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The Powerpuff Girls | Super Sick | Cartoon Network

The Powerpuff Girls | Super Sick | Cartoon Network

Oh, dear! You’ve got spotted piglet fever,
all right. Spotted piglet fever? Oh, yes. I’d recognize
those symptoms anywhere. Snorting…
[ Snorts ] Sneezing…
[ Sneezes ] Red spots…
[ Pop! Pop! Pop! ] Imagining you’re climbing
Mount Everest. I’m not leaving you,
Mr. Sherpa. We’re reaching… the summit together! Okay, Bubbles,
no school for you today. Bubbles gets to stay home while I have to go to school
like a nerd? Blossom: [ Weakly ]
Don’t worry, Professor. I’ll get Bubbles’ homework
for her. [ Snorts ] [ Rumbling ] Aah! Avalanche! No! The snow — so cold! Blossom, too? Why do I have to be
so healthy and perfect? Even in normal folks, spotted piglet fever
can be pretty tough. But in superheroes,
who knows? As long as you take
this antidote every hour, that should keep
your bigger symptoms in check. All right, open up. Hmph!
Mnh-mnh! Hmm. I know what you need. Here comes the airplane. Ugh, here comes the song. ♪ Drink the antidote,
drink it up ♪ ♪ Better from a plane
than a from a cup ♪ ♪ Drink the antidote,
drink it up ♪ ♪ Better from a plane
than from a cup ♪
[ Slurps ] And now you just need a little
rest and some peace and quiet. [ Alarm blares ] Job interview today! What was that? That was Schedulebot, reminding me I have
a job interview today. But I guess I’ll have to cancel. Someone has to take care
of my little girls…
[ Snorts ] Even if that means
staying home. [ Echoing ]
Staying home. Staying home. [ Ding! ] I’ll stay home! How could I abandon my sisters
when they’re so-o-o-o sick? Well, I don’t like the idea
of you skipping school.

100 thoughts on The Powerpuff Girls | Super Sick | Cartoon Network

  1. ‘’Imagine if your climbing Mount Everest ‘’

    Bubbles: I’m not leaving you mr. Sherpa! We’re reaching the summit together!

    Me: screen record time!

  2. With everything going on between the 2003 TT and TTG. Is this going to happen next between the Classic Powerpuff Girls/PPG Z and the Newer PPG reboot? Like instead of a spin off where the PPGs have grown older and became teens. But instead we get the 2016 PPG reboot, where there’re on the same level as TTG. Until they end up with an exact movie concept of the 2 PPG universes battling? (Or 3 if you’re including the PPG Z?)

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