, maybe they’re
talking about, you know, I had a bad temper. I had a bad temper. But you know, I have
grown since then. They call it a dark
side, you know, because I got
another side of me. Personality. Another side of me. Like, you know, I’m a
no-nonsense type guy. – Mm.
– You know? Ditto. I don’t know how
to feel about this. It’s making me raise an
eyebrow a little bit, but I believe that’s the
beauty of Mario and I. We mesh so well. So hey, we’re gonna
work through this. So what about your dark side? Y’all and these dark sides! What’s the worst
thing you’ve ever done? – Spray paint somebody’s car.
– Oh my god. Wow. Whoa! You may fit in after all. Hey! [LAUGHING]

91 thoughts on Tondy Meets Mario’s Family | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. Ole boy has a dark side to him… not sure if Ms. No man can control me Tonday will be able to allow Mario to take the lead in their relationship. I wish them the best but…hmmmmm

  2. What she really needs to take heed to is his unrefined family. Those questions they asked her were way too personal and just plain creepy. 'How would you be submissive to him?' That's none of your business! Boundaries need to be made between Mario and his family.

  3. Notice how his Momma didn’t warm up to Tondy until Tondy said she once spray painted someone’s car. Runnnnnnn, Tondy!

  4. That last part his mother had said to her an notice it's all good they like her. But until she respond that enery back towards them she's no good that happens in many of our own kind homes with mostly the females

  5. Why didn’t Mario step in when his firing squad was aiming at Tondy but he made a big deal about it when Reva didn’t do it for him with her friends

  6. Tondy is TOO DANG OLD to be pretending not to see what the real deal is gonna be with this immature Mario Fool……. Change ya nail polish you just got done at the salon??? She shoulda known kn=from then….. The Momma, sister AND Daughter all warning you that he expects utter submission, has a bad temper, and has a"Dark side"???? Bishhh, is you stupid and that dick thirsty??!?! RUN Woman, RUNNNN!

  7. The Bible does actually say submit yourselves to one another.. Christians really don’t read the Bible, they just regurgitate whatever their pastor says is in there.

  8. The family poppin questions like they (or he) ain't got no (past) rap-sheet. Yet and still, Tondy better come pure as the virgin Mary… Child bye. Yall lame.

  9. Mario's family was acting very ignant not ignorant with Tondy! I think Tondy was a better fit for him than Reva because she was giving me transgender vibes the whole time!

  10. This is the second time a person in Mario’s life has warned Tondy about him either being controlling or having a dark side and she completely dismissed it both times. This is how women end up getting into bad relationships, ignoring all the warning signs. Not saying she has to dump him but hearing the blue nail polish story and his own mother talking about his “dark side” would cause me to pump the breaks quite a bit. It doesn’t seem like she’s asking enough questions and being discerning enough. I haven’t watched the entire episode to see if she questioned him about all this at a later time though.

  11. I don't like to talk about ppl's mothers, but damn. She needs to take that wig off. It's unbecoming. The fact that she got happy about Tondy spraying a man's car shows she lacks class.

  12. I laughed when the mom said that ain't the Bible…but yes it is…it said submit to one another. Although. The husband is the head. He still has to submit to God. Submission is not one sided

  13. 🎶🎵🎶🎵 KEEP on moving… Don't stop LIKE the hands of time…..🎵🎶 Tick tock find your own way to stay….. The time will come one day 🎶🎵🎶🎵…….#SoulIISOUL……….. Why do people CHOOOOSE to live they life… This way….. KEEP on moving…. Don't stop, 🙋🏾‍♀️✌🏾❤️✊🏾

  14. She got that semi evil smile like Glenn close in the movie called FATAL ATTRACTION he better keep his RABBIT CLOSE TO HIM.

  15. I think Mario and Tondy will make a good couple cause Tondy more lot then mario.
    I believe Tondy can handle him.
    Tondy be looking like I'm all cute and soft and things but if you come at me with some BS, I'm sending you back to your mom. Wrapped like a turkey.😂

  16. “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”
    ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭5:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    This is what the Bible says, and please stop misinforming the public of Christianity…read the Bible for yourself Ma’am. I apologize for her misrepresentation of the the Body of Christ…and additionally, submitting In marriage isn’t as bad as some may think…it’s not only about the husband dominating over the wife and the household…ok this can be a long discussion…if you are a Christian or curious about Christianity just read the Bible in its entirety.

  17. I love Tondy’s confidence! His mom tried to throw shade by calling her “Tania”. Why dislike someone you haven’t even met yet…messy for no reason. Tondy definitely seems too good for his family already.

  18. “He controls his life and home but I wouldn’t describe him as controlling” sis what? Ghetto trying to act educated 🤣

  19. Too many red flags. It’s never a good sign when a man’s mother warns you about her son’s bad side. She need to run…..FAST!

  20. Getting malevolent vibes from the Mama. She's defensive for no reason and gravitating a little bit too much towards DISCORD. Who is agressive and defensive at dinner table when you're meeting someone? You don't even have anything to go off of…you're supposed to be breaking bread…enjoying the time together as you get to know the person. , Mom is actually giving the impression from the jump that she's combative and likes WALLOWING in discord….RED FLAG. You may not have to take off just yet, Tondy, but we hope you keep your running shoes on, Girl.

  21. Whoa! They did not hold back on giving up all his negatives. @2:27 Tondy is trembling w/ fear. 😲Did this turn into an episode of Iyanla Fix My Life? mmmm mmm I knew he had some (uncontrolled) anger management issues. DAMN, Do they even like him?/? Now, I see why he doesn't like blue nail polish. 🥴

  22. Mario’s mom seems very immature. “Get your hands off my boy”. Bye lady. 🙄 She’s already trying to sabotage their relationship. Talking bout his dark side.Too old for the foolishness.

  23. Tondy & Mario has physical chemistry but there will be issues he come off like a bit of a dictator & Tondy has real strong will personality a remedy for disaster

  24. Instead of taking the hint from those women who know him about his DARK SIDE…she is mistaking it for a manly man….when he eventually shows you who he is, I'll be sipping my COCKtail(if I ever get one)😂💅🏾.

  25. Mario's fAmily gives me a bad vibe. Their spirit is not nice. Tondy I know you want a man honey but at what cost? Your hand trembling with that fork is very telling. You need to take it real slow with this man. Before you jump in see him angry I believe that dark side is very much still there

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