Taika Waititi on Jojo Rabbit, New Thor Movie & Sleeping at Work

100 thoughts on Taika Waititi on Jojo Rabbit, New Thor Movie & Sleeping at Work

  1. If Jimmy wants to see the pitch for this, he has to go see The Pitch Meetings on Screen Rant. It's super easy, barely an inconvenience. ?

    There's not one with JoJo Rabbit yet. Though I hope there will be.

  2. Love the people this show brings to get interviewed just hate the host that can’t seem to know how to be respectful

    It sucks watching and interview with someone that can’t even be likeable

  3. Natalie can thank the success of certain female-led films for her return to the Thor franchise that had written off her character. Taika actually cringed when she's mentioned because he knows it's a totally bogus comeback for the character!

  4. Im from NZ … I live in Auckland

    Want a Ghostchip?

    WOW a minute in and Jimmy Says Taika's surname as "Taika Wai ti e" ? it's algood tho

  5. He's one funny and smart dude! everyone should watch Eagle Vs Shark and his other movie called BOY!! you will love them! thank me later

  6. Sometimes I wish Americans (speaking as one) would just own the we're stupid stereotype it's honestly not the worst one to have. If we say anything weird we can just be like "well I am American".

  7. Taika Waititi is low class trash, who couldn't direct his way out of a paper bag. Try watching his movies in english class then stomaching his garbage movies after you've left school.

  8. Man's a tosser who bags on his home country at every opportunity while pumping out crap, cringy, b-grade movies. Stay in the states Taika, we don't want you back here. Sincerely, New Zealand.

  9. The reviews are not that good for JOJO Rabbit……..but lets see how it goes thru the season….im afraid some people wont even consider see it..

  10. I usually get disappointed hearing a spoiler for a movie. But if Taika is the one saying it, I guess it makes the spoiler a director intended experience.

  11. Ahhhh his Mums a Jew, that explains why he's been stiring race hatred here in New Zealand, funny that he seems pretty quiet on Palestine lol

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