This Is How You Can Make Money Online In 2020 With NO MONEY As A Beginner!

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This Is How You Can Make Money Online In 2020 With NO MONEY As A Beginner!

This Is How You Can Make Money Online In 2020 With NO MONEY As A Beginner!

What’s going on guys in this video today We’re going to be talking about how you can make money online in 2018 and start your own online business with zero dollars It’s not drop shipping It’s not affiliate marketing although that has something to do with it later on it’s not any other make money online method You’re probably thinking about however that it’s in front of you right now. It’s all over the internet you see it every single day It’s personal branding hate it or love it guys personal branding makes people a lot of money And I’m going to show some income results in a second so stay tuned where you can see the potential of personal branding There’s a few reasons why I’m doing this video today guys number. One is I want to show people that anyone can do this anyone can literally go out there start a personal brand and will go through my story because I’m I have a Feeling my story is going to relate to a lot of people. I’m going to go over What’s holding? You back later on in this video and how to overcome that and the second thing I want to motivate people to do that we just had 50,000 subscribers on this channel, and I’m a very very lazy youtuber I’m very inconsistent. I don’t upload all the time. I am getting bitter that I used to be very very socially awkward I still am not on YouTube as much anymore But I want to show you that you can actually get this done yourself And how much money can be made from personal branding because hey love it. It’s here to stay and personal branding There’s going to be massive and 2018 all right, so let’s jump into this. I’ll show some earnings then later on in the video We’ll talk about how you can get this done Show the potential show you how to get past those those blocks those roadblocks that are stopping you from doing this yourself First of all dropping like guys. We just hit fifty thousand subscribers, which is pretty good for someone. That’s been a lazy Youtuber so if you’re new drop alike if you’ve been with me since the start guys drop a like as we have tons more Content on the way, so let’s jump into some earnings So you guys can see kind of the potential and what personal branding can do we’ll just do a refresh here So you can have a look now? This is $55 thousand dollars u.s.. In the last 30 days now this is mostly pretty much 90% traffic from a YouTube channel to one of my courses a Fifty-five thousand is not is not a lot compared to what some people making online This is kind of at the low end scale for me. I suppose it really depends my incomes Up and down online sometimes I get lazy sometimes I don’t but this is the last 30 days from mostly YouTube traffic And I’d haven’t even really use my YouTube to promote my course a lot I just sometimes mention it in videos And then also the power of personal branding guys a lot of people hate people that do personal branding But at the end of the day come on guys you know personal branding can make money because you’re helping people this is and Three months I think it was on the when I launched one of my courses one hundred sixty fifty thousand dollars just on the launch This is what North elites know nothing This is just from some emails and posting an Facebook group, so as you can see guys personal branding is pretty powerful and you can make money from it and 2018 is going to be a very very big year for personal branding So it’s a good idea to get started if you want to get into that Now how much money do I make from YouTube itself? I can’t actually tell you I’m talking about ad revenue It’s a ranges between around about fifteen hundred to two thousand two hundred per month It really just depends on how much my post and stuff like that So I don’t know the I don’t know if that’s a lot, or I mean that’s pretty good I suppose for a channel of fifty thousand subscribers, but I’m not really 100% sure I don’t worry about that too much alright And then there’s also Affiliate commissions if you want to know how much I make from that there will be a video and the link below go and check That out after this video it shows you all of my affiliate earnings from my Personal branding stuff alright pretty cool stuff there now the one thing I want to kind of crush right now guys Is everyone thinks you need to have a good camera you need to be on camera you don’t okay? if you want to be on camera all you need is a cell phone if You don’t want to be on camera You don’t need to be on camera, so this is my channel here all of my first videos guys I wasn’t even on camera, and they have thousands of views my talking sucked. I sucked at talking everything just sucked But because I was providing value people liked my content people still signed up to my email list I still built a community From the content. It’s not about you like you on the camera It’s about the value you provide so one of my first videos and actually guys stay tuned So I’m actually gonna tell you how I got all these views how to get lots of views and lots of subscribers alright So what I actually did was on my first video here. I was on camera, but I used my cell phone We have our cell phone every single day YouTube is about documenting what we’re doing and it’s exactly what I did I Did a video on how I get traffic to my blog. I simply shared that online and blow up I’ve got quite a lot of views in the fields like a couple of months And I did that with just a cell phone guys Nothing else and even then you don’t even need to be on camera if you don’t want to That’s the thing I thought to myself I have to be on camera I have to do all this crazy stuff and these two these are my two first videos right I Thought I had to be on camera and I was like man. This sucks. This is hard, and I nearly gave up I nearly gave up two took me so long to do these videos then you’ll see the rest of my videos guys I wasn’t on camera apart from these ones. I wasn’t on camera because I thought I don’t need to be on camera Why? Why why do I need to be on camera so if you’re one of those people that you? Haven’t done. This well. You’re not doing this because not being on camera. I’ve because being on camera is stopping You don’t let that stop you. Okay go out there right now after this video start a YouTube channel effect I challenge you to go and do that okay Go and start a YouTube channel, and or even a blog or something and start to build up a community now Here is someone here miles of Bickler He does every single one of his videos guys from a mobile cell phone every single one of his videos He’s built up a personal brand worth thirty eight thousand followers and quite a quick time quick amount of time And he just does all of his videos via mobile phone. Here’s another one Joaquin a friend of mine Started as YouTube channel one month ago currently at four hundred and sixty thousand subscribers. That’s quite good for someone Just started in a month now that this thing about um You should as it works and levels so what happens is once you hit 1000 subscribers Your videos start to get shown more once you have 10,000 your videos start to get shown more on YouTube and then 20,000 the more subscribers you get the more your content gets right around The internet that that’s how it works with YouTube because the more people that engage with your content All right, so once Joaquim had some a thousand. He’ll start to get followers quite a bit quicker Here’s another guy guys, and this brings me to how to actually get views to your YouTube channel all right I’ll tell you in a second so this guy’s called Ryan He makes around about ten thousand dollars per month from his YouTube channel And what he does is he goes out there and actually replicates other videos that are doing really well And he does his own version. Why would why you will never get rich and two weeks? They’ve got over 450,000 views and make sure gonna be doing my own version of this soon He found another video very similar that was getting a lot of views and into his own version And he’s getting crazy amount of views That’s how you got and get views guys you replicate other videos that are doing very very well And you do your own version of that okay? That’s how I go out there and build do videos as well if you see from a lot of my other videos so these ones Aren’t actually the first on the scene to do these, but make money online with Instagram I’ve did my own version of someone else’s video the Tai Lopez scam I did a another version of someone else’s videos, and that’s how I got tons of views alright, so you can see the potential Now this is where I get most of my traffic from suggested videos and YouTube search So suggested videos is basically what I Ryan’s done here He’s gone out and done a video very similar to another video. You know people watching that video. They’re gonna suggest Ryan’s video Okay, that’s how suggested what our views work, and then YouTube search you go and rank for keywords I think for instance I rank for something like how to make money on Clickbank I’m pretty sure I’m first Yeah, so my video is first how to make money on Clickbank for free guys seventy seven thousand views and I wasn’t even on camera Okay, so that’s how you get the traffic That’s how you got there start your personal brand and all of that good stuff now I’m another thing you guys can do is actually start a Facebook group, which I’ve done thirty thirty six thousand members This wasn’t actually for my brand this was more for talking about many online methods However, my brand is quite strong here So that does help a lot and another thing you can do to boost your personal brand guys is actually run a blog This blog actually ran before I started a YouTube channel So I did this blog before that and um I get a lot of traffic to this blog and it’s all personal Branding which is really really cool stuff, so what can you actually do like like with your YouTube channel? What kind of income streams can you look at I was going to a slide for this? But let’s just go over right now first of all you can say your own products right that’s really cool stuff Let’s go back to YouTube real quick. You can sell your own products Second you can do a flip marketing third you can build an email list to do your own To promote your own products you can do sponsored videos if you like I don’t really do any of that stuff I don’t know much about that sort of stuff, but I get emails guys I get emails every single day with people asking me to do sponsored promotions and in fact Let’s just have a look at this video this this video right here how to make money online or shove afire 300,000 views when I first posted that guys People were emailing me saying can I put my link in the description? I’ll pay you after 50 bucks per month 100 bucks per month $200 for a week people were actually emailing me every single day asking if they can put their link in the video I asked if I could do sponsored videos for them so once you actually start getting videos rent People will contact you and ask you to do reviews on their products Ask you to do a flip promotions on their products as you do sponsored stuff on your products on their products I don’t really do much of that you probably don’t really need to I would concentrate on building an email list and I would also concentrate on either You know promoting some affiliate products later on or your own course Now the reason people kind divided with branding because a lot of people think that you know Personal branding people just go out there to make money and stuff well if you provide value And let’s say you do a video on how to create a website and you put a link in there to You know get a commission well you have the right to do that you’ve created a free quality video This you could either go and put the link of the website in there Or you could put an affiliate link and get us Commission is absolutely nothing wrong with affiliate marketing This is a perfectly good way to go out there and make money online and for personal branding guys I recommend YouTube blogs Facebook groups Snapchat Instagram you don’t want to try and stick to one platform, and it’s going to be hard to manage all the platforms But right now. I do YouTube blog and Instagram. I don’t do much snapchat anymore all you’ve got Facebook stories Things like that just in case if something happens to YouTube then you can go on your Instagram and say hey This is where I am now I’m on Facebook or something like that alright, so personal branding is really really big But I want to squash a few more beliefs guys Before We jump out of this video alright first of all you don’t need to be a super expert in your niche Okay, don’t let that hold you back You just have to know enough to do some videos and as you go along You actually start to get better at explaining things And you start to get better at doing videos and all that sort of good stuff All right trust me you’ll start to get better my first six months I was so bad at YouTube yet those videos got the most views And my worst time on YouTube my like worst video quality those got the best views okay So don’t worry about being an expert. You don’t need to worry about any of that crazy stuff alright Don’t let that hold you back. You don’t need expensive camera gear and in fact You don’t need any camera gear at all this video right now I’m just using my camera up here just for like personal branding right you see my face you see what I did there This is just kind of for like personal branding, but you can just do a video with no Camera no face. Nothing like that just slideshows. They work very very well And once again, you don’t need to be on camera which is what I’ve listed under there Okay & Seek and you don’t need any crazy camera to camera editing skills so in this video for particular I am going to do a little bit of editing just because I have to do some cuts because my phone went off had to answer a phone call before but usually a video like this guys I wouldn’t have to edit I can just go through talk about a bunch of stuff and then just throw the video on YouTube Alright now another thing. I want to talk about I should have put it here is content Do I need to? Upload all the time No way guys you do not need to upload all the time if you go through my channel my first videos I like did my first one then I waited a month I think and then did another one you don’t have to upload all the time That’s a bit of a myth some people like to do like a 30 day challenge a 90 day challenge And yes that works great for some channels I tried that I mind it didn’t work very well because people didn’t like seeing me every single day they they liked my my flow of weekly monthly That’s how people liked my channel right now if you start a channel and you want to do the 30 day challenge and stuff yeah absolutely Because that’s your flow what happens is you’re gonna get a flow through your channel in your branding, and if you change that People were going to Notice then some people might not like it and what I mean is let’s say you start a channel and you upload Every couple of months or every month and you all of a sudden you start uploading all the time it might just change things I’m not saying it will but what I’m trying to say is you don’t need to be Like really square with how you upload all the time. You don’t need to upload the same time every day You don’t need to upload the same time every week. You don’t even need to upload every week Just upload whenever you feel like it whenever you’re documenting stuff Okay, that’s the key to youtube and stuff like that all right, so you don’t need to be an expert guys You don’t need special camera gear. You don’t need to be on camera. You don’t need to be good at editing you don’t even need an init at all and You don’t need to upload all the time You can literally guard their ass start a YouTube channel right now after watching my video, and it’s free Okay, you’ve already got the camera if you want to be on camera You’ve already got the laptop or what in it if you want to do slides like this. I don’t know if you do those on On phone maybe you can all right now one other thing I do want to cover guys It’s really important as the haters. Okay. This is a very important topic Hate haters and sometimes what makes people stop YouTube or not want to start it guys I embrace the haters so much to bring them on there’s a reason why number one haters comment on your stuff and dislike and like and all that sort of stuff that counts as Engagement when haters meantime your stuff, that’s a good thing It’s engagement and boosts your videos up to the top go in there and comment and get those haters commenting again And just just like troll them so they keep commenting on your stuff, and it gives you a videos to the top this video right here Okay Where is it this video right here? how to make money online on Shopify got so much hate guys because people were like whatever this wouldn’t work This is all bullshit now look at it. It’s one of the biggest money-making methods online I was actually one of the first people to ever post about the Shopify dropshipping myth that I actually think I was on YouTube and I got so much hate and I was loving it because it got the video to the top I was actually getting commissions from Shopify and The haters didn’t realize that their stupidity and their trolling and whatever they were doing was actually helping the video That’s what got it ranked in YouTube And that’s what got a lots of views so if you get haters guys, and you will get haters Don’t worry about it guys. Let them do their thing Haters come and go okay that is jealous Cuz then are where you are okay, just let just let them come and go don’t worry about haters with your personal branding You’re gonna get them. Just let them do their thing They’re gonna help your videos boost to the top of YouTube so that’s it guys That’s how you can go out to make money online in 2018 don’t worry about any of the camera stuff and Just to go out there and like you don’t even have to teach you can do gaming you can Do if you’re fishing you can do a fishing channel you can do any anything like you don’t have to be not an entrepreneur niche You can be in any particular niche you want in fact I was thinking of doing a fishing channel recently cuz I do alot of fishing so you just go out there and just use YouTube as a Personal brand if you’re in the gaming issues affiliate products in the gaming niche You can do a gaming course maybe I don’t know but you can go out there and start a YouTube channel and pretty much anything Now before you finish us off guys some of you guys know I am bringing out a course on a fully marketing and it will include some youtube stuff so get on the VIP list If you want to get internet because I will be doing a particular discount on that I will be discounted to the people on the list alright guys to get on there I’m going to leave some more videos up here for you to check out if you wanna check out my last Affiliate marketing video where I show you my philia earnings from YouTube and things like that and don’t forget to like the video subscribe For more content, and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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