This is what a Mensa IQ test looks like

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This is what a Mensa IQ test looks like

This is what a Mensa IQ test looks like

I have personally never taken an an IQ test
and that’s because I never had much motivation to take one I kind of feel like I have an
idea of my own strengths and weaknesses just through experience and I never saw much value
and having this measure just try and tell me what I’m good at at today we’re going to
have a look at an IQ test and IQ tests are supposed to be things that you can’t study
for and your results should sort of be the same no matter what stage in life you’re at
it is my personal opinion that if you come from a mathematical background maybe you will
fare better on one of these test just because the nature of them seems to involve a lot
of like pattern recognition with things like rotations Reflections Transformations the
same kind of things you might get really familiar with if you’re doing a lot of geometry stuff
and Math but regardless though this video im going to show you how a lot of these problems
are supposed to be worked out and maybe that will provide a few little tricks on how to
identify patterns now mensa is an organisation that I guess is for people with really high
IQ so to get into mensa so you need to have scored in the top 2% of the population on
a supervised IQ test one that’s officially recognised I’ve heard that people in mensa
come from all walks of life some might be academics and some might have more ordinary
jobs and the organisation is not supposed to discriminate against anyone and they say
on their website that they identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity
maybe that sounds a little bit pretentious I’m not sure but today we’re going to have
a look at something that is a test from the New Zealand Mensa Society from their website
and the link will be in the description this is an example of test that people would need
to take to get into Mensa and it’s supposed to give an idea of you know what kind of questions
you could expect this test is supposed to take no more than 20 minutes and maybe you
want to have a little try yourself by following the link before I start explaining some of
the answers this test starts off with some letter and
number based questions but it says that this type of questions are being phased out so
we’re just going to look at the more visual questions and I have already tried the test
for myself and had a look at their answers they provide so im giving you insight into
how you’re supposed to solve these I’ll have time to go through a few in every section
but I won’t be solving every problem here. for the first one we are being asked to pick
the most logical picture from the right to continue the sequence on the left so we need to look at this and setup some
pattern thats happening. At first glance they look like 3 random different shapes and you
might be tempted to just randomly pick an answer that you feel looks good sitting next
to those. But try to look at the properties of the shapes, what’s actually going on. One
property of shapes is the number of sides that is has so here we have just 1 side or
1 line, this shape would have 2 sides, and this 3. so that gives us a pattern of one
two three then we should look for a shape with 4 sides and there’s just one of those
C A kind of has four lines coming out of the centre but it’s actually their number of sides
not lines coming out of the centre otherwise 3 wouldn’t fit so that gives us C. looking at Number 10 try to figure out what’s
staying the same and what’s changing throughout see if we look at this we see this line on
the bottom look like a bit of a clock the little hand down here is staying on six and
this hand is moving around counterclockwise around the clock meaning that by the time
we get to the next in the sequence we’d expect this hand to still be on the bottom and this
one will have moved to be straight so that would give us B. number 11 shows that sometimes
you need to sort of pick a reference point and this case it is establishing that the
centre of the image and lines coming out of the centre are what we’re going to care about
so in the first time we have two lines coming out of the centre and the next one 3, 5 what’s
a pattern between two three and five well this increases by one this increases by 2,
we would expect increase of 3 so it is something with 8 lines coming out of the centre and
D gets us that answer. number 11 when I did on my own I got a different answer I was thinking
that we’re adding this v-shaped on every time see we added it here and we added it again
here. If we added a v-shaped on to this one you get C but the answer that they get is
D and I agree that’s better way to do it. The rest of these problems are very similar
you just looking for like slight changes in always that these pictures evolve that’s consistent
sometimes different elements in the pictures evolve differently to other elements like
for number 12 we have a L which is going around the outside of the square counterclockwise
so we expect to end up with a shape like that in the next one and that sort of independent
from what’s happened to the shape in here which is that and like number 9 the shape
is increasing in side one every time so we’d expected Square in the next one and a square
and a line like that that would give us D on to the next page we have a few more of
those examples and then we have complete the best analogy of pairs by choosing to pictures
two pictures from the right so this means that were saying like a triangle is to something
as a square is to something else we need to establish a rule that links these two objects
and also links these two objects in this case again it’s to do with the sides of the shape
so 3 sided shape is to A a square as a Square is to a pentagon have both increase the side
of the shape by one in each of these examples. 20 there could there be any number of ways
that lives these shapes but we can look at the answers to get an idea of what’s going
on so in the answers we have a rectangle shape and a square but there’s only one of each
of those so that kind of seems like it won’t be consistent because whatever happens here
needs to also happen here what’s similar is that B and C are both triangles types shapes
and how could they relate to these well the little dash that’s in the middle this one
has a vertical dash this one has a horizontal dash so if the rule is that the rectangle
turns into a triangle and the dash stay the same then it would make sense for B to go
here and for C to be here. the next section is more analogy of pairs
except this time they actually give us the rules that they give us enough to work out
the rule without referring so much to the answers to do that then we just need to apply
that rule to find out one missing shape. In this first one I think this one’s quite easy
what’s happened between here and here well what happened is this dot has gone missing
in the middle so if we apply that here if we take away this little square in the middle
we end up with D then we look at 25 we see that sometimes a
familiarity with angles and rotations can help us out so between here and here you can
first of all see that these arrowheads seem to get inverted so this is what we are working
with in the end. if you invert these little arrowheads looks like we want either B or
D but how do we work out which one of these well have to figure out what rotation is happening
here and apply it in this case. This little dash helps you know which way it’s been rotating
and actually it’s going 90 + a little bit more it’s 135° for me being able to store
that number of 135 in my head when im starting to think about this helps me out and if I
didn’t know know how angles work in a circle maybe I’d find this a little bit trickier
but if we do 135 degree rotation on this answer here we’d be going this way will be 90 + a
bit more we would end up like this with our little arrowheads like this and then if we
invert them which looking at this means taking them from being out to pointing inwards we
would actually get B this next page here is about completing the
patterns on these grids we’re trying to find the blank space and then sometimes they’ve
kind of blacked out one of the spaces I guess to make it trickier to find the pattern the
first one seems quite obviously to be like this which is going to be B and then pretty
much all the rest of them have the same sort of pattern first of all look for shapes that
are similar between rows and columns for example rectangles circles squares and then down here
circles squares triangles there’s often rules that link all the columns all rows back some
common theme in this example were going to be expecting a square down here to complete
that row’s rule and then what colour is it going to be well we’ve only really got full
information on this middle line and I looks like there will be 2 white and one back so
we can expect this one to be white cos we’ve got a black here and a white here there is
only one answer which is a square that is white and that would be D very similar for the next 2, 31 maybe slightly
trickier we have to isolate each element here so we have shapes lines and then little symbols
looking at the shapes we’ve got circles squares triangle so we’d expect a square in here.
let’s look at the lines now between this one and this one we have going on a very small
rotation look like a 45 degree rotation of this line so 45 and that’s consistent between
these two as well it’s another 45 min between this column in this column it’s no longer
a 45 degree rotation now it is 90° ok and that’s seen down here too these lines flip
90° so we can expect a 90 degree rotation between these lines and here that would give
us some lines like this now we need to look at the little symbols and between this column
in this column from looking at the square and the star looks like the shapes are moving
clockwise around the corners and they move one spot at a time however that changes again
between the second and third columns and we see that the shape now moves and advances
two corners at a time so it advances all the way down to here we see that as well with
the circle goes to here so if we advance the star two places 1, 2 we expect our star up
here that would give us answer C some of these visual patterns I feel like
can be slightly overwhelming to first look at because it seems like there are so many
random moving parts but try to isolate you know each element and what it’s doing sometimes
it’s working completely independently of other elements it does seem a bit strange that we’re
using these very abstract little puzzles to try and measure a something as complex as
intelligence our world is so complex and you know we’re trying to measure our interaction
with it through these little patterns and does that mean that everything in life comes
down to just recognise patterns well maybe that is a part of it maybe if being able to
see how something involves and works out from a little bit of evidence you’ve got already
maybe that is what intelligences is that you can identify those things I guess I’m not
totally sold on IQ tests but it’s interesting to just have a little look at what they’re
asking us I guess with these sorts of test if you do well It can be a good way to make
you feel good to sort of fluff up your ego a little bit and if you do poorly then you
can always say these things are sort of subjective you know how can you measure intelligence
with a test there is a few more patterns here that you can try there’s one more on the following
page if you found it a breeze maybe you even want to try out for Mensa but I hope it was
a little bit of insight into what’s going on here and thanks for watching if you were curious about this shirt it is
some merch from blackpenredpen he makes awesome math videos and I’ll put a link in the description
to his channel and I’d encourage you to check him out you probably can’t wear the shirt
to an exam but it’s pretty cool one

100 thoughts on This is what a Mensa IQ test looks like

  1. Test starts at 2:26. I am not promoting Mensa here, I personally would not want to join the organisation. For many of these questions I could see multiple correct answers, but I'm showing the ones that Mensa recognises.

  2. Do you actually believe that a species which is provably proto-linguistic, on a planet where one cannot find even one correct grammar book,

    There there is the least bit of intelligence on the planet?

  3. As soon as I started watching I saw the “pattern” that this was a waste of my time and this is for people who have a very basic understanding of math

  4. Why tf are giving away the answers of IQ tests. Now stupid people will believe that they are intelligent after cheating on tests through the help of this video.

  5. for #11 (at 4:44), shouldn't the answer be "C"? because the pattern could have easily been the prime numbers 2,3,5,7

  6. that number 11 is wicked i was actually starting to put together the2 3 5 thing but then i thought hows there a pattern in 2 3 and 5 and then gave up and watched the answer

  7. You know triple integrals? There are people actually discussing the questions on the comments. Like 3rd grade math tests…!!! ?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

  8. Possible method to transcript the results to IQ value.
    Results of the Mensa test.

    0 to 17 Very low chance / 18 to 21 Low chance / 22 to 27 Good chance / 28 to 33 Very good chance.

    If we assume that a fully random score could be 6/33 and that is equals to an IQ of 60 (or less). And the highest score 33/33 equals to 140 (or more). We can interpolate our results using the following equation.

    X = 140 – (Y-33)/0.3375

    X = IQ value // Y = score in the test (from 0 to 33)

    The results would be:

    IQ 60 to 93 Very low chance of successfully completing the Mensa entry test

    IQ 96 to 106 Low chance of successfully completing the Mensa entry test.

    IQ 109 to 123 Good chance of successfully completing the Mensa entry test.

    IQ 125 to 140 Very good chance of successfully completing the Mensa entry test.

    Makes sense!

    This is a very rough transcription, I would add a 10-20% error, and even though it is just an approximation.

  9. I am anti violence. I liked my obessions I held so deerly. Blood type I don't want. Why Tim why do you need a college degree to get into mensa?

  10. i did the mensa test in 2010 and my score were 122 and normal iq is 111-120 so iam just a little higer, but wen you go to mensa to be testet its not only sharp and rotation its also memory , math, Logic thinking, and lagunes

  11. I PAID to take the test and was given the shittiest photocopy ever. I'm sure it negatively affected my score.

  12. This is not test doesnt mean anything. If you want to score well on this, just train it. The true intelligence is how many ideas you have, to know the right answer.

    And yes, it requires mathematical logic

  13. If this video is anything to go by, the comment section of youtube is full of < 60 IQ's jealous that they cant solve the first question of mensa

  14. I answered 29 of the 33 questions correctly, but my score was calculated to be 21 out of 33 correct. Link: Mensa New Zealand Home Test

  15. Hello there, I want to know if Rotogenflux Methods, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on speaking about this intelligence boost program.

  16. Tibees, I think you have it a little backwards. People who do well at math tend to have higher IQs. Being good at math doesn't make you better at IQ tests. You already have the ability, that's why you're good at math.

  17. Average person could prepare for this "intelligence" test and be in the top 2%, as the other 98% of population didn't prepare. ?

  18. I like how you actually think about the answers. I did the same test, guessed everything. I even guessed at the math section. I got a 165 IQ score.

  19. Seems like an eye test… they dont work because the brain reconizes shapes. With enough time anyone could ace this test. Imo iq should be a measure of how you act with the world and what it has to offer. Example: a painter seeing a vast ocean with a capsized boat from a white canvas, being able to fix anything.

  20. i did same thing with v shape on 11 (the varying thickness was also throwing me off but they clearly aren't focusing on that >.>)

    for 28 i also found that they also had one of each symbol on top which was the cross for square

    on 31 for symbols i skipped the line rotation and found the corner symbols all move clockwise one more corner from top to bottom which helped me find the answer. There seem to be more patterns that aren't all necessary to isolate an answer. But it's probably more about how quickly you can find patterns while still remembering the other patterns you already saw and then putting them together to form an outcome. Which requires a lot of memory effort, it feels like, to sort through everything…

  21. My IQ is 476 but there ain't no way I'ma gonna try that aliene test. Looks like something they found in Roswell at that "weather balloon" crash site. Thanks for the video tho. Most interesting. I got a big head.

  22. Got 26/33, my iq scores fluctuate between 115 to 150 so I feel as though it’s based heavily on the individual’s logical reasoning.

  23. I might not be a mensa member but i can see more than one answer for some of these. So whoever says a specific answer is indeed the one that is correct is narcissistic.

  24. I took an iq test some year's ago and i got 88 and recently i have decided to take another one and i got 110 i don't think IQ test's work although the IQ test i took recently was a different one then the one i took year's ago so yeah

  25. Just losers pointing out one's own “high IQ”. A psychology professor back in my college days put it best: “When someone goes on about having a 135 IQ or whatever, ask them what they're doing with it. That's what matters.” Quora  What's something that only losers brag about?

  26. I was IQ tested as a child, in middle school (don't remember why). After the test, I was put into the "gifted" curriculum (IQ 130+). When I entered college, I was invited to MENSA… went to one meeting, and never returned. It was too pretentious for my tastes. But looking back, I probably could've used MENSA to make some useful contacts. Oh well.

  27. this seems like my kind of test no memorizing anything no needing to study or learn anything just gotta figure out what the funny shapes are doin plus its multiple choice which is perfect because I hate writing

  28. The real Mensa test is different. You have many short term tests and you have only few minutes to do them. That of yours is very good one and you can practise the systems to do it. The real test doesn’t have time to go as slowly so be prepared. Well, that was the system in the 70’s here in Finland when I was tested. Anyway I’m sure you could pass the real test easily. BTW use manual Iris in your camera so the video level doesn’t pump.

  29. This is a great example of what to expect on IQ tests. For the individuals that want to get into debates on whether or not the IQ test is valid or not, I say to you, you're just trying to find an excuse for your intellectual inferiority. Really, anything above 100 is "above average" and your most likely going to do fine in life. 120 is said to be the first level of gifted from what I've read.

    All of these arrogant pompous jerks saying they score 150, 160, etc. are most likely lying. I mean do they ever show real evidence of the test they took from a real place? No they do not. The only "real" valid IQ test is one that a Dr. gives you in an appropriate environment.

  30. 4:49 1, 3, 5, 7 Primes, or just odd numbers. You drew an arbitrary dot in the center and called it 2 lines. But are two lines joined with no perceptible discontinuity, truly two lines? And the way they chose to arrange the lines seems entirely arbitrary. You can't say they are all equal length segments, either, because they drew the diagonal segments 1.414 times longer than the vertical and horizontal.

    As for the first question, I saw 2, 4, 6, 8. To a flatlander, a line has two sides. Similarly, two line segments have a total of 4 sides. Etc. Same answer, different methods.

    This is why I don't trust intelligence tests. I don't trust the people writing the tests.

  31. I remember taking one of these in middle school because I didn't do my homework and got straight F's, but I blew the proficiency test scores out of the water. The school was determined to fail me anyway and tried to prove that I wasn't smart enough to move on to the 8th grade. Scored 160 and basically felt like I didn't even know what I was doing the entire time. I thought the test was stupid, but from then on, school sucked even worse because they thought they had a genius on their hands. Didn't change my attitude, though.

  32. Hey, All of you high IQ types… Do you actually realize the difference between your 130+ IQ, and those that have, say… 75 or lower? One is figuring out how to land a vehicle on Mars, and the other is using a stone wheel, and crapping in the street… This is a reality that you may have overlooked…

  33. You know how they say you have 10 seconds to tell whether or not you like someone? Well ten seconds in I liked her, mentally, personality wise.

  34. There are no multiple answers and if you think so it mean you do not understand the pattern. I have been tested with a very high IQ and went to a private school with a gifted student program. My IQ enabled me to rise to the very top of my profession worldwide and make a lot of money. I have had a great life free of money worries and a wife of 47 years. I am not comfortably retired and all thanks to my IQ which allowed me to excel in all that I did for which I have an aptitude for. Why is it that does who do not know their IQ or have low ones seem to put down the importance of IQ when you can look at any chart of professions and easily see that high IQ people get the more difficult and higher paying jobs.

  35. The 11-th task can be interpreted as about the first prime numbers, so we shall put 7. That's why this sort of stuff is not mathematics.

  36. When I was in elementary school I was taken out of class where they said I was going to take a test. My teachers and test supervisors didn't explain what this test was. I took the test and they said I did extremely well and that I was going to be in a class for gifted students. My reaction was 'that's cool'. The gifted program was pretty cool but unfortunately it ended at 7th grade for all gifted students. They taught us alot of really cool stuff. Later I learned in order to be in the program you have to score in the top 2 percent. I guess it's cool but I've always been kinda of an outcast. I don't know my actual number but I think that is okay. I'm studying computer engineering and I'd like to get a masters degree. I don't really care about the iq test anymore because my degree is what matters to me now. I remember solving alot of these spatial problems on this test as a kid and I loved these puzzles.

  37. Bill Gates so stupid he sent circumcision knives to Africa rather than clean water- he is smart ? No an idiotic circumcised geek

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