Skipping School Tests

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Skipping School Tests

Skipping School Tests

– Every waste yout about
to relate to this video. (magical shimmer)
(horse whinnying and trotting) What up everyone it’s ya girl Superwoman! And I’m gonna be real, back in
the day when I was in school, I was actually a very
successful student, okay? I got good grades, I worked
hard on my assignments, etc. But, I had one kryptonite and
that was my love for sleep. Straight up, if I had a
dollar for every time I chose sleep over school I would be
in Lil Wayne’s crew being like, “Young moolah baby” also
not making any damn sense. The problem was, the version of Lilly that set the alarm clock at
night was very delusional. Okay, I need to leave at 10 because of traffic, so 9:30. Although, I do think it’s important to have a complete breakfast
with all four food groups, so nine. And you know what, I really
could benefit from morning yoga. So 8:30. You know what, let’s just
say 8:00 a.m. to be safe. I have a really good feeling about this. (sigh) Ho shut the eff up!
Talking ’bout breakfast. In the four years of university
I legit had breakfast twice. And both times it was
because I swallowed my gum. Girl, you know damn well what’s gonna happen the next morning. (upbeat music) Here’s the thing, right, I can shut off an alarm clock
without even realizing it. Like I will legit shut off my alarm without even interrupting my REM sleep. It’s just second nature at this point. Even those apps that they
have made for people like me that are like, “Your alarm
won’t turn off unless you “answer this mathematical question.” That doesn’t work on me
because when it’s 8:00 a.m. and you love sleep as much
as I do, I am Pythagorean. And this is my goddamn theorem. (upbeat music) Carry the one… Y equals mx plus b… Hypotenuse… (groan) I before e except after c… (sigh) Hey, a little bed mass in bed, badum tish. Hm, when the only way you can get your ex in bed is through a math equation. Shut up zoomed-in Lilly! And once I actually figure out where I am and what’s happening, morning Lilly can literally convince herself of anything. (upbeat music)
(groan) Wait, what’s that noise? Oh, my alarm. Eight? Why did I set it for eight? Is it going off again? Oh, crap, wait I have a test, that I can think about in 10 minutes. And 10 more minutes. One last time. Ugh, fine. Actually wait,
it’s Monday morning. There’s probably like no traffic. I’ll just sleep more and drive faster. And grab breakfast on the way. And I’m not gonna do my makeup. Yeah, I love myself just the way I am. Also, summer school might
be really fun, just saying. Ugh, okay I should get
up, I’m gonna be late. Although, wait, do you
really wanna be someone who believes in the construct of time? Ugh, is this how you wanna live your life? Don’t you deserve a break
for your mental health? Maybe school is just an
institution meant to enslave you. Rebel against the system, Lilly! You’re not a puppet! Eff the test, eff school, eff the system. My name is Lilly Singh and I’m
in control of my own destiny! – Yo, you missed a test. – Hi, Dr. Patel? True story I probably got
like 30 doctors’ notes in my university career and I feel
like all students have this deep-rooted ability to act
because of this process. I swear to god if I could
do as well in my auditions as I have done in doctors’
offices, I would be a star okay? I would be in like Lord
of the Rings or something. As the fat hobbit? No, as like Frodo or something. Hm? What’s that fatty,
you say you want fro-yo? Can you stop? Okay fine, I’m kidding,
I actually saw you on TV the other day, and you did really good. Really, where? A commercial for SeaWorld, effin’ Shamu. (groan) But straight up, I would
step into the doctor’s office like okay, what is my
motivation, what is my backstory? And honestly I’ve become a
pro because I know exactly which key elements are
needed to lie to your doctor. Blame a sickness that can’t be measured. I think it’s my period,
or something I ate. (bell chime) (pen click) – Hold random parts of your body in pain. – Yeah, I couldn’t sleep all night. (bell chime) – Show various symptoms. (sneeze)
(bell chime) – Excuse me, I’m so sorry. – Bless you. – Oh my god, I’m so sorry. (cough) You were saying? – Poor thing. – And always ask for a tissue. – Excuse me, sir, can
I just grab a tissue? – Of course. – Yeah, thank you.
(bell chime) Ugh, my nose, ugh. You gotta sell your sickness, boo. Okay, I don’t care if you walk
into the doctor’s office like “Yo, I just have cramps”,
you better be limping into that office holding Vicks
Vaporub with an eye patch, okay? We going all the way here, and then boom, doctor’s note for $75. Here’s the thing, right,
it’s a two-way business and both parties, they know what’s up. – [Woman] What was wrong with that one? – Missed her test, probably slept in. Charged her $50, gave her a discount. She’s a frequent customer. – By third year of
university I’d walk into that doctor’s office just like
“Yo, Doctor P, what’s up, “give me the regular.
Let’s switch it up “a little bit though,
what do you think about, like, appendicitis?” Obviously, doctors know
students are lying. That’s why they charge them. In Canada, you can
literally get hit by a car and your healthcare will
be free but if you need a doctor’s note, boom $100. Like ho, you gon’ pay for these lies. Honestly the best thing
school has ever taught me is how to BS my way out of any situation. Ugh, I should probably sleep early. Although, you know what,
I feel like I’m ready to become a morning person, yeah. I feel like I’m just gonna
need less sleep moving forward. So yeah, I will watch this movie with you. Wait, let me set my alarm, though. Okay gotta leave at 10, so nine, uh no. I’m wanna totally redeem myself
for the whole yoga thing. Eight, 8:00 a.m., perfect. I have a great feeling about this. Every single night. You wanna know what happens next? (vinyl record rewind sound) (upbeat music) What’s up bootyful? If you like this video give
it a thumbs up, like actually do it, like believe it or not,
that actually matters to me. My last video is over there,
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every Monday and Thursday and that also like, you
know, that makes me feel good and stuff yo, you know what I mean? One love Superwoman,
that is a wrap and zoop!

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  1. First. Notification squad!!! Btw please check out my channel. And like my comment. And don't look at my profile pic!

  2. Bruh I have to wake up at 4:40 to get to the bus at 5:40
    Why so early bc I need to eat and get ready. School starts at 7:05 for me

  3. i had to wake up at 5 am in primary school and my driver picked me up at 6 but THANK god i am in secondary school now

  4. At 0:55 I was casually drinking a milkshake Lilly then said that and i spit it out and laughed so hard I fell off my chair ???

  5. At 6:58, it says that it's 9:00am but if you look at the clock, it's 3:23 – thought that that was hilarious! Love you so much Lilly, you're my idol!

  6. Wait…the phone asked the value of root 36…what did she calculate so much? Thats something you solve orally…its 6

  7. I have never related to a video more in my life. My whole life revolves around skipping school and now college because of sleeping in cuz gurrrrrl rebel much ?

  8. Teacher: lilly, what is the square root of 36
    Me: thinking of the answer
    Lilly: writes the equation to make a rocket
    Teacher: confused
    Me shouts out: it's 6……

    No hate plz this is just a joke

  9. I wake up at 6:30 and rush out of the house every morning with no breakfast…..I’m 10…..*no hate internet worriers don’t come for me just leaving a comment*

  10. So I dont wear makeup, so I just gotta brush my hair and teeth get dressed and pack my lunch and I can go out the door. Dont eat breakfast most days lol.

  11. I shouldn’t be watching this when I have a test tomorrow.

    Also I should be studying, but I normally pass all tests so…

    Here we are

  12. School has turned me into an alarm, no matter when,what day it is i always wake up around 6:30 – 7:30. I woke up at 6 and 7 in the summer. Wtf is happening 2 me

  13. I can have a whole dream within 30 seconds after i turn off my alarm then wake up after a whole dream only to find that no time has passed

  14. School Starts At 9:10 And I Love It!
    I wake up at 7:00 (To Have Free Time)
    I go to School at 8:45
    I get there by 9:00
    I leave at 3:55
    I get home by 7:00 (Average) (Because I go to dance)

  15. I’m in year 7, I’ve been in school for just over a week and I have had a geography test and maths test already. We have an art test text week.

  16. Ok hear is my morning routine

    6:30 wakes up and brushs teeth

    6:34 or 6:36 bath time

    6:40 watches iPad

    7:00 looks at time man I am late

    7:05 hair and gets lunch

    7:07 watches tv

    7: 15 goes to bus stop

    And byeeeeeee hope you have a great day and have a smile on you face every day

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