This Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Revolves Around Religion | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

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This Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Revolves Around Religion | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

This Lesbian Couple’s Wedding Revolves Around Religion | World Wide Wed | Refinery29

On our 4 year anniversary, on our drive to
Alaska, I said let’s go on a nature hike or something. We wanted to go moose spotting. Moose spotting. Which is a thing in Alaska. Ladies, romance. I got down on one knee. And I said, “Please, will you marry me? You and me forever. Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?” And she said yes. This will be our first gay wedding that we
are both attending and participating in. And then, hey it’s a gay religious ceremony, I mean it’s something I never thought was even really an option when I realized
that I was gay. We met in college. We were in the same small seminar class. And I cracked a joke when we were going around introducing ourselves and Lizzie frowned at me. So I was smitten from the jump. I wish I could say it was love at first sight. But… Nice! I like the sound of that. And then the whole day, the person I want to see the most to like calm me down when I’m feeling stressed is literally the one person I can’t see. Why don’t we just wear like cones on our heads and we can’t see each other and we just stand beside each other? We have chosen to celebrate with a religious ceremony. We are Episcopalian, and our faith is important to both of us. I think we’re breaking barriers by showing
you can be a queer identifying person and have a religious identity, that the two are
not mutually exclusive. We say in the church that marriage is an institution that should be entered into reverently and deliberately for the purposes for which it was intended by God. Check, check, and check. My oldest friend, she basically said, “I don’t believe God intended for two same-sex people to be together in this way.” That is a human interpretation, so of course, there is going to be fallacy in that. God is love and people will poison that. Grace has a religious background and she kind of understands like this balance between faith, and being a member of the LGBT community. I had to come to my faith in a very unique and trying way. I am a part of a faith group that, a lot of it, hates me for who I love. So to reconcile that, and love the same God is a test of faith that I don’t want to do again. But I had to do, so I have a really rock solid foundation. Yeah, that I think. Guys from over there, is that better? I think people will be surprised that the ceremony is so religious, because the LGBT community has been so ostracized and othered by Christians. My stomach is doing flips right now. This is actually relaxing me so much. I was like a little jittery and now I’m not. Before the ceremony, we’ll have some time at the venue, and we’re gonna do kind of a no-looking gift exchange. We’re going to use one of our good friends to exchange the gifts since we’re not seeing each other that day just so that it will be a little something from each other. Aww, it’s her tattoo on a necklace! She’s been writing me love letters since
2015 for me to read on our wedding day. Alright. This is so beautiful. Thanks. Oh, shoot. Oh, gosh! Alright…ugh. Do you want me to bring it in the room? Yeah, I guess we should put it in the room. Hi guys, I’m a mess! How’s everybody doing? How are we feeling? Our wedding day will be big. We have a lot of people coming in from out of town; we’ve written a note to everyone attending just to say thank you. Just to to say thank you and a little bit about how we know each other and how they’ve played a role in our relationship. We have 20 people in our wedding party. Some people would say having 20 bridesmaids is unconventional. Some people would say having two women getting married is unconventional. So I guess in that sense the whole thing is
unconventional. Dearly beloved in the name of God and the church, we’ve come together today with Elizabeth Capel and Grace Baldridge, to witness the vows they make committing themselves to one another according to the church. I honor you in the name of God. Now that Elizabeth and Grace have exchanged vows of love and fidelity in the presence of God and the church, I now pronounce that they are married. And bound to one another as long as they both shall live. And everybody says, Amen. You may now kiss. I think when you’re a baby gay kid you kind of experience questions of what my life would look like and would it be fun and cool and exciting like how I would see in movies because there wasn’t that representation for me. I just can’t believe we’re at my wedding and you’re all here with us! So thank you! I’m speechless, it doesn’t happen often. Thank you so much for being here, we love you all. Thank you. So I do have these moments of looking around and feeling really proud of the life we created. We did it. We found each other, and I’m proud of that and I’m proud of the life we’ve built. Give it up for the lovely couple! Thanks for watching World Wide Wed. Subscribe to Refinery29 to never miss an episode.

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  1. What was your favorite moment of Lizzie and Grace's stunning ceremony in California? Ours was the box of love letters. Share with us below!

  2. “Please will you marry me, you and me forever. Thoughts, questions, comments, concerns?” Damnnn straight forward

  3. As a Christian being told that I should hate my bio dad for being gay is the right thing to do, but i believe that god is love.

  4. Adorable couple. Beautiful ceremony. Thank you for sharing your special day. Love is love. Congratulations and best wishes.

  5. I cried watching this, I am a teenage jewish lesbian who wants very badly to get married and this really struck a chord with me. Thank you for this video

  6. I’m an athiest, but I always love when people find meaning in faith, especially when it’s a fellow queer~

  7. God is love, but He hates sin. If we don't want to become like sodom and gomorrah, then let's try learn to respect and obey the word of the Lord. We maybe happy and enjoying the pleasure of these world now, but in the end God will judge everything that we do. Godbless everyone!

  8. I’ve never understood the lack of support for the LGBTQ+ in religion. So slavery is a part of the bible to be blissfully ignored because “Other times, other customs” and “historical context” but homophobia is not? Same goes for the blatant sexism.. on which the opinions divide a lot more greatly than on homophobia though.

  9. I'm a straight woman but I love grace eyes she is really handsome and charming women everdseen my life

  10. Congrats Grace! I've been watching you since your Pop Trigger days and have always thought you were a hilarious, charming human.

  11. When the priest put the vestment with the embroidered cross over them — binding the two as one in the Christian tradition — that part ended me. So beautiful. "There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." (And for our friends of other faiths, or no faith — you are also equally respected and loved). 🙂

  12. God didn't bless this marriage. He was sad at two of his beloved creations going against his design and natural order. No more sad and angry at when I lie or get angry, but more importantly, no less. Sin is when you fail him. Repentance is when you hate that you failed him and recieve his forgiveness and grace, and turn away from your sin. This does not look like turning away.

  13. I've had a crush on Grace for ages. Lizzie is a lucky gal, they make a beautiful couple!

    Also, I'm an atheist but I wholeheartedly support others in the LGBTQ+ community to embrace their religion despite the supposed dichotomy between the two.

  14. Hey, God bless you guys and everyone reading this. God is love. Love is love. Don’t let mean spirited comments and hate get to you.

  15. 💙💙🚔❤❤
    Lesbian Love, is best than Lesbian sex .
    Love, is happniss , Love is more Healthy.
    Love and sex , both , are healthy , but , Love is more Healthy..
    Male Gay , is the same .
    But men are focus in sex more than love .
    I thing , they are have less love , and more interesting in sex..

  16. God is Love…. and you guys exemplify and radiate that love…. it’s all good and it is all God. Much respect and love for showing that to live this very human existence, we all need to look above and have faith and hope and love to get us through. If we are lucky, you can surround yourself and can be embraced in God’s gifts.

  17. Congratulations on finding true love, your wedding was beautiful! The two of you seem like great women who truly deserve happiness! My wife and I are bringing together lesbian couples, who like you, have found love and have made a lifelong commitment to building a life together. We are hosting a lesbian couples retreat in Puerto Rico, and would love if you were apart of it! It will be a select group of 6 couples coming together to relax, rejuvenate and build even stronger relationships.
    Please email us ([email protected]) if you would like to join or learn more about the retreat!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  18. God never left us or hated us . mankind did… So glad that this video shows u can be a Christian and marry the love of ur life… Congrats and stay close to God n love n respect one another forever.

  19. God IS love, but that doesn't mean He's ok with the sin. I'm a lesbian, but have not falling into the fleshly desire for over 5 years. It is very clear that God finds the sexual act of the same sex as an abomination.

    I don't like that God sees it like that, but I also want to obey His command. We will not always agree with our parents, but will obey their rules. I love my Father in Heaven and I don't agree with His rules, but I will obey Him. The reward is great AND eternal.

  20. God united only man and woman.
    The gift of LIFE only happens between MAN and WOMAN.
    Jesus Christ has mercy on these people.
    They simulate happiness, but they are sad and empty people.
    If you do not repent, eternal damnation in hell, lake of fire and brimstone.

  21. If your a Christian and struggling to comprehend this just remember some God is better than no God at all . let us be happy she knows Jesus and is sharing her walk with him . I like this perspective knowing there are so many LGBTQ people who struggle showing faith and there sexuality . and always remember Christians their more you judge the less room you leave to love well .

  22. God made us and we made god ….it goes hand in hand .god is nothing if we r not there …he/she will b a alone person (he need us to b there ) so don't follow everything he says … sometimes it's ok to do what u want and what makes u happy.

  23. There's a fuckton of LGBT Episcopalians in my city. I'd be hardpressed thinking of an non-LGBT Episcopalian that I know. I worked at an after school program in an Episcopalian church and the clergy there were LGBT. 💖

  24. They are an excellent example of how being gay or lesbian or anything other than straight does not mean that you hate god or the church and that religion can mean something to anyone and everyone.

  25. This makes me so happy to see. I'm a very religious Christian and my girlfriend is very religious Muslim, and we both are able to have our beliefs and be a part of the LGBT community. I'm so happy for them, even though this was a while ago

  26. I'm ashamed to say that I used to see lesbian couples and feel disgusted and laugh. Seeing this video now, after learning more about the LGBT+ community, I actually cried. It is so beautiful seeing these women express their love for each other. Thank you for showing us the beauty in different types of love.

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