Sheri and Micah’s Families Are Skeptical | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

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Sheri and Micah’s Families Are Skeptical | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

Sheri and Micah’s Families Are Skeptical | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] I just want to thank you
all so much for coming out. Mike and I greatly
appreciate it. I’m really hoping that we can
work through our problems here. I know you all have
your concerns and issues that you guys would like
to probably discuss. And we want to hear them. And, Deepika, can you please
tell me your concerns? DEEPIKA: I am very
concerned about you guys moving so quickly. Maybe you feel rushed
because your biological clock is ticking. So I don’t know if
you’re settling. Robert, I would like
to hear your concerns. ROBERT: Michael, financially,
I don’t think you make enough. If you’re living
paycheck to paycheck, that’s not providing
a financial staple. Imani– You know you’re my
sister and I love you. But I feel like the
courtship was very short. I don’t really
feel like you guys know each other all that well. And I think that you’re rushing. Thank you, Imani. MICHAEL: Earnest, what
are some of your concerns. EARNEST: I never met Sherri. The only time I could see
anything is on social media. And to me, she
seemed [INAUDIBLE].. I want you to make sure
this is what you want. I just don’t want you to feel or
be manipulated because marriage is something serious. And this is something you
have to deal with every day. And I just want to make
sure that you still continue on your path of your music. I just don’t want you
to stop while you ahead. MICHAEL: Thank you. Mom, any concerns. CASSANDRA: I just want you
to not lose your voice. I want you to always
be able to talk and express how you feel because
you can shut down on people. Don’t listen to
outside influences. Whatever is between you and
her is between you and her. MICHAEL: I appreciate it, mom. Anthony– ANTHONY: I also feel
like it was rushed. You were proposing to her. I felt like there were
really bad circumstances because at the time, you
were in the doghouse. She was mad at you because of
some emails that she had read. And she wasn’t answering
your calls and text messages and stuff like that. So you decided you was like,
OK, I’m going to go to her house and I’m going to propose to her. I’m like whoa, hold on, you only
been dating her five months. That’s pretty fast. IMANI: I am highly offended
and negatively surprised as the whole proposal
from the dog house thing was definitely something she
should have auto declined. Why don’t we know any
of this, but they do? So it seems like Sherri
is hiding stuff from us.

26 thoughts on Sheri and Micah’s Families Are Skeptical | Family or Fiancé | Oprah Winfrey Network

  1. How ahead is he with that music career? No shade. I just had to ask cause his cousin makes it seem like he doing great things

  2. Music? She provides? He's betrayed? A dusty, an enabling mama and a fellow dusty that emboldens the other dusty. This story archetype has been in the news lately and it ends very badly for the woman and her family. The insecure dusty kills the woman who sacrifices for him. He and his family show all of the red flags she should run. Praying for her not to become another sad news story.

  3. The groom’s cousin looks like a grown up version of Tiny and TI’s son King.
    She hid the doghouse proposal probably due to embarrassment, and knew she’d be counseled to reject. If her biological clock is ticking, like her bestie said, then she wants to marry and have kids even if it leads to a divorce shortly after. Smh You can’t convince me any woman who’s truly looking for love is satisfied with a doghouse proposal after only dating 5 months. She SHOULD be embarrassed and ashamed. She probably made up some proposal fairytale lie to tell her sister and bestie.

  4. A doghouse proposal and a subsequent YES is just proof that she ain’t bout ? and he’s a SIMP that doesn’t feel like he can do better than a bougie hair hat! ?

  5. The way her family acted towards his family at the beginning had me a little irritated but other then that they both should RUN!!!

  6. They both just seem desperate and lonely. 2 ppl that just happened to run into each other and get along fairly well but that’s it…. they should NOT get married

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