Tinder Nightmares

100 thoughts on Tinder Nightmares

  1. What are the chances that the person they were messaging wouldn't instantly recognize the lyrics to Don't Stop Believing and not only that but how do their responses line up so perfectly and pave the way for the next lyric?

  2. Me and my sister always play this game where we would be talking about random things and one of us will start saying song lyrics {with a serious face). We always end up figuring out the other one is singing a song………I tried this game with my husband once and it went right over his head. He got so angry because he didn't know what the heck I was talking about. The song I used was Stoop So Low. 😂😂

  3. Boy that likes me: did u fall from heaven
    Me: wait * holds hand 🤚🏻 in boy's face * I dug my way up from hell

  4. ‘Don’t stop believing’ in you chances of a relationship. Someday you’ll find someone that smells of wine and cheap perfume.😂😇✌️🍷❤️

  5. 0:49 Can you really blame him when it’s a numbers game for the bottom 80%?
    Swipe right every time…
    No matches every time…😭

  6. Ok, so this is something I totally don’t understand…….
    when a girl swipes right and likes you on Tinder, and then you start messaging each other, or even she starts by messaging you, and then you try to set up a date with her, why does that offend often them?
    I just don’t get the thinking of girls sometime……
    it’s like it’s creepy for a man to even say hi…….. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. Can anyone explain how the last tinder message was funny? Cause I don't get it. The others I got but not the last one

  8. Ellen, I have a problem. You know the app. Truth finder? Well I em,looked myself up…. I just want to say I'm a alcoholic… More should they portray me ad other. Been called a Peter file on
    Their site.. Not true!!¡!
    Held in shame.

  9. I found my soulmate and the love of my life on Tinder, she was living five minutes away from my home for years and I didn't know…

  10. Who likes that last one?:

    I’m from Phoenix, tell me about yourself.

    Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

    What town are you from?

    Born and raised in south Detroit.

    Nice. What brought you to Chicago?

    Took the midnight train going anywhere.

    Who understood that one?

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