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Ready, Set, Mingle | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

Ready, Set, Mingle | Ready to Love | Oprah Winfrey Network

[MUSIC PLAYING] It’s your boy, Tommy Miles,
and I’m back here in Atlanta to address one of the city’s
biggest problems, finding love. And this time, get
ready, because we’re about to shake things up. For the next 10 weeks, we
will be bringing in 20 singles together to find something real. SINGER: Oh, she’s so hypnotic. – You a king, right?
– I most definitely am a king. – Oh, OK.
– Looking for my queen. I’m here to find love, Tommy. Yeah. Struggling, man. Throughout the
journey, the men and women will
eliminate each other ’til only three couples remain. I ain’t coming up single. I’m coming up mingling. SINGER: Tonight is
a special night. Hopefully, soul mates. Man, you blush,
you make me blush. Flattery will
get you everywhere. It’s time to find
out if a new group of dynamic singles from Atlanta
are truly ready to love. SINGER: You know, it took me
some time to get to the place that you wanted me to be. Oh, but now I’m ready. I’m ready to love. SINGER: You know
you got the body. Go, girl, get down you got it. So bad, I know you’re naughty. Let’s get this party started. One of the main reasons
I’m not able to find love is because I’m flashy. SINGER: baby, start a fire. I played professional
football for a few years. And unfortunately, I attract
the wrong type of women. A lot of thigh pockets. I could smell a thigh
pocket a mile away. They don’t even have
to be in the microwave. They could still be frozen. SINGER: No price on the tag. She got it like that, yeah. She got it like that. The guys in Atlanta are
different from the guys I met in the military. Hi.
– Hello. Reva.
It’s very nice to meet you. Reva?
London. Pleasure to meet you. There’s not a lot of
commitment, integrity. Oh, my god. I can kind of go on and on. Hence, me sitting
here right now. I’ve been here now
for almost five years. OK. I’ve dated about two people. Clearly, I need some help. – Hey, how y’all doing?
– Good. Reva.
It’s nice to me you. – All right, Jimmy Jones.
– Jimmy Jones? – Yeah.
– Oh, OK. When it’s time to sell
your home, call Jimmy Jones. Oh, OK. I’m a realtor.
I’m a realtor. I’m Atlanta’s top
listing agent, OK? I got personality on 10. Confidence is the new sexy
to me, you know what I mean? So I think both of
y’all got the gift of gab. Well, you’ve got the gift
of beauty, so it don’t matter. Jimmy Jones. I’m ready to find love. I’m ready to find my queen, and
build that Jay-Z-Beyonce power couple, baby. Bonnie and Clyde! Where we at? And I retired from military. Army strong. Navy. Navy, OK.
My bad, my bad. Thank you for serving
our country, period. There you go.
There you go. – Hey, hey, hey.
– Hi. Meow. Meow to you too, honey. Georgia peach, I’m going
to meet you half way. They say I’m a
peach, so I wore peach. Yeah, I see that.
I see that. I’m a mom of two. I don’t get out much. So I was ready to see
the boys and play. SINGER: I want you to quake
on the floor like a fall line. When you start, keep
moving to the baseline. Hi, beautiful black people. I’m Daren. Ashima. Nice to meet you. When it comes to my
career and dating, I make a lot of sacrifices. I am a full time
stand up comedian. Oh. So when you make people
laugh, they shoulders move. I make you pee a little bit. I make you pee
just a little bit. To come in off the road
and be gone for weeks, and I open up the door, and
nobody’s sitting on that couch, it is no fun. It’s just me, Sex and
the City and Porn Hub. And I’m about tired of it. Men just don’t approach me. I mean, I have the gift of gab. But when it comes to
pulling up on a dude, I have no game whatsoever. I’m just here to bless everyone. You do that. Oh, you do that. I wanted to be in
a situation where guys are forced to approach me. Somebody is going to have
to pull up on the kid. Anointed. Oh, lay hands on me again. Yes, yes. Oh, oh. Yes. Divine was so divine. I mean, she was fine from
the front to the behind. My name is
Christina J. Peterson. I haven’t really been
in a relationship since I became an attorney. So what type of
law you practice? I do personal injury,
criminal defense, and business litigation. Oh, that’s what
I’m talking about. You got to give me some of that.
– Yeah. Somehow, men seem to get
intimidated when I kind of tell them that I’m an attorney. I haven’t had an
easy time finding a man who can be confident
within himself with me. – Grant, yes.
– Nina. Nice to meet you.
– Nina? Very nice to meet you. Nice firm handshake. I like that. I don’t feel that there’s any
foolproof strategy, especially when it comes to dating. I just try to be true to myself. How does that skin feel? Is it soft? Very much so. What do you use?
– Hmm? What do you put on your skin? Bacon grease. I do want the opportunity
to try to get to know as many women as possible. And in this type of environment,
closed mouths don’t get fed. Hey, double fist it. How are you? – I’m Aisha.
– I’m Grant. Very nice to meet you. That’s my type. That’s my type. He just looked like he
tastes like Hennessy. And I don’t even drink Hennessy. You look good. Well, thank you. Yeah. You appear to be vet. I don’t have or play
by any dating rulebook. I do what feels good for me. I am pretty aggressive, and
I can get a conversation going with just about any guy. I am also assessing my
competition with the ladies, but I didn’t see much of them
as a threat or competition. Where are you originally from? Metro Detroit. Well, I’m from Kansas City. So we can see
through bull [BLEEP].. All day. And twice on Sunday. And twice on Sunday. Hey, absolutely. – Mike.
– Tondy. I like your dress. You look nice. This mansion, this
whole environment is super, super sexy. I’m ready to find
me a man, so I’m just rubbing my hands together. So what meal you’ll
cook for a king. He can get whatever he want,
honey, and me on the platter. Really? Oh, no, man. Oh, that’s my dessert now, huh? Mm-hmm. I’m an empty nester now. I’ve always put my daughter
first and all that. She’s out of the house
and she’s in college. Mama got to play too. ATL! Come on, baby. Gather ’round. Gather ’round. What’s going on, nephew? We got another good looking
group of people from the ATL– [CHEERING] –that can’t find
a relationship. Putting yourself out
there and taking the steps to find love can be
difficult. But the best thing about this process
is each one of you came here for the right reasons. You’re tired of the games. I’m sick and tired. I’m sick and tired of
being sick and tired. All right, let’s get real. What’s the problem out here? Women in Atlanta
say the men, they just want to play the field. Yeah. But check it out now. The men in Atlanta
say you ladies are more interested in
the size of their wallet than the size of their heart. Wow. That’s some bull [BLEEP] Y’all just hit the lotto,
because “Ready to Love” is back. [CHEERING] And this time, things
going to be different. For you ladies, we’ve
evened things out. Today standing here we have
one woman for every one man. [CHEERING] That’s right, 10 and 10. It’s a miracle. I’m glad it’s an
even playing field. When I’m open to finding
love, I mean, I’m just open. I mean, just open,
like the 7 Eleven, like the Waffle House
open, 24 hours open. Some of y’all have
been married, engaged. Some of y’all like some of
these houses around here. You’ve been on the
market for a long time. So now it’s time to put
your cards on the table, face up, and finally find
what you’re looking for. Through this process,
you will not be alone. I’m going to be here with you. And I know a thing or two
about that Mary J. real love, you understand what I’m saying? [INTERPOSING VOICES] All right, take a look at the
people standing next to you. Not everyone you see today will
reach the end of this process. By the end, only six
people will remain, the three couples
who found love. So y’all ready to get
this party started? [CHEERING] It’s time to mix,
mingle, and bring your A game because
two of you will not be making it past tonight. Someone is going to go home. But I’m seeing all
these different guys. And I’m like, only
competition I got is myself. I wanted to like almost
shadowbox, like, yeah, ladies. I’m making connections,
and y’all got to watch out. Let’s raise our
glass and let’s show the ATL that you are RTL. Ready to love. [CHEERING] Ashima. Chamuka, like Chika for short. What does Chamuka mean? It means my spirits, and
gifted, greater than any other. I wasn’t born to lose. So as a winner, you
come into a room, I feel like I own that room. Man, I got a little hood in me. Don’t let me fool you. Personality-wise, I talk a lot
of [BLEEP] Where are you from? I’m from Mobile, Alabama. Oh, you country. Country, country. You cook country? Oh, all day. Wait a minute.
You wait. You don’t got to be country
to know how to cook. You didn’t say that. All you got to do is be
hungry to know how to cook. That’s true. No, that’s not true. That’s not true.
– Yes. That’s not true. You have to do a
little bit of reading, a little bit of measuring.
– No, no, baby. Christina, she’s
the attack dog. You know, but her
body is banging. You know what I’m saying? Outside of that, I don’t
know much about her. But the body is banging.
– What is your specialty? – Everything.
– No, no, no, no. Everybody has a specialty. Everything. OK. Hey, what’s going on? [INAUDIBLE] is
killing me right now. So I need to smile
a little bit for you. Give me something
to smile about. Oh, yeah? I like it a whole lot. Alexis, I’m like, man, Toni
Braxton, little mini-Toni. I’m going to need to take
you on a quick excursion. Yeah, let’s get out of here. I need to get with her real
quick, fast, and in a hurry, because this shark’s
in bloody water. And I’m not playing any games. All right, now, I’m
going to hold you. OK. I love someone who could
make a woman smile, can take a woman by
her hand, and pull her away from the crowd. London commanded my attention,
and I appreciate that in a man. Why don’t you
catch me if I fall. – I got you.
– OK. I got you. Hey, dear. Hello. – I’m well.
– Good. You look nice. Cheers.
– Good evening. I’ve known Chicka
for a few years. We were introduced
by mutual friends. That is my boy. We’re like this. We always looked at each
other as genuine friends. On my end, I never thought
about crossing the line, you know what I’m saying? So to be in this environment,
we are kind of like, Batman and Robin, so to speak. Dude, I have no game. I pull up, like, hey, boo. How you doing? No, that’s not going to work. That’s what I’m saying. Chika, he’s super blunt. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything. If you tell me I have food
in my teeth, just kind of– put a little sugar,
a little honey on it. Don’t just be like,
girl, you lookin’ crazy. Did you brush your
teeth this morning? That’s Chika. I can’t do it. How about you tell me
who you like for me. Pick me some good ones.
– OK, I’ll get you a good one. I’m looking for love. What’s with [BLEEP] dude
with the white shirt on. Oh, we had a conversation
about alkaline water. And it was sexy. So you like that. I like that. Yeah. I’m Big L. Big daddy blue. He’s funny. I know who I like for you. Black dress. I like her. I think she would
soften you up a bit. OK. And the great makeup face. Right there? Yes. Yeah, she’ll be fine. If you could choose
one to go on a date with for today, who would you
choose to go on a date with. Big daddy blue. And I’ll probably take
shorty with the all black on. She’s all in my man’s face. Oh, she giving him the smile. We might need to
break that up though. I would love to be
submissive for a man. So what do say?
You think I’m aggressive? Very.
I love that. I love that.
– Time is of the essence. You need to step up. Because everybody’s stepping up. So– Oh, I’m about to
go in, in a minute. I just want you to know
that you got my heart now. I’m a keeper. I’m going to keep it right here. Oh, Jimmy. Is Alexis going to
be my competition? You got 10 handsome
brothers over there. Listen, I’m a
little overwhelmed. One of you gentlemen ends
your journey right now. If you want a
unicorn or something, like a throwback jersey–
– Is that not true? Oh, I’m a unicorn.
Yeah, I don’t exist. Oh, OK. Oh, she giving him the smile. We might need to
break that up though. We’re about to go
break it up in a minute. It is a plus having
my wing man here for me because I want to
talk with London. All right, go get your girl. Chicka, go handle that. Break that up for me. Yo, I’m going to give
you Divine right here. You’re going to
go there, and you going let me come here then. We’re going to rotate. What do you mean rotate? In the back of my
mind, I’m like, Alexa, she’s looking really good. Hey. But I also had
my eye on Divine. So I’m like, sure, why not? What’s your
longest relationship? – 10.
– OK. I think my longest
was six years. Wow. We almost made it to marriage. But I think one day I remember
just out of the clear blue saying, hey, if you were
to propose to me today I’m not sure that
I would say yes. But you had been
with him for six years. Trust me.
I know. I feel like I was
head of household, and I was getting old,
and he was a dreamer. Like and that’s the sad
part when it comes to– you can know a
good dude, but he’s just not a good man right now. I think that was the case. He actually– he got married. Probably got everything–
well, hopefully. Maybe. I don’t think so. No, still the same
guy, just dressed up. It’s just a painted turd. Oh. Yo, she basically
put down her ex. When you put your ex down,
it kind of leaves room to believe that, OK, if
we did this and that, there’s a possibility you
could do the same thing to me. So I did not like that at all. Can you cook? Oh, absolutely. Hold on my second.
Oh, wait a minute. We start to talk about
food, we on my subject. Black-eyed peas, greens, I
mean, we go to the pork chops, smothered pork chops. Smothered pork chops? Rice. Let me see your hand. I just want you
to feel something. Do you feel that? That’s my heart beating
fast, because when you said smothered pork
chops, it skipped a beat. Do you feel it? Yeah. I love you. I’m just kidding. Some of the strongest
impressions I’ve had is Alexis and Divine. And it’s kind of hard to really
compound because they two completely different people. And I’m kind of torn
right down the middle. I feel like a peanut
butter and jelly sandwich and I’m the jelly. I’m looking at this
waist you got goin’ on. What are you talkin’ about?
What waist? You know what
I’m talking about. Girl, you better stop. I got all four waist trainers. When you undo this,
it’s going to pop open like a can of biscuits. It look good right now. London is just– he’s
just looking so good. We had such a good time. I mean, I really feel
like we have a connection. Hopefully, I can turn it more
into a romantic situation. I’m Jay. – Hi, Jay.
– How are you doin’, my brother. Nice to meet you.
– How are you doin’? I’m doin’ good. I didn’t try finding
women in the church. I didn’t try findin’ them
in a business setting. I didn’t try to find them
even at a gas station. And guess what? I run into the same type. They got a wall
up, they guarded, they look at me as
a player, a hustler, anything that’s negative. How are you?
– I’m good. How are you? So you’re a Georgia peach? Nope. Nope. You know, I think
you got to be born here to be a Georgia peach. Mm-hmm. So I see your
eye on my chicken. You want to get you a piece?
– You know what? I just had two. You want me to
get you a piece? Because you’re
looking at it like– I mean, come on. All of this in front of you, and
you’re looking at my chicken? When it comes to love,
it’s four levels I look at. I can like you, I can love you,
I could be in love with you, but the key is
unconditional love. I’m on that unconditional love. Oh, OK. Nobody’s trying to love
each other unconditionally. OK. Real love and unconditional
love ain’t about none of that. You want somebody that
going to love you for you. I’m the real king. OK. Some of them was very guarded. I noticed a lot of
them were very nervous. Maybe it’s that king
in me, you know? Maybe it’s my presence. Let me tell you something. You don’t control love. You don’t control
your love [INAUDIBLE].. I control it. Oh, John. No. I don’t think a lot of the
ladies was feeling John. I think he was just trying to
just sell himself too much. You is precious. Mm. I’m directly in the sun. Well, you should be
able to take the heat. Oh, that’s a lot of
heat on this bench, baby. I was about to say, because
if you can’t take the heat, you got to get up
out of this kitchen. Thank God for two hands. Jimmy is funny.l funny
steals my heart every time. Also, his Mohawk
isn’t going unnoticed. I see the Mohawk. The Mohawk is loud and clear. He’s cute. [THUNDER] Come on. I feel like I should
just take my shoes off. [INAUDIBLE] dirt. Little bit of hurt don’t hurt. Kimber. Man, her personality
is so great. She’s such a positive person. And I did show her a little
bit of extra attention. And I think it kind of
rubbed her the right way. Wait, let me see that. Let me see. Boy, you is a miss. The only person that
raised a red flag with me was Jimmy Jones. Come over here. I’m going to get to know you. He was laying it on extra thick. And that will kind
of set someone back and have them look at him
with the side eye a little bit. You lookin’ all snazzy. I’m only flexing
to what I see. Come on now. I am an equal
opportunity employer. And the one person that
definitely caught my attention from the beginning was Alexis. I mean, she gave me butterflies. I love your eyes, man. Oh, thank you. They’re amazing. Do I have a staring contest? Ah. [BLEEP] You blinked. You blinked. Jimmy has a great personality. So at this point,
he has my attention. – So how long you been single?
– Two years. I’m about a year and a half.
So yeah. OK. Alexis is undoubtedly
very beautiful. And I didn’t want to
come off too thirsty, but I gave her a token. I feel like she was the one
that I was going to be pursuing. I just want you to know
that you got my heart now. I’m going to keep it. I’m going to keep it right here. And if I find out if you
showed up today with 10 hearts, I’m going to feel
it a type of way. I noticed that Jimmy was
being super flirty with Alexis. Like, oh, Jimmy,
what’s going on? Is Alexis going to
be my competition? It’s for you. Coming up– Sex is important, and if
it’s not good, it’s a wrap. So all you care about is sex? That’s not what I said. I’m sorry, y’all. I apologize. After speaking with all the
ladies, the gentleman that’s just not ready to love is– Oh, you have kids? I have a son. He’s 15 years old. You have a 15-year-old kid? How old are you? – I’m 35.
– Oh, OK. Here, let me get this for you. Daryn, he’s tall,
he’s handsome. So I’m like, work, Ashima. Work it. – Do you got any children?
– I do. I have one son. He’s 10. So how’s the relationship
with him and his dad, and you and his dad? We have a wonderful
co-parenting relationship. That’s what’s up. And it didn’t take
time to get that. It didn’t happen overnight. I wish all of that that
you said applied to me. Oh, your son 15 years old.
What y’all got the beef about? It ain’t that it’s the beef. The main thing that’s going on
with us is, I don’t think she understands that it’s
a position or a point. But there was only
certain things I could learn from my dad.
You feel me? Right.
Right, right, right, right. Ashima, I would
say, definitely caught my eye from the start. We were having a real
genuine conversation. And I was happy to
see that initially just meeting somebody. I want to say go along
with what she says. But sometimes you
have to make people feel like it’s their idea. That’s how I trick
my baby daddy. You know, you
exposing yourself to me right now, right?
– Oh, OK. Yeah. She is funny and
pretty as well. So I’m looking forward to
spending some time with her. I mean, would you agree
there’s this whole, I don’t need a man movement
going on right now? And let me tell you something. I am the one that is not in the
I don’t need a man movement. That’s good.
Give me a hug, girl. I don’t even want
to take the trash out. I need a man. You know what I’m sayin’? I’m not stingy,
but I am frugal. But I’m a little bougie too. Either you frugal
or you bougie. Ain’t no such thing
as budget bougie. How come it ain’t? Well, it is because
I’m budget bougie. Exactly. My name is Mario. I’m a tax account,
and I’m a charmer. – I’m Nina.
– Mario. Nice to meet you, Mario. – I like your hair though.
– Thank you. I appreciate it. Mario, he is very handsome,
charming, warm, beautiful smile. I’m nervous. How are you enjoying
yourself so far? It’s goin’. I’m glad you’re here. Oh, yeah? It was a little bit
challenging to mingle. I really didn’t
know where to start. I’m looking for a husband. How old were you
when you got married, and why did you get married? I was 29. Was it because it
was a shotgun wedding? Whoa.
Hold up. I don’t even know
your last name. So hold up. – I hope you find your husband.
– You too. Thank you. You keep that smile now. Let’s be honest, I mean, sex
is important in a relationship. For me, it’s the
difference between us making it and us not. So you said all you
care about is sex. No, no, no. That’s what you
just said though. That’s not what I said. Sorry, y’all.
I apologize. I apologize. I said that sex is important. And if it’s not a good,
then yes, It’s a wrap. I heard something about
some sex around here. Man, you’ve got
to sit down here. I heard there’s
some sex around here. Hold on. Because I’ve evolved
so much mentally, a connection has to be there. It makes a difference between
having an orgasm or not. Everybody’s talking about sex. So I’m like, hold on. This is going to be interesting. What I’m hearing is lust and
sex is controlling these women. And that’s the reason why
they’re in their situation. This is how I look at it. You in your lane. I’m in my lane. But I’m celibate for two years. My thing is– [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’d take my hat
to you if I had one. Nobody like this though. He’s been celibate
for two years. Two years. You just probably shouldn’t
have said that so fast, John. You should have waited
’til the third mixer, John. Don’t tell me we ain’t
doing it [INAUDIBLE],, John. Hey, two years. Does it work? Coming up–
remember when I told you this time around things
were going to be different? We got some news for you. We ain’t quite done yet. I’m scared.
I’m not going to lie. I’m not going front. [INAUDIBLE]. SINGER: Hey, ya. Hey, ya. [INTERPOSING VOICES] – Two years.
– Somebody light this candle. He’s been celibate
for two years. Two years. Two years. Does it work? Oh, you so crazy. I love you, John. But as soon as you tell me you
were celibate for two years, I was Speedy Gonzalez. Beep, beep. Good to see you, John. I’m going to tell
y’all something, man. The only way I
was able to do it, because of my spiritual side. All right. So it’s a you
reap what you sow. We do. Same as I’m going to pursue
you, pursue you, pursue you. And I know in my spirit, in my
mind, that I’m playing a game. If I damage you, damage you, and
damage you, he going to make me pay. So I hold myself to a high
level of accountability. So what is sex look
like for you the next time when you do have it? When I’m married. – OK.
– OK. You my wife. I’m going to be your freak. I’m going to be everything
you want me to be. I think that John is very
intelligent in letting us know this is what I’m here for. This is what I believe. I’m celibate. And here are my reasons why. And I really respected that. Hey, hey, hey. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m going to break
this up a little bit. I’m going to highlight
Ashima and Nina. I’m going to ask the rest
of y’all to step out. – OK.
– All right. I’m going to step in. I’m going to talk
to these ladies. I be dealing with
y’all later on. Mr. Belden. We’re in the principal’s
office right now? What you know about
“Saved by the Bell,” girl? What you know about it? I want to just talk
with y’all for a minute. OK. You know, you got 10
handsome brothers over there. This is so different from me. I’m single mom. I’m a little overwhelmed. So let me ask you this then. Who are you feeling right now? Mario. I’m glad you’re here. Chocolate milk dud, yes,
lickable candy, right? Daryn. I’m going to
come check you out. That’s what me and
her wrestling on. I mean, we classy. So we ain’t going
to fight physically. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Who are you feeling right now? I would say Grant. So handsome.
I like that– That salt and pepper thing. Careful, honey. I like that. It would be [INAUDIBLE]. London – Big guy?
– Big guy. Yeah. Who I would be normally
attracted to would be London. London and Jimmy. He’s got a great sense of humor. I feel London and Mike. It’s Aiysha? You know, he
just gives me that. Determination, huh? Yes. I’m feeling Jimmy. All right. Who are you not feeling? OK, Carey. I’ll be right back. Carey seemed like he would be
like one of my daddy’s friends. John. What do you think about John? There isn’t
anything about John. He doesn’t stand
out to me at all. I could get on board
with the celibacy thing. But I’m not going to marry
you if we hasn’t had it. I’m going to test drive
that car before I buy it. You going to
change them gears. Yeah, yeah, I’m going
to tap, hit the gas again. [INAUDIBLE]. Who aren’t you
feeling right now? I’m going to say Daryn. Jimmy. Give me the why on Jimmy. It’s leather? Leather? Oh, fire. He’s just giving me
used car salesman vibes. It’s Jimmy. I’m sick and tired of
being sick and tired. I know I’m not
going to pick him. Yeah, OK. I’m here to find love. I ain’t got time to
be playing with you. So let’s just go and
put all on the table and see what we’re going to do. We rocking or not? If not, then it’s probably
time for someone to go home. – All right, baby.
– Thank you so much. Appreciate it. [CHEERING] Hey, hey, hey. Ladies and gentlemen,
it’s been a very interesting evening so far. Ladies, do you
like what you see? Yeah. I mean, there’s plenty
of potential here, right? [INTERPOSING VOICES] All right, time has come for
our first difficult decision. Somebody’s got to go home. Someone’s
definitely going home. I didn’t come all the way
this way to get eliminated. So I’m a little bit
nervous, but I think I made some good impressions. So I’m just hoping it’s not me. At this point, a lot of this
is based on first impressions. So we’re about to find
out who made a good one and who came up short. Oh, my god. Please, don’t eliminate
somebody that I like. This is finally my chance,
and I need them here. All right, Mario
and London, you clearly aren’t going anywhere. Yeah. These ladies have
you high on their list. I appreciate it, ladies. Thanks for having
confidence in your boy. He’s got it. He’s got it. Not to sound
cocky or anything, but I feel like I
was pretty safe. I feel like I was OK after
talking to all the ladies and surveying my competition. Now it’s time for
the tough part. John, Jimmy, one of
you handsome gentleman ends your journey
right here right now. Man, I hope I don’t go home. I hope they ain’t
going to send me home. And I said this is
especially tough because we just got to know each other. Please, god. Please, god.
I’m scared. I’m not going to lie. I’m not going front. After speaking with all the
ladies, the gentleman that’s just not ready to love is– after speaking with
all the ladies, the gentleman that’s just
not ready to love is, John. [GROANS] John, thank you
so much for being a part of this experience. Everyone here,
brother, wishes you the best luck in finding love. She might not be here tonight,
but that lucky lady is somewhere in your future, man. Amen. [APPLAUSE] Wow, you mean to tell me
every last one of those women I was being genuine with
select me to go home? Maybe these women, they
don’t recognize a real king. So I want to go home so I can
go ahead and find my queen. That wasn’t easy, people. But I got some news for you. We ain’t quite done yet. Good Lord. Remember I told you
this time around things were going to be different? I’m a man of my word. This season, not only
is there an even amount of women and men in
this group, there’s an even amount of power. Every time we eliminate
someone from one sex, we going to
followup and eliminate from the opposite sex. Why? Hey, ladies,
how are you doing? We’re going back and forth
between men and women until our final
three couples remain. Let me tell you what
you’re going to do. Y’all go head back
into this party. Later, we go find
out which one of you isn’t making it past tonight. Oh, my god. Now I could be eliminated? It made me sober up
really, really fast. Like, you better make some
connections with people who are actually really here to love. This is going to
be fun this time. Help us, Lord. I am here to meet somebody. I am here to date. Please, don’t send me home. All right, I’m going to
talk to y’all later tonight. Ladies, I love y’all. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Oh, my gosh. Tondy, you better go out
there and meet these men. Let them see who you are. You got to get on it, sis. Oh, my god. Oh, Lord. I haven’t talked to you yet. How are you doing? I want to know
what you are about. After Tommy made the
announcement that the women were also going
to be eliminated, I noticed that some
of the women were being a little more aggressive. What are you looking for? I mean, overall, just somebody
that I can deal with in life, that we can– Do you want marriage? Yeah, for sure. I’m planning
marriage and then kids. I can understand
that completely. Yeah. Attorneys by and large are
really, really aggressive. And that’s fine. I’m not here to judge that. But that’s not remotely who
I am or what I’m looking for. Do you want more kids? I don’t want any more. It all depends, really. You can get a possible
one out of me. Hey, I want two kids,
so you don’t want that. My baby got to come
out a full genius. You got to be careful
who you have kids with. I really hope you
get what you want. Damn. Oh, Christina, she
is really interrogating me about having two children. I don’t know if she has
her attorney hat on, but she’s kind of pushy there. I wouldn’t say
that I have a type, but you are very,
very, very close to it. The caramel goddess
got you trapped in. Oh, OK, OK, OK, OK. I see you. That’s what’s up. If I jump in this pool, you
going to be right behind me, ain’t you?
– Oh, well, I don’t know about– I see you got them dimples. Well, thank you very much. Really pretty, well, handsome. I’ll take it.
Thank you. Thank you. I’m glad you’re here. Yeah. Today has been a
challenge for me. I’ve never dated more
than one guy at a time. So it’s overwhelming. I came here looking for
love, but at the same time, I really don’t feel like
there is interest towards me. Why? I just don’t. I’m used to kind of
being the center. Duh. If it’s me and one guy,
it’s just me and him. But it’s 10 other women too. So it’s kind of like,
all right, we done. Next. You’re used to reassurances.
That’s all. No. I’m just used to, if I’m talking
to a man, it’s just one on one. Boom.
We exchanging numbers. We going out. But every man you talk to
one on one is not guaranteed. – This is true.
– So that’s all this is. This is true. It’s just 10 different
men with no guaranteed. Hey, hey, hey, Mario,
what’s goin’ on, man? You good?
– I’m good. Beautiful Miss
Divine, come on, baby. Step up a minute. I’m going to let you
go be pretty somewhere. Bye, guys. Think about me. London. Yes, sir. How y’all doing, man? [INTERPOSING VOICES]
– Y’all good? Yes, sir.
Who you feeling right now? I’m feeling Alexis. Man, we going to have to
arm wrestle, man, straight up. Oh yeah? I’m feeling Alexis now. Who else? Divine. Do you feel that? I’m wax on, wax off. Wax on wax off? Yeah, I’m on it. How about you? Divine. I like Ayisha a lot. They look like
this in Detroit? Yes, they do. Oh, OK. I think Ayisha’s
pretty dope too. Oh, she my number one. It’s just a real
solid connection. Alexis and Reva. Alexa’s got my heart. I gave it to her. I’m going to keep it. I’m going to keep it right here. So you deep in Alexa. You can’t be
too deep because– OK. I’m deep before I found
out all the guys liked her. But now, I’m going at her like– 900, huh? Competition, dog. OK. Who are you not feeling? If I had to choose
someone, I would say Kimber. – Have you approached her?
– Absolutely. I don’t think we ever had a
chance to really converse. We haven’t. We haven’t talked at all. Alexis. Still the same
guy, just dressed up. It’s a painted turd. She rubbed me the wrong way. Nina. Just that chemistry I’m
all about that energy. Ashima and Nina. She looks like my
youngest sister. Ah, OK. Ashima and Christina. Really? Just not my type. I will say Christina. Christina. Honestly, it just can’t work. I get to throw
one more in there? You want to throw
another one in? Going in the pot. Come on. Ashima. We in church. I look at her as the homegirl. We wouldn’t date. You know what I’m saying?
So no. She wouldn’t work.
– I get it. That’s my number one. I don’t know what
he’s talking about. Apparently, I am
looking for something different than the other guys. On a scale of 1 to 10, off
of initial impressions, I would say I’m feeling
Ashima about a 10. She can’t be sent home. Whew. This is the real table, I see. I did see you as my homey
versus me seeing you as someone I will potentially date. Nobody came here
to make friends. It’s time to really get
down to the nitty gritty. And if I don’t feel
something with you, it’s time for you
to go head on home. So listen, we going
to wrap up in a minute, see what we got on
the table, all right? – Yes, sir.
– Later, baby. Yeah, yeah. Hey, hey. [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE]. Tommy said that one of
the ladies is going home. And at this point,
I’m just really hoping that it’s not Ashima. We just had a genuine
connection from the start. And it would just be
devastating to me at this point if she was to be sent home. Time has come for our
final decision of the night. This time, it’s in
the hands of the men. This ain’t never easy, right? This is real. It’s a possibility, boo. You might be going home. I sat down with
each of the men, and found which other
ladies they were feeling and which ones
weren’t a great match. I’m not ready to go home. I just got here. I just started. My anxiety is through
the roof right now. Alexis and Divine, you
were some of the most popular ladies in the house. Clearly, you’ve got
something going on. Congratulations. Thank you. – Thank you.
– That wasn’t a surprise. Those are gorgeous ladies. Hell, I was looking too. I’m like, yes,
because all of the women that I had a connection with. But I’m starting to
realize a lot of people have a connection with
Alexis and Divine. But I don’t mind
getting my hands dirty. Now it’s time
for the tough part. Nina, Christina,
one of you ladies ends your journey here tonight. For me, it wasn’t a surprise. Did I like it?
No. It sucks. It’s not the easiest thing
for me to mix and mingle. Now I could be
going home tonight. I’m nervous. So after speaking
with all of the men, the lady that’s just not
ready to love is Christina. It’s time for you to head home. All right. It’s OK. Thank you so much for being a
part of this process, darling. You know what? I respect y’all for
not wasting my time. Thank you, from management. Nina, congratulations. Thank you. You will continue
this journey. I was sad to see her go. At the same time, better
Christina than Nina. This was an eye opener for me. I was like, you know what, Nina? You really need to be here. You need to be present,
and you need to be focused. All right, everybody,
you know how this works. This season, the
power to eliminate shifts back and forth between
the women and the men. The men are no longer
always in control. Everyone better bring
their best because you can never get too comfortable. Make moves, open yourselves
up, and create the connection that you’ve been looking for. Let’s prove once and for all
that Atlanta is ready to love. [CHEERING] Thank you. See you all later. This season on “Ready to Love–” You a king, right? – I most definitely am a king.
– Oh, OK. Looking for my queen. SINGER: Baby, you’re my magic
carpet, like I’m Jasmine. I ain’t coming up single. I’m coming up mingling. SINGER: You better act
like it’s a privilege. I’m struggling, man. I’m here to find
the right person. SINGER: I’m your final
journey, like a pilgrimage. I got you pinned down. You ain’t going nowhere. You know, I got the lock on you. [BLEEP] you about to get the
locksmith to get that lock off. I just got one question. How are so fine? Girl, stop. These men have no
idea what’s ahead. I mean, there’s
tension between us so thick you could cut
it with a knife, man. Man, bring the knife. Bring the knife. May the best woman win. The next thing you
know, we were kissing. Because you put your
tongue in a man’s mouth, and he still gave
you his ass to kiss. That’s why you’re
in your feeling. The best way to
make this decision is to make sure your next
move is your best move. Life is hard, trying to juggle
all of these fine ass men. I need you to focus on us. I am focused on us. I ain’t got an insecure body. But what I don’t
have in my body. But what I don’t have in
my body is a god damn fool. If she want to put it
all out there, we going to put it all out there. And I mean all out there. Let it rip. Commitment. That’s a concept you
think you’re ready for? I apologize,
because I don’t want to jeopardize this for nothing. You understand what I’m saying?
– I hate to see you go. But I love to watch you leave. Don’t even watch
because you can’t even handle it back there. I want to know
what’s for dessert. Chocolate. It’s time to find
out if a new group of dynamic singles from Atlanta
are truly ready to love.

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