The Web Development Process

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The Web Development Process

The Web Development Process

You want to build a website or a web app and
you don’t know where to start, or you really just don’t know who to hire, or what you should
learn to make this stuff happen. You really need four roles to build a web
app. The four most important roles here are user
experience, information architecture, design, and development, just like this. In short, the user experience person is doing
the planning along with the information architecture, who’s taking the ideas and putting them on
some kind of communication, like a wire frame or a story board. He hands it to the designer, who puts the
typography and the styles. Finally, the developer who takes all of those
ideas, all of those designs and codes it so it’s live all around the world and awesome. These are the four most important roles. I say roles because they’re not actually people. If you’re a startup and you’re just two people,
you may have to do two of these roles, or all of these roles and learn a little bit
about each of them. Or if you’re at a big agency and you have
a budget, you may have to have teams that are an entire UX team, or an entire design
team. That’s pretty normal as well. I mean you can’t do it all yourself unless
you have the money of Bill Gates, or Oprah, Oprah could probably do it herself, Mr. T,
Mr. Clean. And that’s the basics of web dev. Web dev. Web dev.

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  1. what do you mean by you can't do it all by yourself? when so much individuals are building websites on their own I'm interested in buying a course from you guys could you explain that statement

  2. Very insight full video, Thanks! I will definitely add this in my article.
    Hi! I have writtent a article which explains the "Web Development Process" with a real use-case example. Hope you will like it:

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