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  1. If I type the code as it is above
    word = "banana"
    count = 0
    for letter in word:
    if letter == "a":
    count = count + 1
    Python will count letter "a" and it will show 3
    But if I type the code:
    word = ["banana", "apple"]
    count = 0
    for letter in word:
    if letter == "a":
    count = count + 1
    it will show 0

  2. Dear Dr chucks, please kindly accept my warm hugs for your grand ma's heart, for taking out your valuable time to make a professional lecture-free for those who cannot afford the premium ones. Go to bed every night fulfilled that you have touched lives and your reward is unquantifiable. I am truly grateful. I WILL reach back to you when I finish the course for paid projects so I can make cash to pay my daughter's medical bill. Daughter was born with physical defects and requires surgery. Thank You.

  3. Damn good course dude…it ran way too fast for me …I downlowded it and played in VLC so i good follow it better. I can't believe how much you so kindly gave to us..Bless you for that.. As a very visual person, I couldn't help but notice the correlation between the code on the left of the screen to the flowcharts on the right side. I searched this and found that there exists UML. Unified Marketing Language – which is an ability to "see"your code in flowchart format. I guess you are using this. Please will you share what software you are using for this. Many thanks for all you have given to so many 🙂

  4. Nothing against atom, but Pycharm is probably the better option for python, and is available on win, mac, and linux

  5. If young people are daylight, the old ones are stars in full night guiding ships in ocean storms and nomads in deserts

  6. Dr. Chuck, you're the person that gave me my career in Data Science. Thank you for making learning Python so enjoyable!

  7. It's confusing when he's talking while I'm simultaneously understanding what he's saying and reading the texts on the left.

  8. Now i have made my mind to watch this full course after reading so many positive comments. I will also review it here then.

  9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. To me, your way of teaching programming is very efficient: Train my brain to understand, retain and apply.

  10. I am going to repeat and watch it again and agian .. until i completely forms the picture of how it works.. hope you have got that too ..

  11. At 4:05:23 I tried print(sum(nums)) and got the error message 'int' object is not callable
    What does that mean? Does it matter that I'm using a Jupyter notebook?

  12. Wow.. I bought Dr. Chuck's Python course on coursera a couple years ago. These are the same set of videos. Lol, I want my money back.

  13. It'd be handy if you would list a timeline of chapter break points thus making it easier to go back and review. In any case, thanks for the instructions.

  14. How many of you watched this without a break ? Ok. However after watching this video you may ask yourself to chose an option between , Become a programmer or not to become a programmer.
    Im about to quit my job and open a new small scale business..

  15. Guys if you want to revise too. Then download the PDF version of this course from Google, type python for everyone.
    And you can do the exercise too.

  16. Great tutorial, thank you so much. Question: I have download Atom but when i run the program inside Atom instead of the Terminal, any program that requires an input script does not run. Does ATOM not have the capabilities to run an input script. I have download the script package..

  17. With the constant reminder that early stuff will not make sense till later would make you more a Mr. Miyagi giving lessons of wax on wax off.

  18. Some courses throw you head first into writing code, which while can be effective — this course starts off with building logic ..

  19. This is a wonderful tutorial.. going well beyond introductory videos. Quite long but comprehensive enough to get a good grasp of what programming is all about. Thank you Sir for your time and effort.

  20. Hello Dr. Chuck! could you possibly tell me what program did you use to make this long video with such a small size? thank you.

  21. there is a differentiation in the german language between THE floor and A floor as in a surface structure standing on walls/columns. starting from 0 makes sense, because you can't enumerate a sequence of different objects in this relation. this would be counting: 1st goose, 2nd sheep, 3rd sheep. when there are no 3 sheep. this being said: your floor-conversion program does not know what a Mezzanine is.

  22. Thank you Charles Sir…Professors like you are what society of this whole world should be proud off…selfless work for everyone!!!

  23. This is not only one of the longest (if not 'the' longest) and most context-rich Python tutorials but easily also one of the best in the sense of being extremely well-designed for the sake of understanding. Thank you Dr. Severance, you are a great instructor and help people advance in their lives!

  24. Hi! I'm using PyCharm and it seems that it isn't reading my imports to the libraries. I've tried with socket and re so far but can't find the solution on internet. Would someone help me??

  25. full course of python with no Ads, thank you so much, we believe that we could take the advantage of this book. thank you again and hope to see you in another course.

  26. 2nd chapter voice is so dumb… its gave me pain in my ear.
    And thanks for this course for us….
    I wish i'm finish this course .

  27. learning the fundamentals of programming in python will took for about 1 semester in College, but in here took only for about 13hours. Well explained as imagining that I am sitted in front of him one-to-one learning, free from his office in University of Michigan.

  28. 1:09:53, i bet some "smart ass" on social media is going to debate that simple equation. Pretty sure they are going to say, "you do multiplication before division so it's 1+8/20 = 1+0.4 = 1.4 " (-_-)

  29. I was searching for python courses and This one seems like a good one I hope I will know all the basics about python from this course.

  30. Giving this a Go! but after installing python the thing in cmd just wont work. it always opens up the app page to download pythong again?

  31. I'm learning so much from your course and not even half way through it. Thank you so much for this course.

  32. AI learners ! i am thinking to create a group for us where we share knowledge and ideas ! who agrees ? reply to this

  33. Dr. Chuck, I really appreciate your tutorials on Python. You've made the subject approachable and you are very personable. I enjoy your lectures and I'm learning. Thank you.

  34. They pay me and a lot of people large sums to walk through all of their base code and eliminate python. Lol The industry doesn't want it anymore, the only place you see it is where kids have no clue how to build real infrastructure.

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