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The idea that Mark Zuckerberg who runs Facebook is a joke I mean, have you seen those staring eyes in absolute terror and that bewildered face when he’s being questioned on Capitol Hill I mean the idea he’s running a company like Facebook is ridiculous Obviously there are other forces involved here and that’s where you get your coordination from That’s why Amazon Facebook Google Twitter and Apple are all Censoring in unison because it’s coordinating towards this goal of complete control of information This whole conspiracy to enslave humanity is a psychological game Where does human behavior come from it comes from human perception where does perception come from comes from information received? Whether it’s personal experience, which is a form of information whether it’s newspaper Facebook post or whatever it’s information received Now if you go deep in the shadows beyond the politicians you reach that level of this web where they Understand a how reality works they don’t want us to know and be how the mind works how psychology works and what we’re looking at because It’s a few manipulating so many the only way that you can achieve that is by Controlling the perceptions of the many and by dividing and ruling the many as well But you’ve got to control the perceptions of the many and to do that you control information How long could you live without your smartphone You can’t put your phone down and if you do within a few minutes you pick it up again because you’re addicted to it So are you controlling that bit of Technology in your hand or is that controlling you that’s controlling? You people became addicted to Facebook and Google Became by far the biggest search engine then came the point where yes The Internet is the central pillar of human society and it’s now irreversible who you’re going to go to If not, then who you’re going to go to to get any numbers watching your videos? If not YouTube owned by Google, of course, so now we’re in a position of power and strength Now the Internet’s going to become what it was always planned to be now Facebook and Google and Twitter and Amazon are now all gonna be what they’re always planned to be which wire gate gatekeepers on the information that people can see in here and because of that human perception is increasingly being given a narrow and narrower band of Information from which to form those perceptions so perceptions are being manipulated They had to get the Internet to a point where it was the central pillar of human society the central pillar of where all our information came from the central pillar of control This is why we now have the Internet of Things where? Billions of pieces of technology everything from your fridge to your car to your telly are connected to the Internet we’ve been through a process of preparation of Getting people first of all stage one Addicted to technology that they hold whole doubles smartphones tablets that I mean that’s basically achieved I mean, you’ve got to walk through a city and you see the addiction and they’re targeting specifically the young why Because the young of today and the children of today are going to be the adults when they want to bring this AI connection in full-blown for that to happen They have to get people addicted to technology to the point where they’ll accept it and where it’s the most Natural thing in the world. I’m coming up 67. I was born in 1952. So I have a compass I know what the world was like before People being born into the world. Now. This is the world only world have ever known and So they don’t have that compass of what the world was like before but this is the world in Technology, and this is how it works. So the first stage is to get people addicted to technology to the point Where at the most extreme they’ll get up in the dead of night and they’ll will they’ll queue standing line outside an Apple store to get the first of the new technology and what they want eventually and Not-too-distant into the future is people basically lie To be connected to AI in the same way that people in Sweden now are having parties to celebrate Someone being microchipped, right? So the next stage because the idea is to get in the body. The next stage is to Get on the body so we went from just hold herbals. We went to wearables We went to Bluetooth and Google glass and Apple watches and all these other gadgets that go on the body now Even what they call electronic tattoos that are basically microchips on the skin and the next stage is to go in the body which is already starting in places like sweet and the idea is to take this on and People like Ray Kurzweil who is a Google executive I mean Google and Facebook are really at the cutting edge of this stuff people think it’s a social media Operation over the Orang a search engine, you know, no no this whole Google group now which has given the name alphabet Oh, absolutely at the cutting edge of this whole AI technology So he’s Amazon Amazon got contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars with the CIA and the Pentagon For cloud services. Yeah, they have massive data services massive Yeah, humorously so the idea is to is to take this on and what Kurzweil is saying and he claims that 80% success rate in in his predictions of Incoming technology, the sales pitch is when we connect to artificial intelligence Will be superhuman does for the sales pitches. That’s his sales pitch, right? That’s from here. He knows Alexa all these things. Yeah Well, I’ve come to them in a second. They’re very very interesting very important. Ok, so What you’ve got is the idea that connect to AI and you’ll become Superhuman intelligent. No, you’ll become sub Yuman intelligent. You’ll become a vehicle for Artificial intelligence and whoever controls artificial intelligence will control the perceptions of every mind that it’s connected to these Alexa’s and these echoes and these so-called office assistants or personal assistants you start to interact With them as if they’re human and now they’re bringing in Internet-connected toys for kids and little kids and Barbie dolls They can actually have conversations with artificial intelligence they’re now bringing in these synthetic robots that are looking more and more like humans a lot of them coming in from the east and This is a whole psychological process of Familiarizing us with artificial intelligence to getting people to interact with it until it becomes the most natural thing in the world Well, is this a positive thing? What if it makes us live better lives? Could it be well if you want to use Artificial intelligence to make things happen in a more efficient way well There’s an argument for that but that’s not an argument for connecting AI to the human brain and the human perceptual processes so that artificial intelligence Becomes those processes and I’m not just saying that Ray Kurzweil says this by 2030 the connections will be start to be made between Artificial intelligence and the human brain and the human brain will be connected to what he calls the cloud another name for this is the smart grid basically – artificial Intelligence and he says this – because he’s sales pitches. It will be fantastic. It will be superhuman that as time passes artificial intelligence will be More and more of human thinking and human perception until basically it’s the totality of human thinking human perception at which point we Won’t be human anymore. In terms of the consciousness processes. We are using today we will be Artificial intelligence and this is the assimilation I’m talking about and the point is that if you are Connecting the human mind to a grid a global technological grid That grid can be centrally controlled It will take at the center point Very very few people to run it and even fewer to decide how it’s run I I have a kind of very simple rule of thumb when people say to say to me, well, what are the areas that there are of the agenda and I say Look at anything. You cannot have an alternative opinion about Look at any subject where? To say something different from the official narrative. You’re going to get abuse you’re going to get called and not see a nest of some kind and You’re basically going to get shut down they are the key areas of the Agenda or many key areas of the agenda and there’s a see this is the whole point if I want you to believe something or I want the public to believe something and I know that what I’m saying is so utterly flawed in my justification of it That if there was an open debate where all opinions facts and evidence could be freely available And discussed I’m going to lose the debate so what I want to happen is Not going to happen because I’ll lose the debate because I won’t be able to justify it in an open debate What do you do? You don’t have the debate you shut it down

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  3. This is just fear. You beat the machine by not believing in them folks and by not participating in the wars, love n hip hop stereotypes, mass shootings, race warrior bs on all sides etc..
    It’s a war fit your minds.

    “All is mind, and the universe is mental”( what you think).
    Be inspired to wake up from the matrix 3D game.
    I’m in it but not of it.

  4. Knowledge is power, not the fake kind but…. The realistic ….proven…magical information …. Elbert…for instance… Jus know the man in this video…. Is smart cookie for sure!!!!

  5. I don't know why this turned into a religious discussion! If we are to Awaken, we must accept other people and their personal religious choice. We cannot expand pur consciousness while we are judging others. No Religion is the enemy! ..The enemy is the .00000001% who control our information/perception. Those dark leaders know that we fight over Religion/Politics and they want that. The only thing we can do is Love eachother, if we want to spread love and Awareness.

  6. What company locked on to the Ontario government this company is supposed to make us a lot of money could somebody tell me what the company is that has a deal with the Ontario government thank you so much

  7. 9K comments and not one solution? Ok keep up with me – technology will evolve regardless of anyone’s feelings BUT how it evolves can be changed. There are very wealthy and highly intelligent individuals that can create Decentralized technology that will resolve the main issue presented in this video .

  8. Young boys are the most malleable it's why arms go after them, it's why the Taliban recruited boys of late teen age. Its how Hitler got so powerful, its how genocides happen, young boys and propaganda everywhere, and it's happening all over the internet

  9. It's also why Google is basically giving away those google homes and ring doorbells so they can listen to you all the time

  10. You have a choice do not sign in or open a browser,and teach your children to get out of the house and go play,and learn to find things to do that is creative,

  11. Do not get micro chipped it is the tracking of your mind and of your going and coming,your whole life is monitored from the moment you get it,it's not a choice it's your life you are handing over along with your children's lives and grand children's lives,,,do not take a job that requires you to get chipped ,,

  12. The mark of the beast is here. The Great Tribulation is coming; those who only accept Jesus as their Master and Saviour will suffer for their faith in Christ. Be prepared and know who you are in the Messiah, and be ready to die for your faith. Surely, we're exceptional times.

  13. DARPA's Lifelog project supposedly canceled on 04/04/12. When was Facebook founded? Who is Mark Zuckerberg related to? Who were the puritans? What where the Indains thankful for? What you see is isn't reality, all of it has been scripted.

  14. They don't even know their true history. At least idiot's were being told the truth. So either drop the bomb or disclose. But end the family shit games. I don't want to go out have you noticed. Euthenasia is better than existing within your shit game.

  15. The toothless demons ruined Xmas
    Now these toothless demons started in 2013. I'm sick of your shit game. I'm not even allowed a thought am I….

  16. Technology is neutral..misuse of technology……try living on an ai hell whole….I don't even go out now. If I do toothless demons or shops hack into my head and I collapse. Now either jesus judge and ascend. Or disclose Galactic or drop the bomb….

  17. Freezing cold as well isn't it. Why is it the toothless demons….or maybe it's the synthetic telepathy. Or maybe it's the cursed objects. Maybe it's remote neural networks. Maybe it's fear. Fake evidence appearing real. Maybe it's transgender transhumanism. Maybe. It's singularity. And worse still we have two AI system opposing each other. One cares and one doesn't. One wants to see me live without aggregation. The thudder alien spies parasite game is not peace is it thug chin. Now drop the bomb …..and genocide or disclose Galactic federation and rescue me. If I could go outside and be beamed up far away from you evil ones I would. You are hell thudder …..

  18. There's nothing happy about a girl that is attacked. Is there. Xmas Eve. Brain damage . Toothless lying criminals. What time is the bus liers 6. What a LIE… was your Xmas or birthday. How's jantex…'s Singapore fangs. How's the sepsis.

  19. I am not shocked to hear about
    this. No, ist's not really a technical problem… we, the humanity was created by languages but it is not allowed and it's not possible for us to speak openly about the reality with our human friends or strangers or family. We all live in different areas, different dimensions and places. Everybody has got his own reality, secrets and everybody is lieng to others. Technology is like a main language, but even there it's fuel of secrets and codes. U must be an intelligent hacker or something like this to understand the secrets of the matrix. Try to explain reality and consciousness to other countries and people. It's not possible. There exists so much but we cannot connect and communicate to them. If someone want to knows the reality of the human matrix u must try – no, iam wrong, wait…….. No, u must live the life how it is to others. The world elite is doing anything to "teach" us reality – – – > here it s where it's get crazy : we all live in dictatorships, anarchism, Democraty, communism, liberal, slavery, free, enslaved and brainwashed, thrue, lies, censorship, cultural and religious areas. All religions in the world are packend and filled with the same truth, but nobody knows about this. Where ever you are u can digg deep to the mainstream to find out the truth. U really don't need tools like the dark net to find out some things. U can see it also in the mainstream. U can see it in the public and u can see it on the elites. Everything is a code and they are following to a codex. One example is the secret of their creation of wedding and partnerships. What are they doing? They make secret therapys but everyone is able to see parts of this what they really are do. They have created an own law and justice on their life with the husbands and womens. It's the modern Islam. There are so many same things in their ways of life like other Islamics but it's never the same of that what others are do. Imagine the world is only a filled field with married people. Man and women. What would exist there? History? Science? Peace? War? Illness? Music? Sports? Money? Health? There is always the rule of the kick out into our lives.

  20. Pathetic! They should do this to our kids and no it's not positive it's not of God anything not of him is evil Jesus Christ is Lord that's it

  21. People want to escape into that thing in their hands while they keep voting for the same people that make them want to escape.

  22. Sorry but I think that people are not the interesting deep natural beings that you are implying, most people achieve their maximum potential in life just by keeping out of trouble.

  23. Dont be scared, this is the natural way to go on, not to be killing eachothter like in the past, in the future we will be together as the same

  24. From my life experience I can say, that successful people are successful because they choosed right profession. They just make right decisions. Many of that is subconscious. In fact, scientist say that 95% of our decisions are subconscious. In order to succeed in life, person have to have right beliefs on a subonscious level. Affirmations can be very helpful in changing wrong beliefs to right ones. Affirmations really works. Law of attractions really works. I have experienced this many times. I had many opportunities to succeed but I subonsciously didn't take advantage of them. I wish you many successes. You can really be who you want. Your potential is great.

  25. People are weaker as technology go stronger! As I am 50s + growing up in processing of fast changes of this world, I feels like just relax and watching reality movies but not to be in it.

  26. Yes, I grew up without Internet. Where people didn’t know anything about the world. War happened; millions died. And I could just stand and do nothing.
    At least, now we all can have a voice as one.
    We have Internet. There is no point to use it against us. Lets us it for us.

  27. people, don't be scared, there are angels and seeds on earth, internet will change all of humanity for the better!, just get your information from your own soul, not from this platform, it will all become alright again!❤️

  28. Any time I inadvertently click on a "controversial " video I scroll down to read the comments. Every comment is filled with foreboding of things to come. It would be great if just once, people who seem to believe all the gloom and doom could come up with an alternate plan. If indeed this is everyone's reality, how will we make it benefit people?

  29. I have a question. Now all these people who want to control us make us addicted to technology and all. Even their kids will go down the same path (i don't believe they have super powers not to be addicted to internet and all) then for whom is this happening if we are doomed all of us are doomed, right? There is nothing that can save those in power.

  30. No words Greatttttttt❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


  32. So the matrix will happen in 2030 thats why i don't trust phones much i use my phone only for calling and watching you tube i like being in nature but people use their words for stupid shit like selfies or tik toks instead of improving in life and gaining actual knowledge all the things learns in school is pointless all you need to learn is counting and learning math and that simple the rest all shit you have to relearn every thing society goes what every one does there hypnotized from the first day from birth

  33. Elon Musk ??? he's obviously just another branch of NASA ! When the day comes that he announces that he needs our money for his Mars projects, TO SAVE HUMANITY…. the governments will throw money at him, all with the peoples consent.

  34. I got suicidal cause phone creates addiction> creates> stress> anxiety>mental problem> psygical problem>emo problem> last you feel you spirit died and became suicidal.

    I wish i was born in 1800 in farm or whatever. I got out of this matrix and this slavery society media, internet phone etc.

  35. Those interactive dolls was a project of Jeffery Epstein the pedophile ring master that was assassinated for exposure. And these dolls have camaras etc for these monster to monitor, and interact with your child.

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