This Video Will Make You Cry.

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This Video Will Make You Cry.

This Video Will Make You Cry.

My mom would be at all my sporting events. Let’s say I was playing football, ok? My mother would be on the sidelines and if the play on the field would start
going one way, my mother would start going like “MIKE, GET EM! GET EM!” And I’d be like, “Oh, my gosh.” I’d get in a huddle with the other guys, they’d go, “Mark, is that your mother?” I’d go, “No, I never saw her before in my life.” See, the greatest gift my mother ever gave me? – she believed in me. I have overdosed on drugs on 3 occasions where I should have been dead. But I believe I was kept here for a reason You show me your friends, I will show you your future. How do I know this? I hung out with losers, and I became the biggest loser of them all because I gave
up everything I dreamt about as a little boy because of who I chose to surround
myself with. My friends would drive me home at around 2, 3, 4 in the morning. We’d be drunk and high, laughing in the
car. We’d pull up in front of my house and they’d go, “Mark, Mark.
The lights on.” I’d go, “Oh man, my mother’s up.” See, my mom wouldn’t
go to bed until she knew her son was still alive. I’d walk in she’d say, “Hi Mark,
how was your night?” I’d go, “It was good Mom, I’m tired! I’m just gonna go to bed.”
She goes, “Mark. I haven’t seen you all day and all night. Can I please talk
to you.” I says, “Man, just leave me alone. You bug me.” I’d slam my bedroom
door. On the one person who believed in me. I was on a world wide tour when we
were wrestling overseas in Japan. After my wrestling match I went upstairs
in my hotel room and I fell asleep. There was a knock at my door at 3 o’
clock in the morning. I got out of bed and looked through the safety window
and I could see, it was a Japanese promoter. So I opened the door and he
says, “Mark, you need to call home. There’s been an emergency.” I went and
got on the hotel phone and I called back to the United States and I says, “Hey,
what’s going on?” He said, “Mark, I don’t know how to tell you this.” I said, “Just
tell me, what happened?” I almost started crying and they go, “Mark, I can’t tell
you.” I said, “Just say it.” They said, “Mark. Your mother died.”
I just threw the phone down. I ran out of my hotel room. I took the elevator to the lobby and when the doors
opened up, I just ran down to the street. I mean, there was no cars, there was no
peoples. 3 o’clock in the morning. And I walked down to the middle of the street
in Hiroshima, Japan and I remember looking up and just saying, “Mom. I am
so sorry.” I flew home for her funeral, and I was so nervous to walk
up to her casket so I just stood way in the back. And I kept looking from a
distance, thinking to myself, Mom, please wake up. Please get up.
And then I finally got the nerve to walk up to her. And as I got closer, I could
see my mom for the first time. I mean, she was so beautiful. She was dressed in
white. I mean, she looked like an angel. And I just stood over her and I said,
“Mom. You are my hero. Everything I am and everything I hope to be was
because of you. You loved me so much you gave me a life. You’re the only one
that ever believed in me.” How’d I repay her? By getting drunk, by getting high,
by getting stupid, by hanging out with losers. For what? All she ever
wanted to do, was talk to me. I wish I could talk to you now, mom.
I wish you could see what I’m doing. Why couldn’t I have been a better son?
We are defined by our choices. but if you surround yourself by people
involved with drugs and alcohol and pills. It’s a dead end. I’m not here
to preach to ya. I’m here to tell you I lived that life. It leads to broken
hearts, broken relationships, broken dreams and death. For what? To get
high? If you have a mother or a father when you go home, tell ’em how much you
love ’em. See, my whole life was about being rich and famous. I had to be a
millionaire. I had to win the race. I had to win the race at the expense
of my marriage, my family, my friends. For what? To be all alone in the world?
I learned what is truly important. And that is, how precious this gift of life is, and our families, and how
quickly it can be taken away. See, I now longer live in time, I live in the
moment. See, it’s not what’s in your pocket that matters. It’s what’s in your
heart that truly matters. Love. Love is just a word. Until
somebody comes along and gives it meaning. You. You’re the meaning. Subtitles by the community

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  1. Hit like if you love your mom💙and watch the next "This will make you cry" video:

  2. I didn't cry from the video but, I did cry when my dog past away. My dad try to give him medicine but he didn't want it my dad know that. "Even if he live he'll die no matter what, he doesn't want to leave the one he love, we just have to let him go." My dad said,"It will hurt and painful to cry when no one there, but at least we love him with a happy smile he doesn't want us cry he want us to be strong and try to get a happy life." That what I put in my diary it mostly have blank pages, but this was the first one I wrote.

  3. I just guess I’m stone cold I didn’t think this was dark i mean my dad lost his sister then his mom I saw her die then his dad hopefully his brother doesn’t go

  4. I cried and my mom heards it….then she came into my room and ask me "is there something wrong sweetie" she said…..and then i hug her and said "I LOVE YOU MOM PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME!"….after that my mom tears started to drop and then she said "I would never leave you I will always by your side no matter what" me and my mom hug really tightly…i said in my minds "you ARE my hero MOM"

  5. I love my mother but i cant save her. Shes about 43 now, alcoholic and a drug abuser too. Im only 15. I dont know what to do. And she doesnt care.

  6. *saw the title*
    Me: "I better not cry on that video"
    *watches video*

    Oh god did I just cry?

  7. I lost my Dad when I was 4. I didn't get to make many memories with him and I can't remember saying "I love you" to him. Every day I think if my Dad is proud of me for what I have become. I wonder i he is disappointed for the certain choices i made. When i go to school I try my dman hardest to make him proud. I just want to say Cherrish the moments you have with your family as you don't know how long they will last for.

  8. I didn't cry but I feel really bad and I learned something that I need to love my mom more and tell her that I love her everyday because you never know last

  9. Guys never stop loving your parents. They give you everything they give you love never stop loving them. If you stop loving them the will get sad. So plz do stop loving them

  10. just why is everyone making jokes about this you're actully meaning full we're actully meaning full you may not relize it but they love you idc if you like it but make sure that everyone that watches this sees this too

  11. I love my mum, she is the greatest and I thank her so much for this gift of life ❤️❤️ I cried 😢

  12. This just inspired me
    🙁 "You do not know the value of things untill you loose them"
    Wow my little heart just…
    And the ending of the video tho !!

  13. I miss my mom to now i realise how importatnt she is but i cant see her for 4 years my gaurdian is evil and now i know why she always told me she loved me 😣😭😢pls help i really want my mom and har delicious icecream

  14. Me: challenge accepted I aint gonna cry

    Also me: I win cause I lost all my emotions and I have no feelings anymore

  15. I saw this a few years back when I was a little younger. I cried then. Watching it now. I still cry. I could just never imagine not saying goodbye to my parents and then finding out they passed away. It just punches me in the gut.

  16. Ummm I'm suppose to be crying rn, it's fucked up i feel sorry for ya loss 🖤but where my tears at mf😂😂😂

  17. “Mark your mother died..”

    Me: Oh no ;C *Praying for him*

    Bro: (sobbing his eyes out) h-how are you not crying!?

    Me: idk ;—;

  18. Your mom is the best thing in the world,don't let her down
    She was always by your side. So you should be by her side

  19. I watched this video before, I didn’t really cry, but when I watched it a year later, I just broke, I felt so bad and I had such a sad feeling in my heart. I’m still crying while I write this and it’s weird because I’ve never cried for years and this is the first time ever. I miss this feeling but it’s like my heart just dropped.

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