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TikTok Offers a Huge Advantage Right Now | DailyVee 580

TikTok Offers a Huge Advantage Right Now | DailyVee 580

– Ideas and making. Ideas and making. An idea, make. Ideas and making. Come up with ideas, make it. Come up with ideas, make it. Come up with ideas, make it. I can’t even fucking say it. Come up with ideas and make it. Fuck the middle. (yelling) You got your perspective. (audience cheering) I just wanna be happy. ♪ We can get lost ♪ ♪ Baby won’t you ride for me ♪ ♪ Everybody ask why I’m so difficult ♪ ♪ But nobody take the
time to understand me ♪ ♪ Maybe if they did ♪ ♪ Then they wouldn’t have
to question my time ♪ ♪ Gotta draw the line ♪ ♪ You get no reply ♪ ♪ I been on the road too long ♪ – It’s advertising week in
New York, so that’s exciting. I’m about go give a keynote. And then a deep dive and then
later a panel with TikTok, so I’ll be around here all day so looking forward to it. Nothing much more to add,
just a day in the life. Obviously talks within the industry lead to a lot of things,
customer acquisition, customer retention, talent
acquisition, talent retention. Just giving back to the
industry as a whole. I like it. (upbeat music) – [Woman] You’re talking
to TikTok this week. – Yes. – What do you think about the platform? Obviously you’re a big believer in it. – I always get excited
about when a platform starts hitting tens if not
hundreds of millions of users. There’s actual attention on it and I’m never scared if it’s young or if it’s something else. What’s ironic is the other thing I’m most excited about
right now is LinkedIn. I don’t care that it used
to be a recruiting job board or platform or SAS product,
it now is a content hub. I get excited when something can become the next YouTube or Facebook. Whether TikTok goes on and
becomes the next Instagram or not is irrelevant to me. The ability to market right
now to Gen Z at scale is real. Now if you’re selling
concrete to 80 year olds, TikTok doesn’t have to be for you. The reason somebody who’s
selling to 55 year old women as a CPG needs to look at it is one, those Gen Z kids may influence
the purchase behavior of that 55 year old and two,
if it becomes a big platform it’s a place that you’d
like to know strategy and creative about to take advantage. Whether it becomes Vine or social code or it becomes Facebook or
Instagram, I don’t know, but it’s hit the scale
and the consciousness that it now deserves
attention and making for it to learn the strategies
and nuances of the platform that will allow you to
become a strong marketer and storyteller when it
hits your demographic if it hasn’t already. – Okay. – Hey guys, about to go give this talk. Thank you. This talk at Adweek,
but that doesn’t matter. What matters is DRock’s
film drops at noon. (laughing) – Can’t wait. – So you guys are gonna prompt the video, we’re gonna walk down– – Yes. – He’ll introduce, okay, awesome. (relaxing music) And so I do believe that
the agencies and brands that most figure out
how to actually produce thousands of pieces of
content that are relevant to the most amount of end consumers that are creating creative
not two-for-one specials, this is not D-R. Everybody want to hear
volume they’re like oh, this is good for lower funnel conversion. Absolutely not. Yes, it can work. This is brand. I mean when is this industry
gonna get tired of producing an enormous amount of expensive content that nobody actually sees? Like what commercials are
penetrating our culture? Have you ever been to a normal place and heard somebody talking about a TVC? Like the stuff that people
talk about is happening within the Internet and is
happening in all sorts of forms. I promise you way more normal people know what the Instagram egg is than any television
commercial that came out besides anything on the Super Bowl. And that’s something
we need to think about. We just need to have that conversation. I understand ideologically that’s not fun to think about from a creative standpoint, but we need to go reverse. We need to be as religious
as the great skill of writing the copy for a tweet that captures the attention of consumers that can then bridge
into a two minute video that then can be the Super
Bowl spot for that brand. We need to put that on a pedestal. We need to put contemporary
things on a pedestal. Television commercials
were completely shit on by the ad world because
radio copy was the pedestal. This is historic. This is what always happens. And this is the great advantage, this is the unlock if you’re
curious about the Gary V thing. One of the things that
is so important to me about continuously
putting out content one, clearly through my DNA I enjoy it and I want to communicate to the world no different than anybody else, but you have to imagine how
nice it feels to me to sit on top of a thousand person
global agency at scale and know deep down that there
are very few people on earth that are more of a practitioner
of creative and media across all platforms than me. I’m competing with CEOs
that have no context and that’s an advantage and
it’s an audacious statement, but there’s a lot of truth in it. I’m putting out an enormous
amount of content daily and I’m learning and
it’s built on humility. I never think I’m right, I
think the customer’s right and I just watch what
the customer’s doing. – [Woman] So what’s next then? – What I think is next is doing the things that are working right now way more. Honestly I don’t want
anything to ever change. I don’t predict and I actually don’t want anything to ever change
’cause I’m good at it. I get sad when Facebook organic goes away and I have to find the next thing ’cause I spent a lot of time
and effort to be great at it. I think the answer is more. The variable of success
once you understand the media framework that
you guys are playing in is the creative variable. Once you know that TikTok or LinkedIn or Instagram swipe ups are working the answer is more contextual creative, like how many pre-roll podcast ads are being read by
influencers on their podcast right now for your business
answer is probably none ’cause I’m not talking
about it a whole lot yet. Sprinkled in here, there. But there’s probably a thousand podcasts that you need to hand to hand reach out to and say how much would it cost for you to live read about our product. Howard Stern sold a lot of product. Listen, if you’re Dove
or if you’re Coca Cola, you want everybody in
this room to buy you. Like these brands want all of us. Nike, AT&T, Verizon, they want us all. Think about how fucking hard that is. It’s completely impossible with
a bullshit 30-second video. Completely. So now figure it out. I want all of you to buy a banana. How many things do you
think you need to do? A lot. And so we need to stop
wasting money in meetings and debating to a 30-second video and then post-production
matching luggage to that video in banner and programmatic form because the KPI is $4 CPM. Not real life, like we need a complete re-haul of this industry. And here’s the good news. It’s gonna happen anyway
because if it doesn’t happen, the brands that do the smart shit will become the biggest
brands in the world. I want to remind you
that Airbnb and Netflix and many other things
didn’t exist a decade ago in the way they look today,
so things were coming. I think we should be on, I just think of this is
one massive tidal wave and I think you have a very simple choice. Do what this industry
does, which puts its head in the sand and just gets destroyed by it or find some fucking
surf board and ride it. ♪ You may be gone but so what, say ♪ ♪ Look what I’ve become, aye ♪ ♪ Get out of my head ♪ – My man.
– Thank you bro. Just gave some keynotes,
did an interview for Ad Age, one of the leading
publications in our industry, now going to have a quick
meeting with an entrepreneur that I’ve been promising for
a long time then going back then a TikTok session and
then back to the office and make shit happen. ♪ Like
heard the sound of a gun ♪ ♪ But I was tired enough ♪ ♪ And closed my eyes for the love ♪ ♪ Don’t matter cause
it’s all over anyway ♪ ♪ The same chatter back and forth ♪ ♪ That plague my mind like every day ♪ ♪ Like how you leave a
person so worthless ♪ ♪ Just to stand in rain ♪ – Yo Instagram, check it out. Gary Vaynerchuk got way ugly. (laughing) So good, all right. (laughing) – Thank you so much.
– Awesome, take care guys. – Thank you so much, have a nice day. – Take care. Take care. Max, some of your best
buddies are gonna like have so much fun with that. Yo, what’s up Twitter? Is this dropping on YouTube? – Yeah. – Only? – Yeah. – What’s good Twitter I’m sure, I’m going to be tweeting
here, what time is it? – 11:58. – All right in two minutes, in two minutes on YouTube
I’m dropping a film that the wonderfully talented DRock made. You know what’s funny DRock? We’re hyping this film and I don’t think you started making it with like this much hype behind it. – No, I definitely did not.
– So it’s like a solid movie– – An average. – It’s like an average
movie that were hyping– – Maybe people will watch it. – Yo, my text homies. DRock just finished
off an incredible film, link in the text right now. Please go watch this, let
me know what you think. Super excited about it but most of all on this Monday in the
fall on a beautiful day you’ve gotta make a decision. – Let’s go! (laughing) – [DRock] Gary, what
are you doing right now? – I’m sending a text to all of you. We’re a part of the text 212-931-5731. I was really excited to the
point where I had the numbers so memorized that I could
drop the 212-931-5731 so fucking quick and easy. – So you’re writing a text? – Yeah, I know what you’re
trying to do like yes, every text you get for me if
you signed up comes from me. The replies, the push out,
this is literally me doing it. I just recorded it and now I’m typing. Hey guys, I made a film on YouTube that just premiered right now. So there’s 2,600 of you watching right now on live right now. I want all 3,200 of you
to go hang up right now from the live because
I’m hanging up and… – Thank you! – You’re welcome. And… Hi. Go check it out, it’s real good. I think you’re gonna like it. I think it’s gonna help a lot of you. I really think there’s something there. Please check it out, you know
we don’t hype films often. Thank you, love you, love you Instagram. Yo, what up bro? – What’s up?
– How are you? – Good.
– What’s your name? – Harrison. – Harrison, nice to meet you brother. – [DRock] Harrison, where’d you find Gary? – What? – [DRock] Where’d you find him? – On Tiktok. – [DRock] Amazing. – Of course. – Ready? – Wait, yeah. – Got it? – Thank you. – Nice to meet you. – Like for example, I think the next one should be about competition. I never talked about it. It’ll be a challenge to find shit, like I believe being competitive
is an incredible advantage that in our times of
2019 is very balanced, it’s why I care about
eighth place trophies, if you eliminate the goal, but I also think the world has abundance. Like I want to destroy
everybody’s face in there, every agency, but when somebody else, if Max have an agency and it beat us or it won the business
that we were both going for in Adidas I weirdly am happy for him even though I’m sad for me, because I love merit. I love the game is the game. Like don’t fuck with
competition, let it be pure. Don’t demonize competition. Win at all costs is right in
the framework of business, but not in life like I’m not
gonna try to hurt Max’s life, but in business I’d be like he sucks. Like you know? It’s kind of that whole thing, so I think competition’s
something I wanna talk about. – Why do people blend competition? Why isn’t it pure? – Well people with power
try to change the rules. To me like I don’t try to like break, when I get old and have money I’m not gonna try to change the tax law, because I’m tired and I’m
scared of young buck killing me, ’cause I’m killing old buck right now and I should be killed. That’s what I love about like nature. I love that the old lion
that killed everybody, when it’s his time, gets killed. And that’s where people fuck
up capitalism and competition. They try to change the
rules when they’re finished. I have no respect for old lions trying to change the rules of the jungle, because they wanna keep eating. It’s time for them to die. Love that about sports. LeBron’s not going to be able to continue doing LeBron in 12 years. I love the purity of competition
even at my own expense. But I think it matters. I also think we need
to really respect like, right now we’re in a era
where one could demonize alpha competitive, you know like oh no. I think balance is everything. Everything I talk about
is extremes on both sides and really I don’t use the word a lot. It won’t show up in my in my word cloud, but almost everything I’m
actually talking about is balance. A balanced conversation around competition would be a really healthy one. Anyway nonetheless, that
was obviously a rant, could produce some
content but once a quarter and then the other thing I want from you I thought about this weekend
is I want you to make things on the spot when I fucking feel ’em. – Like if you’re on stage– – I can have both of them. I can have my cake and eat it too. You’re there, you’re like
doing this new thing. I want to make sure like
when we have a real moment and we all look at each other I just want to know that’s
been made the next morning. ♪ Gas station pop and cigarettes ♪ ♪ I like you lots babe, I’m a mess ♪ ♪ I be lying out a lot
when I feel stressed ♪ – Tell Andy and Sid and Katie, let’s get a mix up
people, some new people, four people, nice little mix. Call Andy, let’s get a four
person, five person mix, I want them to go live on LinkedIn and talking to my audience
about the film without me there since they can go live on LinkedIn. – Yeah. Here’s Gary. – Andy can you can get five people, a diverse group of men and
women, all kind of creeds, and do a LinkedIn live
right now about this film and say Gary just called
us and told us go live about this film, here’s how we made it, here’s we thought about it. He’s not live because LinkedIn
isn’t live on mobile yet, but he wanted to get out about it. The link to the film is in here. He wanted to get behind the curtains because he hopes it inspires some of you to make a film for your company. Bye. (DRock laughing) Ideas and making. Idea, call, make. Ideas and making, that’s it. Ideas and making. Ideas and making. An idea, make. Ideas and making. Come up with ideas, make it. Come up with ideas, make it. Come up with ideas, make it. I can’t even fucking say it. Come up with ideas and make it. Fuck the middle. (upbeat music) I have to give this talk about TikTok with one of the senior
executives from TikTok. Should be fun, right? I mean you guys have
seen the manifestation of the beginning of TikTok conversation. And I get the details
from both the platform and my perspective in
a super-rad auditorium so looking forward to it. (audience applauding) IMAX life. I mean it’s– – That was very profound. – It’s historically correct. All that TikTok for me, being the first brand
to go heavy into TikTok that is targeting that demo, because I still don’t fully
know where the demo is, but let’s just say skews younger for now, is no different than Procter & Gamble being the biggest spender on television in the 50s and 60s because
that was the arbitrage or Wish, the shopping app,
you probably knew this. I mean this is what Facebook executives joke about all the time. There’s all these companies and LLCs that nobody’s ever heard of spending uncomfortable amounts of money and Coke and BMW are
spending a third of that and everyone’s confused
to what’s going on. To me if you’re selling to
15 to 25 year-olds anything and you don’t have an
uncomfortable strategy, uncomfortable is a slang term for all in, creating everyday at scale on TikTok, you’re missing one of
the great kind of moments and the shit can go away. And still goes with you. One of things that I’m always
fascinated by is people like well Gary, what if it
goes away in three years? I’m like you take the
brand equity with you. There was a lot of people who
built a lot of brand equity on Vine and when they started
creating on Snap or Instagram, the audience, a percentage of it went. I don’t know why everybody’s so literal. You’re so happy to mark it on
Super Bowl or on television or an outdoor, that goes away too, but there’s something
ideological in the system that has this sad feeling that
it might turn into MySpace. My preference is that they all die, because that means the attention is moving and it will always benefit the quickest and the people that are most
willing to play that game, which is my most comfortable game. I love having debates with
people about the past. The past is always people’s
vulnerability to the current and definitely to the future. (electronic music) What’s up vlog? You know obviously we’re
doing a better job now so I’m just gonna take the camera. Max is having a weird day
’cause he was told that he’s not as good-looking as
me by me, so that was good. DRock’s probably going through
his own set of emotions because the films out and
he’s probably deciding what he likes and doesn’t like. I’m never really sure
what Jason’s thinking. That’s just kind of how it
is, but it’s always good. Feels warm and happy to me. Anyway. Avi, how’s traffic? – Looks good, 10 minutes. – Good, so it’s 2:11, 10 minutes. I’m getting nine minutes
back, it’s a good day. Give me those fawking nine minutes. – [Max] Fawking? – Fawking. It’s fawkers. You know it is the truth. Great content always wins. (DRock laughing) It’s just true. – [DRock] I’m laughing out of agreement. – 100%. You can have the best
mic, the best slides, the best auditorium, you’re
not gonna beat my talk. And I’m gonna do it on a
cardboard box, a fucking sidewalk. I did a thousand episodes of
Wine Library TV with no audio. No lighting, none. All 1000 episodes of Wine
Library are done a camera– – [DRock] A handy cam. – Whatever the fucking camera
picked up, no lighting. Fucking everybody went out made
highly produced wine videos, everybody was gonna take
me out with production. Pfft. Production never beats story. – [Max] Why? – ‘Cause the story is the punchline. Now production can add to
the story like “Avatar” and “Star Wars” is fucking
amazing but don’t get it twisted. That fucking story matters. You don’t think there’s
been highly produced Hollywood fucking movies made with those great fucking cameras too that suck shit. “Waterworld” fucking sucked. (upbeat music) – [DRock] Gary and Andy, a different Andy. – Hey, I know it’s a lot. We come from Jersey Island and you’ve affected our whole pathway. – [DRock] Can you get out of the elevator? Guys, guys.
– That’s awesome. – A lot. – That’s amazing. – [Andy] We’ve built an
environmental curriculum for kids. – Yes. – [Andy] And we just
come out the brain room for the last two years
and we’re just here– – [Woman] Hustling. – I understand. Such a pleasure. So nice to meet you,
yeah have a great day. Take care. Here, just take this for now brother. – What’s going on guys we
just got back to the office, full afternoon of meetings, Monday, got a lot of work to do, let’s get it. – Text me three or four
nights in New York. – Yep, I’ll put it together. – Ferg, tell ’em. Tell ’em. – Yeah, “Floor Seats” out right now. Talk to me nice or
don’t talk to me at all. I gotta get you back in the studio. – Let’s go! (laughing) All right, I gotta get
back to this meeting. Hey everybody welcome to a very special episode of the podcast. My friend Jimmy is here, we’ve met for a 100th of a second so we’re going right into this ’cause I’m excited about this. Jimmy, I think it’s gonna
be really fun for everybody, please tell everybody why
the fuck you are here. And more importantly, actually what I’m actually asking
Jimmy is how did you get here? Remind everybody on the opportunity. – I answered the give away that you had on the text platform. – [Gary] Mm-hm. – Went onto Twitter, used the hashtag, explained you know, I think
there’s a little bit about like you know why do you
want to be on the podcast. – [Gary] Yep. – I got a question on
the #AskGaryVee show, shit, three years ago. I’ve been doing a little bit of stuff, but not like really going
hard at it like I should be and I just put my story
out there a little bit, used the hashtag.
– Let me frame it up, because I’m gonna let
you take over from here. Everybody who’s listening, the reason this podcast’s fun for me is obviously I’ve started
doing a lot of text messaging on this platform called
community that I’m using and a couple things, one yes it’s me. Every single text, every
single time you get a reply, it’s always me. – [Jimmy] I believe you. – Thank you. That’s why I’m using audio and video. So for everybody’s
wondering, it’s always me. Obviously I’m putting out stuff
every day, every other day, every couple days, but
what I’m obsessed with is if I’m gonna put out hey,
watch DRock’s new movie or hey, sign up for wine texts. If I’m gonna be in the
right hook on a text I think unlike social I need
to be very careful there. It’s a very special
place, your phone numbers, so I’m obsessed with bringing values. So I’ve decided that for
everybody who signed up for my text messaging
platform it’s gonna be the place where I create access. – My thing is like if you’re working and you’re doing your life stuff, if you put out so much content it would literally be like the
same content every day. – I think it’s a really good question. Couple things. – Especially if you’re wanting to do something like travel, you know? – This is tremendous. This is where creativity and ideas has to be something I talk more about. So for example, when I think about a hundred pieces of content a day and this is great because it seems like you’re grounded in Twitter more than many because you were part of that era with me. I think Twitter is an
incredibly important part of the hundred piece concept. Obviously this is catching and I’m getting asked about it more, so this is a great opportunity
to create some clarity, hopefully the team clicks this. Let’s get Rogoff to write a piece, you know the hundred piece concept 2.0. I think we’re working on something, but Twitter’s incredibly important. As you know one of the great
things about Twitter is it’s trending topics and
the ability to reply to it with retweeting and adding your two cents or typing original thoughts. So for me one of the things
that really stands out is if I was asking the normal
quote-unquote person to produce 100 pieces of content a day, I guarantee you that I’m
probably subconsciously thinking that 50 of those are Twitter. You can write, you can retweet
and add your two cents, all of a sudden you’re kind of there. The other thing is I don’t think people understand document versus create. I think people think you need
DRock or Jason following you, or Dustin following you around. I think it’s just taking a picture, like I see content right here. Like I see content and this
is probably my strength, I see content in everything. I think you should take a
photo of us talking right now and tweet it and be like holy shit, I’m doing this with Gary V right now. – [Jimmy] Yeah I did, I
took one before you came in. – There’s Madison Square Garden
and like this is New York. I think there’s a lot more
content and by the way, I think that could be done
15 to 20 times on Twitter, Instagram stories, and
TikTok without any cost to the preciousness,
that is the main reason that everybody can’t make
100 pieces of content. Taking a photo of what you
see and adding one sentence is allowing people into your world and you start creating
around common interests. A lot of people are like Gary, should I separate my business and life? I’m like I put my Jets
content in all my content. I put my garage sale stuff there. That has nothing to do the
marketing or the business running like I think it’s there, but I do think it’s a strategy mindset and I think everybody
thinks this is useless and nobody would care and I think you should let them decide. ♪ Gas station pop and cigarettes ♪ ♪ I like you lots babe, I’m a mess ♪ ♪ I be lying out a lot
when I feel stressed ♪ ♪ I know I probably sound so pessimist ♪

100 thoughts on TikTok Offers a Huge Advantage Right Now | DailyVee 580

    1:20 – Thoughts on TikTok
    3:20 – Advertising Week Keynote
    5:00 – The Garyvee unlock
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    8:00 – Fun banter
    12:00 – Merit-based competition is good
    16:30 – TikTok @ AdWeek
    19:30 – The importance of storytelling
    21:00 – Podcast with β€œPick Me GaryVee” Winner
    23:50 – Clarifying 100 pieces of content

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  21. The biggest con of Tik Tok (and probably the only one) is that you are shown only locally when you starting out. I live in Ukraine and I want to be shown to people from US. You can't do that unless you change your sim card to the US one and start a new account. When Tik Tok was Music.ly you could just change your location in the settings and thats it, you are a citizen of America for M.ly. But Tik Tok can't be fooled that way now

  22. I really loved this format that the team did for #dailyVee I love watching what Gary does throughout the day. You can see he is consistently pushing out content and is always on the move.

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  24. But what if I don't have anything to sell, I just create vids on tik tok, some of them strike some of them don't. Does it mean I'm missing out on a moment? Is there a space for a personal brand?

  25. Ommg! I Admire U ❀
    Everytime I see you I feel so motivated & Ready to get out of my comfort zoneπŸ’ͺ
    THANK U So Damn MUCHH ❀❀

  26. I love and hate that it took GV making a whole video about it… after all the ads and all the hype, for me to realize there was opportunity there.

  27. I commented on one of your videos about 6 months ago asking your opinion on TikTok … Now I see you keep quiet until your feet are firmly in the platform before spreading prosperity… can't wait to see another video about the next "new" platform I guess…

  28. That moment when the little kid said that he find out Gary vaynerchuk on tik tok… Really makes me feel how amazingly Gary is Right about all the stuff he said!

  29. Beautiful content

    If you looking for new music from South Africa – please check my stuff out


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