‘Daddy Issues’ Behind The Story: 68 Whiskey Ep. 3 | Paramount Network

(door bursts open) (energetic rock music) – Clear! – Clear! (helicopter whirring) (multiple voices over radio) – Bad move? – If it is, our work here is done. (helicopter whirring) – Who’s this? – He’s an LN. Chest wound, but his airway’s intact, he’s still breathing. Holloway, for one reason
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‘Buckley’s Goat’ 🐐Behind The Story | 68 Whiskey | Paramount Network

(upbeat guitar music) – [Man] Get to it mates! – Sasquatch versus Roback. Who do you think’s gonna win? – He’s got it! – Yeah! – I’m in the ring with Derek who plays Sasquatch, who’s brilliant and he’s a mountain of a man. – Sasquatch, it’s a pretty cool
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