The 3 Ways šŸ˜Š Make Money Online (as a teenager, fast, free)

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The 3 Ways šŸ˜Š Make Money Online (as a teenager, fast, free)

The 3 Ways šŸ˜Š Make Money Online (as a teenager, fast, free)

As the title suggests If didn’t forget to
write down the title properly. This is not your typical random video, or
is it ? In this video you learn a few ways (which are no financial advice by way full
disclaimer) on how to make money online. Even if you have no skills, and maybe if you
area dog as well, who knows? So you are a teenager, boy or a girl, you
want to make some side income with no background, online or you just want to help your current
situation by covering some of your expenses. I’m making this video to response to the multiple
Dms on Instagram account lately on how to make money online and yesterday or whenever,
you are watching this video I asked on my Instagram story, you should also follow me
on Instagram if you want to participate in quizzes like this, what do you want to see
the next video? The most of you guys voted for “make money
online” and yes I voted for e-commerce. It seems like I’m the only one who cares,
but if you care as well, please comment in the comment section down below #E-Commerce. Regardless the point is you ask and I deliver
or I am delivering right now, so make sure you stay until the end of the video because
there’s some three tips that you need to know. First of all forget about getting rich, making
fortune to, only about money and concentrate on quality or getting good at your craft.So
the matter weight of those three things that I will mention, you choose and they can be
done separately or together combine and I’m sure many of you guys are pretty creative. My number three with number one is already
combined with number three, but you need to get good at your craft. This is the point.This skill must be something
that you potentially can be good at that, even though you might be really bad at it
right now. For example, are you good with people, did
you find yourself showing compassion or always helping their friends make the best decision
when you’re in the group, to go to the right place to eat and in fact the right place is
the place you wanted all a long. Can you just managed to convince anybody? Yes, you might not have any sales experience,
but yes, you might have a potential. Maybe marketing or sales might be something
to consider and this is basic covered mostly in step two. But if you want to do copywriting you can
also use it and apply to step 1.I know you’re probably wondering what are those steps Wait
a minute. Do you hate people or you feel awkward talking
to people or convincing them of something. Do you hate the corporate structure, capitalism
the monetary system as a whole. I don’t know how to help you, but might want
to consider the first option. I don’t know about that. But since we started talking about number
two I think we should get to the point and start from number one.I mean, this is the
proper way to start right, one two, three, right? See you might be good at sales, there is still
hope.The first idea on how to make money online is develop a high-income skill. What is a high-income skill ? We will go over
high-income skills that seem to be in high demand.First of all, there’s a growing interest
of people making money online on YouTube with compilation videos, but you know, there is
a very important saying regarding that and regarding business as whole. Remember the Gold Rush? Who made the most money from the Gold Rush? Was it the people who went to the gold rush
? No, it was the mining companies that sold the mining equipment, the idea was the gold
rush. People supporting the idea was the mining
companies. First example, you can be the mining company. So if people want to make money online right
now and I’ll share the secret with the compilation channels, maybe it’s not even a secret,
I have a video about it in the cards above. So what you can do to help them is, they might
be editing their videos by themselves because they use fair use, you know, the UCC videos,
creative commons videos, but they cannot make good thumbnails. So if you can make good thumbnails, you can
maybe between 1.6 and 10 bucks as you can see on Fiverr here. ( The link for Fiverr is in the description
down below) And I can tell you that a good thumbnail like that might take you less than
5 minutes if you’re good , 30 minutes if your bad . 10 bucks for that amount of time personally
I think it’s good deal . Obviously, you won’t get the water clients at the start,
but why not start right now and charge less than everybody else. Try to see if you get snowball effect. The second high-income skill is be wealthy
and obviously it’s connected to the first especially for Youtubers like me. We need video editors, it’s a really good
job, because when you get a client, like selling a product, the brand loyalty is really high. It’s like with developers. You never stop using that developer or editor
because why would you change him ? The brand quality is very strong. You like the service, if nothing bad happens
-you stick together. Thumbnail creations- perfect for that video
editing, perfect for brand loyalty as well, On video editing I think you can start a little
bit on Fiverr, you can check some offers there offers there for video editor, cut them, maybe
test a few videos for yourself and it’s an actual paid job, that you can get paid monthly,
because some people will do videos every single day, so you have a site or main income that
you can potentially rely on.An other thing that might be good If you are good at sales
or if you’re not good at sales but wrote essays in school, which I you should be able
to do, is Blog articles, making articles for websites on topics. For example make an articles about 200 or
500 words. If you do that you get paid from 5 to 2 hundred
dollars, obviously depends on the word count, on the quality, you start out small maybe
you do for two to five bucks, but as you progress clients come back, you can gain distant income
out of it. Maybe you won’t get rich, or if you want to
learn more about compilation channels , click the video above. Second idea is affiliate marketing . It’s
someone else’s product than getting a commission out of it, what’s better than that. You don’t creating the product, you don’t
take any risk. You just get a commission on sales. How to do that, how to do you choose a product
? Click back, here is a list of some of the categories. Like art or sport , like there must be something
you’re not particularly bad at. Number three, which actually can be combined
with number two and number one and know you can figure out some ideas. And if you figure it out some ideas, please
comment them in the comments section down below and let’s get a healthy conversation
go. Create a niche Instagram page repost post
or ask for credits from the owners or use copyright free images, use your own images,
use Canva, make some nice posts for your feed, schedule them for example with buffer so you
can have multiple pages growing Instagram page and I have a lot of videos on this channel
about Instagram growth, so you might want to check them out, if you’re interested in
particularly that or how to make money on social media. There’s a bunch of options I have a link for
this in the cards above. How to make money on social media without
having a website and after that you can sell that affiliate product on your Instagram page,
sell your own courses on your Instagram page niched and if you passed from a few thousand
followers you’ll be reached from number of people for shououts or you can use like
from slack Shoutcast or something else, to get people who directed to you regarding shoutouts. If you liked this video make sure you admire
this like button, no, not this like button, this like button, or I gotta warn you you
that you might get two kilograms today ****** So consider liking this video and subscribing
to the channel. This is no financial advice. This is no medical advice, but you should
know that a video a day keeps the doctor away. You should check both videos above, I’m
glad you stayed until the end!

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