Shop Web Design – Adobe XD HTML CSS Tutorial Part (2/2)

11 thoughts on Shop Web Design – Adobe XD HTML CSS Tutorial Part (2/2)

  1. Sir, can you develop a plugin for adobe xd that converts xd files to html, css and javascript so that we don't need to write codes just like sketch launchpad does???

  2. Thanks for the great tutorials. Sadly, this part did not work as expected. I am not sure why. My nav bar stayed on the left. The light bg did not disappear. I am not sure why.

  3. Sorry ka, mau sharing nih, untuk pemula yg baru belajar.

    Pakai framework css semacam bootstrap gini , baiknya untuk ga copy paste dari documentation mentah-mentah, lebih baik buat sendiri per element dg panduan documentationnya.

    Pengalaman saya pribadi ini sih, bikin web Pake bootstrap main copy paste dan edit, saat ada masalah pusing sendiri.

  4. ui Design and web design is not the same you need the right block margin more left as your ui Design !!

  5. Love this video make more dude. As i watch ur video its getting me more inspired creating web site and design

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