The $289,500 New York Hot Dog Stand License

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The $289,500 New York Hot Dog Stand License

The $289,500 New York Hot Dog Stand License

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off at A hot dog is a cylindrical sausage derivative
common in the United States and Canada. Making one involves combining three elements—meat
trimmings, preservatives such as nitrates, and flavorings such as salt which you’re
about to have plenty of after learning that this guy, standing on the street corner selling
hot dogs is probably making more money than you. If you’ve ever been to New York you know
two things—that these hot dogs stands are everywhere and your overdraft limit because
New York is an expensive place. You may know it as the Big Apple but, I mean,
it should really be called the Big Apple Store since everything costs so much and its filled
with mice. Ughhhhhhhh. What the writer will never learn… wait that’s
me. What I will never learn is that moderation
is key. New York City knows this—they know that
running food stands in such a dense place is insanely profitable so, to prevent the
streets from being overrun with hot dog peddlers, they need to restrict the number of them. They do so with licenses, hot dog licenses
which are in… hot demand. How it works is that there are 3,100 hot dog
stand licenses in New York City, and that’s it. Those are for ones like this stand on 43rd
street outside the Westin Hotel from which I got the worst food poisoning I’ve ever
had in my life. I was… as sick as a dog. Completely true story. That’s because how these stands work is
that they put hundreds of hot dogs in boiling water at the beginning of they day and just
leave them there until they’re sold and then there’s really nothing stopping them
from saving the unsold ones and putting them back in the water the next day so please don’t
eat a New York street hotdog unless, of course, you want to recreate the purge. Not the movie—that’s what I call the day
I ate that dog. These hot dog stands make a lot of money,
we’ll get to that part, so some people have been on the waiting list for a permit for
up to 20 years. For city park spots though, there’s no waiting
list. Instead, every five years, the permits go
up for auction. Classic supply and demand rules apply so since
there’s a restricted supply and high demand prices get high. Really high. Like, deciding between buying a Ferrari or
a hot dog stand license high. The least expensive license, though, is for
here at Inwood Hill Park setting the owner back $700 a year. For most New Yorkers this is basically Canada
so the foot traffic here isn’t great. The owner has said he only makes about $3,000
to $5,000 a year from his cart. Other cheap licenses are the $1,100 per year
one for Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx and the $3,200 per year one for Maria Hernandez Park
in Brooklyn. Those don’t make much so they don’t cost
much. The most expensive licenses, though, are all
for locations in Central Park. This one at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
costs $125,170 per year, this one just off 72nd street costs $233,000, and this one outside
Tavern on the Green restaurant costs $266,850. The grand prize of most expensive hot dog
stand license in New York City, however, goes to this one just outside the Central Park
Zoo at $289,500 per year Let’s do some quick maths. At that stand a hot dog costs $2 and most
drinks cost $2 too. They also sell more expensive ice cream but
let’s assume the average person spends $4. Expenses aren’t high, a hot dog and bun
costs about 75 cents at wholesale prices and most drinks about 25 cents so $1 in expenses. 2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that’s 3. Working from 8am to 10pm, 14 hours per day,
if there’s a customer every three minutes that’s $60 per hour, $840 per day, and about
$300,000 per year meaning they’re already breaking even. If we just say that there is a customer every
two minutes instead, the stand owner would pocket $150,000 per year. Now you can start to see how this can be so
profitable. In fact, the average income for New York hot
dog stand owners is purportedly about $100,000 per year. Don’t sell drugs kids, sell dogs. What’s unbelievable, though, is that the
Central Park Zoo stand isn’t even the most expensive ever. In most years that title has gone to the one
at the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art who’s yearly lease has peaked at
$415,000. Whoever owned that license truly was… the
top dog. Wait wait wait… we know who, it was Pasang
Sherpa who leased the spot for his company, Himalaya Inc until they were evicted for failing
to pay the lease and ended up with… a mountain of debt. At least for him… the dog days are over. As we’ve established you’ve got to be
one lucky dog to get a New York hot dog stand license but I’m sure you, like everyone
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about how this show has gone to the dogs.

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  3. Decides to do quick maths
    Spends $4 on $2 hot dog and $2 drink
    Expenses cost $0.75 per hot dog and $1 per drink, so spends $3.
    Proceeds to say 2+2=4-1=3.

    Big Shaq confirmed

  4. That means.. You will work hard to make 500k, the government will take 400k and you will get only 100k ( minus income tax)…
    What a great deal my friend 👍…

  5. This is communist bullshit. I wouldn't want to be a New Yorker, let a lone do buisiness there.

  6. if NYC would free up licenses then the supply of hot dawg bros would go up and decrease the cost of hot dawgs, c'mon!

  7. New York seem's worse and worse to me ever since the age of 8, i can remember that disgusting ass smell. Exactly like L.A. too but they have great hot dog's, made in front of you by la señora or el Don.

  8. Random question but why do they name streets in the US after numbers? Like 72nd. I live in England so I don’t understand it. Does everyone automatically know the street off by its number?

  9. Personally, I prefer the roach coaches in Philly. honestly, if you want a true philly cheasesteak in philly, go there. They are portable too! used to grab one on 15th and jfk at the edge of city hall square and eat it in the shade of the parkway.

    There are also a lot of halal food stands

  10. hot dog carts are for tourists

    in actual new york neighborhoods people go to halal carts which are way more sanitary as they mostly grill things right in front of you. and are also not 90% salt

  11. The humor of this channel is the reason why I stuck around instead of watching just one video, please don't change that

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    My brother: buys a nice house and a nice car

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  15. Unfortunately (depending which borough you live in), 100,000 a year is not necessarily a great income in New York.

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  17. I was in NYC just a few months ago: it seems like all the street carts these days are those Halal carts, which I am solidly in favor of. They're everywhere in Manhattan, and they're usually pretty good.

  18. Wait so if ur a owner of a stand and u buy a permit for a cheap location just relocate to another and no one will know

  19. Am I the only one that thinks making $100000/year is NOT making a killing? Especially in NYC. Add to that standing in the elements. Have at it. You'd have to pay me more. How much are you making sitting behind a computer criticizing someone who's working their ass off.

  20. "Two plus two is four minus one that's three quick maths. Everyday mans on the block. Smoke trees."
    – Half as Interesting

  21. Worked In NYC for 30 years and ate street meat and HOT DOGS from the street Vendors at least two or three times a week and never got sick, to tell people not to eat hot dogs 🌭 from the vendors in NYC IS AS SILLY AS YOUR VIDEO…. THUMBS DOWN 👎🏻 FOR YOU…….

  22. Ive been off this summer and spend my days hanging out in Central Park I wanted to see what kind of $ these guys bring in for myself and from what I saw they are NOT getting a customer every 2-3 minutes. Maybe on the weekends in the Summer but during the week these carts on Central Park West are not doing that type of business from what I can see.

  23. Avoid the dirty water dogs, have a street pretzel… the best have a bit of a charcoal smell about them since they are sort of cooked/smoked over the coals… delicious!

  24. It is your USC right to earn money anyway you would like. Tell them to take the hot dog license and shove it up their ass. Sell anything anywhere you'd like. They will settle out of court cause they don't want the wrong precedence set.

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