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Ravi Gadi Hair Fall Gaadha | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Ravi Gadi Hair Fall Gaadha | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ Lord, please, save me from this ordeal.
– Ravi, you never pray, do you? You’ve know idea about my plight.
– What plight? You’ve a job and all. You wouldn’t know.
Anyways, I’m going for work. See you. What plight is he talking about? Why is he here
instead of going to work? Hello, sir.
– Hi, Ravi. I’ve been waiting for you. Sir, are the reports out yet?
– Yes, and I’m going through them. And what do they say?
– Nothing can be done. – Is that it, sir? Yes. It has got out of our hands.
– Seems serious. I think Ravi has got cancer. Sir, please! We’ll try to use foreign medicines if needed.
– There is no cure for this, Ravi. Why is God so hell bent on making my life miserable?
– Don’t lose heart, Ravi. I’ll see what I can do. Okay, doctor, I’ll visit you later.
– Yes, please. Hey! How come you’re here?
– I heard it all. – You heard what? I heard what the doctor had to say.
– What did he say? – Don’t lose hope, Ravi. I know this is very tough on you.
– What do you mean? – Tell me your last wish. I’ll fulfill it. My last wish? You speak like I’m being hanged.
– Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you’ve got cancer. I’ve cancer? Who told you that?
– I heard the doctor say that it has got out of hands. So? You assume it is cancer?
– Why? Don’t you have cancer? – No. Then what was the doctor talking about?
– About my hairfall problem. – That’s it? Yeah.
– You say hairfall is a plight? You’d have felt the same had you had hairfall.
My hair recedes more quickly than our population grows. Anyways, I’ll leave for work.
– For work or to some other doctor? – No, to work. Hi, Ravi, how are you?
– ‘He is a dad of two, yet, has his hair intact.’ Say something, Ravi.
– I’m fine, sir. – How is the work coming along? I’m almost done. Sir, I’ve a doubt.
– Go ahead. – Which shampoo do you use? Keshandriyanam Kilikili.
– What is that? – It is the shampoo Bahubali uses. Is it? Where do I get it?
– It is too expensive for you, Ravi. I don’t mind selling my house to buy it.
– You’ll find it on Lapalapatal.com. Lapalapatal?
Alright, I’ll place an order right away. Are you suffering from hairloss?
Then, forget about it. Forget about it?
– I mean, forget about your problem hereon. Do you want to have fine hair like me?
Then use Keshandriyanam Kilikili. I know that. Tell me how much that costs.
– Relax. I will tell you that. – Can he hear me? With the festive discount of 50%, you’ll get it for Rs. 33,333.
– What! I’ll get it for Rs. 33,333 after discount? To place an order, dial 33333.
Are you wondering why it is the same as its price? Well, we people, especially me, at lapalapatal are creative.
– If I dial 100, will I get a shampoo worth Rs. 100? This isn’t the time for you to be cracking jokes.
You are losing hair, so, dial quickly. How come this guy is hearing everything I say.
Whatever. 33-333. Why isn’t this guy here already?
– Ravi, waiting for someone? – Yes, I am. Waiting for your girl friend?
– No, for someone more important. – Who? – Delivery guy. Why? What do you got to do with him?
– Not with him, but I’ve a lot to do with the parcel he’ll get. Sir, who is Ravi here?
– I’m Ravi. – Oh, it is you! ‘Why is he staring at me like that?’
– ‘His hair is so nice. Let me touch it.’ Sir, I’m straight.
– So am I. What shampoo do you use? Moonsilk.
– Is it? How much is it? – Re. 1. Re. 1? Yet, his hair is so good.
Alright, go on. You’ve placed an order for a shampoo?
– Yes, you know its price? Rs. 33,333. This little bottle costs Rs. 33,333?
– Yes! If I use this shampoo for a month I’ll grow hair like Prabhas from Bahubali.
I know you’re jealous already. Why are you sad, Ravi?
– The shampoo is over, yet, my hairfall didn’t stop. Don’t worry. I know a doctor. He’ll find you a solution.
– Please, get me an appointment with him. Yes? What is your issue?
– I’ve a lot of hairloss. – But hairloss is very common. Is it? – Are you under constant pressure of any kind?
– I’m more calm than Lord Buddha. Are you married? – No, sir.
– Then you shouldn’t be losing hair. – My point exactly. How many times do you..
– Sir.. – I mean, how many times do you have a head bath? I thought you’re asking something else. About 3 times a week.
– I have a shampoo for you. What shampoo is this?
– Hairfall Will Stop, No Doubt. – What? That is the name of the shampoo.
It works quite well. 7 in 10 people in India suffer from hairloss?
– Hi, Ravi! You’ve got a nice hairstyle there. What is this?
– I’ve hairfall. – Severe hairfall, I guess. No, it is normal, nothing severe.
– Nothing severe? In 6 months, you’ll go totally bald. Don’t worry. I’m getting treatment for it. It’ll be alright.
– I don’t care what you do. If this hairfall doesn’t stop, I won’t marry you.
– You are in love with me, not with my hair. Every guy who has hairfall
says the same. Bye. She wants my hairfall to stop
in 6 months? That isn’t possible. Doctor! – Yes?
– I’m losing more hair ever since I started using this. Is it? That shouldn’t be the case. Oh, shit! There has been a mess up.
– What mess up, doctor? Instead of giving you Hairfall Will Stop, No Doubt,
I gave you Hairfall Won’t Stop, No Doubt. It is just a spelling mistake.
– Just a spelling mistake? You asshole! You ruined my life!
You deserve to be burnt alive you jerk! I’m a doctor, you can’t abuse me like that.
– I didn’t kill you yet only because you’re a doctor. Hey, Ravi! What’s up?
– I’m working. Anyways, you met that prospective groom? Yes, I did. The guy was nice, but I rejected him.
– Why is that? – He is bald headed. So.. Girls reject guys for being bald headed?
What did the guy say then? He said he’ll meet some sage
who’ll help him grow his hair back. A sage who helps grow hair back?
Interesting. What is that sage’s name again? Well, it is a pretty long name. I don’t remember.
– You say it is a long name, so try and recollect it. I-It goes something like Beppam Baba Kilikili.
– What sort of a name is that? Where does he stay? Somewhere in Manikonda.
– Manikonda? Thank you, Jaythri. I’ll go meet him. Sir, sir..
– People don’t even let me sleep. What is your issue? Sir, I’ve got hairfall.
– Everyone has hairfall. Since when?
– For 6 months now. I’ve tried all sorts of oils and medicines but of no use.
– For 6 months you say? Take these herbs. What do I do with these?
– Add them to your liquor and have it everyday. Is there any specific brand as such?
– No. You can have it with any brand. I hope these herbs don’t fail.
– Vijay Mallya never pays and my herbs never fail. Sir, you’ve nice hair. What shampoo do you use?
– Please, don’t jinx my hair up. Son, I’m God’s child.
I don’t need any shampoos. ‘He speaks like he dropped here from the skies.’
See you, sir. Sujatha, is the project done?
– It is almost done, sir. Btw, your hair looks so good. Hell with this.
– Finish the project soon. – Yes, sir. Sure. Sir, I need a loan.
– Loan? Your salary got credited only yesterday. Not money, I won’t you to lend me your hair.
– My hair? What are you even saying? Get out of my sight.
– ‘He is insolent as he has a lot of hair.’ Why are you having coffee?
– Why? Shouldn’t I? – Coffee causes hairfall. Coffee causes hairfall? I had tonnes
of cups of coffee without knowing this. I think I should take the boss’s opinion. Hope no one is seeing me.
Hell with this wig! I pity myself. So, the manager managed with that wig?
Because of that idiot, I wasted Rs. 33,333. Lord, my time is so bad.
For 6 months, I’ve been having hairfall. I tried so many remedies but none worked.
Now, that girl says she won’t marry me if I keep losing hair. Please, see to it I don’t lose hair,
atleast until my wedding. After that, it is your call. Sujatha..
– What? – How is my hair do? It is fine but how many days would it last?
– Those days are gone. I’ve no more hairfall. Run your hand through my hair and see.
‘Lord, please! There should be no more hairfall!’ Yes, Ravi! There is no hairfall now.
– Yes! I told you I was getting it treated. – Amazing! So, shall we get married?
– Alright! Done! It is almost done!
– Hurry up. I’m running late for work. Why? Is there hairfall?
Now that I’m married, I don’t care at all about it. What in the world! Do you have hairfall? Are you suffering..
– You are over doing it. Be normal. I’m sure you too would’ve faced similar problems
like Ravi. If you did, let us know in the comments. And, like, share and subscribe to Wirally!

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