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Descendants of the Sun: CPT. Lucas Manalo leaves a lasting impression | Full Episode 2 (w/subtitles)

If you don’t give the One Million Dollars we’re asking in an hour, I will kill all of you. I’m going in. Let’s all go together to be sure. I don’t have time anymore, I need to save my father. I haven’t stopped searching for them. And this I promise
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Descendants of the Sun: The woman who captured CPT. Lucas Manalo’s heart | Full Episode 1 (w/ subs)

Team, this mission is a time sensitive target. At 0800 hours today, The Philippine Revolutionary Group kidnapped seven expat engineers of a theme park being put up in Busuanga (town). Eight strikers from the 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion who were deployed in the area were kidnapped by the enemies while
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