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The BORG Transwarp Network

The BORG Transwarp Network

The Borg have a number of distinct and unique
technologies at their disposal from regenerative nanites that can repair entire superstructures
to centuries worth of different species arsenals. But one technology that Starfleet has its
eye on is the Borg Transwarp capabilities. Following Slipstream Drive and Coaxial Warp,
we’re going to look at the potential for Starfleet and the Federation to replicate
this faster-than-light method of travel. Hi, Ric here and first off, let’s look at
what Borg Transwarp is. An important distinction to make is that this is a very different technology
than the great experiment in transwarp performed by Starfleet in the late 23rd century. In
fact, Transwarp as a term is usually applied to any form of propulsion that exceeds warp
speeds while remaining below the theoretical warp barrier of 10. Honestly this terminology
needs to be adopted and officialised by Starfleet in my opinion as the Warp scale is going to
get increasingly crowded after the warp 9 mark as the increase is exponential in nature
with 9.5 being at least twice the speed of 9 and 9.7 being multitudes faster still. So
just call any speeds after a certain point Transwarp and introduce a new scale so people
don’t have to start saying engage at Warp 9.99999975…9.
Wow, okay, barely a minute in and already derailed. Back on topic.
The most experience with the Borg Transwarp comes from the USS Voyager during its extensive
encounters with them in their home territory of the Delta Quadrant where they are able
to get detailed looks at the technology and even manage to steal elements of it for their
own use. Plus Seven of Nine’s extensive knowledge of the apparatus. Unlike Slipstream
Drive or standard Warp, the Transwarp used by the Borg required the inclusion of extra
elements external from the Starship. A Network of artificial subspace corridors have to be
created and maintained in order to utilise a Borg Transwarp Drive. This network of energy
conduits spans throughout much of the Delta Quadrant and even had branches all the way
to the other Quadrants. These roots are immersed in subspace and therefore
undetectable by standard means, being a realm apart from normal spacetime. The corridors
themselves are maintained by interspatial manifolds that direct the corridors and prevent
them from collapsing. Intelligence gathered indicates that the corridors have at least
six focused hubs that act as control centres for the network and as a nexus for Borg ships.
The vessels themselves, alongside standard warp capabilities are connected to this network
via several internal Transwarp coils and the ability to open a subspace rift into which
the ship would traverse. Once inside the network, a ship rode through the energy conduits at
exceptional speeds relative to normal space and then could exit the corridor lightyears
away. The method used to create the corridors in
the first place is a subject of much speculation from Starfleet, with the study of several
subspace phenomena to further their understanding. Attempts to create a corridor apart from the
network have failed and resulted in near a catastrophic warp core breaches showing that
while the understanding of these corridors may be improving, Starfleet tech is still
behind in making it a reality. Further proof of this can be seen when the
USS Voyager manages to obtain a single transwarp coil and integrate It first with the Delta
Flyer and then with Voyager itself. They manage to get it working without incident both times,
hitchhiking the Borg’s Network several times and cutting 15 years of their journey home.
The coil eventually burnt out and this may be due to Starfleet’s inferior knowledge
of how to maintain such a device and I’d suggest the power load was too much for a
single coil to bare, hence the reason for multiple on Borg vessels. Whatever goes on
in a transwarp coil, it seems too complex to simply replicate.
So what about its use from Starfleet? Well, ever since they became aware of the technology,
they have been looking into it, as stated, but it has several limiting factors. The first
is that as of Voyager’s return, Starfleet has yet to replicate multiple elements of
the network but this is only gated behind time as the Federation will eventually solve
most problems it is confronted with. The biggest issue is its reliance on a network of gates,
manifolds and hubs to easily allow access to Transwarp. As mentioned, spontaneously
trying to create a corridor without these assets is a no-go so firstly an extensive
infrastructure needs to be established Quadrant wide.
It’s also a very energy intensive method of travelling as the Delta Flyer has to transfer
life support to maintain the shielding necessary to remain in the transwarp conduits. Again,
not levels beyond Starfleet capabilities, but still a taxing amount. The Transwarp Hubs
themslves seem to orbit a stellar object of some description, perhaps using it as a power
source so there seems to be a great deal of energy needed to maintain the network.
Both of these issues are not insurmountable for the Federation but the technology has
its limits. While Transwarp provides hyper-fast travel across established areas of space,
charting into the unknown will have to be done without its aid as I doubt you could
create the necessary components of a network in an area you haven’t visited yet. So you’d
have to go there conventionally, create Transwarp links, sink them into subspace and then you
may be able to connect the new hyperspace lanes, I mean Transwarp conduits, to the rest
of the network. It’s basically a video game’s fast travel. You’ve already been here once,
would you like to travel again in a fraction of the time?
I’m going to turn to Star Trek Online again to see how Starfleet could adapt this technology
and by 2399, they had begun honest experimentation with replicating Transwarp gates, a sort of
Stand-alone hub with only one entrance. Over the next decade or so, they managed to link
several of these together and by 2409 several major Federation outposts were linked together
with this method allowing for travel times of minutes between certain points. The network
is still fledgling in its design and no-where near the complexity of Borg levels, who have
had centuries to gradually expand their corridors, but it’s a practical start and something
the Federation can incrementally develop with time.
Of course, they could just hijack the Borg’s network again but that comes with its own
series of risks. Most of which are stabby tubules and menacing music.
So that’s how I see Transwarp Corridors being implemented in Star Trek’s future.
It also provides a certain amount of leeway for writers to explain vast travel distances
in minutes that otherwise didn’t add up if used correctly. We need to get to the Vulcan
System from Cardassia? Instead of weeks of travel, let’s just say they went to the
DS9 junction and then Warped from Sol. Need to travel for days for tension sake? We’re
in unexplored space, or there’s no gate’s in the area or the network is offline because
we’re still learning. This is how I hope it gets implemented in
the future as it is a method of travel that Starfleet cannot afford to shelve or it risks
being superseded by other powers. Thanks for watching this video on the Transwarp
corridors of the Borg, Until the next one, I’ve been Ric. Thanks again, and goodbye.

99 thoughts on The BORG Transwarp Network

  1. My headcannon has been the transwarp experiment of 2293 was a precursor to what would eventually become quantum slipstream and transwarp being in a similar category just faster due to conduits. I equate them such that quantum slipstream is like traveling open country ie dirt road (comparatively slow) but can go anywhere while transwarp is like traveling a highway (comparatively faster) but limited in scope. This I believe is why we never see nacelles on Borg ships as they have married the quantum slipstream from Species 116 with transwarp corridors and regulate massive power requirements with transwarp coil(s).

  2. As much as I extremely dislike the concept of the 'Mushroom Drive' in Discovery, I could almost see 'Transwarp Conduits' as remnants of that network, if you assume that the 'mycelial network' withered and died at some time between Discovery and 'present day' Star Trek.

  3. I get that transwarp is faster than normal warp, but is it actually better? I mean several times we’ve been told that you need these transwarp conduits to travel, hence the transwarp hub. So without a conduit, you can’t travel at transwarp speed? But warp drive you can use it virtually anywhere!

    So when Voyager got the transwarp coil, they’d have been fucked if there wasn’t a conduit nearby going in their direction?

    It’s like using Fly in the Pokemon games. You can get there in seconds… but only if you’ve previously walked there…

    That said, I’d prefer transwarp conduits to a drive powered by mushrooms!

  4. When you mentioned writers using transwarp to get characters to places in minutes instead of days it reminded me of the DS9 episode “Paradise Lost.” If I remember correctly, at high warp, the travel time between Earth and Bajor was two weeks. Yet, when this was inconvenient to the story the travel time was thrown out and the Defiant got to Earth in about a day. I’m a big stickler for continuity and consistency, and this always bothered me. If only they had something like transwarp to explain this away.

  5. If there was a planet full of 7 of 9 babes, I'm sure a star fleet captain would discover how to travel there faster than transwarp.

  6. …If there's nothing a bullet can't kill in the star wars canon. (Star trek first contact), why didn't they just issue out good ole Shotguns and rifles to starfleet for the battle?

  7. lol engage at warp Pi –

    and i will reiterate again, this is OK, but quantum entanglement(which is stranger that science fiction) via a mycellial network breaks the franchise

  8. As a couple others have pointed out, The Transwarp Coils, and the Transwarp Conduit Network, are not the same thing, and one doesn't require the other. Borg ships, and species like the Voth use Transwarp Drives (those saurians from Earth Voyager met during "Distant Origin")

    The Tranwarp Conduits are likely WAY faster than using the drive, and allow passage of ships without Transwarp Drive capability, like Voyager, or smaller Borg ships. But the coils and the conduits are two separate, albeit similar, methods of Transwarp.

  9. Hey there friend! I hope you’re having a good day! If not, stay strong. You’re not alone. Jesus Christ be with you friend!?

  10. I don’t like how when you reach warp ten, you start to “evolve/devolve”. Maybe taxes your body too much? Need a new type of alloy to take the strain? Adds more pressure? Q? Oooorrrrrrrr warp 10 isn’t “infinite” it’s just warp 10 and you can go warp 15

  11. Borg ships don't need the corridor network. The corridor network is primarily used to facilitate the deployment of Borg ships across the galaxy. Borg ships are equipped with their own transwarp drives so they could get back home or whatever destination they need to go.

  12. Do you remember back in TNG the E-D was able to follow Lore and the Borg ship into TW just by sending out a pulse with their Deflector Dish. No TW coils necessary.

  13. The Borg hubs could be a tactical and strategic weakness, knock them out and you cripple the network.
    Trilithium torpedo into the hub's power source to set it supernova

  14. Did you do research on this transwarp mode of transportation, ordid you just watched Voyager endgame about 5 or 6 times and then figure it all out from that? What you said in your video isn't anything that people already can figure out on their own by watching endgame. Idiot. You just wanted to show off your video game

  15. If the Borg have a transwarp network with a gate/door right next to Earth why send a ship on a direct route to Earth which gave Starfleet days to combat it?

  16. The trans warp network should have allowed the Borg to defeat the Federation along time ago.

    In Star Trek First Contact the Borg send a single ship to earth and it gets destroyed. Here’s my question: why didn’t they send more ships?

    In the end of Star Trek Voyager: ENDGAME we see that the Borg were able to allow Voyager to go through one of their transwarp hubs and get to earth in a very short period of time.

    If that’s the case then why didn’t the Borg send hundreds of Borg cubes through the network and destroy the Federation?

  17. Warp 10 is not a barrier, TOS and TNG both exceeded warp 10, two incidents come to mind for TOS and one in TNG. Nomad and the Kelvan's both enhanced the Enterprise's warp drive to exceed warp 10, and in the TNG finale, Riker had the Enterprise D refit exceeding warp 10. Voyager is the only one who put the "warp 10" barrier into place and they were wrong. Obviously, the writer of the episode Threshold didn't know Trek history or canon very well.

    I don't recall ever seeing any TOS or TNG crew members turning into giant salamanders because they exceeded warp 10.


  19. The galaxy is so crowded it is time that Star Trek exceeds the galactic scale with trans warp

    I like the space folding pads more that we saw on the planet in voyager where they instantly travel between planets and starships are just for space travel

  20. Warp drive is of fundemantel importance in Star Trek universe from perspective of storytelling! Once can't stumble upon (something) in corridotr.

  21. So I just saw that ad life after? The heck is that little Asian girl doing in that destroyed City full of zombies? That's some parallel Dimension s*** right there. Did she just get like transported there magically or something?

  22. Engage at warp 9.9 9975. Sir, we are already at warp 9.9 9975. Oh, we are? Well then, engage at warp 9.9 9976. Aye aye sir.

  23. You speak like a degenerate from some shithole nation like england, why can't you speak correctly like we do in North America?

  24. What game is shown in the video? Last Star trek game I played was that FPS game that involved a lot of Both action, probably 15+ years ago.

  25. Totally agreed with your suggestion for how to utilize it as a plot device, AND your critique of the warp scale. Upvoted just for that.

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    Government funded scientists are lying to us too.

  27. A few Travlers or those like them, Mr. Crusher, could easily transverse the vast unknown distances to set up new hubs, the issue is they would not have the work force with them to do so. This is a major resource the Borg have that no other civilization currently does. The Borg just assimilate the natives to do what is needed.

  28. Borg transwarp coils allow for travel at transwarp speeds without the transwarp network, but appear to slower then the speeds that the network allow.

  29. On the warp scale, why not just measure in multiples of c (the speed of light)? It’s much more intuitive and still isn’t arbitrary by any practical definition.

  30. My theory for "Picard" is that Voyager's return and destruction of the network set off the Hobus supernova as it was a hub or a hub under construction. This would explain why it could propagate at FTL speeds and why the Romulan's blame the Federation. Janeway does have a habit of being unable to look "past her own bulkheads", so just ignored the risk during "Endgame"

  31. well the borg do steal technology so I wouldn't be surprised if they stole the transwarp conduits from a race that used it after assimilating them

  32. Does anybody know how long it takes to travel from Sol to DS9 via standard warp? Do I remember correctly? It takes 3-4 weeks?

  33. You got it wrong. Transwarp ships can create transwarp tunnels like Species 116. Transwarp tunnels are basically the slow trains compared to the shinkansen that is the transwarp hub. Proof of this is speed. It takes 24 hours (per Timeless) to travel 75000 LY. On Endgame VOY it takes minutes to reach Earth. Also the Hansen's spent two days piggybacking on a Cube to reach Delta Q.

  34. I would love to see a future star trek episode where a previous unknown species from say the outer rim of the beta quadrant has their own transwarp network and comes into competition/conflict with the federation.

  35. I would love to see a future star trek episode where a previous unknown species from say the outer rim of the beta quadrant has their own transwarp network and comes into competition/conflict with the federation.

  36. Let me just stop you right there. I got about a minute in and you already lost me with your innate desire to have warp speeds be the same as terrestrial speedometers. Warp speed is a relativistic function that entirely depends on the ship on which it is used. If you think about it like this – a Honda with a 4 cylinder engine can get a little Civic up to 99mph and hold it there for quite a while. If you take the same engine and put it into a Cadillac Escalade, even going full tilt the engine will never get that enormous car up to 99mph. So, the logic is that the Enterprise D has a bigger engine than the Voyager…which is true. But that's where the similarity ends – because the fabric of space time and the function of warp aren't the same as rolling resistance, friction and torque. So, when the Enterprise D hits warp 9 it is actually going about 11 times faster than when Voyager hits warp 9. Remember, it was going to take Voyager 75 years to travel 75,000 light years at its maximum sustainable warp speed, but the Enterprise D, even with its much slower and entirely unsustainable maximum warp, could travel nearly 10 times that distance in the SAME amount of time. These are canon facts, and I'm not even talking about the fact that the TOS Enterprise was even faster and could travel backward in time…so…

  37. Same ship I chose when I made Rear Admiral lower half, I went with a different setup though, more compact, shorter.

  38. What makes me giggle is how early were having this conversation and others like it. Already our imaginations are creating, through sheer force of will, our future. Mapping it out. Were eager.

  39. I would suggest that slipstream, Vaadwaur underspace, and Borg transwarp are all applications of the same technology. Slipstream is hard to stabilize for long periods of time. Maybe the Borg transwarp manifolds help stabilize slipstream paths into subspace corridors like the Vaadwaur underspace. In fact, the Vaadwaur did not create the underspace. The subspace corridors could be the result of an ancient extinct civilization such as the one that created the subspace relay network claimed by the Hirogen. Maybe they perfected the technology that the Borg were discovering.

  40. I don't get that nothing can exceed Warp 10. The Transwarp network must exceed that speed in order to be relevant at all to faster than light travel. Don't forget too, that in the episode, "All Good Things," from TNG, the future scene has Riker arrive in the Enterprise. When all is said and done against the Klingons, he tells helm to set a course for Federation Space, WARP 13. So, 10 can't be the theoretical limit.

  41. How did Janeway know about borg conduent. I mean she didn't know what the first time can't you go back in time and tell her other self. Do you know what I mean how did you figure it out in 30 years and which conduit to use I get back home since there's no signs of them and million of them

  42. Given the Borg’s vast superior knowledge and technology, I’d guess that Star Fleet could in no way utilize Borg technology, despite what the narrator, Roddenberry or following writers and shows demonstrated. Think about it from a pragmatic perspective. In the 24th century, Star Fleet hadn’t even left the Milky Way Galaxy, with few exceptions, Voyager being the most popular. Really, people…think about that scope of vastness.

  43. If the Borg really did control the metro subway system a transwarp network, why didn't they already conquer the Alpha quadrant? Seeing how their first attempt was a single Cube that utterly destroyed Starfleet and got as far as Earth, then the SECOND Cube also got as far. All they would need is send TWO CUBES TOGETHER… you'd think networked intelligences would be capable of higher thinking, huh?

    No. In the end, the Transwarp network was just a DEUS EX MACHINA to wrap up Voyager. It was the writers' cheap shot to magically transport Voyager and skip any sort of coherence or logic. That we have to consider it canon is an affront to viewers' intelligences everywhere.

  44. The Warp 10 limit is BS since in one episode of TNG, in the last season I think, Beverly Crusher was the captain of a star ship that could do Warp 12-16

  45. They could also explain that they have to travels for weeks because one of the Transwarp gates is damaged–perhaps due to sabotage.

  46. The Federation will be using Time Ships in the future as seen in Voyager. One such ship was the Relativity. This will make both warp and transwarp obsolete.

  47. I always thought a Transwarp coil allowed them to create a temporary transwarp conduit, and that was the point of the transwarp coil, where as the transwarp hub was a permenantly stabilized solution that they didn't require transwarp coils for, that the transwarp coils were simply for the expanses of space they didn't have a permanently established conduit when they needed to travel faster.

  48. How about this for Thought on Transwarp ,We have start at the Beginning, When a ship travels through normal space. From light speed and faster, it has Resistance it works against. different energy's that Space contains. certain Lights, Gravity, Radiation . Like a vehicle travailing fast on a road, think how much faster it would travail with out, Air resistance, in front of it. Same theory for a ship in space except the resistance is Light, Gravity, Radiation and other things that's out there. Now with a warp ship. that ship creates a energy field around it reflecting Light, Gravity, Radiation and other things. When that ship moves that energy field cuts through all that like a hot Knife through Butter. In order For the ship to move faster it applies more energy to the field around it because its going to experience more resistance. As for Transwarp it creates a conduit out of normal space (Like sub space) . where a ship traveling through it wont encounter the natural resistance of normal space that's in front of it, certain Lights , Gravity's, Radiations and other things planets stars nebulas stuff they normally have to travel around. Also it can move in a strait line now. Intern allowing a ship to move more freely. Only problem the staggering amount of energy's it requires to create a Transworp conduit. Like in S.T. Voyager, the Transwarp coil they got. It used so much Energy from the ship engine. the ship had to Travel at a much lower warp speed in the conduit, So instead of moving at warp 9 they only move at warp 4. But still covering much more distance, in the same amount of time, than in normal space.

  49. Dude is there really anything like a near-catastrophic warp core breach? Aren’t they all pretty fucking catastrophic. I’m just sayin

  50. Why didn't the Federation just reverse-engineer it?
    It's amazing how they can make warp-engines out of coconuts but they can't even study something they run across.

  51. You don't need a transwarp coil, gate or hub to use travel at transwarp speeds. In the TNG double episode Descent, the Enterprise-D travels at transwarp twice, by replicating the actions of a Borg ship.

  52. You might want to bump up the start of your transwarp scale by one tick. Based on what you have, the Akira, Prometheus and Sovereign classes can reach transwarp speeds on regular warp drive alone.

  53. Never understood why a single Borg Cube would always fly around trying to assimilate Federation ships at warp speeds far from their space when they could used the trans warp hub that was practically in earth’s orbit (STVOY Endgame).

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