The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

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The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen | Takaharu Tezuka

This is a kindergarten
we designed in 2007. We made this kindergarten
to be a circle. It’s a kind of endless circulation
on top of the roof. If you are a parent, you know that kids love
to keep making circles. This is how the rooftop looks. And why did we design this? The principal of this kindergarten said, “No, I don’t want a handrail.” I said, “It’s impossible.” But he insisted: “How about having a net
sticking out from the edge of the roof? So that it can catch
the children falling off?” (Laughter) I said, “It’s impossible.” And of course,
the government official said, “Of course you have to have a handrail.” But we could keep
that idea around the trees. There are three trees popping through. And we were allowed to call
this rope as a handrail. But of course, rope has nothing
to do with them. They fall into the net. And you get more, and more, more. (Laughter) Sometimes 40 children
are around a tree. The boy on the branch, he loves the tree
so he is eating the tree. (Laughter) And at the time of an event, they sit on the edge. It looks so nice from underneath. Monkeys in the zoo. (Laughter) Feeding time. (Laughter)
(Applause) And we made the roof as low as possible, because we wanted to see
children on top of the roof, not only underneath the roof. And if the roof is too high,
you see only the ceiling. And the leg washing place —
there are many kinds of water taps. You see with the flexible tubes, you want to spray water
to your friends, and the shower, and the one in front is quite normal. But if you look at this, the boy is not washing his boots, he’s putting water into his boots. (Laughter) This kindergarten is completely
open, most of the year. And there is no boundary
between inside and outside. So it means basically
this architecture is a roof. And also there is no boundary
between classrooms. So there is no acoustic barrier at all. When you put many children in a quiet box, some of them get really nervous. But in this kindergarten, there is no reason they get nervous. Because there is no boundary. And the principal says if the boy in the corner
doesn’t want to stay in the room, we let him go. He will come back eventually,
because it’s a circle, it comes back. (Laughter) But the point is,
in that kind of occasion, usually children try to hide somewhere. But here, just they leave and come back. It’s a natural process. And secondly, we consider
noise very important. You know that children
sleep better in noise. They don’t sleep in a quiet space. And in this kindergarten, these children show
amazing concentration in class. And you know, our kind grew up
in the jungle with noise. They need noise. And you know, you can talk
to your friends in a noisy bar. You are not supposed to be in silence. And you know, these days we are trying to make
everything under control. You know, it’s completely open. And you should know that we can go skiing in -20 degrees in winter. In summer you go swimming. The sand is 50 degrees. And also, you should know
that you are waterproof. You never melt in rain. So, children are supposed to be outside. So that is how we should treat them. This is how they divide classrooms. They are supposed to help teachers. They don’t. (Laughter) I didn’t put him in. A classroom. And a washbasin. They talk to each other around the well. And there are always
some trees in the classroom. A monkey trying to fish
another monkey from above. (Laughter) Monkeys. (Laughter) And each classroom has
at least one skylight. And this is where Santa Claus
comes down at the time of Christmas. This is the annex building, right next to that
oval-shaped kindergarten. The building is only
five meters tall with seven floors. And of course,
the ceiling height is very low. So you have to consider safety. So, we put our children,
a daughter and a son. They tried to go in. He hit his head. He’s okay. His skull is quite strong. He is resilient. It’s my son. (Laughter) And he is trying to see
if it is safe to jump off. And then we put other children. The traffic jam is awful
in Tokyo, as you know. (Laughter) The driver in front,
she needs to learn how to drive. Now these days, kids need a small dosage of danger. And in this kind of occasion, they learn to help each other. This is society. This is the kind of
opportunity we are losing these days. Now, this drawing is showing
the movement of a boy between 9:10 and 9:30. And the circumference
of this building is 183 meters. So it’s not exactly small at all. And this boy did 6,000 meters
in the morning. But the surprise is yet to come. The children in this kindergarten
do 4,000 meters on average. And these children have
the highest athletic abilities among many kindergartens. The principal says, “I don’t train them.
We leave them on top of the roof. Just like sheep.” (Laughter) They keep running. (Laughter) My point is don’t control them, don’t protect them too much, and they need to tumble sometimes. They need to get some injury. And that makes them learn how to live in this world. I think architecture is capable
of changing this world, and people’s lives. And this is one of the attempts
to change the lives of children. Thank you very much. (Applause)

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  1. MORE schools for children should be like this. … STOP making children bloody adult before their time … LET them be children.

  2. I hated kindergarten because it was so loud. I used to beg my mom not to send me there. I ended up scratching kids and pushing them when they came to take me to play. y mom ended up sending me only for a few hours a day just to "socialize". Not all kids thrive in this kind of environment.

  3. A lot of you are misunderstanding something at this school.  You are not forced to go to this school.  Schools in Japan are not like Americanized schools, there is no real "predetermined" school.  You're free to choose whichever school you want to go to, regardless of distance, so no one is forcing parents to place their kids here, especially if they know their children wouldn't do well in an environment like this.  This school is not perfect, but it's a start.  It's not like regular kindergarten schools are any better, but having a variety of schools and structures allows a parent to have more choices to choosing the most ideal environment for their child.

  4. this is really an amazing design,for it shows us(especially we Mainland Chinese) a distinctive viewpoint.most our chinese parent s care too much about childen,which we can take it as over protection.just like the Janpanese Architect said,someimes,the kid needs to tumble to learn how to live.yeah,i m quite agree with that,desinging more natural facilities to help the kids

  5. Un maravilloso ejemplo de creatividad e innovación para hacerla educación más significativa y trascendente… mucho que aprender para evolucionar nuestros sistemas de enseñanza y aprendizaje todos niveles.

  6. Excellent Idea and Excellent design. I would like to see similar experience for kids designed in a place that has winter for 6 months in a year.

  7. Love this idea, great for those that love outdoors. My daughter's gr. 1 class does morning runs after they sit down in the morning, and it is seperated from P.E. All the schools in Vancouver, B.C now keep the kids out rain or Shine, and dress for the weather with clean clothes to change into on really wet days.

  8. great school! It's a shame we don't have such creativity in Italy. The only thing I don't agree with is the noise… But the project is based on great ideas! I think parents are the worst ennemies of their kids, when they want to protect them too much. I have a private school in Italy, and did the project myself. It's not such a great school, but I constantly have to deal with parents who are worried about all sorts of things… I wouldn't be able to imagine what running such a school would be like, at least in Italy…. quite a few parents wouldn't choose the school because they would consider it too dangerous…..

  9. Good job! Keep on making meaningful videos! I really like them, and it would be great if you know how happy I am to see these children.

  10. Wow! So inspiring! That s the place where kids education starts, once they choose they're coping mechanism, it develops it does not change, so making sure they have chosen out of freedom not out of restriction it is absolutely world changing. I would have preferred growing up in a kindergarten like this, even do it was the school i did not like 😄, but this is a starting point to then change the schools as well. Thank you so much

  11. i make this kindergarten as a preference for my paper 😀
    hahhahaahhaa, i know i didn't make a bad choice, i fell in love with this kindergarten once i read it on a magazine. 😀 😀 😀

  12. I remember my kindergarten is placed aside a huge soccer field and my kindergarten itself have a very large area. This man really describe how I feel when I'm in school. When I was a kid, it always tingle me why we have to sit inside a packed classroom, filled with other kids and teachers. I always looking outside and if I have the chance to, I'll always running around the classroom. At the same time, I will try to go away from them and just watch from afar.
    The concept of the openness is really intriguing. Because you know, kids are always running around, yes we do cry when we tumble, but in a few seconds, we'll run again!
    I'll see to my friends in architectural studies view on this ideas. Thank you

  13. je kleiner der raum, desto lauter sind kinder! die kids werden automatisch leiser, wenn man sie in einen offenen raum ohne grenzen steckt 😀

  14. i live in tokyo, a talented english teacher. I want to open a kindergarten of my own, anybody else interested?

  15. I didn't understand the reasoning he had with the noise being a good thing for nap time. I can reason that maybe having fresh air and the sound of nature as a good way to put a child into a more tranquil state though. I personally don't think having a ring as an only playground area is a good thing because normally they would have a rectangular space to work with but here you're only limited to a circle. The only thing I really like about this design is that its open area atmosphere.

  16. How I wished we had this here where I lived…. Wonderful idea especially on the concept of classrooms without walls, who needs nap time anyway in school they should do all the sleeping at home in the comfort of their own beds. I never understood why many think its a good idea to sleep during Kindergarten.

  17. It certainly seems more civilized than American kindergartens. You are lucky to be mostly Asian. In America there are too many language problems and racial strife. Latino children are horribly unruly as well as black students. I applaud you on your school. Such well mannered students. God bless you all.

  18. how did you manage the noise between 2 classrooms?? If 1 classroom is teaching something else and other is teaching something else then if there is no wall then the disturbance and noise will be more right?? Then how to avoid that?
    And why running on roof when we have grounds?

  19. Beste Abdeckung Kinder Sind Sie müde von Ihrem Smartphone, Schlüssel oder Kleingeld immer Landung zwischen den Abstand von Ihrem Sitz nach einem scharfen Kurven?

  20. Nobody is bothered by the fact that he constantly compares children to animals. "Monkey, monkey" or "sheep"? Like they're too wild to be placed into a smaller, more organized environment. What about the kids who want things predictable and safe? What about those bullied? Survival of the fittest, I guess, since they're referred to as little monkeys.

  21. Looks good. What about the costs of building it and the space required? I understand Japan isn't exactly spacious. Adult Japanese sometimes vacate in sparsely populated countries (like those in Scandinavia) simply because it's such a contrast to their own. So while I'm all for this, how many of these type of kindergartens will be built when facing the reality of costs and the limited space available?

  22. We were raised this way! We were left to our devices, left to get wet in the rain, got mud on our hands and our clothes. We learnt much on our own..

  23. A place where people care about what’s important for the children instead of an American Obedient Worker Factory/Daycare!

    The Elite’s have gotta get those income taxes! They need their new toys!

  24. Kinder Ausstattung Beste Aibesser Breath Neopren Kniestütze Einstellbare Kniestütze für Sport Kompressions & lindert die Schmerzen

  25. Beste Abdeckung Kinder Sind Sie Angst vor möglichen Schrammen und finden Sie in Verzweiflung, zwischen den Autositz und Konsole?

  26. America is too stubborn to learn from this. American education is too set in its ways to relinquish absolute control over the children. American schools are prisons.

  27. Yes, we always expect a child to grow up to be strong, independent, happy, highly productive and sociable adult. They cannot be like that if we keep children wrapped in a bubble, protecting from every minor falls and forbidding them to even move a limb or express their loud voice and happy giggles.

  28. 日本人がほとんどなんだから日本語で話せばいいと思う^^

  29. it is an amazing school. Clearly that system does not work in all countries, we have different cultures.
    But I like how it is that education is improving.

  30. Its awesome the idea that the architect have, education in the early years of children is important and the idea of ​​kindergarten is great since children play a lot and that is what they need.

  31. It is very good talk because they help us to become aware of the cuiddo of the small and realize that they have a very extensive imagination and that helps them to develop new things if we give them the opportunity to do it

  32. our Ancestors Grew up in plains and Deserts and iran .and when you going into the desert with the mountains around that Whether in the plain or in the foothills there is no noise at all. Silence Silence Silence and nothing more.and You will only hear a breeze and a little bit of little birds and if you close your eyes maybe and just maybe You will hear the sound of running a Gazelle if the predators have not destroyed their generation or The sound of the sheep's bells from far far away.

    Now I was asked if our kindergarten should do this or not.As you know, children in every way love the excitement and crowd.In any case, cities are vibrant and people are accustomed to it.but not me.i love silence and silence place and silence street.Perhaps the rest of the people will only endure it.but anyway it is hard to always being in silence and I think my people have always been looking for spaces and places to escape from it a little bit. Nevertheless, the love of a shepherd is just his flute.
    so how much noise in architecture design is good for people like this??

  33. Absolutely brilliant idea! It is known that we learn better if we have enough exercise or at least some movement while learning. I wish more countries would follow. A very funny presenter as well.

  34. absolutely nice design which put children back into the way they should be. and perhaps all human being should somehow live and work in this way, more than working like a machine.

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