The Difference Between Art and Craft – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/1/19

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The Difference Between Art and Craft – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/1/19

The Difference Between Art and Craft – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/1/19

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welcome to still entitled the Adams house project and well I’m Adam and I’m
norm well hello general ads hello so calm
before the storm yes tonight for New York City oh wow New York New York City
Comic Con is this coming weekend but I’m going ahead of time to do some meetings
and to do some work and also I’m actually gonna see a couple shows I’m
going to see Darren Brown’s magic show on Broadway okay I’m gonna go see
freestyle Love Supreme a new show lin-manuel with a bunch of
friends that’s I’m very excited about that and yeah and then I come back for
like 48 hours and then my wife and I head out on there yeah on a lovely trip
we’re very excited about much this one yeah a little time off India and we fall
in New York so that’s one of the great reasons we look forward to New York
Comic Con every year fall in New York October dude if you’re lucky it’s the
one of the like the three good weeks of New York weather listen New York is
amazing in April and it’s amazing in October and it has many great days in
between but those two months of April knock Tober are just reasons to live hmm
but don’t worry we’ve shot lots of build videos of course there’s going to be a
big incognito costume walk I believe we’ve already announced us on Friday
sometime Friday New York this incognito has really kicked my ass it’s already
being packed oh my god because like two weeks ago when I was talking to you like
this is going really well I can’t believe it
I this mechanism that’s a deep part of this I thought would take me like two
days of hard work and it was more like seven mmm yeah
like I had to build the whole thing multiple times to get it to work and
then to get things to work around it it was just way more complex than I thought
it would be fun fun you learn anything fun Wow Southampton Pennsylvania hello wait wait wait hold on kron4 yes he’s
got an email any reason to cut that out that was that was a local news station
wanting to talk to me about the fact that my Land Cruiser got robbed buried
the lede yeah we’ll talk about New York in a second but yeah you had it was an
eventful weekend for you I bought my mom was in town my mom came she left this
morning why she’s not on the podcast right now no we had a lovely weekend I
actually took her to San Diego on Saturday a while twitchcon we’ll talk
about that in a minute I killed I would love to hear what she thought about
twitchcon she had a great sure and then as we woke up on Saturday morning I
found one of my savage stickers on the ground in front of my house and I was
like oh I guess I must have dropped that during that’s not good and then I looked
over and I could see something was wrong in my land cruiser and then I looked and
saw that hit it had been ransacked oh this is the sinking feeling yeah yeah
the smashed glass and I’m very sad about that I look I didn’t everything I lost
is incredibly replaceable mm-hmm everything they took some tools they
took some handy things I had in there and I was kind of a dummy I kept some
things in there there’s no longer anything in there it
bear is a bone this is a lesson everybody learns when they live in San
Francisco you do please learned in the past and we we get lakhs mmm like I have
way more stuff in my car now than I should I would say that I actually
suffered the illusion that like the landcruiser elicited some goodwill there
was a shovel on the side that no one had taken in three years and it hadn’t been
locked and it was kind of my favorite social experiment that this shovel just
clipped to the side that no one had taken and now someone’s taken and it
feels like a spell has been broken and it’s I’m sad about it um
kron4 was calling to interview me and Peter Hart lab also called me it’s
basically no reporter you’ve ever done an interview it throws out your number
they know yeah I have a Rolodex full of them so I’ve been getting some calls and
I I must admit I’m not that interested in doing interviews about crime in San
Francisco right like I’m worried that that’s the angle that people want to
talk about like oh the homeless problem in San Francisco and it’s like you know
the homeless problem in San Francisco is not a crime problem it’s a policy
program yeah policy problem yeah well it’s a yeah yeah it’s a combination yes
we don’t build enough houses for the number of people who live here so a
single room would get one bedroom apartment cost $4,000 a month yeah which
is insane and and you know around the world like I’m very happy
owning my house in San Francisco but I’m also cognizant of the fact that in every
housing market in which housing is a good investment there’s a housing
shortage it’s not a mystery as to why and so the pains that San Francisco is
going through if it’s almost population of its of its difficulty meeting its the
needs of its inhabitants they pain me I you know I and I the tide
of human misery here in the mission is intense but I I worry that when it gets
a lot of coverage you end up with a lot of people that feel justified in blaming
the homeless people themselves and and I do not we see that happening on this
national stage when Trump comes out and says look we have a homeless well we’re
gonna just build a bunch more interment camps right and throw and I was like you
know what I was I’ve been upset about the the human feces problem in San
Francisco and joked about the BART escalators and all the things that San
Francisco residents do yeah for a long time and the moment he
said that I was like you know what that’s a guy that’s not the problem
isn’t the people the problem is the like you said it’s the policy so yeah anyway
I attempt very hard to be very philosophical about it like I said I did
not lose anything unreplaceable I did lose as I tweeted the whip that was
built for the Mythbusters Indiana Jones episode was the last episode the one you
swung across the pit last season second last season I believe and yeah I
swung across the pit on this the the the whip was built by Ron Morgan son of
David Morgan David Morgan incredible whip maker and teacher to a whole
generation of whip makers in the United States has a wonderful company up in
Washington State they import kangaroo hide they sell whips they and David
Morgan famously made all the whips for all the Raiders films and an incredible
craftsman and an incredible piece of work and valuable to me mostly for its
sentimental value that it was it and it was in my cruiser because I had taken it
out on a savage builds shoot it was like oh if we’re having a big outdoor space
I’ll I’ll practice cracking my whip like why not where I can do it safely
cuz this sounds like a you know 22 rifle going oh yeah you go out to Dolores Park
and crack it for no but what you’re not somebody else not dead that brings out a
little specific kind of crazy yeah so look it’s certainly feasible for me to
reach back out to the Morgans and Commission another whip they had they
built it to our spec so they can build another one two respects and I could put
another one in my collection and I probably will mm-hmm so again when
something like this happens it’s it’s sad making because I don’t like the idea
of someone going through my stuff and weirdly okay this is the weird part of
what they stole up in my cruiser I have one of these top shelves above the
windshield that they sell for 40 series Land Cruisers and in that shelf I had
put a an old eight-day winding aircraft clock plus some switches for some of the
various features around and I had three screens that matched that we’re
connected to three cameras on the outside of the car that help me drive
park and maneuver because it’s a right drive car it’s a
right-hand drive car but also because I loved yeah when the projects of putting
all this crap in there and they yanked all of that stuff out so they stole this
stuff that is so cameras to them and won’t do anyone else good ever yeah
which to me is like that’s just for dumb yeah I mean look out I’ll do it again
I’ll build up stuff again we can do it nice one they build about it but that
was that was an unpleasant an unpleasant warning and then yeah the day became
fantastic my mom and I got on a plane went to San Diego and went to twitchcon
let’s talk about twelve so I went to twitchcon last year yeah
San Jose and I wasn’t prepared like I have been to some cons right yeah I have
seen a connor – I feel like I have a pretty good understanding what a con was
I did not I was not we’ve all everyone in this
room has done Comic Con we’ve done big popular convention in terms of video
games we’ve done like packs and III and but it is a different flavor of
convention so I did not walk the floor okay twitch cuz no there’s not the floor
is mostly tailored toward broadcasters okay it’s stuff that you need if you
want to stream video games and crafts or hiking or whatever as you do on Twitch
so there’s not a lot of like just hey here’s some video games or here’s some
stuff for normal people to buy so it’s it’s a little it’s kind of trade show II
oh okay I found the people that so I was brought down there to host the judging
of a cosplay contest of people cosplaying
mostly as characters from various video games yeah the level of cosplay and a
friend of Mythbusters Harrison Craig’s yeah oh volpin yes there was one of the
judges wearing an mind blowing Beauty ‘full fallout 4 and actually all four
judges were dressed really neat and awesome and they were fabulous about
giving great perspective on the costumes the sixteen costumes that made the
finals and it was really fun my co-host was Anna Prosser Robinson who’s a
producer for Twitch and also a on-screen talent again the whole team I dealt with
that which was fabulous the products managers the stage people they were
super professional super button-down really easy to deal with it was a San
Diego comic-con yeah yeah which again felt really funny yeah yeah
and it was a wonderful day it was that was really really fun the costumes were
jaw-dropping one of the neat things about the twitch the twitch cosplay
community is that a lot of people will show the in-progress work like they they
check in and they do like if you’re doing this if you have three hours of
sewing to do fire up the stream and do the sewing and answer questions and talk
to people as you’re building your costumes and it’s amazing and I really
that interests me in doing that here like that is actually you know we did
the live build at the Smithsonian in July and I really found that differently
than a cut video when people are genuinely there watching the process
unfold they’re seeing something they don’t normally get to see and I really I
like that kind of act it would be really easy to put together a cart that you
have a couple of cameras on some booms yeah that you can just kind of roll
around the shop and and and stream out of mm-hmm like you know I think that
would be a really fun project yeah I’m super interested in that we are also
working on developing with some technology this year that might also
help us for that which I will don’t get quiet for right now there’s some fun
stuff that may that may dovetail nicely with this and I also think the subject
matter we got a lot of conventions where there are cosplay contests and most of
that stuff is either genre base you know out of TV shows movies or novels or
comic books but the video game cosplay world is a whole different world and one
of the things I loved most was how much granular detail there was on each
costume and all of the processes involved to create that costume people
might not know this but 15 or 20 years ago there was a huge distinction people
made between craft and art and there was this whole thing of like crafters aren’t
making art and art is something and that the maker movement has in my estimation
from what I’ve seen kind of killed that debate and
think it’s good and dead it deserves to be killed I don’t make a distinction
between craft and art and and when you say craft you mean things like like
things like quilting wood with some crafting yes scrapbooking quilting again
cosplay wood it’s girl stuff yeah the practice exactly and I think
cosplay in specifically going back to the video game world has done something
interesting in that people doing cosplay and embodying their characters has then
led to the companies diversifying the type of characters they put in the game
oh absolutely and and then because they love sharing the assets they put
turnarounds you know all the graphics it’s all digital rights and many of
these cut finalists had plenty of deals and commissions from video game
companies so it’s this wonderful self-perpetuating well and wouldn’t you
see a situation with a game like overwatch when they release a new
character or respond when they release new character for apex legends they show
enough of those characters before they’re even released in the game that
people can start working on costumes and have reference with you and some even
release like like remodels and the whole thing so they can take it apart and oh
my god Julian like assets there was a there was a mind-blowing like eight and
a half foot tall nuka-cola costume Wow belts and the entire thing was 3d
printed they apparently the guy had four 3d printers running simultaneously for
weeks but it’s funny because it’s even it’s even when we started tested I
remember the first time you brought Harrison and for a live show when he
brought I think Daft Punk helmets and maybe Mass Effect Mass Effect rifles
yeah and I was like I don’t know about this cosplay stuff this seems a little
weird and that was in 2010 probably and then and then you started going around
and it’s just been a wave over the last nine years that’s grown and grown and
grown until like you know my parents know what cosplay is and are like
sending me pictures of cosplay stuff and more than like at one point one of the
costumes was a beautiful mermaid costume really really gorgeous with silicone
skin which is a whole nail just to be clear like there’s a big mermaid cosplay
scene and she’d made the rock she lay upon and
she had armor on and Harrison pointed out that she had armor made in some
places at a silicon in some places it was made out of urethane and in some
places it was 3d printed and the color matched on all three of them he’s like
that’s really and the thing is is that before cosplay only a very small subset
of people in the film industry and I perhaps some other industries knew no
weird esoteric things like that like multiple different textures and
materials are hard to make color match to each other but you end up with this
community that’s beautifully supporting each other by transferring and trading
this kind of information and the thing that we always said when we were when
you were doing cosplay photos at maximum PC in 2009 2002 cosplay way we said this
before here it has to hold up to a much higher level of scrutiny than a lot of
film props because you’re looking at it from two feet away with your eyes
instead of looking in it with a 50 millimeter lens from lighting yeah well
in a film if you have a glove with mechanics in it they’re gonna have a
special glove for that for that close-up and a cosplayer has to wear that thing
all day long they’d like yeah it’s funny because it’s it started to go the other
way now to like when you go and look at if you ever get a chance to go and look
at one of the game of Thrones costume exhibitions yeah absolutely go
do it because when the the work that they put into those clothes yeah is off
the charts ah like unbelievable and and I don’t think I think if that show had
come out 20 years before you wouldn’t have seen that cuz they would have just
banged out a dress painted on the the markings and been like there’s only been
the chopper dudes I don’t from 20 feet away there’s some old Matthew Broderick
film I can’t remember which one it is but it’s really bad which the sort it’s
not even one I’m sorry the sword is literally a flat piece of metal that’s
been polished yeah there’s not even an edge on it it’s literally like a it
looks like a toy sword that’s been expanded into the human size universe
yeah so twitchcon was lovely San Diego was a fabulous like 73 degrees and sunny
weather so good at soul ru costume – oh yeah what did you wear George a Capri I
did and now you know it’s funny I’ve not
worn the Jacobi costume in public we have those photos from when I first got
it and we took photos of me here in the shop but I have never worn it at a con
huh it’s not what you did you’re Ackbar under no Akbar was in Admiral Lord
Nelson of course totally different of course I was I got retweeted by Russell
Crowe oh nice who carefully explained that I could not
be captain of his boat oh because the HMS surprised the boat from the air
commander is in San Diego yeah so I went by it
after twitchcon and took photos out front I was gonna say you should have
gone in been like hey can I take some pretty interns we we talked to the
maritime museum people and the guy with the keys to the surprise had just left
for the day so I gotta go back we’ll find a reason to at least once a year
sail like do they take it can you take all my memories on the no I don’t think
so I know that it was a teaching ship when the production bought it okay and
so it had I think if I remember correctly it was built in the 70s and it
was a teaching ship for a couple decades when Peter Weir’s production bought it I
actually got reached out to buy one of the art department from the film who had
told me some wonderful stories via Twitter DM z– of working on the film
and some of the props that they miss it’s a partial scale or is it a full
scale so I know the rise is full scale okay because the Pirates of the
Caribbean ships we’re all like two thirds or something there’s today yeah
that’s a good question I’m not a hundred percent positive it’s a big boat and
it’s also smaller than you think and in the museum one in San Diego you can’t
get below the first deck Oh they’ve closed it off probably because it’s all
like five and a half foot ceilings everyone bump their heads but huh
hopefully when I go back maybe we can set up like yeah so glad you had fun at
twitchcon that’s awesome it was great it’s the thing that amazes me about that
about twitch in general is how I’ve been streaming for like two years on Twitch
now three years or something on twitch is is how like thing obviously you see
all the channels that have like 60,000 people watching and that has all the
problems that large-scale Internet has right but there’s
and millions and millions of channels that anywhere from like five to five
hundred or a thousand people watch and the communities that form around those
channels are are unlike anything I’ve seen on the internet on the modern
Internet that’s really cool and I’m really interested so this is a call for
some information from this kind of cast I’m curious about maker channels on
Twitch I’m curious about people’s favorite maker streams I’d like to take
a look at these like I said you a couple yeah I would really appreciate that if
anybody wants to put them in the comments well I will chase these links
I’m really curious about about this cuz I love the idea of that long thing but
it might be better to add you cuz I think on YouTube the comments will get
filtered out oh I won’t read the comments on YouTube I meant I don’t ever
read the comments on YouTube why would I start good policy so in New York you see
some shows because some friends your mom’s gonna be there obviously you’re
doing something at anime fest as well mmmthat’s Friday evening I want to say
that’s what yeah and and I know you’re coming back in one application but we
have shot a couple of builds that we have keyed up that we’re gonna go edit
you had a visitor in the shop last week Anthony Kovacs Anthony Kovacs it’s very
funny because my my executive assistants name is a Kovacs yeah and so I have many
times in the last year that I’ve known Anthony Kovacs accidentally sent him Anthony is a wonderful maker and builder
and fantastic with the sewing machine and has built several things for me and
with me and Ryan Nagata because he is a space nutjob in the most wonderful way
deeply obsessed with NASA like I am cool yeah so do you guys did a collaboration
we did a collaboration on a one day build and it was really cool I I’ll show
it to you after the everyone else we cannot show that’s so good oh you know
you say you’re on with your mom this weekend it made me think I watched the
movie The Farewell this weekend well the farewell this is a Lulu Wang’s movie
about with Aquafina about God it cannot
recommend really yes okay yeah do you know the premise oh it’s a oh I do it
vision American who died and the family goes back to China birthday party but
it’s a wedding wedding that and as an excuse tea at the family together is
this the thing that happens it knows it was a real thing that not only did this
specific story happen it was a the movie was based off of the directors telling
it for this story on this American Life episode Wow but it is a cultural thing
that happens and nothing I was very familiar with yeah but it’s about how
families communicate Wow and there is a scene in the movie that is you know how
crazy rich Asians has the mahjong scene everyone talks about yeah I think
there’s an equivalent to that scene you know that’s just as good with that I’m
solely processing it and trust me I call the lazy susan scene i think people
watch it ok no I was gonna make a joke about communication my family being
mostly yelling but it seems too real yeah I watched a couple more episodes of
couples therapy okay it’s still really worth watching i watch some a really
serious show about really personal relationships called Doom Patrol it’s so
it’s a dc-to-dc show and it’s embattled Fraser
yeah that’s Brendan Fraser really how is Brendan Fraser
he’s not he’s little he’s larger i he’s such a great actor I love that guy so
it’s it’s a superhero thing but they’re not really superheroes and it’s a
mixture of like they’re kind of all misfits that get pulled in by Timothy
Dalton Timothy Dalton that’s bond himself well I don’t know if we want to
go that far but the villain from the he it’s it’s really I wish is because it’s
it’s on the DC Network only the most special thing it’s it’s not at all what
I was expecting and it’s really like there’s some really interesting
characterizations it’s like the suit the powers are weird Brendan Fraser plays a
completely stoic robot man he’s like his B dies in a car crash yeah
and his brain gets popped out and jammed into a robot that has no no facial
movement whatsoever and you act it’s all voice and it works like it’s voice and
body movement and it’s all Kari didn’t it’s all carried in him like having this
weird frame that he can kind of control but not really super well and it’s it’s
I was shocked I was really blown away by it I mean this I should’ve looked up
names before we started the show but there’s two women one plays elastic girl
DC elastic girl okay who like can’t control she took what she gets stressed
out she turns into a blob which I can identify with and then there’s a woman
that has like 65 personalities and each personality is a different superpower
and it’s just like the best bad gimmick for for a one-off gag is that I’ve ever
seen like it’s it’s it’s really fun and silly and kind of heartfelt and sweet
and yeah it’s it’s not what I was expecting
so while signing autographs at Phoenix fan fusion con hmm I did a long signing
it’s like four three and a half four hours several hundred people and when
you’re doing that you’re your end up accidentally misspelling a bunch of
names yeah so you become adept at asking people how to spell their names and I
thought oh you know it would be really funny
trivial superpower is the guy who knows any coffee shop in the country Chris Kim
I did went to a Chris Kimball signing once and he just has a stack of post-it
notes and a sharpie that go back and there he’s there like write your name
clearly on the sharpie oh nice and and then he’s handed the book with the
sharpie on and he just does the signature that’s that’s very sizzle eyes
it was he was look he as he said this gives me more time to talk to you when
we get there yeah rather than doing that yeah I was I
was like you’re such a thoughtful man what a lovely human being um what else
is going on this week oh my god I mean there’s things that we just can’t talk
about unfortunately it’s it’s the New York
world it’s all hands getting ready for you yeah our team’s looking forward to
again the love the love team that puts on New York Comic Con
cool New York in October it’s just what could be better mm-hmm
last year I was the air latin a last year last week I was at the big oculis
convention oh yes oh yeah so got to see our Fronteras King there
yes right another one of our one-day builds is a really cool oculus adjacent
build you can’t even say what it is no god you’re killing me until the end of
this podcast to find out what all this stuff is horrible
you guys are monsters yeah that’s good stuff
yeah look at the fact that the quests can plug into a PC this November is very
exciting I actually finished a book this week
Colson whiteheads the Underground Railroad hmm it is a historical fiction
and it posits yeah this is the spoiler I mean this is part of every book review
of it first of all it’s magnificently beautifully written the prose is
incredible it’s my wife handed it to me and said by the end of the first
paragraph you’re hooked and she’s totally right it’s the efficiency of the
prose feels like Henry James oh okay I know if you’ve read yeah like I read
Washington Square last year and I hadn’t read much Henry James in a long time and
the thing that’s amazing about him is similar to like Moby Dick is how how
modern it feels and how how much that’s the Henry James this feels similarly
dense with the psychology of the people that he’s writing about but the conceit
is that the Underground Railroad is an actual real Underground Railroad
that secret and has been built by slaves at each other out of the zone this is
historical fiction incident during the during the slavery
yeah and well horrifying it’s difficult to read and so beautiful and really
really moving I was I was on my I was finishing on an airplane and was like
trying not to openly weep Wow yeah it’s really really incredible
Colson whitehead the under ground railroad worth your time I have a
different kind of book recommendation I love coffee table books we talked about
those and I always love the making of the film books I’ve now realized that
when a big film comes out often there are multiple making of books that some
are you know found much in advance and in this case the movie solo you know
came out last year and there was a good art book the art of solo and I this is a
pattern now like there’s gonna be an art of the rise of Skywalker and these books
are all done before the film is done it’s like the author is embedded yeah
sometimes access to art and it’s good and stuff but sometimes like things
change in the final editing yeah like isn’t reflected in the book and
it’s really neat to get like some insight like oh when the author wrote
this they didn’t realize that that plot point would get changed I think it
happened with with rogue one like yeah things in the art of rogue one book that
you’d never make it made it a movie that’s right they had to go to press
yeah right but they’re also then making of books that are done released after
the film and for solo the visual effects supervisor LM Rob braid Oh
BRE do wo pronounce I don’t know if you work with him at all I don’t think so he
was a VFX supervisor on solo and I’m also an incredible photographer he has
put out a book about the making of solo from his perspective as VFX supervisor
oh wow is not told it’s told from chronologically from the point of
production Oh which I really custom built for you exactly yeah
like being on a movie set and having complete free rein to take from his
perspective right and he’s a great photographer amazed it’s like it’s the
dream yeah losing’s it’s called making solo from eylem
I I finished a video game last week that’s do you know what SCP SCP is okay
so I’m gonna look it up so I didn’t know about this until I started playing this
SCP is a fictional organization documented by a web-based collaborative
collaborative fiction project where the webs in the websites fictional setting
the foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals and
these locations and objects that violate natural law
so it’s like the good episodes of the x-files but it’s written in in a what’s
the thing the the the beautiful the fiction writing thing where you write a
send-off the next person squish it corpse it’s an exquisite corpse kind of
thing where everybody’s writing their own little individual things and the
people at remedy which i think is a Finnish or Danish video game developer
took that concept and made a game about it like it’s a third-person shooter
where you’re just this woman who goes into this place and the the building is
a mystery that you have to unravel and it’s been taken over by these this
entity thing I’m doing a terrible job explaining it it is basically you you
journey through to find out what happened to your brother is the goal and
it’s the export exploring this world has been one of the more fascinating video
game experiences I’ve ever had because as you go through the world you find all
the like internal memorandum memoranda from from the from the universe and they
describe some of the objects in the world that like the play the Bureau that
you’re exploring are the people in charge of collecting all the weird
x-files stuff from the world and keeping it keeping the populace under control so
they they touch on all of the all of the bananas conspiracy theories you know
Korean fan death and chemtrails Wow and all the way all the way down the
road and it’s the writing on the memoranda is just the best videogame
writing I think I’ve ever been exposed to a fabulous there’s there is a letter
there’s one letter that I found that is about a guy who is convinced that
cigarette smoking is keeping the aliens away the cigarette smoke is toxic to the
aliens so the a like there’s a whole departments the dead letters that they
get though like this isn’t a real problem this is just crazy people not
yeah not an actual bad thing and he it’s just a screed about him him being
convinced that the anti smoking thing is the aliens taking over the government so
they can take over the world yeah sure and it ends with I have a website people
will know the truth and you just like oh my god it’s like they pull this from the
internet and the game is called called control it’s my remedy it’s on the Xbox
in the PlayStation and PC epic game store I think awesome it is
I it is I described it to a friend as like the good episodes of the x-files
and I know that you guys have been asking us to talk about ad astra I still
have not been seen it’s gonna say in New York and to find opportunities to watch
movies gonna give it a shot I’m gonna give it a shot I might go to an
early-morning Matt name yeah I know they’re very straight coming out of one
of those is very like boy yeah that’s like I’m good ready for dinner now oh
it’s 11:30 so in PI no podcast next week then cuz you’re going straight from
comic-con I’ll try I will try okay I want to get the recap okay yeah
Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning we should be able to I can work okay you
get some of our interval she was sausage being made plugs on the side this week
norm yeah well I don’t want to say no you gotta wait my new podcast is out yes
tech pod content town I record every week an episode a single deep dive on a
topic this week we talked about Internet Protocol how that stuff works yeah got
all the way down drilled drilled down to we were talking
about routing tables and I will say I was gonna listen to that on the plane
tonight little take in a read I’ll help you go
to sleep you’ll be right yeah it’s on iTunes and Google and all those Spotify
wherever you get your podcast were there now well all right yeah I think that’s
very wildly different recommendations and then hopefully Wolf’s all shared
will have all seen that Astro maybe night by next week exactly I hope so All
Right see y’all next week see ya bye guys bye

59 thoughts on The Difference Between Art and Craft – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 10/1/19

  1. the best way to deal with being stolen from is to be generous to the universe … its just somewhere else , and a good reason to create an even better version of it . the attachment is the suffering , so generosity is the mind set to relieve that suffering . Compassion comes from the understanding that the people that do it , see no other way to create it from integrity . but desperation.

  2. Adam’s self grandiosity is on full display in this one.
    There is a world of difference between Adams totoro and Michelangelo’s David! Between Adams one day builds and the Sistine chapel!

    There IS a difference between ART and craft!

  3. After two and a half decades in the Arts and Craft World for my living, I'm just going to say this. The difference between Arts and Crafts is Simple.
    Art is usually a stand alone one of a kind piece or set that someone or a combined group births into the universe out of their own imaginations…
    Crafts is something that is usually designed to be built, that can be adapted and reworked to fit a variety of needs or that is made for production.
    That is the only real difference between the two. There is nothing wrong with either style, it's just a matter of how the creator views the world to be honest.

    I will say this though, I find that more Artist, Artisans, Makers, and Crafter get upset or irritated by peoples misappropriation of the terms Talent and Skill.
    Talent is something that one has an innate aptitude for, it's as if that person was born to do it.
    Skill on the other hand is something that someone usually works hard and fights to obtain, and by assuming that person just had it easy in that field a lot of people who busted their hands and racked their brained well losing sleep tend to get very offended by as your assuming they sacrificed nothing to earn those skill to ascend to the place they now stand.

    If it takes someone 3 months to 5 years to learn a new skill it's not talent, their labor is a badge of honor via their sacrifice, and I've met thousands of Artists, Artisans, Makers, and Crafters in my time… And the fact of the matter is with most of them if you assume that skill takes them nothing and mistakenly call it talent then whatever your trying to have them make is probably going to cost you a lot more money due to the insult and that is if they bother doing that work for you at all.
    It takes the average person 2 years to master a new skill. It's not an accident that most people are only good at a handful of things. But a little Respect will go very far with most creative types.

    I just figured I would put this out there so that those that don't understand can stop making their lives far more expensive then they need to be, and so that maybe just maybe the creative types can calm down a bit and stop rampaging around so much from feeling like they are being insulted.

  4. Glad you guys aren’t doing those silly song segue between parts. They were such flow killers. Seeing those guys awkwardly dancing. But those mics are covering everyone’s faces.

  5. So sorry you were stolen from that's a bummer. I've been stolen from once, but i was homeless then so it sucked ass, my jordans, my coach purse etc (would not wear those at the same time btw)

  6. So they say policy problem in SF, a place run by democrats == "F trump"? Maybe you should start thinking F your region's politicians if the policy is bad and you're interested in solving it rather than just having something to complain about.

  7. Shame on you, Will. Internment camps? Why are you promoting leftist racism and hate? Shame on you! It is because of thoughtless hate like yours that is pushing the nation towards escalating violence.

  8. Adam lives a matter of blocks from one of the highest homeless population anywhere, in a neighborhood with homes over $1m. San Fran's "nice neighborhoods" are going to start feeling the effects.

  9. If Adam thinks that the cosplay scene is accurately represented by people who actually get commissions from game companies, he needs to open his eyes a bit. The vast majority of cosplayers are the kind of people who are stuck going to Joanne's and barely afford a $25 wig from eBay yet still work magic with it. The kind of people spending years on one piece, or getting paid by companies to do it, are an absolutely tiny sliver of the scene, and are very far removed from the "normal" people.

  10. Adam not reading comments on You- Tube … that's a little insulting,
    Norm, your team needs to get you out behind of that microphone. Its covering you up far to much.

  11. "It's a policy problem"…"We don't build enough houses for the people who want to live here."
    Y'all are wonderful.

  12. A Tradesman works with his hands.
    A Craftsman works with his hands and his mind.
    An Artist works with his his hands, his mind, and his heart.

  13. ya smith…Trump didnt say build internment camps for homeless…….i knew i didnt like you for some reason….now i know…shit head….

  14. It always sucks when people steal from you. They take stuff that only has value to you, rob you of it, for what? Drug money for single high? You'l never get your stuff back. I mean, it is just material things, but it res you of some joy and security and they get next to nothing for it, just a quick high off of some drug will probably kill them. Ugh..

  15. I never read the comments on YouTube- Adam Savage

    All right you arrogant bastard way to ignore thousands of fans.

  16. SCP – Secure, Contain, Protect
    I love reading the entries, especially SCP-3008 ( cause I'm Swedish.
    There are some truly imaginative people out there!

  17. You guys are living in a fantasy world. The homeless, addicted ARE the's not's treatment..which people will not participate in as long as super lib councilmen make it easy to commit crime. You guys are the ONLY city in the U.S. with a higher property crime rate then Seattle…..which is run the same way. Couldn't watch the rest of the video after that inane, "external causes" diatribe.

  18. Some maker Twitch streams:
    Japanese Printmaking:
    Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation Movie Props:
    Gnomon School: Pushing the Limits of Indie Film Making:
    Woodworking Masterclass

  19. You guys are so bizzare, apologizing for the actions of criminals. Blaming "policies" enacted by the Representative you elect. That's great than your in a position to replace all of the things that were lost but most of us are not as fortunate. Enjoy your privilege.

  20. Adam check out Rev Chumley on twitch. He is a maker. Does cosplay and recently finished an award winning Augrah from The Dark Crystal took it to Dragon Con.

  21. Hey Will. Do you have any experience dealing with homeless people? I work in law enforcement and can tell you that the majority of homeless want to be on the street. There are mental health issues, drug addiction and economic issues that the homeless population deal with, but we all deal with these issues. The problem is not policy, it's personal responsibility. I used to think that these people just need a second chance or a helping hand, but after working as a LEO for nearly 15 years, I have found that the majority of homeless don't want to improve their situation.

  22. 11:50 streaming the mundane of building/making. I do it all the time and it is amazing the level of engagement even when doing fiddly work. I stream on Youtube my building

  23. "the problem is the policy"
    Yeeeaaahhhh….and yet you stump for these policymakers and "f these guys" that disagree with them ?

  24. You know what's weird craft has a different connotation in British English craft is more associated with things that are hard to learn and take practice.

  25. For fuck sake Will, STOP INTERRUPTING all the time! It’s definitively annoying, and make it nearly impossible to enjoy the podcast.

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